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  1. 2018 pre season

    Ohh....they dumped Spermbank again.....hohum.
  2. Draft Thread

    Probably shouldn't use the word "break" with him, fanof. I think he's brittle. Hope I am wrong because he could be a gamechanger.
  3. Reality Check: Bucs 2018 Schedule

    I am going to say 10-6 and a possible playoff berth. Deep down though, I just know we are staring at 5-11 or 6-10 again.......
  4. Dungy in the ring of honor

    This right here. Read it slow if you can't understand it. This is gospel truth. The fact of the matter is that it took 3 guys to bring a Super Bowl to Tampa. Wyche, Dungy, and Gruden. And I am by god alright with all of them getting into the ROH, personally. Without Wyche laying the fucking foundation, Dungy revamping the defense, and Gruden bringing the attitude the Super Bowl win probably would have never happened. Fuck that debate. ANyone who thinks he doesn't deserve recognition by the Buccaneers is moronic. I had issue with his HoF induction, but this is a no-brainer.
  5. Cnt. Rk dnt b a cnt. Tndr cnt. Dik.
  6. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/page/32for32/post-2018-nfl-draft-biggest-questions-all-32-teams#NFC S I swear to jiminy christmas, what ever happened to writers that actually followed a team and offered up legit journalism regarding said team? It's like they don't even know what they are watching (if they are watching at all). Weighing the Derwin James versus Vita Vea AND another 2nd rounder is just asinine. Anyone at all who has watched the Bucs for ohh about the last 15+ seasons will tell you they haven't had a shred of pass rush, which always makes the secondary look worse than it really is. Anyone with half a brain knows if you pressure the QB, good things happen in the secondary, regardless of who is back there in a good amount of cases. Vea won't answer every question in regard to defense, but I cannot fathom for even a second that adding him to the line, adding JPP, getting a healthy Kwon back, and continued development of Beckwith and Evans (yeah, fanof, I said Evans ) that the defense will not be significantly improved this coming season. If they aren't, something has went terribly wrong. Had the team even got 3/4 effort from Hamburger Baker last year, who knows what their record could have been. At least with Vea you get a guy that can fill up the middle and attack the QB when freed up. There is no way opposing O-Lines are going to be able to double and triple team McCoy any longer.
  7. You misspelled that, Bazztard. It should be: Intrnt trlz. tndr cnt.
  8. And if you could only manage your stupid.......
  9. RoJo

    I'm going to be honest, this guy makes me excited for the running game in the future. He and Barber ought to be a nice 1-2 tandem.
  10. Draft Thread

    So it's not a stretch to say there are a lot of unknowns with this draft class......meaning more so than any draft class. I mean you always deal with unknowns in drafting, but I was completely bumfuzzled by the draft selections after Vea......and I don't mean that negatively; I mean it as in I truly know nothing about most of these kids. Here is to relying on the guys who do this for a living knowing exactly what they needed and got everything with these kids.
  11. dfns iz meh spclty. eat a dik jssee. tndr cnt.
  12. Draft Thread

    Well, I admit that most of these guys I have never saw at least 1 game on, so I really can't speak to what kind of draft it was for the Bucs. I saw them draft nearly every position I felt they had need for either for starting or depth, so I will look at it from a positive standpoint. Can someone tell me about the kid out of North Carolina the Bucs drafted in the 2nd? I really know absolutely nothing about him at all. I was happy with the Vea pick. I would have preferred one of the "big 3", but drafting Vea and the addition of JPP should solidify that putrid defensive line and maybe help McCoy not be the lone bright spot. The Jones pick was a great pick. I cannot wait to see what he can do at the next level, but I still am a Barber in the backfield fan. Can't help it. I see him as almost like an Earnest Graham 2.0 or something along that line.
  13. Meh, just pitch him some weed and everything we will be A-OK.
  14. The Bucs bring in another Igwebuike

    If he can't bang a llama, he has no business here.
  15. Yes, he indeed was and he’s going to make it in the NFL. Just not a right away starter.