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  1. Tundra

    So Fitzpatrick....

    Fitz will have a job as a backup. quite possibly in Atlanta. Schaub ain't any good and Koetter loves Fitz, I'm pretty sure.
  2. Montez Sweat?????????? Maybe his brains were in his hair and that just keeps getting more stupid hence his brains keep getting more stupid, hence his mocks keep getting more stupid. Put an M80 in my ear and light the fucking fuse.
  3. He'd fuck it up and stick the pills up his ass thinking they were suppositories.
  4. You've chosen to ignore content by shabazz916. Options Fuckhead -- try this.
  5. Fair point, Chas. Actually, you have undressed me before the board. I feel naked. Which is convenient. See below.
  6. Tundra

    Offseason 2019

    Potential camp fodder, will vie for rotations to be in the mix in camp. As I said he’d be.
  7. The trade down scenario is a horse of a different color. Both these buffoons have the Bucs taking these guys at 5.
  8. Charlie Casserly has a guy from Clemson to the Bucs at #5. A guy not in anyone's Top 10 best players coming out of college list. Do these buffoons do any homework> What the fuck.
  9. Tundra

    Offseason 2019

    I agree. The velvety texture always makes me smile. I'm not talking about the prunes.
  10. Tundra

    Offseason 2019

    To me this was on par for excitement with signing the Danish kicker.
  11. Yes. Moronia. The condition of widespread moronic publications and broadcasts. I’m sick of reading how strapped the Bucs are with the salary cap on one hand, and how we can’t afford GMC or Hump anymore, and yet these same morons speculate that Laveon Bell, Antonio Brown, Dee Ford, John Brown, Tyran Matthieu, and a host of others will be coming to the Buccaneers. Any time anyone is released, some moron pegs the Bucs as a probable destination. How do these dohtads have jobs doing the shit they do? The only answer is, the general population is even dumber, and laps up the drivel like my dog laps up his own vomit. Jesus Beer Drinking Christ how much more moronical can it get? OK rant over.
  12. Tundra

    The Dream Draft Scenario

    I am all about teams wanting to jump up and take the QBs. We get a stud, it's almost guaranteed. Almost -- because it's the Bucs. Something/someone could come along and easily fuck it up.
  13. Tundra

    Offseason 2019

    The only way GMC finishes his career as a Buc is if he walks into Licht's office, agrees to void his current contract and start over with a cap friendly 5 year deal or something. And why would he do that, really? He knows that he's not a fan favorite and will forever be compared to Warren Sapp. I do think there may be some value in a trade. Not much but some. The sad thing, I bet he can thrive in an attacking one gap scheme rather than this awful read and react bullshit we've been forced to watch like Malcolm McDowell in Clockwork Orange.
  14. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001017780/article/broncos-agree-to-trade-for-ravens-qb-joe-flacco Elway is deranged. Seriously, he should step away from the phone and computer and just go get really fucking drunk for, like, three or four years. Unless he already has been. He didn't give up much to get him but from what is written, Elway also traded for Flacco's contract. So.............
  15. I would like to advertise my new service for women. Sit on my face and I’ll guess your weight and age.
  16. Tundra

    Offseason 2019

    I think we need a Donovan Smith thread. A couple. New ones. More Donovan Smith. Not enough exposure has been given to the player, the man, and his on field exploits, blocking for runners and protecting passers, and such.
  17. Tundra

    Offseason Blows

    Offseason blows more than ever. Every time a 5th round prospect farts while he’s pissing in a public bathroom, it makes the damn news . Moronia.
  18. Just getting in shape for when the SUPER bowl is finished. Hopefully Schiano is practicing sitting positions on Dumlidunk's forehead, to ride herd over him during the draft and free agency. And since it seems we are stuck with Sheridan, at least relate a plan to the fans on what will be done to improve the most embarrassingly poor defense in Bucs history. And, this year marks year 5 of the 5 year plan! Way to go, Glazertards !
  19. Tundra

    Offseason 2019

    For the first time in more than a decade, there is a head coach and a set of assistants who have proven they can properly evaluate a player’s performance, and come up with a plan for improving that performance. And then even more importantly, execute that plan and get the most out of that player. So unless Arians and his crew look at the OL film and see only loose stools on the LT position, Dung Smith will likely be retained. Either franchise tag or at $12 large a year for a few years. I think the position coaching has been so bad, particularly from Warhoppingfuck and the idiots masquerading as DB coiches, that we don’t really know what we have. Except with Clueless Bunnycock. No coach in the world will be able to teach that fat fuck how to wipe his own ass let alone play guard. Twank it,.
  20. Tundra

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Not even God can hit a one iron!
  21. Tundra

    Whatcha listening to?

    Greta van Fleet is (I believe) from the Frankenmuth Michigan area. My music buds in Michigan pretty much all know them. My friend owns a studio in Bay City and he mixed a big portion of their first album. My buds all know them and say they were cool and humble until they started getting some success and then (according to my buds in the network) have started to behave more in the stereotype rocker mode. So I hope they don't fall off the rails and become another train wreck due to egos and excessive consumption. Nevertheless, fucking awesome shizzit.
  22. Tundra

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    I'm thinking, late fall............golf Friday / Saturday, Bucs Sunday. Then I'll drown a few kittens after the Bucs lose and I suck on the course, and return to Houston more frustrated than I've ever been in my life. It's PERFECT!