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  1. Makes you wonder, rook........
  2. Beckwith is finished. Such a shame. This team and franchise has to be more cursed than any other in sports history. Right on, Reg! Devin White 2019 DROY! Fuck Josh Allen!
  3. SamuraiBuc

    Time to See Reality

    Good ole ass hair face. I'd love to set that face on fire and beat it out with a wet logging chain.......just sayin'
  4. SamuraiBuc

    Geraldini speaks!

    They don't call me wrinkly coke can unicorn horn fer nuthin, fuckers.
  5. SamuraiBuc

    Time to See Reality

    There's a real nice "resort" up here in Hillbillyville called Beech Creek. I can book them a one way trip to that place and all our problems will be solved
  6. SamuraiBuc

    Whatcha listening to?

  7. SamuraiBuc

    Whatcha listening to?

  8. SamuraiBuc

    Whatcha listening to?

  9. SamuraiBuc

    Whatcha listening to?

    Rival Sons. If you haven't heard them.......you are missing out.
  10. SamuraiBuc

    Geraldini speaks!

    This dumbass needs to shut his piehole and the organization needs to cut his stupid ass already. Maybe after they cut his dumb ass, he will have time to go through anti-ebonics training.
  11. SamuraiBuc

    Time to See Reality

    I do believe I would simply just stop watching altogether. I am a Bucs fan.......and while it sucks to be a Bucs fan, it's what I am until I stop watching football completely.......or the team relocates.
  12. Actually BB, we didn't need a kicker. Santos was adequate enough to NOT justify drafting a kicker. We could have drafted a better position of need, then invite the kickers in as UDFA. Picking a kicker with any draft pick is universally criticized. We have done it twice in 4 years and still haven't learned our lesson.
  13. True statement. It's not that they took a kicker. It's that they took another kicker.......while wasting a draft pick that could have been used on a more pressing need. That is what tripped my trigger with that pick. The DBs drafted I knew very little about, so I will reserve my disdain for those picks until we see what we got. And I did love Carlton Davis and think he can benefit from Bowles coaching and defensive scheme. Hopefully the other guys can as well.