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  1. Dongovan Smith doing what he does best.....let defenders sack his QB.
  2. tndr cnt. u nvr pd stndg up. lmmx. fuckened.
  3. Hey Redrum. He was charged with domestic violence and Washington released him 2 hours later.
  4. As long as it "works" for you, you malformed twatwaffle. eet a dk tndrcnt.
  5. 9 offensive linemen, Tom Brady, and 3 schmos to throw it to.....I'm down with that.
  6. One of the best at throwing interceptions? Sure. The best. Better than a lot of starting QBs in the league? Sure, at throwing interceptions. I am glad he's gone and won't look back. tndr fckng dk lckng cnt. Hrps nfstd lma hmpr.
  7. White can't it be white on black, tndr? u fkn cnt.
  8. mthr fkr tndr eatz lphnt dk.
  9. Mariota has weaknesses in areas that he just may not be able to overcome in the NFL game. That has been well documented by everyone with a keyboard. Winston has none of those weaknesses, hence the theory behind being uncoachable.....and it is just that, a theory. Or more along the lines of an opinion. I have mine. You have yours. It is probably more along the lines of exactly what tndrcnt mentioned about split-second decision making and not necessarily being uncoachable. The hope for Winston was that he would be able to clean up the areas in his game that were weaknesses coming out of college. He hasn't done that in his NFL tenure. He's had some pretty decent coaching around him, even if the team has sucked.
  10. That is probably more the problem than not......and some people never are able to get it. The last part of that article is where I would question its integrity. "Now that Tom Brady and a new era have arrived in Tampa, Christensen is among others on the team who think Winston was somewhat scapegoated." To think that he was scapegoated is just asinine. He made very poor decisions with the football. That isn't scapegoating him - it's calling it what it was.
  11. Yeah, GSS, I think that is exactly what it is in Winston's case. And no, I don't think Mariota is those things.....I think some of those things are his weakness. I would find myself screaming at the tv when the Bucs were on offense for some of the things I watched him do. It got to the point last season where I almost knew when he was going to throw a pick. You could just watch his eyes and his body language and at times, he was lost. He was just throwing it up and hoping for something good. It would be hard for anyone to convince me he (Winston) was receptive and coachable, because he's been in the league 5 years now and has a pretty good running record of coaches who have worked with him unsuccessfully.
  12. Yeah, maybe I diminish his intelligence more than is reality. He just seemed....well, dumb to me on a football field. Like super dumb. But you are right, we will find out.
  13. Let's be honest though (for a second), his intellect is not that high. If it was, (A) he wouldn't have done the stupid shit he's done, (B) he would have realized that nobody in their right mind was going to give him $30M per year, and (C) he would have been susceptible to coaching to eliminate the mistakes that he has made at least since his college years. I don't believe the guy has intellect at all. I think he knows how to respond to things that make people think he is somewhat intelligent, when in reality, he's a fucking idiot and not at all coachable. Of course that is strictly my unwashed opinion. I cheered for him here and wanted him to do good. I was willing to let the past stay in the past in regards to his character, not because I condone anything he was accused of, but because I wanted to believe the guy could genuinely change his life. I am sure he probably has changed his personal life for the better, but his professional career has been very consistent. He can perform at a very high level at times; he can perform at the lowest level at times. I feel like he is exactly the same player he was when we drafted him. Same mistakes. Same uncoachable habits. I am glad the team has moved on from him.
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