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  1. Well if we are gonna go all retro "what ifs" we should have picked Brady in the sixth round in 2000. Hindsight is always 20/20. But as stated NO WAY IN HELL THESE 2 GUYS WERE NOT GOING 1 and 2
  2. the pick was solid at the time. . .the coaching and FO moves have not been since
  3. Buc

    More touches for OJ Howard

    gotta agree. . . this coaching staff spends more time trying outsmart the rest of the league its pathetic. . . just play smart football Damn this is getting old quick
  4. Buc

    Bobo and Bond released

    Could probably say the same 2 things about the Saints. . . they just don't have the hardware. Must me more to it with the Pats. . . spyware, deflate gate et all. . . . just thinking out loud
  5. Buc

    Bobo and Bond released

    OT sorta. . . It was interesting to read how the Patriots (Ernie Adams) found that a left footed punter would give the team a certain percentage (don't remember) of muffed punts during a given season and thats why they coveted a left footed punter. He is an interesting read - https://www.sportscasting.com/meet-the-mysterious-man-behind-the-patriots-dynasty/
  6. Buc

    Rams CBs

    Just wondering if the Bucs have any interest in a trade of some kind. . . OL/DB??
  7. While Winston certainly deserves the lionshare of blame for this loss, it amazes me how BA/BL have put together game plans and the lack of in game adjustments. The OL was a wounded duck going in - why not go to a hurry up more often and utilize more screens and short passing game??? WTF happened to Rojo - was he inured - if not that is a big head scratcher as to why he was not fed the ball more often (I know we were playing from behind - but he had some good runs early). Scotty miller???? Not using OJ and Brate more??? They were more OL than TEs - but they need more touches. Winston didn't help by not throwing more jump balls to our big targets with a lot of them chest high or behind hi receivers . The lake of scheme and the personnel groupings make little sense to me. BL is a rookie OC and I feel he is in over his head. Oh and BTW this just in - our secondary is a complete mess - VHIII looks like a complete bust on the outside and our FO Gurus can't seem to eval talent worth a F%^K!!!
  8. I thought the same thing when I saw that hit. But Im sure there is no double standard when it comes to that team from Tampa lol BTW - plz quit feeding that annoying Rams troll - if no-one responds to his dumbass, he will go back to his pathetic forum. Thank You, Management
  9. Buc

    Donovan Smith a piece of shit!

    Sore loser??? GFY
  10. this is one show I will miss for sure - what a terrible lineup
  11. Rook have you been smoking weed??? WTF does this have to do with Cam Newton??
  12. Dude is making a ton of green for that kind of production. . .agree u gotta take the jack when it is available but long term he may have made more somewhere else. This feels like a one yr deal
  13. Buc

    Jalen Ramsey

    Cuz he is a least better than what they have to work with at this point.
  14. I totally agree with Sapp. . . McCoy was a "good" player - maybe he was never surrounded by the type of team that Sapp and Brooks And Lynch and Simeon and A-Train Barber and the rest - but dammit man what the fuck did he actually do???. . . besides talk about his fucking "get off". . . Im done with him
  15. No word on if surgery will be required or just a procedure. BA said he had a procedure so it may not be as bad as it sounds Trying to confirm. . . lol