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  1. Well if he wins a super bowl I would consider him a true Buc. More a true Buc than the last douchebag to wear #12 as the Bucs starting quarterback.
  2. Wondering if Scam’s rushing days are over
  3. I really hate this because I do expect Scam to have a resurgence under the Bellychoad. Hatem. Fuckem.
  4. I was hoping for an implosion type of year for the Pudriots. Now I’m thinking someone will help cam out with his accuracy issues and they’ll do well. At least I won’t have to watch that smug ass bitch preening like a peaCOCK twice a year.
  5. Tell her FuckingWithGoats wants to meet
  6. Fuck all that, I need your niece’s contact information.
  7. I have Buclov's Dog syndrome. It's the Bucs so anything will go to the fuckening. But how sweet it would be to see Brady and the offense set new bests at everything and meanwhile watch the Belichodes drown in their own vomit. Like I said -- more likely it's the Bucs drowning in Blame Goobert's wankathon after Brady goes down in game 2 with a career ending injury.
  8. It's up to the defense. Best Brady will be for the Bucs is a current version of 2002 Brad Johnson, but the defense needs to carry the team for the first half of the season for sure otherwise 7-9 again.
  9. They would have beaten the Rams with LoNeal blocking in the 99 Emanuel bowl.
  10. Look you bastage, the fact that I have an “innie” is my business. It’s not a V a g I n a. just a prolapsed penoid gland.
  11. You’ve always been known to go down on schmos. Or was that hoes? smricnt blwme
  12. The Gronkowski Youth? Except the Polish surname is a bit contradictory.
  13. Good gawd, JaMiss. You do realize that 30 picks, 7 pick sixes, all the fumbles and sacks and your record as a starter are also included in the analysis, right? No? “One of the best to play the game” doesn’t have all 32 teams pass on the chance to bring him in as the starter and you’re now arguably a 3rd string QB? One of the best to play the game?! Good fucking riddance then. I actually had been a supporter of yours, but now Fuck you.
  14. I like the idea of 13 personnel, with one WR and 3 TEs, especially inside the 10.
  15. I never understood why Dungy only kept LoNeal for a year. He and Alstott were an unstoppable force.
  16. That’s a lot of money for a guy who arguably ranks behind Dilfer King and Failman in terms of quarterback success.
  17. $45 million is an expensive intentional fail plan, but, yeah - it’s the Bears after all.
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