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  1. Used to be a good player. Will be out with a concussion in game 2. Or game 1.
  2. Fuckem. Hatem. The Glazer triptards I mean. Imbecillen. Booben.
  3. That was the way some made a lot of money in the real estate bubble in the 2000s. Before the crash. Gamble that the embedded appreciation value covers the debt. A high risk play, lots of people got burned doing that. But not these fucksticks. And we suffered for it. Fargin iceholes.
  4. Tarddad did know winning. He doesn't stroke out, Gruden doesn't get fired. No chance the old man would have done that. He might have been a scum but he told Rich McKay's Marvin Lewis idea was shite and hired Gruden, winning a Super Bowl. His fucktard sons can eat decayed horsemeat.
  5. Brady was still the main reason. But, yeah. Gronkowski sounds like a hoot. This team will be fun to watch until they’re 2-6 because Brady went out in game 3 with a shredded shoulder and knee and Blaine Fucking Goobert shows how to perfect the art of the pick 6. Learning at the feet of Jameis.
  6. No doubt the Triplettards know how to make money. Winning? Not so much.
  7. Fuck Sirius! I was going to get a subscription after my free trial expires, but not now. FUCKEM! HATEM!!!
  8. The one on the left is especially gifted at the art of deep massage. She sadi she'd be mine. Bitch.
  9. If you foggers really get together, Axe, send me a pic or lewd video.
  10. I’m porn watching in the Sierras.
  11. I have them all, er.....um..........."quarantined!"
  12. I know that blond bitch in the red holding up the sign in the top photo. She loves the donkeyrides.
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