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  1. Craig B.

    Bring Back Snook!

    Wasn't it Peg from St Pete? My gosh she was the stupidest person I think I've never met.
  2. Tamreal ExRays
  3. Craig B.

    So Winslow admitted to .....

    Holy crap! He is one disturbed fuck.
  4. Craig B.

    RIP, Big Dog

    Dang. One of these situations where someone you never met passes away but you still feel some sort of weird loss. Listened to him every single day for so many years. Rest in peace big dog. You pissed me off quite a bit but nonetheless you are and were a familiar voice in my head
  5. Craig B.

    PI review

    That was kind of the whole point of your post
  6. Craig B.

    Dolphins now have 2 FitzMagics

    No they're not
  7. Craig B.

    Dolphins now have 2 FitzMagics

    Super Bowl bound
  8. WTF?? https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2823614-ex-nfl-te-kellen-winslow-jr-arrested-on-lewd-conduct-charges.amp.html
  9. Milwaukee Bucks. If I remember you were from Milwaukee right? very cool to see a small-market team doing so well in the NBA this year. Do you go to any of the games?
  10. The stimulant or some hot African American women?
  11. Oh man this brings back memories. But not good ones. I grew up in St Louis and had season tickets to the Big Red up until 1982. When we lost to the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers I was so embarrassed and pissed off
  12. My gosh I completely forgot we drafted Aqib Talib
  13. Craig B.

    Bucs have Signed a new kicker

    Worst pctg last year was 89.7%, league average 94%. 85% setting expectations too low.
  14. Craig B.

    Being Old Sucks

    Dude, cool avatar
  15. Craig B.

    Milwaukee Bucks

    So anyone else when ESPN is on in the background, and they are showing Milwaukee highlights, and they say "Bucks................." and you for a second turn your head? It's like the word gets your attention.