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  1. Tundra


    I just re-watched Cntdumbzarro’s final kick. He actually pushed it with the same shitty slice he missed the 40yarded with, but then it inexplicably hooked. Not like there was a huge cross wind....although his holder Anger was babbling something about needing to account for wind. But anyway...... That ain’t normal. That means one thing. God hates the Browns more than he hates the Bucs. Cntcntzarro missed that kick. The Browns demons pushed it back on target. Cut the cnt.
  2. Tundra

    Turnover machine Winston

    I just re-watched. They were indeed in man, the interceptor was indeed moving with Ronald Fucking Jones who if he cut right would have left Godwin with a lot of room for YAC and potentially an explosive play. I don’t have that fucker active against the Bengals. Sit his ass inactive next weekend. Dickhead.
  3. Tundra

    Turnover machine Winston

    Ah, now we are getting somewhere! Ronald Fucking Jones should not have been in the game. He can’t pick up a blitz, he still sees the hole too slowly and he looks like he’s a fumble waiting to happen. And he obviously doesn’t know what the fuck he’s supposed to be doing. ‭ Bensh his ass and activate Wilson.
  4. Tundra

    OT- Monday Night Football

    Pat Shurmer makes Rich Kotite look like a genius. What a fucking idiot.
  5. Tundra

    Turnover machine Winston

    Really?Koetter said that? Ive watched that play a few times on the DVR. There wasn’t any room in the space, it was so Fucking crowded. Jameis should never have thrown it there no matter where the WR was supposed to be.
  6. Tundra

    Peterson wants out of AZ

    This point requires one to actually do the higher maths, such as aritametick and cypherin’. Seems to be some lacking in those skills.
  7. I hate to say it - I am afraid Noah may have an undiagnosed major health issue. Hope that’s not right.
  8. Tundra

    OT: Eli Manning Sucks

    Maybe Eli has been hit in the head one too many times. His play caller sure isn’t doing him any favors. Makes me appreciate the shit out of the Bucs play design.
  9. Good god rook you’re older than dirt. Like me. 11 in the NY area with the Miracle Mets. Moved to St Pete in 1972. And I remember watching Jim Brown kill the Eagles on my parents black and white tv when we lived in the philly suburbs in the early 60s.
  10. It’s gone full circle. He is bloody awful in the red zone as is the play calling. Thanks a lot Eli. The Bucs could sure use you to stop shitting the bed in close and score some touchdowns. Please beat the horrible Foulcnts.
  11. You were yelling at our strong armed quarterback that Dungy wasted while the Bucs regressed?! Sapp knows. Culvernose.
  12. I found an interesting article from some west coast quasi-journalist who wrote an interesting half-satirical opinion that Gruden is getting revenge on the Davis Family and on Oakland for dumping him back then, that he has the 10tear fully loaded $100 million contract and Davis is stuck with him, so he’s going to totally take it down to sewer rat status, and the writer’s opinion that Gruden won’t recover. And won’t really give a shit. When I have access to a proper device I’ll link the article.
  13. Thanks for the spitball. It hangs together with what we saw. Most would say I’m retarded not retired. I’m not sure there’s a difference but I like it. Brilliant!!!
  14. Tundra

    Turnover machine Winston

    Go BenenCock! As in GO! GTFOOH!!!
  15. Tundra

    Meanwhile in Oakland...

    It would appear that Gruden has the blessing and buy in of the owner, the strategy is tank for the best draft position and then create the team that “they” envision from the ground up. He is absolutely shoving it right up Oakland’s ass as collateral damage. Poor Derek Carr. As much as I loved Gruden when he was here, I am grateful he is there.