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  1. Tundra

    Blow me

  2. Tundra

    O-Line looks like shit

    You are a fucking moron. Lurch loving cumstain. I am a Gator.
  3. We want to see Jameis get popped, right?
  4. Not a word spoken about the defensive goodness? Some moron sees the QBs getting 0.3 seconds to throw and blames the QB and not a word about throttling love interest Baker Mayfield? That’s the worst that overhyped manzelian fuckstick has ever played in his life and all you see here is “hope Jameis gets popped.” Some fans.
  5. Tundra

    O-Line looks like shit

    You are a fucking idiot for saying that. You blame the QB? Seriously? You probably would want Lurch instead, that would have been the answer YEAH! Your last name Culverhouse?
  6. Tundra


    Hudson is way slower than Brate. He can’t do it against the Bucs defense. He’s not going to be there
  7. Tundra


    He fucking sucks we shall see if Arians does nepotism over better judgment
  8. Tundra

    Ass kickin

  9. Not surprising since Jameis was beaten like a crack whore who stole money from her pimp. But if it means Goober is cut..... Good.
  10. Tundra

    Josh Allen

    Maybe fanof is right. Maybe White will overcome the tragic loss of his beloved horse Daisy Mae and become half the player he’s hyped to be. Maybe JPP will beat all the odds and skeptics and be suiting up early October. Maybe Vita and LVD will both recover in time and on form for the 69ers home opener. Maybe Josh Allen was simply doing what anyone would have done against a stump with no arms or legs. Maybe Scotty Miller will overcome his hammyfuck and remind us of Hump except with Dashawn Jackoff’s speed. Maybe the OL has gelled and will all stay healthy all year. Maybe Edwards and Justin Evans both come back from their injuries and show they can play. Maybe VH3 is really a #1 corner. Maybe....... Oh fucking stop it. Beat me off. Look how ridiculous all that shot Is? No wonder everyone and the Pope know the Sucs Fucking suck.
  11. Tundra

    Josh Allen

    Undersmell me?!
  12. Suh should come out and declare that Gertrude not be allowed to wear 93 due to excess puszification of the number.
  13. Paging Doctor F a g g o t! Doctor F a g g o t!