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  1. jobuc597

    Goober Injured?

    Yes well Stated GSS.....I thought I watched the game twice and didn't even know Auclair was hurt.....
  2. jobuc597

    Goober Injured?

    So do you think we are keeping 4 TE's....
  3. jobuc597


    I actually think they'll be better then what they've showed so far ….and of course a few key player return.....
  4. jobuc597

    Ass kickin

    That feeling you had...It was likely gas...
  5. jobuc597

    So Much For Having A Kicker

    Funny that our other drafted Kicker looked gayer then our Gay Kicker and our other drafted kicker surely sucked way hard...Just an observance
  6. jobuc597

    Goober Injured?

    First....I think Winston has been pretty durable.....I think he's been out because of suspension more then injured…..My guess....So being back up may still mean you'll never see the field.....Gabbert or Griff ain't gonna carry this team....so if it's time for a backup...we should just fold.... Like you said: If Vinny Jr. is QB-ing against Dal-Ass I would hate being a WR. trying to win a spot....
  7. jobuc597

    Goober Injured?

    I was saving this 🖕but he can have this now....
  8. jobuc597

    Luck retires!

    He should have enough time now to shave his neck.....Respect for his play...
  9. jobuc597

    So Much For Having A Kicker

    Gay slammed his ball into the pole.....WTF....Lets hope this don't get into his head...
  10. jobuc597

    Lurch looks good!

    Working the Semen Cannon....that oughta make a splash
  11. jobuc597

    Lurch looks good!

    SY-phillis Diller....You got it brother I'm calling her now.....
  12. jobuc597

    Lurch looks good!

    I've been on that bus...I had Betty White and Barbara Walters....Depends if you like the sorta shit.
  13. jobuc597

    Lurch looks good!

    cool I bee redeye
  14. jobuc597

    Lurch looks good!

    Your a stand up Dude Tundra.....Only I was right there with you ….I can't believe we were so embarrassingly Wrong...
  15. jobuc597

    Ryan Griffin

    Ha... Logic...When has that been a Buc Trait …..I'm with you ….Logic would be the best option...At least We could justify...