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  1. Good stuff guys - thanks for the comments and info - always good to hear what other people think Im ready for some combine action to see how these guys shake up the draft talk - and always interesting to see who rises and who falls Cant wait
  2. OK - I keep looking at these early mock drafts (i know pre-combine) and most of them have pretty much coalesced around the idea that Bradley Chubb will be off the board by the time we pick at #7. I understand the combine and FA might have some influence here but just for fun. Most (but not all) of the mocks seem to have the same 4-5 or so players still on the board when we pick. What are your thoughts on any of these picks? Trade down scenarios if you have them (involving these guys or add you own) Saquon Barkley RB - tough one to pass up here - but a good class of RBs this year - My heart says YES but my head says its too high of a pick with that much talent still on the board and other options for some quality backs later on Minkah Fitzpatrick DB - is this guy a safety or a corner or a LB????. . do you really select this high for a guy that is a jack of all trades - there is a lot of buzz around the guy but Ima pass Quenton Nelson G - Great player according to the experts - position of need - not the sexiest pick this high but I take him at #7 if he is available Derwin James DB - see Fitzpatrick up there ^^^^^ - same kind of talent and same kind of WTF?? Vita Vea DT - There is a lot of buzz about this guy - his combine could really turn some heads - I like the pick but not at #7 (YET) - he may change my mind Billy Price C - I like the idea but not this high - if we could find a trade down partner in the 15-20 range???? I think he might be a better value there - too much of a reach even that low??? Marcus Davenport DE - this guy by all accounts is still kind of a project - but hard to argue he has the build to be a good one with some potential - but you cant draft a potential guys at #7 - can you???? - Im going with a similar thought process as the Center mentioned above - combine could change some minds - Where are you on this guy?? Connor Williams OT - sounds like this guy is the OT version of Nelson the G above - kind of a plug and play - just not as highly rated as far as I can tell - maybe a trade down but not as far as the one mentioned above - I think he is gone by around 15 or so. . . again the combine comes into play as well I'd love to hear what some of you geniuses have to say about these guys - and Im sure there are other players you might like better
  3. offensive philosophy change

    Could we maybe get aggressive with the playcalls??? This coaching staff really worries me with the way they put gameplans together - AND little to no in-game adjustments when it doesnt work Very little faith they will both (Koetter/Smith) come around but fingers crossed for 1 more year
  4. free agent Corners

    I would hope they would echo the free agent moves with draft picks as well - get 2 of each!!! (at least)
  5. Bucs Just Fired Hayes

    yup - heard the same thing - I just think they have to shuffle the deck a little going into a win now type of season Just not sure if I trust this coaching staff and FO enough right now to make any bold moves (the right ones anyway) to get this team back on track.
  6. Bucs Just Fired Hayes

    Geez are you always this grumpy in the morning LOL Question is - Why did they wait sooo long to do this??? - Most good position coaches have already been gobbled up it would seem by now.
  7. Looks like the DL coach has been axed. . . not all that surprising and I hope a few others get canned as well. This could all be about CYA for Koetter and Smitty - but geeez. . you just cant go into another season without making a few changes. You just cant https://www.pewterreport.com/breaking-bucs-fire-defensive-line-coach-hayes/
  8. LeGarrette Blount

    The DISCONNECT is other teams have a winning culture AND players/coaches/FO people are held accountable for performance. Players who go to winning programs are afraid to screwup so they showup and make plays when needed. In BucLand there is no accountability and therefore I think there is a "meh" attitude that permates and destroys moral. just me 2 cents
  9. Your Big Board

    CHUBB - Obvious pick if he is there NELSON - read above^^^^^^^ BARKLEY - great running back - I agree about selecting a back this high when you might get good value in rounds 3/4 - he wont be there anyway FITZPATRICK - would be a really good player at #7 - but it wont happen JAMES - I think he can be a day one starter and play well on Sundays - I have no prob with this pick (garnet and gold glasses) DAVENPORT - not sold on him this high YET - let's see what he can do in the Sr Bowl and the Combine - even then it just feels risky for some reason
  10. Championship Sunday!

    I was puzzled as to why the Jags didnt use TJ Yeldon a little more. . . the pats seems to be all over Fournette Yeldon made some great plays last week - but he didnt seem to get as many touches this game
  11. OK Ive seen some mocks that show Barkley, Chubb and even Nelson off the board by the time we pick. If we cant work a trade down - is it too much of a reach to go with Derwin James?? Dude is a playmaker for sure
  12. Bobo Wilson...

    What I would like to know is how many of those plays (deep throws to Jackson) were "called" and how many were 2nd or 3rd options. IF most of those plays were called I would have to wonder about our coaching staff and the fact they knew the deep ball wasnt a good idea - at least in some of the down and distances I saw. AND if it was not called - who didnt get open like they should have - what broke down??
  13. Bobo Wilson...

    If we cant trade him he will be a 7.5 mil cap hit next year. . . . keep the man and learn how to use him
  14. Bobo Wilson...

    At this point it makes more sense to keep Jackson. . . if this coaching staff can learn how to use him. The long ball has never been Winston's strong suit - so put Jackson in the slot more and get him going on some quick slants in space Im not really excited about this coaching staff and their ability to create and adjust during the game