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  1. Tundra

    Ed Oliver

    I get it. But you haven't experienced intensity until you see an almost hot woman in 90s hair and shoulder pads talking about 50% chance of some drizzle.........hoo.............I need to go
  2. Tundra

    Ed Oliver

    Want to consider some trades? I used to tape hours of The Weather Channel back in the 90s.
  3. It's only April. FIX IT, DAMMIT. There;s lpenty of time. If this happened to the Cowboys, Jerry Jones would be all over the networks making a stink and demanding the NFL make it right. But we have the Glazertards. They obviously enjoy a good assfucking and especially seeing the fans of the team they own getting an assfucking.
  4. Tundra

    Ed Oliver

    None of those guys said shit about their second contract as if it were a certainty before they were even drafted. There's a big difference between justified cockiness and ignorant arrogance.
  5. In other words, exactly what Julio Jones does to our defense every fucking time we play the Falcons.
  6. "I'm gonna ask Ian Beckles to beat the fuck out of Jason."
  7. Tundra

    Two Days of Moronia Left

    Than board needed an enema. And since when did you become disrespectful of whores?!
  8. Here he is checking out his new team. "Anyone have Urban Meyer's phone number? I need to learn how to fake a heart attack fast." That is the face of sheer horror.
  9. Tundra


    I would trade up for that.
  10. Tundra

    Two Days of Moronia Left

    You spelled the position wrong. It's "pntr." cnt
  11. Tundra

    Ed Oliver

    We could use it to trade up in the draft!
  12. Tundra

    Ed Oliver

    Diva has not taken a snap in the NFL, he was not saying he wanted to be great, he basically said he was going to be the best player in the league. He hasn’t done shit to do that kind of talking. If the Sucs draft Diva Douche, someone needs to ram a dildo down his cockhole and shut him the fuck up.
  13. Tundra

    Two Days of Moronia Left

    That makes the Diva White travesty seem like a smart pick. Holy shit.
  14. Only two more days of the stupidest speculative cowshit in sports. Two more days until we Bucs fans are once again utterly disappointed, even if they take who we want. There is still the salary cap fuckening that will force getting rid of player(s) that will make the Bucs worse not better. Two more days of raging about trading up, or down, or reminiscing about reading the wrong name. Lorcht will fuck this up, and even if he doesn't, he still will. We all know, no matter who the Bucs take, the dude will bust, and whoever the Bucs pass on, he'll be ROTY, all pro, and HOF material. Bucening. Suckening. Fuckening since January of 2009.