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  1. Good points, jo. I guess where I am at with McCoy (and I realize that this is strictly my opinion) is that how much would the defense / team miss him? I just don't think that he's that invaluable and certainly not at $13M when we could potentially be cap-challenged in one more season. He's been a good player. He's been a perennial pro-bowler (if you place any stock in that sort of thing). He is probably good for the team - meaning he's a family guy, interacts with the fanbase, stays out of trouble, etc. I just can't see giving him that amount of money.
  2. At this point, I think it is time to cut bait with him. He's aging and just had his worst season to date. We've seen the best he can be. It's time for somebody else. No sense in paying him leader-type pay to not be a leader. Save the money and try to work their way through a potential challenge with cap space. That is strictly my opinion.
  3. SamuraiBuc

    Jameis Deserves The Rams Scheme

    Now all we need is CnTBcsSck or whatever his name was to chime in on how we are the laughing stock of all Bucs boards (as if we didn't already know that).
  4. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25754794/cleveland-browns-adding-todd-monken-steve-wilks-staff Watch out for that offense because I think he was a good OC.
  5. SamuraiBuc

    Jameis Deserves The Rams Scheme

    There's only 1 problem with this post, Blaque........too many words/syllables for a Jesse post. And Tundra is such a cnt, he will stop reading three words into it. Tndr cnt. MrBlk cnt. Fk u cnts. It needs to be more like that.
  6. SamuraiBuc

    Jameis Deserves The Rams Scheme

    Too many teeth and not enough facial hair. Tndr dik cnt.
  7. SamuraiBuc

    Jameis Deserves The Rams Scheme

    And I thought I would catch flack for being a ginger. LOL. (Totally not me btw).
  8. SamuraiBuc

    Monken Off To The Browns

    Agreed, jo.
  9. SamuraiBuc

    BA wants DJax back

    Right on queue.
  10. SamuraiBuc

    Jameis Deserves The Rams Scheme

    Here's how to make that happen: 1) Drink Drano 2) Smoke Cyanide 3) If 1 and 2 don't work, try this:
  11. SamuraiBuc

    Dilemma..who to pull for

    Oh well........Chargers are getting steamrolled, so.........Saints v. Chiefs!
  12. SamuraiBuc

    Dilemma..who to pull for

    I’m going Saints v. Chargers. Make it hap’n Cap’n!
  13. SamuraiBuc


    I just stopped in to say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Gaytors get spanked by my Volunteers tonight. HAHAHA let a redneck have his moment, because I never get this during football season LOL.
  14. SamuraiBuc

    Koetter offered the Falcons OC

    I remember you, Mako. Welcome back!
  15. SamuraiBuc

    Fixing the Rooney Rule

    I'm talking about the last 5-7 years, BB. And Raheehaw was a legit hire. He was the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. No matter how you want to spin it, it is what it is - he satisfied the need for a Rooney Rule hiring and was way over his head. Dungy is another example of a successful black coach. Point being that job opportunities can't just be given to folks of different ethnicity "just because". And the coaches who have been fired over the last 5-7 all were relatively unsuccessful head coaches, for whatever reason, but color had nothing to do with it.
  16. SamuraiBuc

    Fixing the Rooney Rule

    Ohh fuck off. How about the coaches of color performing at a higher level........like Tomlin has in Pittsburgh.......or Lovie did at Chicago before he entered a catatonic state.....or Anthony Lynn is currently. The sad truth of the matter is none of the ones over the last 5-7 years that have been fired have performed even close to those 2 examples level. He mentioned Jason Garrett. Ok, what he fails to realize is that Garrett was a Cowboy in his playing career, has a long Cowboy history, and Jerry Jones likes having a yes man as coach. That's why he hasn't been shit-canned. It has nothing to do with color of skin. I get fucking tired of hearing this crap all because no one hires a person of color. We tried it twice and got burned both times. Blow that stupid shit out your ass.
  17. SamuraiBuc

    Dr. Heat is fired

    yeah, I just don't get this unless it's because Williams is a king-sized doucher that no one likes, even the Browns owners.
  18. SamuraiBuc

    Will Arians solve our kicking woes

    Cairo Santos is just fine at the position. I would extend him.
  19. SamuraiBuc

    Beat off T; Beat off!

    Holy hells this is a great hire! Bucco Bruce putting it all together down in the Bay.
  20. SamuraiBuc

    Fire Arians Now!

    You are a got-damned genius calling this before anyone else. Dik. Cnt. Tndr sks lma blls.
  21. SamuraiBuc

    Leftwich to Call Plays Next Year

    What are you goons talking about? We don't have gameday chat anymore........it's because of the gubment shutdown or some such shenanigans.
  22. SamuraiBuc

    Looking ahead, way ahead...

    100% correct. If he falls to 5, we would be fucking idiots not to take him. Other than him, the only other players that get me warm and fuzzy are Greg Little, Devin White, and Greedy Williams......at least at the 5 hole. If we were to trade down for more picks, I would have to re-evaluate who I would pick. In my estimation, any of those 4 guys at 5 would be much needed and great additions.
  23. SamuraiBuc

    Looking ahead, way ahead...

    We know more than your llama-humping ass. Cnt. Fk u fnofbcs dik.
  24. Bowles as the DC? Bruce as the HC? I think I am going to go shit in my own pool I'm so got-damned happy.
  25. SamuraiBuc

    Bruce B Down in Tampa...

    God Almighty above, please let this happen. I will tone down my cursing at least a little if you do.