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  1. Saints-Vikings

    Her reaction is how I feel every week watching the fucking Bucs. At least the Aints know what the playoffs are.
  2. Yes but it was obviously Malarkey’s fault.
  3. The Titans deserve the pit of misery they will be confined to.
  4. Keith Jackson, RIP

    Dick Enberg only recently passed as well. Hate losing these guys. Their voices define sports for me.
  5. Today's playoff games.

    The Saints party line was to thank Jameis and the Bucs for giving them their wake up call. Great coaching to give up a long TD pass for the loss, on the last play of the game, two games in a row. Way to adjust and make sure you guard against the only possible way you could lose.
  6. I would love that they could. But they won't. Interested -- it's a win win for me.
  7. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    Me neither. Apparently Winston is to blame for the Bucs only registering 22 sacks .
  8. Today's playoff games.

    It's a big prize. But -- especially after his little low class fuckass bullshit incident with Koetter after the Bucs game (which poetically enough ended eerily similar to the Vikings game) -- Sean Fucking Payton is now my top most despised fuckwitcocksuckdouchebagmotherfucker in the NFL. I loved it -- LOVED IT -- when Keenum and Diggs pulled off the highly improbable and horsefucked Payton right back to his shit-smelling swamp where he can marinate in turtle piss picante all offseason and contemplate who gets the blame for losing two games in a row on last second long TD passes. You have to climb to some kind of record choke level to suck vacuum and lose like that on the last plays of games. Couldn't happen to a more deserving piece of post-digested gumbo and garlic bread after too many Hurricanes caused a projectile vomiting episode. Fuck yourself for the next six months Payton you sucker of grotesquely diseased phallus.
  9. Gruden to Raiders is Official

    Imagine if he were Jizz Rodgers and shot through a hole...........
  10. Today's playoff games.

    Weapons for Mariota?
  11. Gruden to Raiders is Official

    Check out the Bandersnatch!
  12. Today's playoff games.

    I so so so so fucking HATE the Patriots. And the refs for colluding with them. Fuckem. Hatem.
  13. Gruden to Raiders is Official

    Try this. "He took his vorpal sword in hand: Long time the manxome foe he sought --So rested he by the Tumtum tree, And stood awhile in thought."
  14. Keith Jackson, RIP

    They interviewed him towards the end of the season and it was clear that he wasn't in good shape, he was very subdued and distant. Obviously battling and not happy with his battle. RIP Keith, you have been missed since you stepped away but your voice lives on in all the youtube games carrying your legendary commentary.