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  1. I don't get it. The same people bitching about the shutdown are now bitching about masks. If we took masks, the shutdown, social distancing serious enough in the first place, we would have better control over the spread by now and could open up by now. Instead the covidiots ruined it for all of us. And trump goes from trump to DiSantis on down to our local mayors and the antimaskers. Idiots, all of them.
  2. You guys are getting those too?


    "Shut Up, Stupid!!!"

  3. I just want what's best for this country, If I'm wrong, so be it, but everyone should have an opinion, and I think we have made to much to do about the ( now minority vote ) because its not going to be the minority vote when our kids come of age. We are a dying breed and it is coming soon. We have an average of less then 1 kid per household, African American, Mexicans and Muslims have much much more, do the math, we are going to be like the dinosaurs......We are just giving away what our ancestors fought so hard for, and I'm Irish/Scottish, When we came over to this country at least we had a work ethic, we worked for dirt to get ahead, everyone now thinks they are owed something and I have a problem with that. I'm 32 and have worked hard since I was 13.... I don’t expect anything. and I shouldn’t. Anyway, I appreciate your candor and respect your point of view.....I never was involved with politics before but some things that are going on are just starting to piss me off

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