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  1. Willis Reed....man that’s a great memory. He would have been better off cutting off his leg and jamming a log into the storch. But I believe he scored the Knicks first four points? And shut down Wilt Chamberlain. How did he do it?
  2. Jack and Jill went up the hill, Each with a buck and a quarter......
  3. Next week it’s Packers Falcons. Falcons.
  4. BTW - Louis Riddick is competent. I’m not listening to the clown show but he is looking at Pick 6 and what’s his fuck like “How retarded are you guys?”
  5. A shutout to bring the cup back to the Bay. Now — GO RAYS. This is important. I will not watch any Rays games.
  6. Game. Over. Can we play the Ravens instead of the Chefs?
  7. Lamar Jackson looks like Tyrod Taylor.
  8. LIGHTNING WIN LORD STANLEY’S CUP! I hope he washed it.
  9. You’re welcome! I kept all the neg mojos distracted with the crows chefs game. Fucking fantastic!
  10. Hey NNUDY did you mean a RONALD Jones Jersey?
  11. OK Capons we got us kind of a football game. Drink up me hearties yoho.
  12. That’s a position in the gay football league
  13. Hardman scares me more than the other scary dudes. 4th down stop. Hold on I gotta pull the beads out of my ass. Ok. Jackson is trying to win this all by himself
  14. Ravens defense looks clueless. I’m afraid what we’ll look like after Mahomes puts us through the blender. Is it me or does Mahomes wear eye makeup?
  15. Two score game. C’mon Crows. Tackle someone hard.
  16. Ravens look like the Bucs. Now kick the FG.
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