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  1. The stimulant or some hot African American women?
  2. Oh man this brings back memories. But not good ones. I grew up in St Louis and had season tickets to the Big Red up until 1982. When we lost to the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers I was so embarrassed and pissed off
  3. My gosh I completely forgot we drafted Aqib Talib
  4. Craig B.

    Bucs have Signed a new kicker

    Worst pctg last year was 89.7%, league average 94%. 85% setting expectations too low.
  5. Craig B.

    Being Old Sucks

    Dude, cool avatar
  6. Craig B.

    Milwaukee Bucks

    So anyone else when ESPN is on in the background, and they are showing Milwaukee highlights, and they say "Bucks................." and you for a second turn your head? It's like the word gets your attention.
  7. Craig B.

    Desean Jackson...

    Well he's not wrong. Jameis sucks with the deep ball.
  8. What??? I must be misunderstanding you. If the call would have been made against the Rams, Saints have the ball first and goal from the 6. Force the Rams to burn their last TO, take three knees, kick a FG, and it's basically over. I'll give you the Emanuel catch wasn't really a game-decider, but the Saints call was absolutely a game-decider. There is zero question about this one bro.
  9. Exactly. The way the Bucs were moving the ball (or not moving it), there was no decent chance they would have scored. Would have LIKED it to be played out to see, but 50/50 maybe? The Saints call? Three knees, chip-shot FG, 10 seconds left---ball game, trip to the Super Bowl. The Saints got fucked worse than Tundra's pet llama has ever molested him, EVER.
  10. This. I can't even imagine how beyond-pissed I would have been. The Saints could have taken three knees, and the Rams with one TO would have been down to about 30 seconds needing a FG to tie. This was HUGE, and in my opinion, literally cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl. This non-call is the absolute worst I've ever seen--in context. Hell, it might be the worst ever in a vacuum.
  11. Never understood this "hatred" of players or coaches. How can someone hate Drew Brees? I guess cuz he beats our team all the time? Is that a reason to hate them? Can't just root against them but still admire them? I'm always inspired by success, not hating of it. I just find it interesting, that's all.
  12. That's fucking awful. No excuse whatsoever.
  13. Craig B.

    Offense wins Championships

    Research last year's final four.
  14. Craig B.

    Adam Gase Coked up presser

    Must still be friends with Chris Foerster
  15. Craig B.

    Monken Off To The Browns

    Read Monken as Jackin