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  1. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    That made me puke in my porridge, tundra. Dik.
  2. free agent Corners

    I'm convinced he's not confused........he's drunk like Harry Doyle from Major League........"he's batting.....ahhh who gives a fuck, nobody's listening anyway"
  3. free agent Corners

    McDonald has been a solid addition. Sad that he was really the only one of that bunch.
  4. Winston = Enigma For Bucs?

    He is every bit the player the Bucs knew they were drafting. There has been zero shockers with Winston, as far as I am concerned. He turned the ball over in college. He acts immature at times. He is unbeatable some games, and other he looks like he just started playing the game.......ALL of those things were in his scouting report. The disturbing thing to me, and to the article's point as I see it, is he hasn't corrected any of those things. He is still young and I want to have faith that Koetter and Bajakian know what they are doing in terms of helping him develop.
  5. Tough decision with those guys in play. Barkley would be a nice addition to the offense for sure, and the RB position could use someone like him along with Barber. I would take Minkah Fitzpatrick over everyone except the O-Linemen, but that's because I think our O-Line sucks something awful, but then again, so does our secondary. If I am going DB, I am going Fitzpatrick over James all day long and twice on Sundays. James is good, but he isn't Fitzpatrick good. I personally wouldn't pick Vea at 7. Davenport has all the potential to be a star, but he also has all the potential to suck. That is the problem with project players. Agreed. That guy will be a big time player at the next level.
  6. Worse Than The One We Have Now

    I love all 3 of those. I hate the all orange crap unless it is being repped by my Volunturds.
  7. LOL, I read it, rook......but it's always missing Blackhawk info (even though they aren't playing very well), so I don't usually care what I am reading.
  8. C'mon GSS. Have a little fun with the preposterous. It ain't never gunna happen anyway (as we say in Hillbillyville).
  9. You are absolutely correct, but I still believe it has to do with coaching the Patriots more than sticking it to the Colts or Luck's shoulder.
  10. I agree 100%, jobuc. It would be foolish to entertain the thought of trading him. It would have to be for some crazy shit like Ditka pulled for Ricky Williams, and even then I would have my doubts.
  11. I would say it is more in line with Kraft guaranteed him the reigns of the team in 2019.
  12. Smith to the Skins...

    I think Mahomes will be a good one as well. This is a great move by the Chiefs who are clearing the way for a young QB to see what he can do in that offense.
  13. Marcus Davenport

    I get that. My reasoning in regards to Evans is because they reached on a great athlete and good player, instead of taking a good athlete and a great player. Plus, unlike many here, I saw RB as a position of need in last year's draft. Others thought Martin would be ok. I was never in that camp. I thought they should have cut ties with his ass when they had the opportunity to, without taking a salary hit. This year's draft will be an interesting one. Once again, the Bucs find themselves really needing more help on the defensive side of the ball than the offensive. Seems to be a growing trend. If they don't find some edge rush to help the secondary, and some corners/safety that can actually play coverage, they will be right back in the same situation they find themselves this year.
  14. Marcus Davenport

    Hear that? It's the sound of you whining and me not giving a fuck. Listen close, because someone of your limited intelligence might miss the sound. And the only Vol I have ever said that about was Kamara......because I was fucking right. And Evans was a wasted pick. Beckwith I was wrong about and glad of it.