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  1. It does kind of boggle the mind sometimes when you think about it. It seems like the answers are staring you right in the face. Look at the plays that failed and modify them a bit or tear that page out of the PB. And plz start using our TEs more. . . plz?? Maybe a few more screens to the RBs like the Aints use Kamara.
  2. Buc

    Lynch a HOF Finalist Again

    Rhonde should get in before Lynch IMO
  3. "zackly, he may have a few flaws in his game, but being lazy and not being a warrior on the field is not even close to who he is as a QB
  4. Buc


    totally agree - it was a crime not to use the TEs more - even if just to pull a DB downfield with them I understand the need to keep them in to block since the OL was pretty crappy early on - but it seemed like OJ was in the doghouse early and then developed a bit of a 'tude. Brate may not have been healthy all season as well I think ditching OJ would be a major mistake AND Im pretty sure Brate is gone because of his cap number
  5. NO to Foles. . . just saying but I may change my mind about keeping JW3 after watching the last 4 games
  6. Buc

    Buccaneers next QB Bowl at 3:30

    plz try to pick up the best OL/DL available. . .
  7. Buc

    If this team trades OJ Howard...

    I think that would be a big mistake. . . perhaps we could trade Leftwich???
  8. Well if we are gonna go all retro "what ifs" we should have picked Brady in the sixth round in 2000. Hindsight is always 20/20. But as stated NO WAY IN HELL THESE 2 GUYS WERE NOT GOING 1 and 2
  9. the pick was solid at the time. . .the coaching and FO moves have not been since
  10. Buc

    More touches for OJ Howard

    gotta agree. . . this coaching staff spends more time trying outsmart the rest of the league its pathetic. . . just play smart football Damn this is getting old quick
  11. Buc

    Bobo and Bond released

    Could probably say the same 2 things about the Saints. . . they just don't have the hardware. Must me more to it with the Pats. . . spyware, deflate gate et all. . . . just thinking out loud
  12. Buc

    Bobo and Bond released

    OT sorta. . . It was interesting to read how the Patriots (Ernie Adams) found that a left footed punter would give the team a certain percentage (don't remember) of muffed punts during a given season and thats why they coveted a left footed punter. He is an interesting read - https://www.sportscasting.com/meet-the-mysterious-man-behind-the-patriots-dynasty/
  13. Buc

    Rams CBs

    Just wondering if the Bucs have any interest in a trade of some kind. . . OL/DB??
  14. While Winston certainly deserves the lionshare of blame for this loss, it amazes me how BA/BL have put together game plans and the lack of in game adjustments. The OL was a wounded duck going in - why not go to a hurry up more often and utilize more screens and short passing game??? WTF happened to Rojo - was he inured - if not that is a big head scratcher as to why he was not fed the ball more often (I know we were playing from behind - but he had some good runs early). Scotty miller???? Not using OJ and Brate more??? They were more OL than TEs - but they need more touches. Winston didn't help by not throwing more jump balls to our big targets with a lot of them chest high or behind hi receivers . The lake of scheme and the personnel groupings make little sense to me. BL is a rookie OC and I feel he is in over his head. Oh and BTW this just in - our secondary is a complete mess - VHIII looks like a complete bust on the outside and our FO Gurus can't seem to eval talent worth a F%^K!!!
  15. I thought the same thing when I saw that hit. But Im sure there is no double standard when it comes to that team from Tampa lol BTW - plz quit feeding that annoying Rams troll - if no-one responds to his dumbass, he will go back to his pathetic forum. Thank You, Management