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  1. Fano Dont hate Dirk - just think he is stubborn and needs to change up his gameplans or hire an OC You do bring up some interesting points tho " Maybe the QB can hit an open WR down field" If ur the coach and you know your OL is kinda iffy - why do you continue to try vert routes that take too long to develop??? Maybe some slants and screens? 2 big TE's to work with - yet we dont see them as much as we should in the passing game " maybe the guards can open some holes in the running game" If ur the HC why do you let your OL Coich keep playing spin the bottle with the best guard you have?? - this is the 3rd position for Marpet in 3 yrs Sticking with Martin too long last year was a boneheaded decision as well Barber had a yard more per average last year. "maybe they can run on first down a bit more" K, you lost me here. . . . obviously you didnt read the linked article. . . it points to running on first down as part of the problem - top 10 offenses passed way more on first down than we did. From the link: The Buccaneers ran the ball on 1st-and-10 more than any other team in the league last year and that went against the grain when it came to success rates. If your success rate for completing a pass is over 60 percent and your percentage of gaining more than four yards per attempt is less than 60 percent, you’re just playing the numbers the right way when passing on 1st-and-10. The success rate for the Buccaneers on first down was lower than the rest of the league, as a result, but what made the biggest difference was in how they set themselves up so poorly on second down because of it. Due to the Bucs not having much of a ground game and yet continuing to try on first-and-10, they didn’t get themselves in enough second-and-short situations If you can run the ball and get yourself into second-and-short situations, you do it, but if that’s not possible for the Buccaneers due to a lack of rushing attack, you have to switch it up and find a better way to achieve it. Second-and-short situations allow you to completely take advantage of a defense with both the run and the pass. . . . when it came to play call frequency, the Bucs were on the opposite end of the right trend in 2017. They were running on first down too much when they should have been passing, and they were failing to set themselves up and convert on second down because of it. I dont hate DK at all - and I think he can be a good coach - but he seems very stubborn in changing up gameplans when things dont seem to be working. I agree with you and GSS and others about this NOT being the most pressing problem - but is seems like one of the easiest to fix I just hope that this coaching staff (both sides of the ball) gets it together. . . I respect you guys if you do not agree with this - - (well most of you )
  2. Disagree. . .. from what I have seen in the last 3 yrs. . . its predictable and goes against what winning teams usually do. We run on first down (without much success usually) more than most teams in the league. Then end up in 2nd and 3rd and long more than we should. Not saying defense and kicking and TO's were not a factor - they were However I have seen more than a few suspect calls, coupled with a seemingly inability to make adjustments when things dont work. As well as some very poor clock management - I guess it all adds up On both sides of the ball - for instance Smitty not knowing how to get coverage on Julio in the ATL game - a real head scratcher for sure. Is play calling and scheme the biggest problem - no But to say there is nothing wrong with it?? From what I have seen for 3 yrs - yes If it wasnt a problem - we wouldnt need Monken to help out. JMO
  3. Penalties happen - Im not all that worried about that. Kicking was an issue as was the Defense as was the TO's - I get that BUT if you look over the playcalling while DK has been here it's easy to see the pattern - and it hasnt been very successful. Perhaps Dirk will change it up a bit with Monken's input - He better or he is gone That's what the article was trying to point out
  4. I think the point is - This team ran the ball on 1st and 10 more than any other team - even when they were not really good at it. As far as turning the ball over - DK's insistence/stubbornness in calling vert routes had something to do with that. Those routes take time to develop and our OL was not up to the task. Why not more screens or slant routes??? Anyway - I think the article makes a pretty good point - this team needs to adjust its scheme to fit the players or else.
  5. I think this well thought out article sums up what I have been thinking for 2 years now with regards to the coaching staff. While it doesnt come out and blame DK and his coaching staff - its not a far leap to see what has been done over the last couple of years and predict what might be the outcome this year. I have been skeptical of this coaching staff's ability to put players into situations to be successful, adjust gameplans, make adjustments in the game and just a stubborn approach to putting a gameplan together that maximizes the talent they have to work with. Draw your own conclusions - but its laid out pretty clearly to me and its NOT a pretty picture. https://www.pewterreport.com/cover-3-bucs-works-needs-work/
  6. Is anyone really surprised by this move?? Seriously this is just ownership protecting their investment - ie corporate sponsors Nothing to see here - carry on
  7. Training Camp

    would love to get a look inside the new practice facility
  8. Its hard not to disagree with some of the comments after the article. But as a Bucs fan I would love nother better than to fly under the radar and shock the Fuh out of the NFL this year. When you look at the schedule you can view it 2 ways 1. Its a brutal series of games that will break this fragile team/Organiztion in half 2. We have soooooo many opportunities for statement and trap games (by other teams) that it would be fun to watch if they circle the wagons (canons) and play with an us against the world mentality. If KlueLess has any balls at all he would cut and paste the entire comments section and post it in the locker room. Enjoy the comments by the panterfans who come on just to jab at us. GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.canalstreetchronicles.com/2018/7/10/17547300/expectations-are-high-amongst-the-tampa-bay-fanbase-buccaneers-new-orleans-saints-week-one
  9. Winston media from PFT

    JUSTA In a perfect world I would be all over that for sure. I think he is gonna make some noise with the right team IF he leaves. But, if you bring in Foles (which he def wants zero part of the drama going on down here) you admit then that you wasted the #1 overall pick and JW is through on this team. You cant bring in a SBMVP and sit him on the bench (not that he wants to come here anyway but however) Im not fully convinced you give up on JW YET. . . . let him play out his 5th year and eval from there. . . IF he plays well and keeps his nose (hands) clean then you franchise the little dumbass to give you at least one more year to see if he is progressing on and off the field. . . who the fuh knows who will be doing the evaluation by that time anyway. @bucsLife
  10. Winston media from PFT

    At the end of the day, the perfect situation might be to bring in a proven vet QB as backup - similar to the Fitz situation we have now. BUT WHO???? The 2019 FA QB list isnt all that inspiring
  11. Winston media from PFT

    gonna need a good Vet BU for sure - 2019 FA QB list is not inspiring AT ALL.!! I know i have said this before but it bears repeating - SOME of his lack of development is on the coaches and the schemes. Still not sold Koetter is great at being a HC -slash - OC. Bajakian could prolly be thrown in that category as well - or maybe shown the door Regardless - if Winston and the team fail to impress we are prolly looking at a housecleaning job.
  12. Winston media from PFT

    At this point I just want all of this crap to just go away. He needs to keep his mouth shut - attend his gropey classes and work on his game for the upcoming season. I know this will dog him and the team for a while - but just keep quiet and concentrate on football and hopefully this too shall pass AND NO MORE FUCK-UP's PERIOD!!!!!!!!!
  13. WTF????. .. i know a lot of you guys are bored and or drunk most of the time, but geez Can we come up with some more stupid stuff to post around this joint??? I miss the good ole days when there were some posters that actually posted interesting takes about football. . . . rant concluded