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  1. Would you pass on Nelson for a DB?

    Longsnapper, kicker, punter, second holder............................
  2. JPP Footage

    No 63, not Frottage. FOOTAGE. As in video highlights. Not sure if this is Fingerless Jason or Fingered Jason, but it gave me a giant 1.83cm chubby this morning. Feast, capons.
  3. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    STOP IT YOU THREE. You fuckers just insured another housecleaning after the 2018 season. Serious football experts never watch the games.
  4. I don't trust the bastages. I can't. Too wounded for too long. Hatem. Fuckem.
  5. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    We can all have a dream, can't we?
  6. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    Incidentally. Fat drunk and stupid is a fine way to go through life. I recommend it.
  7. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    Funny that the Saints perspective is easy W. What was the score in the final game in the 2017 season, and didn’t the Bucs throw three picks? And still win? Fuckin Saints blow.
  8. Hairy is merry. Flossie is bossie if not hossie
  9. Beckwith hurt in car accident

    He is toast.
  10. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    -2 and 18. The bye week doesn't count, but four of the losses are so horrific that they compound on each other from the square root of negative one, hence becoming negative two when combined with other data. .
  11. Fuck. Forgot all about Flossie.
  12. Pamphile Headed to Titans

    I liked the Mangurian Candidate personally. Apparently Greg Olszmoron didn't like him. Fucking Olszmoron.
  13. Beckwith hurt in car accident

    DAMMIT. These guys should be forced to live in a damn climate controlled bubble, they’re fucking incapable of staying out of fucking up somehow. Shit. Fucking Bucs.