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  1. I think if Jameis is back....he will cut his stupid in half.....
  2. jobuc597

    Credit to Licht, BA and Bowles

    My best Buzz is from doing a gig and having 10 to 250 fans clapping and whistling....I know you know.....
  3. jobuc597

    Credit to Licht, BA and Bowles

    I remember when the Bucs went 0-26, I remember when they couldn't win a game when the weather was below 41 degrees ,I remember when we never ran back a kickoff for a touch down....until we did...Just maybe 2020 is the year we begin a Dynasty of the Greatest of all time.....we certainly have a great foundation of top players...
  4. This is as if I wrote this ...except you have much greater grammar....I strongly agree with your detest for Can Newton.....
  5. I think this is fairly stated...
  6. I knew only one Miriam...….she always preferred to test her Gag reflex…...and as a selfless act ...I always helped with her Testing.....
  7. jobuc597

    Bucs 2020 opponents

    I'll be at the Raider game in Vegas My Brother is an Insane crazy Fan of the Raiders......
  8. And the Latex Llama you can bring into Walmart to help with Midnight shopping.....
  9. Maybe they don't bring him back......I'm Thinking Stevie Wonder wouldn't throw that many picks
  10. Dude this made me piss my shorts
  11. jobuc597

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas Dudes and Dudettes…...Enjoy the food and the Spirits....
  12. I'm adlibbing …..possibly because 19 is wearing a Buc Uni....The refs were unusually rough on the Bucs this week.....
  13. jobuc597

    OJ Howard

    mostly his first year....he's been hit and miss this year......but if you think he's a bust ok.....
  14. jobuc597

    OJ Howard

    I think OJ Howard is a rhythm type guy... I mean that when he's part of the offense and called on often he's great.... catches most balls thrown to him.....but if you let him sleep he will...but he's huge and can plow his way to a catch.....
  15. jobuc597

    Let's talk about "it"

    So first off The OP and your backup post are pretty good ...you laid it out nicely....I hate me saying I think Jameis is our best option he drives me nuts with the int's….but he fits in with Bruce Ariens philosophy No riskit no Biskit …..Teddy would be next but there's no excitement in his game for me....