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  1. Does anyone have a link to a good explanation of Bowles defense. I would love to read a deep dive on how he might operate
  2. Heard some reports that say Drs discovered an undisclosed heart condition at the combine - it was deemed low risk and he was allowed to participate. Don't know about you but this could end up being a huge red flag unless new details come out Could cost the kid millions We all remember Gaines Adams Would this scare you off if you were a GM??? (disclaimer - assuming its true)
  3. Buc

    D and some personnel fits

    good stuff. . . I wonder if this coaching staff has a plan for putting players we DO have in positions to make plays and make the most of their skillsets. that was the line we were sold when we haired them
  4. Buc

    One of these guys will be a Buc

    been hearing some chatter that Gary is not living up to the hype. . . . Doesn't seem to have enough dawg in his film (according to people who know way more about it than me) I would hope we could manage a trade and still get White
  5. Buc

    3-2-2019 mock draft

    Actually I think this draft is too Defense heavy to go OL early. . . . hoping Ari goes QB so someone falls to us. . . I would be happy with Devin White but not sure at #5
  6. This is a very likely possibility Spence may be done but deserves a look at LB to make sure - never really bought into the previous regime's ability to coach and develop. . . BA and Boys may be able to get more out of him and others. fingers crossed
  7. relax people. .. . most teams play nickel or dine 60% of the time get more LBs for the 34 package and some stout Safeties Im glad to have a player like GMC on the roster
  8. Buc

    So Fitzpatrick....

    Probably a good fit in ATL
  9. Buc

    The Dream Draft Scenario

    Probably right - we know how Chucky likes his older vets Would be nice if at least one team jumped with a trade into the top 4 - might give us a better chance at some really good player options
  10. Buc

    The Dream Draft Scenario

    Hoping Gruden takes Murray at #4
  11. Buc

    Offseason 2019

    Has anyone seen or heard of a realistic assessment of Shaun Wilson I know he didn't et more than 5-6 touches in games but there has to be some idea he can be developed. He is kinda on the small side IF we can't sign Hump one of those guys will need to step up We may lose Brate as well
  12. Buc

    Flacco Traded to Donkeys

    Agreed on both points Elway will never be satisfied with his QB - and he will probably draft another one this year. Not a huge fan of Jackson either - it just fells like a matter of time until a big injury sidelines running Qbs. . . .
  13. Buc

    Arians on Winston...

    kind of OT - But didn't want to start a new thread I found this very interesting. It is the thought that IF JW plays well enough this year the Bucs would perhaps Franchise tag him for 2020. . . . Seemingly overlooked is that the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the NFL and the NFLPA expires after the 2020 season. Now why would Team Glazer (or any other owner much less an agent of a high profile player) want to sign a “big” contract with a player when no one knows what the next CBA will look like? No one has any clue what the salary cap will be after next season. Hey, it’s entirely possible that the NFL and NFLPA could agree to an NBA-like salary cap where one veteran free agent player’s salary is exempt if he re-signs with his team. This is known as the “Larry Bird Exemption.” You know, like potentially a quarterback?
  14. My point was - don't you think you might have a little better success by scouting guys that have actually done it before in the NFL or Major college games???
  15. But with all the trouble we have had with this position over the last decade - don't cha think they could have scouted a decent kicker??? Maybe even one that has played a few snaps in the NFL? WTF is wrong with this scouting department??