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  1. SamuraiBuc

    Last topic he started was Blow me...

    Just to clarify, you are referring to the cnt otherwise known as tndracnt. Correct?
  2. SamuraiBuc

    Last topic he started was Blow me...

    Yeah, I am fairly certain he left all of us in March of last year.
  3. SamuraiBuc

    It's Football Time In Tennessee!

    LOL no, we really don't.....this program is a shitshow right now and we have a history of losing to backup QBs.
  4. SamuraiBuc

    The penalties need to stop

    The rules are screwing up the flow of the game. The NFL has "ruled" themselves into a boring show.
  5. I like Mariotta, but I don't think he will be more than an average NFL QB with some elite talent abilities. He's also on the wrong NFL team to magnify his strengths. The Oilers are the most boring NFL team in the world. Winston, is exactly who we all knew he was......a turnover machine with a childish mentality.......that hasn't changed. But he's our turnover machine with a childish mentality (for now), so he's the guy we are riding with. I'm not sure he will be here next season.
  6. And for the record, I think the Rays are one of the top 4 best teams that should be playing in the postseason. My Braves go through too many ups and downs and if they aren't smacking homeruns, they are far easier to beat. I haven't seen the Yankees play enough to know if they are the favorites, but a 100-win season is hard to dispute. I have seen enough of the Dodgers to know they are a beatable team. The "wild card" (not talking about the playoff position) for both leagues seam to be the central contenders.
  7. Umpires behind the dish have been horribly inconsistent all season. Baseball wants to talk about juiced balls and the amount of homeruns hit this season. Maybe they ought to take a look at the inconsistencies in umpires strike zones that leads to pitchers hanging meat over the heart of the plate for hitters to tee off on. I would start there. Baseball will eventually go to an automated strike zone (and that will suck for the record) because of the inability for human umpires to consistently get it right.
  8. SamuraiBuc

    Last topic he started was Blow me...

    I had Frank's contact info.....tried to reach him, but got nadda......dunno......hope he is well!
  9. SamuraiBuc

    Blow me

    If there hasn’t been, he’s losing his llama-lover card.
  10. SamuraiBuc

    Jalen Ramsey

    Spell it slower, fanof.....it might sink in then.
  11. Me too, Chas. Exact same scenario!
  12. SamuraiBuc

    Jalen Ramsey

    I like the idea, however, probably not going to happen because of what you mention. Also, I am not a fan of (no pun intended) getting guys who are "squeaky wheels". I see this and what is happening in Miami as a direct result of the shit AB pulled. The NFL wussed out with him, because in all honesty, he should have been suspended for the season for the shenanigans he pulled to get out of Raider town and the Patriots should have been penalized severely for tampering. Neither happened and now you have all this kind of crap happening.
  13. SamuraiBuc

    Holy shit...WE WON!

    Gerald McCnt's
  14. Have a little faith, rook. They ain't dead yet.