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    Problem for Montez Sweat???

    Here! Here! Loicht could fuck up an anvil in a room full of cotton.
  2. I will share some of that too, tundra. I was also one of the douchebags thinking hiring Lovie was going to be a great move and rejuvenation of this franchise. Then he decided to nap his way through 2 seasons. Fast forward to Kuntter, I thought having Big Head Mike might help this defense.............this franchise is fucking doomed. I'm going to drink Jesse's antifreeze now and take the easy way out.
  3. SamuraiBuc

    Bruce Arians Needs to Help his GM

    Jesus Whore-Loving Christ. How the blue hell do you get Mark Knopfler (one of the greatest, most underrated guitarists alive) confused with Tom Petty (one of the greatest singer/lyricist alive)? That’s it. I’m sending Fuzzy Mae back to you to straighten your ass out. She can give you back-shaving tips and tricks, while jizz gargling Stayin Alive by Bob Seger.............. Drink antifreeze, Jesse. Tndr u fkn cnt.
  4. SamuraiBuc

    Right Guard

    Yeah, sign tundra! We can go from Benecock to tundrcnt!
  5. Is Beckwith basically an amputee that didn't get amputated? I keep hearing very little out of reputable sources, but I agree, something is definitely up with that dude.
  6. RMC with the voice of reason. Good posts, sir.
  7. SamuraiBuc

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    I just offloaded onto Fuzzy Mae. You're welcome, cnt. Fk Lixchgt with tndr cnt.
  8. SamuraiBuc

    Hump a Titan

    Yeah, I don't like this one getting away. I think that will hurt more than folks realize.
  9. SamuraiBuc

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    Licht is a fucknozzle. He's the second coming of Mark Dominik. Book it cnts.
  10. SamuraiBuc

    DJax traded to Eagles

    Good riddance to this piece of shit. Sold! to the guy offering a box of ho-hos and a Coke. Fuck that guy with Tundra's cnt.
  11. SamuraiBuc

    D and some personnel fits

    Cam Brate almost has to go as well. $7M (or whatever it is) is way too much for that guy.
  12. SamuraiBuc

    D and some personnel fits

    This 100% by a long shot. Hope has me thinking it has been more a coaching issue than a player/personnel issue. If the young talent the Bucs have can turn the corner with this coaching staff, then it drastically changes our needs. The one free agent I wish they would find a way to hold onto is Humphries. Guys like that can set the tone for the offense even in a specialized role. It is hard to find another receiver on the Bucs entire roster as reliable as he was/is. Even Evans, whom I absolutely love, gets called for pushing off more than I wish he would, and on occasions, drops passes he should absolutely catch. Whenever it was a scenario where they were looking/needing to get Hump the ball, I never had fear that he would drop it, get called for a penalty, or anything like that. Jameis needs that kind of security for his continued progression.
  13. SamuraiBuc

    D and some personnel fits

    Great post, GSS. Great follow-up post, fanof. I think you can't go wrong with Devin White and unfortunately, I don't see either an O-Lineman or a Corner that I would be 100% comfortable taking with that first pick at 5. If they were somehow able to trade down for some more picks, then there are some corners I would take in the 10-15 pick range. I also think there are some pieces already on this defense that are going to be better (as fanof eludes to) with Bowles and company under control of that side of the football. We got a glimpse of what Vea is capable of doing and along with JPP, McCoy, and Nassib (if the line stays that way), then the immediate needs in my opinion are linebackers, corners, and safeties. Much of what is truly needed depends on Kwon (who is apparently wanting to move on) and Beckwith at LB, and obviously, I'm not sure either are Bucs at the start of the season. Evans and Hargreaves are back from injury and Whitehead showed well last season. To me, this makes White the safe/sure/easiest pick (unless they trade down).
  14. SamuraiBuc

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    I asked her to stop shaving her back hair, thank you very much. Reg and tndr cnts.
  15. Rook, hope the wife gets well very soon! You are only a couple of hours away, so if you have a need, pm me.
  16. SamuraiBuc

    So Fitzpatrick....

    Totally derailing this thread to talk about old 80s wrestling, I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting a good deal of these guys when territories were the thing. My older sister dated a wrestler (who shall remain anonymous) and that was my ticket as a youngun to meeting such larger than life people like The American Dream (in Crockett's territory), Tommy "Wildfire" Rich, Butch Reed, Afa and Sika (The Samoans), Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Ron and Don Wright, Buzz Sawyer, Ricky Morton, and a host of others. Hacksaw Butch Reed actually carried me on his shoulders (when I was a youngun) through the dressing room at an event at The old Omni in Atlanta. My best friend in the world and I shared some beers with Ricky Morton not too long ago in Bristol, Virginia. The coolest people in wrestling I have met by far are Jim Cornette and Kevin Sullivan. Met Cornette in the early days of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as a kid, then the wife and I bumped into him at a WalMart in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The coolest guy you would ever meet. He has never failed to carry a conversation when I have approached him - numerous times. Only met Kevin Sullivan once, but he is the kind of person you meet that leaves a lasting impression. Met him as a teenager when he was in Eddie Graham's territory in Florida. That was during his "devil" gimmick days.
  17. SamuraiBuc

    So Fitzpatrick....

    Dusty will always be this Dusty for me:
  18. SamuraiBuc


    I just stopped in to say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Gaytors get spanked by my Volunteers tonight. HAHAHA let a redneck have his moment, because I never get this during football season LOL.
  19. SamuraiBuc

    The AAF

    This football sucks. It gives tundra herpes. Tndr cnt dk skr.
  20. SamuraiBuc

    3-2-2019 mock draft

    Drink this: Follow it up with a hit of this: And wash all that down with this, you dumb shit:
  21. SamuraiBuc

    Bucs will keep Gerald McCoy

    Keeping McCoy is probably the right move for now. But for the love of jumping Jesus Christ, can we please stop talking about Noah Fucking Spence? The guy is toast. Done. Finished.
  22. SamuraiBuc

    Offseason 2019

    I’ve got the fever. And the only thing that will cure that fever is.........more Donovan Smith. On topic, what do you folks think in regards to Gerald McCoy finishing out his contract in Tampa? Do you think they will cut him (honestly) in an attempt to avoid his cap hit?
  23. SamuraiBuc

    Offseason 2019

    I see the Donovan Smith debate rages on. I am all for giving him a training camp opportunity to prove himself with real, quality line coaching. I am convinced that the Bucs haven't had that in a whole lot of years. I will also remain skeptical of Smith because what I see on the field does not equate to good play. I also think some of that depends on the player, so he doesn't get a free pass just because he had shit for coaching. At some point, his God-given ability has to manifest itself on the field. If it doesn't, then one has to assume he's lazy. Kenyatta Walker had a lot of talent as a RT, but he was lazy. I'm not saying Donovan Smith is Kenyatta Walker, and it would be far more beneficial for the Bucs to not have a LT on their shopping needs, because they have other pressing needs......but I am also not optimistic enough to think Smith is as solid as fanof thinks he is. Fanof and I have disputed our differences regarding Smith. At the end of the day, Smith is going to be a Buccaneer in the upcoming season. If he gets good coaching, plays up to his potential, and maintains his reliability on the field (because he has been a stalwart since he entered the league), then the Bucs have an anchor on the left side to build from. The most pressing need on the line is at RG, a replacement starter at RT, and legit depth along the whole line.
  24. SamuraiBuc

    Whatcha listening to?

    I have done this on other boards before and it's been hugely successful. What are your music likes? What are you currently listening to? I will start and gage people's interest. Music is a huge part of my life so I thought I would see if I could pique some interest.