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  1. Oops. It’s a game winning FG. Idiot Peterson.What a cripple fight. Wow do these teams suck cocks. All the cocks. Even the dead ones.
  2. And the Figgkes just score but give the Gnats enough time to come back and kick the tying FG. Awful coaching. Awful.
  3. Whelp - the cripple fight is still a fight. The paralyzed mute just tried to yell at the spastic deaf quadruple amputee.
  4. Jensen is fine. Dong is probably the most overpaid LT in the NFL. Yes he can do ok for some stretches but hen has a mini seizure and looks like a quadriplegic for a quarter, ruining the game. (See Bears game) He will almost surely not be getting paid that money next year. He’s surely proven he doesn’t deserve it. I’m waiting for Brady to light him up. Next time he matadors a guy, say it’s Cleveland Ferrell. Brady needs to get up Dongs ass with a fire stick.
  5. And Mullen or Bueller or whoever the fuck the backup is, makes Goober look serviceable. Fitz is too classy to ask for a trade. I wish he would.
  6. Postpone it until later in the year. I’m good with that.
  7. Devin White will need to be on his coverage toes. They use FB and alt TEs. Waller will likely draw a safety, so White will often need to pick up the FB, 2nd TE, or Richard. Fuckened. He’s a good run stopper and blitzed. Pass coverage? Not so much.
  8. Then the Bucs could be kings every year. Good god what a shit show. What? TNF with the Ginats Geekles. What is wrong with Peterson? He should be fired after tonight.
  9. Carr is used to dealing with adversity. He’ll fuck up but keep after it. I just re-watched their victory over KC. I’m afraid our young DBs are toasted for two or three bombs where the WR (especially Ruggs - yikes —). Splits the safeties like a cameltoe. Fuckened I tell you.
  10. Fitz should demand a trade to the 49ers. Garrapolo kind of sucks and is fragile, and their backup sucks cock out loud. Fitz won’t do that but he should. I’d love to see him finish his career with a good team and decent weapons.
  11. I still can't believe it. So awesome. The Pavlov's dog in me expects the Raiders to do what Gruden's Raiders did to Dungy's defense in 1999 (45-0).
  12. Morton will prevail in this one. He is money. The Assblows really fucked it up when they let him go. They would have won the last series they were in if they had him.
  13. Good! Revolution in their midst! Seriously though, I can't believe this is Flores. He seems like too good of a leader to fuck it up like this. This is -- who owns the Dolphucks now? Joe Robbie's stiff?
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