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  1. With apologies to JOEinPHX I'm going to rag on your friend for a minute. Duffner used press man coverage and zone blitzes. There were rarely receivers running so wide open that I could have completed a pass to them. There was pressure on the QB. There were 5 sacks, two fourth down stops. Why? The players knew what they were supposed to do and they did it. Losing Kwon hurt but the OT defense was absolute lock down. Seems Duffner realized what wasn't working and didn't stubbornly stick to that horrible off coverage quarters zone bullshit. Mike Smith -- why were you so fucking stubborn? Why were you so in denial? Why were you intentionally holding the Bucs back from playing decent defense? It was obviously YOU all along, not the players. Enjoy your free time BigHead. If you want, PM me and I'll send you some awesome porn links, a couple terabytes of great material.
  2. Tundra

    Stupid F#cking team

    And if I'm not mistaken, if the Bucs did not have a timeout, they would have been penalized five yards for delay of game.
  3. Tundra


    Move the extra point line back to where it is supposed to be. This is fuckking stupid.
  4. Not sure about you, but I'm pretty sure my mom accidentally dropped me on my head, right on the soft spot. Impaired my judgment. I like to abuse myself apparently.
  5. Tundra

    Kudos to Carl Nassib

    Nassib has played very well since his arrival. Obviously the Browns are very deep on the DL, so he was expendable. Good grab by Licht. Nassib may be hard to sit when My Cousin Vinnie returns from his ankle injury.
  6. Tundra

    Turnover machine Winston

    For you grass is always greener fuckers . . . . . anyone thinking the Bucs would have won yesterday with Fitz in there is delusional. The pass rush was intense and Fitz, god love him, is 35 and his escapability is nowhere near what Jameis's is. He would have been sacked more and thrown at least 3 picks (see Steelers, Bears games). Everyone would love the Fitz from weeks one and two -- that's the absolute top for him and he rarely has ever played at that high a level for very long (see Steelers, Bears). And he had really clean pockets in those first two games. Not sure what Warhoppingfuck is teaching his O-Linemen but they've been pretty shabby since the Steelers game (see running game or lack thereof). Winston needs to play better, he can play better, and anyone looking at it objectively will see that he has been playing better over time. The instant gratification seekers want to see him be today's Aaron Rodgers immediately. Who wouldn't? The thing is, 4th year Aaron Rodgers got beat by the 2009 Bucs, Raheehaw's first win as headjob coich. 4th year Jameis is progressing about like 4th year Aaron Rodgers. And for the geniuses that want Winston gone -- who else are you gonna get? Mariota? Blake Bortles? Glennon????? Yeah, let's bring fycking Lurch back here. That will solve everything. Draft a rookie QB and start all over? Fuck me Floyd.
  7. Tundra

    Dumbass Play Calling

    If Winston went rogue......bad. Very bad.
  8. Tundra

    Turnover machine Winston

    Fortunately the owners, GM and coaches know what they have in Winston. An imperfect QB, yes, but the best we’ve had around here. Reg said it perfect. The OL got abused - not many QBs could have gotten that much our of such a shir show on the OL.
  9. I hate the extra point spot. Revisit the rule, the sure thing was important to the quality of the game, and a miss was really significant.
  10. Tundra

    Congrats on the Win!

    Got any extra kickers?Rams to seem to have way too many good players.
  11. Tundra

    Dumbass Play Calling

    The premise made by the board Dick is very accurate. Monken may have lost his playcalling job today - particularly when the defense actually, you know, played fucking defense.
  12. Tundra


    Can Anger kick short field goals?
  13. Tundra

    Hey Duff!! Duke and Chubb..

    Thumbs up for Duff.
  14. Time for the Bucs to listen to Thomas Bassinger and do the same. Every.fucking.touchdown.