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  1. They will both wear the finest Hats from a local haberdashery to the pressers....and I don't have to see either one of them , next year....
  2. I got one of the sheep in lipstick and wearing a garter belt and high heels...
  3. So i think he's sneering at me...he knows I never liked him.....But I can never take away ...The dude has some Big time skills....well , Best Ever.....I've said before ,that Even Brady couldn't be good behind our offensive Line...now i guess we will find out how wrong I was hopefully. I think our line was much better last year.
  4. I don't know why this is true ...but Ryan Jensen looks like my niece....even the hair on her chinny chin chin
  5. Well there you go Joe.. ...you can now go to the Rally in Boc center in Oklahoma and feel safe without any Face Cover ......by the way Joe how you liking the Lamp in Ass trick.....what gauge cord you using for the lamp....
  6. and to think we solved it here at Bucschat
  7. why not practice and play in a wet suit and a mask
  8. You guys are welcome to your opinion.....I live on a small farm with Cows, Pigs, Sheep....no Llamas.... Chickens and Turkeys and Ducks and i can shoot a Deer that wanders in my yard at least once a month and i have a pond with fish ...sorry .. I wear a Mask everywhere i go.....I'm too old to be wrong so wearing a mask is slightly inconvenient....
  9. I'd like to see a little more in depth of her work....
  10. So....If we can't do Football this year because ...Uhhh circumstances do we lose the SuperBowl? Brady and Gronk will not lose our chance to SuperBowl
  11. I'm not sure if that is calculated into the price.....but it seems like if your wearing a hoodie or not could matter...
  12. ok...long as we're negotiating dose it cum with ******** cupping....
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