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  1. Gotta agree. . . he will probably get a decent offer. . . but our cap situation is not going to allow us to keep everyone. Im hoping we can get Hump under contract without a problem Always liked GMC but his production isnt in line with that amount of dough - and we got some serious holes to fill this year Welcome to cap hell boyz
  2. Buc

    Alan Cross retires...

    Well damn. . . there goes our shot at a ring
  3. Buc

    Full Staffs

    Chris Boniol - Kicking specialists
  4. Buc

    Adam Gase Coked up presser

    That was hard to watch. . . I didnt know he was soooo eyebally
  5. Buc

    Offense wins Championships

    Man I dont see a quick fix with all the holes on this team. Poor drafting and even worse FA moves have put this team in a hole for sure. BA better have some miracles up his sleeve for this one
  6. Not sure I agree with this one. . . this kid literally quit on his team. If we could trade him that would be better - but not sure anyone would trade for the guy at this point https://www.pewterreport.com/report-arians-wants-wr-jackson-back-in-2019/
  7. Buc

    Dilemma..who to pull for

    I only have one reason to pull for the Saints (agree about whoDat nation - they are a bunch loud obnoxious inbreds) Maybe they can win a superbowl and Brees will finally retire Sick of his $hit And take that punkass Payton with you
  8. Buc

    BA wants DJax back

    Let's see - Dude didnt like the QB. . .never sold out to get any catch that was not in his hands. . . fell asleep in team mtgs. . . got into arguments with his coach. . . put himself above the team. . . asked for a trade. . . isnt worth 10mil At least he's pretty fast tho
  9. Buc

    BA wants DJax back

    Of course. . . . Im just not sure we can get anything for him. . . if he is unhappy he will just be a big time distraction and the team will be forced to cut him. The guy is a me first crybaby primadonna . . . Perhaps BA is just heating up the market for a trade. . . I hope he can do that
  10. I remember Sapp saying Dungy used to put bad plays on the big screen. He would run the play and circle the player on screen with a laser pointer and ask him "what where you thinking here" Sapp said nobody wanted to be on that screen after a game Im totally for it
  11. Buc

    Free Agents to Watch...

    Just imagine for a moment - we could have had: Donte Jackson Isaiah Oliver Darius Guice All would have been better choices than Stewart I have to really wonder about our scouting department I understand there will be misses - but like DD said it compounds on itself AND you have to hit in the second and 3rd rounds You just have to
  12. Buc

    Free Agents to Watch...

    All of those 2rd round misses are going to handicap this team for several more yrs. Those are the players who should be starting right now How many have we missed on, 3-4 of them?? ASJ - had dumbass written on him from the start MJ Stewart - was a reach at R2 Roberto - it was a reach ROJO - jury prolly still out Spence - bum shoulder VHIII - not at R1 #11. . . WTF???
  13. Buc

    Free Agents to Watch...

    gotta agree about Hump I think he is job one in FA and depending if they still want him GMC restructure and FT Smith The window is closing now that JW is playing on the 5th yr salary which makes it VERY important to NOT screw up in the draft. We MUST come away with 3-4 legit prospects - which seems very remote given what has been done over the last few years and no 3rd rounder this year
  14. Buc

    Looking ahead, way ahead...

    OL and DL Maybe CB
  15. 49-30-1 with Arizona Altho this portion of the interview was about problems that were talked about in ARZ. . fans and reporters NOT all the good stuff. I just found it a little similar to what has been talked about in regards to Koetter - obviously big difference in results
  16. Found this rather interesting. From a beat writer in ARZ. Issues that plagued Arians in ARZ stubborn loyalty to assistants who weren’t getting the job done Terrible special teams play Big issues with the OL poor drafting and development Does any of that sound a little familiar????
  17. There seems to be a hangup in getting Rodgers out of NYJ Maybe we could give them AZ 7th rounder that we got for giving them our R6 pick. . .
  18. Stroud and PewterReport tweeted it a couple of hours ago
  19. Kind of surprised they didnt keep Buckner. Maybe he wasnt all that after all?? Or maybe he has an interview with someone.
  20. Buc

    It's going to be Arians

    Just wondering what the holdup is. . . sign the man already
  21. Buc

    It's going to be Arians

    The only difference is Arians has had success while Koetter was a complete joke of a coach. My point was to show the difference between a real coach and someone more suited to be a coord. While you may be right that Koetter used a similar approach the difference in the outcome is pretty easy to see.
  22. Buc

    It's going to be Arians

    Found this very interesting. If you get a chance read #10. . . that's a real football coach right there boys. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/07/07/bruce-arians-book-quarterback-whisperer
  23. Buc

    It's going to be Arians

    There was another show like Hard Knocks that aired a while back. . . one year it was the AZCards with Arians as coach. One the first day of camp he addressed the team with the teams goal for the season - probably summed it up the best I have ever heard. Arians said "We have one goal, a superbowl ring." I hope he brings that attitude here if we sign him
  24. Buc

    Adios Brent Grimes

    This is the part I dont understand "Grimes revealed that he was feuding with Hoke all year for the way Hoke was asking him to play the run. Grimes said he was always taught that his job when playing running backs who bounced to the outside was to make them cut inside and another player would be responsible for tackling. Hoke was now telling him to run straight to the edge." Someone else would make the tackle so he didnt have to do it??????