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  1. Tundra

    Bucs Sign OLB Barrett

    Gotta have 90 fuckers on the roster by training camp. Might as well bring in some schlumps to make Perriman look better in no pads football.
  2. If you are right, he will be converted into draft pick(s) or football players. I’ll trust the huge throbbing staff of Arians to make the right call on his capability versus role. If he remains on the roster as of opening day 2019, I expect him to flourish. Remembering Arians said they were hot for JPP a few years back. Of course it’s possible that everything everyone says positive about JPP is bullshit.
  3. Aw fuck. You had to bring the cloven hooves into it.
  4. I’m sure he knows what he’s going to try first. But unlike the last moron, he won’t stubbornly keep trying the same shit if it’s not working. I really (this time) expect us to see real adjustments. He hasn’t developed the reputation he’s earned by being like Big Head Mike or Catatonic Lovie.
  5. Tundra

    Dolphins now have 2 FitzMagics

    Or brought Freeman out of retirement. Fucking Freeman. Sorry to bring it up, DD.
  6. Yep. He’ll look like Lawrence Fucking Taylor meets Simeon Rice in preseason then be forced to go on indefinite medical leave. But if he’s there for the Patriots, he’ll be a hall of famer.
  7. It won’t be any worse than the last two years though. No way. At least the scrubs playing defense will be forced to demonstrate they understand their assignments, and if not, as BA has already said, “Then either you don’t give a shit or you’re too stupid to play here. Alright, so you’re not a Buc.” That is the most beautiful quote of the Arians era so far.
  8. Tundra

    Bucs Sign OLB Barrett

    Ah, so they take their process for choosing who they will draft in the second round and apply it to free agency? Brilliant!
  9. Truth be told, I don’t think even Bowels knows what he’s going to do yet, until he sees what he has and what he drafts. He ran 4-3 earlier in his career and 3-4 more recently. What I have enjoyed reading so far is the philosophy, whichever alignment is chosen, will be one gap “attack” instead of Big Head Mike’s impotent “read and react” bullshit.
  10. Sorry man. You know that my excitement at those, um.....”moments” causes me to black out.
  11. Yes. That was implied but should have been specified. If the Bucs had drafted Aaron Rodgers in 2005 he would have been out of football by 2011.
  12. He used to enjoy seconds at the llama farm so....if the hoof fits in the boot, wear it.
  13. Arians was adamant that they will play a mix of 3-4, 4-3, and it won’t look that different anyway one to the next —. but 70% of the time it’s nickel so either 3-3-5 or 4-2-5. Then Arians said they’ll play the scheme that their players can play best in. JPP ain’t going anywhere. Book it wangs.
  14. That’s where I read the critique that implies we will be wishing for Conte.
  15. Agree with fanof. Let’s stop trying to run off our most impactful defensive player. Bowels and BA will find the best way to maximize his talent and leadership. I’ll take good demonstrated capability over a roll of the dice every time.