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    I am just an old guy that likes sports and talking about sports.
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    I love Buccaneer football, Atlanta Braves baseball, and shaolin kung fu.
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  1. SamuraiBuc

    Buccaneers vs Steelers

    One question. With Evans, Jackson, Brate, and Howard on the field, why do we continue to throw at Godwin?
  2. SamuraiBuc

    Buccaneers vs Steelers

    Fuckin the dawg! Fuckin the dawg! Hi-ho Fitz does blow! We’re fuckin the dawg!
  3. SamuraiBuc

    Buccaneers vs Steelers

    I told y’all we would fuck the dawg tonight. Glad they are living up to my expectations.
  4. SamuraiBuc

    Buccaneers vs Steelers

    Do we seriously not have a better option at Guard than Benenoch? And Conte......lol I laughed my ass off at that play. Just shows that dinglenut shouldn’t be in the field.
  5. SamuraiBuc

    Buccaneers vs Steelers

    Justin Evans! I have been so wrong about that guy. He’s turning into a mighty fine player.
  6. I'm fairly certain all this free press the Bucs are getting with the Fitzmagic crap is going to result in them/him fucking the dawg tonight. I'm just waiting for it.
  7. SamuraiBuc

    Snell is now 21-5 with an era of 1.90

    That guy has been amazing this year. There should be no question about it.......he has to be the AL Cy Young winner!
  8. SamuraiBuc

    Florida v. Tennessee

    Nice avatar, you fuckweasel. 😂 tndr iz uh cnt.
  9. SamuraiBuc

    Florida v. Tennessee

    That onside kick in the first half made me think Bitch Jones had somehow performed a coup and overthrew Pruitt and his staff. There wasn't one positive thing I could take from that damned game. Not one. Well, that's not entirely true. The band played awesome. There was the "Fuck You Gators" chant going on before the game. And there was the one hillbilly chick wearing a tube top that had more than 3 teeth experience a wardrobe malfunction ala Janet Jackson.....so yeah, it was a good night 🤣
  10. SamuraiBuc

    Florida v. Tennessee

    The best part of the night was the fucking band.
  11. SamuraiBuc

    Florida v. Tennessee

    Look at the Gaytors
  12. SamuraiBuc

    Florida v. Tennessee

    Look at the shitty Vawls
  13. SamuraiBuc

    Florida v. Tennessee

    Right at halftime
  14. SamuraiBuc

    Florida v. Tennessee

    What a gigantic shitshow. I will say congrats to the Gators. I will also say that 6 turnovers led to something like 23 points. Send me an avatar, tundra. tndr iz stll uh cnt flrduh cn sck kntky wang