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  1. WEAR THE FUCKING MASK. I think I’ve said this here before.
  2. I like it. Obviously they can afford it as no cuts were announced coinciding with the signing and certainly a Big need While two more Buc RBs are now in Covid protocol.
  3. Don’t worry, lads. The menstruating 12 year old boy who doesn’t know who the Bucs coaches are but loves to be overly dramatic while still being fucking wrong just stuck another penis in her cockhole. Normal behavior for the cumstain. Bravo for speaking up and out.
  4. Premier League soccer seems to be operating successfully, the NFL should definitely also learn something from them. Although Goodell is such an arrogant prick he probably figures he knows better.
  5. Mike Fucking Glennon! Duminiks brilliant 3rd round pick out of North Cuntalina State
  6. It’s not as bad as the Bucs last uni but tied with Atlanta for worst destruction of a classic in summary they blow
  7. Ever since the vasectomy my dick’s like a turtle afraid to come out of its shell. Unless invited by a nice kitty. Like that happens. So so I have an “inny.” Hence the need for Depends.
  8. Heh heh heh he said soften the blow heh heh heh
  9. I drove through rural southern Missouri and Arkansas. Same. In fact one gas station place had an unprotected all you can eat buffet, tables all close together, the lowest end of the gene pool all hicking it up. Next time I’m bringing Depends so I don’t have to stop to piss.
  10. Man. This hits home. After Selmon he was my fave defensive player. Only three years older than me . Fuck.
  11. Welcome back. Would you give me a hand job in the back of my truck and hold my Busch Light while we watch Fuzzy Mae take a bath in the pond? Me to a tee. Except, after a minute or two I acclimate and more than once I get home and I’m still wearing the fucking thing. Uncle Floyd, he had a monster dick. He was actually Fuzzy Mae’s dad. And uncle. That’s it and that’s all. It really is that simple. But the deniers are strong. I have a friend who simply rejects the severity, the contagion, or the remedy for this. Still. I was like that in March. Then I knew people who went down with it, one guy my age and stronger and meaner than me, nearly died. Maybe we need this thing to last another two years so that some of this ridiculous divisiveness subsides. I fucking hope not, but out of every turd comes an oyster. Or something like that. The douchebag is suing the mayor of Atlanta. My money is on Atlanta.
  12. Material science technology has come far enough along that players should be able to have a cardio-neutral protective solution. They already wear a helmet that weighs a ton and costs a fortune. An athlete’s answer to the masks. WEAR THE FUCKING MASK This really isn’t THAT hard, but for overly zealous individual rights folks. For the greater good, sometimes the individual must sacrifice. And this isn’t being asked to cough up 10% more of your paycheck for chrissakes. GODDAMMITT WEAR THE FUCKING MASK
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/11/world/coronavirus-updates.html Louisiana Orders Bars Closed and Masks for Most But Devon Fucking White decides to have 2000 fucking people all over his property wehere masks will not be worn by most. Fucking idiots.
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