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  1. Top QBs 2019 draft

    Winston will be the guy. Sorry fanof.
  2. Winston media from PFT

    Fuck Sean Payton. He doesn't even know how to spell Shaun.
  3. OT: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Why is that relevant? This is a Pink Floyd thread! Oh, wait........................
  4. Winston media from PFT

    I'm tired of gropegate. If Winston really did that, he must have been drunk at the time. Pure power play, only. No chance for satisfaction out of that move, and now he has a tub full of shit to bathe in. Stupid move. Two more months of this shit at least. Fuck the NFL. I like early offseason a lot more.
  5. Winston media from PFT

    The NFL, specifically Goodell, wants to enjoy a nice sodomy session with the Bucs and fans. It's that simple.
  6. OT: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    When Roger Waters sings it sounds like Vita Vea is standing on his scrotum with a stiletto heel while a breeding stallion is inserting its first 12 inches without lube. Fuck Roger Waters, he’s a douche. Yes his creative was highly contributory but that’s gone. Fuck him for his arrogance. BTW, Richard Wright never got enough love from,the textures and soundscapes he added to the band, and Great Gig in the Sky - not a chord pattern anyone would ever expect. That was him . And Claire Torry.
  7. $cam Newton...

    i have worked hard to retain my amateur status, as any money I would collect would just get pissed away on whores, porn, booze and drugs. Hmm, maybe I should re-think this amateur bullshit......
  8. OT: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Roger Waters is not missed, you only need to listen to the Pulse concert. Waters is an arrogant douchebag pussy who thought he was bigger than the band, and he was wrong, and he knows it. Fuck Roger Waters with your dick!
  9. $cam Newton...

    Scums Newton is the ideal candidate for the Kellan Winschlong road. I hope he deteriorates into the scum sucking guzzler of donkey spooge we all know him to be.
  10. These jokes have reminded me of the only ones I can remember, which are so inappropriate that I dare not share them, even here, for the sake of decorum.
  11. Winslow

    The hottest blonde in that Pub . . . . . .
  12. OT: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Totally right lads. Of course this is the Bucs and the NFL. Expect a fuckening. Oh. Axe, BTW -- I have PULSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to get the headphones and get into it later tonight!!!!!!! Thanks brother.
  13. $cam Newton...

    Sam Newton can eat the Dick cheese off of my goat.