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  1. Everyone knows Teddy Bridgewater is white.
  2. Really really hard. With regulator’s dick and samurai’s forearm. Until he promises not to wear any more of that stupid shit he thinks is fashion. smricnt rgltrcnt
  3. No way Bellychode lets that diva wear number 1.
  4. This just in -- the real jersey and pants for Buc throwback games to the Mark Dunfuknik years.
  5. We both know that the duck is looking at the kid.................................
  6. Panth -- you just need Mike Shula back. He was the best! McCaffery will single handedly take them to the promised land. Lots of WildPanther formations and shit.
  7. Yeah come to think of it she’s my sister too. Really hot hairy face-warted babe.
  8. I’ll take the toothless goat. For safety.
  9. I got a sneak peak, someone I know knows someone who fucked a gay guy who slept with armadillos whose sister bought meth from this chick whose booyfriend stole one. Here is the home hot weather jersey.
  10. I'm still confused by 63's comment. I mean, who is supposed to blow me?
  11. Drink lots of fluids capons. And all the other shit. And then eat the ludes and shrooms and acid and peyote. Smoke all the weed eat all the edibles. But avoid sugar. That shit will kill you.
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