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  1. Winston media from PFT

    OFF TOPIC, BECAUSE THE TOPIC IS WINSTON I have long given up hope for McCoy to be an "overly vocal" leader. That just isn't him and that is ok when you have other personalities on the defensive side of the ball (Kwon and Grimes come to mind immediately). What I want from McCoy is very simple. Be a productive pass rushing force for the D-Line. I have relaxed my disdain for him quite a bit, because it took me long enough to figure out 2 things: 1) He isn't a rah rah vocal leader. 2) He isn't as disruptive a force as Sapp (and yes, some of Sapp's success was because of the collection of talent around him). As long as Gerald pulls his weight on the D-Line (and in most cases, I think he probably does that), he is talented enough to become a force. Unfortunately, he has been surrounded by turds his entire career in Tampa on the D-Line. He just isn't on the same level of leadership as say a Brooks or Lynch.
  2. Sweezy will be released.

    Carl Nicks.......ugh
  3. Holy Flurkingschmidt!!!

    That sucks man!
  4. Winston media from PFT

    I have said it before; I will say it again. If the Bucs chose to cut ties with Winston, it is not detrimental to its success. They are far more talented on both sides of the ball now than they once were and if they did choose to cut ties with him, all they need is a "solid" QB to protect the football and lead the offense.
  5. Winston media from PFT

    Honestly the more I read about this "incident", the more I favor something like this. With the collection of talent on the offensive side of the ball, especially in the passing game, if the team had a QB that could protect the football and keep himself out of trouble, they could be a playoff caliber offense. Unfortunately neither are the case with Winston.
  6. Top Quarterbacks 2029 Draft

    Jeff Freeman (which happens to be the lovechild of Jeff Garcia and Josh Freeman). Book it twanks. 2029 Super Bowl babeez!
  7. Winston media from PFT

    It really isn't about what the real story is and isn't........it's about the face of the fucking franchise involving himself in the matter to begin with. First, the company he was/probably still is keeping isn't doing him any favors. Second, because of Winston's history and the fact that every person from near to far has just been waiting on him to fuck up, why is he out getting shit-hammered with people of questionable character to begin with? Third, I haven't used the Uber app for quite some time, but I think I remember when you use the app, it tells you the name of your driver, so was it a coincidence it was a female? Which brings me to this: why was he out getting shit-hammered with people of questionable character, who allegedly called him an Uber driver that just happened to be female given his reputation and his inability to keep himself from acting a fool? Because he is a manchild that thinks he is above the law and thinks he can use his "star power" to keep him from getting in trouble. It happened while he was at FSU, so in his pea brain, why wouldn't it happen now that he's in the NFL? The more I study Winston and the things he does on and off the field, the more he makes it difficult to back him 100%. I want to like the guy that is passionate about winning. I want to like the guy that can throw a frozen rope when he wants to. I like the guy commanding the pocket like a true field general during critical drives of games. But then, he starts eating W's, hanging around thug rapists at all hours of the night, and continues to be involved (in whatever capacity) in questionable actions and decision making. The latter is a guy I don't want at all, regardless of what he can do on the field. The organization just needs to prepare itself accordingly to his actions, so when the proverbial shit does hit the fan, they aren't left with nothing to play the QB position.
  8. Winston media from PFT

    So you mean like yesterday?
  9. Dong tRump is just using this as more distraction and more division of the yahoos on the left versus the yahoos on the right. That is all it is. He is a reality show in the oval office. Fuck him. Fuck the Eagles. Fuck Jeffrey Lurie. Fuck Freeloader. Fuck Raheehaw. Fuck em all and feed them fish heads. Can we reopen the USFL?
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