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  1. Buc

    Fucktard back at QB

    OT - Man I sure hope we resign Hump, that kid has been making some plays!! Let Jackson go and I dont think we miss a beat
  2. Buc

    Todd Monken Bitches

    Looks like Monk is calling the plays tomorrow. Let's see if we can get a few points on the board.
  3. Buc

    Todd Monken Bitches

    I think its worth keeping Monk if at all possible At least as the OC - we see he can make that work for the most part
  4. Buc

    shits getting real in TB

    Hmmmm dont know - maybe see if he can play LB I know dude is out of football shape and would take a while to work on conditioning But damn he has been out a long time
  5. Buc

    shits getting real in TB

    What the hell is the status of Beckwith??? Isnt he due to come off IR soon?
  6. Is Winston going to be active???
  7. Buc

    Same old Same Old

    Would love to hear some of the discussions going on behind closed doors.
  8. And THAT is why we fail The Glazer boys dont know jack about football - let them run the business side 2cents
  9. Buc

    Fire Dirk, Hire a Harbaugh

    I will agree with you on the horrible handling of draft picks and some even worse FA moves. I feel he has botched at least 4 R2 picks and 2 R1 picks which has been hard to overcome. (might give the rookies a break - might be too early to know if they will grow) The other side of the coin is Dirk has been given some pretty decent targets to play with. . . but his 4 vert scheme is not sustainable and the offense isnot a balanced attack. Big question is - Dirk Dirk/Bajakian fail to develop JW - or is JW all that we see at this stage of his career ie could he have been more successful with another coaching staff???
  10. Buc

    Fire Dirk, Hire a Harbaugh

    I think they ALL need to go - we have seen what this coaching staff is able to do - maybe keep Monken as OC and ditch the rest On the fence with GM at this point - but he has had his share of WTF drafting
  11. I am totally onboard with the idea of a "football man" in charge. He woiuld have final say over all things football and act as a go between the FO/coaching staff and Ownership. IMO this doesnt add hierarchy at all it smooths the decision making process. Let the owner spend and make money and take them out of the equation when it comes to playing football. Arians would would be the first person I called for the job. As for HC - got no idea - but I dont feel Koetter is HC capable at this point. . . If you have Monken it might be a good idea to keep him as OC The rest of them just need to go
  12. Buc

    Probability of more Cock on Sunday!

    I think this terrible OL is having a negative impact on more games than the terrible DL And that's just terrible.
  13. I still tend to wonder about the coaching he has been getting. If other people can see his mechanics are all jacked up why cant our QB coach work that out?? And yes the defense and OL are pretty much a mess - gotta factor that in (maybe not for this last meltdown as much as mentioned) but for the team W/L record overall
  14. Buc

    Dante Fowler Jr

    Still wondering if they ever even tried working Spence in at LB during practice. I know he is more of a 34 LB but he would seem to be a pretty good fit (OK) at SAM thoughts??
  15. Shaun Wilson - time to step up kid