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  1. Tundra

    Full Staffs

    I am jealous of his big staff. It will be interesting to see how much tough love he gives it, when he will know to stroke it gently, pound it hard, or shock it by using unorthodox techniques. It is a huge load to carry, will Arians blow it ?
  2. Tundra


    The Winston hate is really a faithful pillar of his fandom. Let him run with it, it really is kind of amusing and almost necessary.
  3. Tundra

    Offense wins Championships

    Is that your sister or your cousin or your mom in the pic above, Jesse? You and Shabazz right on cue, where's Ghostrap and The Meek? Take your next unemployment check and buy a plastic bag big enough to fit over your head.
  4. Tundra

    Offense wins Championships

    And another. I think the other one is his sister/cousin.
  5. Tundra

    Offense wins Championships

    Found another picture of Jesse.
  6. He just might end up with the Kansas City Chiefs. Their defense has been below average even though playing a good game against the Dolts. They are obviously at the door of Championships with their Hotshot QB Mahomoes. Maybe Licht can get a depth player and a draft pick for Gerald.
  7. Tundra

    Offense wins Championships

    Aguano! Rohoho! Stewart!
  8. I love that but when people speak of getting reps with the “ones” or “twos” I thought that was simultaneous. If not it explains a lot.
  9. Tundra


    Well at least we were being realistic.......
  10. Tundra

    Offense wins Championships

    In the past few years the Bucs were mathematically eliminated by June, I was just too stupid to see it.
  11. That is certainly the premise. But he will have to work his ass off to keep up with all those coaches. Chrissakes, there are only 53 players on a game day roster, he's almost got one coach for every player. Very very difficult to keep alignment and consistency from coach to coach to player to player when you have that many. If anyone can make it work, it's Arians.
  12. Tundra

    Adam Gase Coked up presser

    Gase about ready to address the Jets for the first time before spring OTAs.
  13. Tundra


    I give that a Standing Fucking Ovation (SFO).
  14. Tundra

    Full Staffs

    I probably had too much training during my corporate days, but the classic way to fuck something up is to put too many people on a project. I felt that was the case with Big Head Greg Schiano's staph. Of course that staph also had Bill Sheridan and Fuckwad Sullivan as unCoordinators, so that's a point. It takes a special kind of leader that uses a great deal of work process discipline, and spends extra time ensuring total alignment, measures the shit that's taught, making sure it's the right shit, then measuring the players' progress at improving against the techniques and goals set for them. So we'll see what kind of leader or Leader BA is.