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  1. Sad thing is he probably IS a starter on this defense . . .
  2. fingers crossed our GM doesnt trade up or down and just get 3 quality players in the 2nd G/OT/CB/RB. . .. if he doesnt pick a safety that means we ride with Tandy/Conte again
  3. Probably hedging their bet just in case all of the good RBs are gone. . .. personally I would be fine with Chubb or Jones but cleveland the indy both has 2 picks in front of us. . .. should be interesting
  4. Im not sure if I ever heard that Uber told Jameis what the suspension was for other than an "incident" reported by the driver. Does anyone remember if Jameis was told exactly what the incident was? (assuming he did not do anything of course) IF the NFL does anything it should be a game check or two and NOT a suspension - altho either would be a sign of some wrongdoing as judged by the league. And yes - I agree - this could take us well into the latter part of this season and perhaps into next offseason to get settled
  5. Yes, A very interesting point. But you know how the NFL hates to lose - sadly win or lose there will always be JW haters.
  6. I know how some of you hate JBF, but I found this interesting. Of course some of the comments are humorous - but so be it. It does provide a hypothetical of the Jameis Uber Investigation that I have not heard before. Here you go: http://www.joebucsfan.com/2018/04/expect-reporting-failure-suspend-jamei
  7. In the NFC south - bigger is def better But you need to find someone that can play outside regardless of the scheme - ur not just gonna play one scheme all day Sure would be nice not to find ourselves in a hole every year because our GM either didnt plan well or is fixing whiffs he made from the previous years. I know he thinks he's some kind of wizard and wants to find the gem in the later rounds But dammit quit trading picks and get your head in the game man (hoping that brings some reverse KOD to the FO)
  8. Hmmm tough choice up there ^^^^^ I go with Chubb - you have a few more shots at pretty good backs in the second but the dropoff in talent for DEs is pretty quick
  9. Agree Our only part of that might be getting a shot at one of the big 3 for instance with the Bills perhaps moving up to #4 or Arizona moving up to #6 I like the options so far. . .
  10. Well this about made me barf. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2771768-2018-nfl-mock-draft-predictions-for-where-1st-round-prospects-will-end-up If we pass on Chubb in the first I would be shocked!!!
  11. I like the idea of Kwon becoming the vocal leader of this defense. That is also why - if the big 3 are off the board and we cant get a good trade down - I would go with derwin James - he is another alpha male for the D.
  12. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    This should be fun - I want my team to play against some of the best. Having said that I have a running feud of sorts with several obnoxious Steeler fans. If we can run all over the Patriots (like we did last year - fucking kicker) Then I want to see us mop the fucking floor with the fucking 'Lers now THAT would be awesome!! Get it Bucs!!!
  13. Pamphile Headed to Titans

    Im just sayin: IF these coaches and FO people were evaluated thoroughly and honestly on the job they did, in their area of responsibility and only one person was fired, then they are trying to tell us it was the players fault. . . which means it was the coaches/FO/Owners fault for scouting, paying and keeping and in some cases NOT scouting, paying and keeping the right players!! OR Maybe its both
  14. Pamphile Headed to Titans

    How the hell does Warhop still have a job. . . AND How many times have I asked this question???? It's time to cull the dead wood out of the coaching staff. If he is the quy making these boneheaded decisions (not letting Pamphile go) then he needs to GTFO This OL should be much better than what we are seeing We depend on a player with a bad back - An aging vet at OT with no real thought to a replacement - Move our best player around to 3 different positions in 3 years. . . . this sucks and someone needs to grow a set of nads and correct it. I like the Jensen signing and I hope we can get one of the 3 Guards that might be available - Nelson/Hernandez/Wynn But I just have no doubt someone will EFF it up dammit man - this crap gets old
  15. Some of these mocks..really??

    Im fine with James at #7 IF the big 3 are gone AND we cant get a decent trade down offer. . . . . hoping this is not the case tho