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  1. SamuraiBuc

    New Uniforms!!!

    Along with my Alstott, Gramatica, and Sapp jerseys
  2. SamuraiBuc

    81 million in cap space and..

    Let's give Riley Bullough an $81M dollar deal to come back to Tampa......just a suggestion.....
  3. SamuraiBuc

    Must See! Bucs Uniform Mocks

    I never understood why they insisted on changing from the SB year unis.......makes no sense to me, other than the Tripletwits had a "great" idea once their daddy was in the grave...... Also on topic, welcome Buccano. We are all degenerates here. Question: does anyone find it odd that these mock ups have Warrick Dunn as a model? Wonder why that is........
  4. There is just something about the matted fur around her behind......shewww lawd!
  5. I think the only best option is to franchise him. Yeah he's going to throw a bunch of picks, but at the end of the day, the crop of FAs that will be available doesn't excite me that much and we have no chance at the QB I would draft. Franchising him gives him another year with BA to see if he can turn the corner and if not, cut your losses.
  6. SamuraiBuc

    No one talks about it when they play well

    Forget our disagreement on Donovan Smith. What is your opinion of Anthony Castonzo, fanof? He plays LT in Indy. He's solid. He's 31. Either move him or Smith to RT and the other anchor LT if he hits the market. Rework Jensen's contract and I think Cappa and Marpet in the middle and I like that O-Line a lot.
  7. SamuraiBuc

    Merry Christmas!!!

    But it's not a Christmas song, brother! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mike. Merry Christmas to all of you fellow Buc fans out there, who regardless of opinion, are the finest bunch of peeps a fella could ever hope to call friend.
  8. SamuraiBuc

    5K J

    Franchise him and bring some competition in so when he trends towards 30 turnovers again next season (because he will), you have a viable backup waiting to take the fucking job.
  9. SamuraiBuc

    Winston was spectacular

    What a gawd damned joke. If he cut his fucking turnovers in half, this team is more than likely in the playoffs. Fucking halfwit.
  10. SamuraiBuc

    .500 Fuckers

    You jinxed it, '63. Jameis will find a way to throw for negative 400 yards and 6 pick 6's. Thanks.
  11. Why yes....yes he did.....but he's still going into the HoF. Just ask fuckdindaass. https://bucswire.usatoday.com/2019/03/05/bucs-nfl-donovan-smith-saints-cameron-jordan-franchise-tag/
  12. LOL You have been and always will be delusional when it comes to the play of Dong Smith. He isn't half as good as you come in here with diarrhea of the mouth about, as noted by more "most informed" than you and I.....but hey, if it makes you moist, wear it out. He is probably the 3rd best lineman on the team, but you have him going into the HoF. Pretty sure I am more right about him than you. He would be significantly better on the right side. He's nowhere near the player you like to portray him to be.
  13. Good post. I can't really argue against any of it, but I still think Dong Smith should either be moved to the right side next season or gone.
  14. SamuraiBuc

    One pass..one pick

    My fault, GSS.....Jaboob did nothing wrong. I got up to get something to drink and it caused the INT.
  15. SamuraiBuc

    It Wasn't His Fault

    Well, I am sick to death of watching this fucking team. I refuse to cheer for the Titans, because they are the fucking Oilers. Any suggestions from you guys? Yeah, I could just shut my hole and remain a diehard fan until they move the fucking team or the Glazers sell it.......but I just can't bring myself to spend Sunday's watching this stupidity any longer. Jameis is one of the worst QBs I have ever watched play the game. He puts up some gaudy numbers. Unfortunately, turnovers and turnovers for points are among them. The O-Line isn't ever going to be fixed. It has basically been ignored as a real place of need when they have passed on talents like McGlinchey and Ramczyk in the draft. The RB position hasn't really been addressed since they drafted Cadillac during the Gruden era, while passing on guys like Kamara and Cook. The WR corps is the only bright spot on offense. Defensive line is serviceable. LB corps is decent. The DB corps has basically been a joke since Ronde, Lynch, Smith, and Kelly were back there. Some of my family is from Baltimore, so there is the Ravens......other members of the family have been fucking Cowboy fans for eternity (don't ask me why).......the rest are Pittsburgh fans. I could cheer for the Ravens, even though technically they are the Browns......Cowboy and Steeler fans are usually obnoxious about their championships......I am just at a loss at this whole organization. It will never get better as long as the tripletwits run the team and I am getting sick to death of watching this repeat year after year.