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  1. Tundra


    I know and I read something else somewhere else. But nothing in the literature. Fuck her anyway.
  2. Gruden was a damn genius to get that team to 11-5. That dropped pass to Edel Shepard in the end zone of the Redskins playoff game still haunts me. Injuries were a real problem by that game. And I recall Caddy fumbling, a bad fumble that went bouncing and ricocheting all over the plaice before the Redskins recovered it. The defense played heroically. Fucking Bucs.
  3. Tundra

    Bring Back Snook!

    You know I can’t go there. Every time I do it gets weird. But fuck Gertrude right in her menstrual cycle, Suh 2019!
  4. Tundra


    Fuck Gertrude, fuck her fuck her fuck her fuck her fuck her. Whiny cnt needs to shut the fuck up and grow up. I love what Chidi said aboutnthe situation, and as much as I hate to admit it, Ian Beckles was right about him. I’ve heard about him taking himself out of games for minor injuries but can’t find an example. Anyone have a link to real examples?
  5. Tundra

    McCoy Released

    Gertrude is a cnt
  6. Tundra

    Bring Back Snook!

    Board traffic will increase when the Bucs actually compete for something besides being known as the new worst team in football .
  7. Tundra


    Fuck Gertrude. Suh 2019 ,all credit to reg
  8. Tundra

    Evans Restructures

    Evans good. others not so much
  9. That was one of the most dominating games by a Bucs offensive line ever. Sadly by the time of the NFC Championship game, the OL has been decimated by injuries.
  10. Tundra


    He’s just what they need. The more I hear about Gertrude the more I think her goofy ultra nice persona was a ticket to the loser bus. Fuck Gertrude. Suh 2019!!!
  11. Tundra

    McCoy Released

    Fuck Gertrude right in her pussy
  12. Tundra

    So Winslow admitted to .....

    And Raheehaw set the table so all that shit was acceptable. Fargin retard Rahtard.
  13. Tundra

    So Winslow admitted to .....

    Holy shit a new post!
  14. Tundra

    SUH 2019!

    Give me the meat locker! Damn that thing looked like the Lincoln Tunnel when it was under construction.
  15. Tundra

    SUH 2019!

    Fuck Gertrude! So much of a pussy. Chose Panthers because she “felt wanted.” What a pansy ass little bitch. I hope she is out of football this time next year sucking on a blankie because everyone is mean to her.