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  1. As a Bucs fan, he will never be a true Buc to me, and there is a very good chance he may never play a down for us. Sure will be a lot of TB12 jerseys on the market if that happens - hell, they may even become Bucs-lore collectors items
  2. easier division for sure I just wonder if he can stay healthy
  3. Not so sure about the intellect problem. Perhaps he fell into the trap of a lot of major college athletes in that he was enabled? As a redshirt freshman he became the youngest player to win the Heisman and then went on to win a NC. IIRC he came out of HS with a 4.0 GPA and was recruited by Stanford. Mooch did a whiteboard with him around the draft and came away pretty impressed with his FB knowledge. Maybe the lasik issue was his problem all along - maybe he's a late bloomer - or maybe he's just a knucklehead. We abouta fine out.
  4. thought the same thing. . . peyton trying to get some intel into our playbook
  5. I didn't read the whole thing but it appears to be a 1 yr deal - which means he probably won't get a chance to play this year unless Ol Man Brees gets dinged up again. does that mean Taysome Hill might be available??? LOL https://sports.yahoo.com/sources-jameis-winston-saints-finalizing-deal-081654906.html
  6. Buc


    gotta admit Im kinda Meh about the picks after R1. . . hope I'm wrong
  7. Wasn't there a lady back in the day that went to every single game home and away for like 20 years or something???
  8. A very interesting idea to be sure. . . is it a gamble - you betcha. If I had more faith in our scouting Dept and GM I would say hell yeah What the hell - Roll the dice bitches!!!!!!!!!
  9. IMO - I was sad to see JW go. . . but I understand it had to happen I wish the little fella well - wherever or if he lands with another team Would be soooo very BucsLife if the little crayon eating bastard went to NE and won a SB in Tampa. Back to TB12 - I would of course like to see him take us to the playoffs - while our Defense destroys offenses and our "New" passing attack puts up insane numbers (the good kind this time). Will he be successful - who knows - That NE team didn't come close to playing against the teams he will face this year and perhaps next, (of course he played agains playoff teams for many seasons on his way to the rings). Ultimately TB will never be more than a footnote with an * by it for me. . . I will never consider him a Buccaneer.
  10. where is the Capt. Pickard facepalm pic when I need it
  11. PantyFan, I couldn't care less about your team or your thoughts about them. I hope they drop a massive pile of Poo this year. I hope we bitchslap them twice this year. As far as Scam goes I hope he is a backup on a shitty team. other than that, welcome back.
  12. Truth is we don't know - He is in a waaayy tougher division now with a waaayy worse FO and coaching staff around him, in a waaayy different corporate culture. However he has waaayy more weapons at his disposal, hopefully not negated by our waaayy inexperienced OC
  13. Intersting point about the whole home and away thing Im ok with Mexico and Canada - but the NFL needs to chill the fuck out over this London game thing - its just a dumb idea. Why not just pick a stadium close to the teams that are playing and use that as a neutral site game I understand that won't work too well for some divisions It would be like a close roadmap game for both teams for the most part
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