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  1. Oh Shit!!

    Some prosthetics are more useful than others. Particularly when your **** lips are bruised, then you can take a prosthetic up the dirt road.
  2. Beaaahaaahaa. i told her I always liked Dog Style. Then asked her if she would leave her dog with me for an hour or so. <<snare hit cymbal crash>> By the way, Jesse, as has been the policy of this forum, go fuck yourself.
  3. Oh Shit!!

    Hope D Smith is not out for the season. If yes, Licht will have to trade for a pro LT because the Bucs don’t have shit behind him at LT. Well actuall, shit is what they have behind Donovan.
  4. Observations from Titans Game

    Jesse is on his meds again. Or maybe off them again. Either way, he went full retard years ago and can’t stop.
  5. Auman was readable. He obviously agrees with us. TB Trash.
  6. Observations from Titans Game

    In Through the Out Door.
  7. Old 99 hs done a lot of dumb shit off the field but the man knows football better than most everyone. He said Bucs fans are the dumbest in the NFL. So true. And earlier this year he said no way Vita Vea would be able to take the Florida August heat. Check. Vea pull a ******** hair in practice during the first week and hasn’t done shit since. At least the dude should have his fat ass doing something on the field to at least pretend to want to stay sharp. But instead it appears he can’t take the heat and is going to puss out in the rest of training camp. Bucs have been real good at letting us know about the Number 1 draft pick’s status too. Crickets. Fuckin Bucs. Fuckened Bucs.
  8. Observations from Titans Game

    Excellent. There’s likely a product someone can find for a bruised labia majora and perennial thin skin and constant PMS. Maybe she would like some Spotted Dick.
  9. Hubert Mizell died, Tom McEwen died, and Bay Area sports journalism now looks up to Rick Stroud as the pre-eminent Bucs scribe. We used to say we had to “Take a Stroud’ when the urge to defecate came on. And here we are. Joe Blows Fan is now the spot for Buc news. if I read one of those cock bites needing to beat off on their dead horse about Winston again I’ll explode in their face. And when he comes back and plays well I hope he politely maneuvers them to the back of the bus, where they skid off the road into a deep ravine and burn to unrecognizable form. Fuck Jones and Fennelly to a bloody pulp.
  10. Sims injured on the kickoff

    I just read that the last time the Bucs were 2-0 in preseason was 2008. They were 9-3 when Lane Kiffin’s geezer announces he’s leaving the Bucs to go coich Lanes Hillbillies at Tennessee . Bus defebse collapses. Gruden is fired. We get fuckened for a decade. But at least they won some games and were competitive. I’ll take nine wins for this year right now, although I can think of a bruised labia fan who will still want to dump Winston and bitch about things then take offense when someone challenges her on her ovulating bullshit.
  11. Sims injured on the kickoff

    Big Head Mike needs to do something in a hurry to get his defense ready to win a game in their own. Poisoning the pregame meal of the opponent may be the only chance.
  12. Jesse are you back on your meds?
  13. Observations from Titans Game

    The taste of cock never gets old for you does it.
  14. And that’s new news? Duh. Glad the moron is there to make sure we don’t forget about it. This douchenozzle probably whacks off to photos of Lurch. Fucktarded holier than thou exema scab.
  15. Observations from Titans Game

    Are you a moron from TBTimes named Tom Jones or Martin Fennelly? Or just a random douchetard?