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  1. Shaq Barrett...HANDS DOWN! Dude is fucking beasting all over the place!
  2. On the West Coast too! East Coast teams typically struggle in the West Coast!
  3. and there won't be shit they say that i won't clap back at them. Don't come into another chat...talk shit when you haven't participated in a while or ever...and then be a quiet ass bitch when your team gets THROAT FUCKED FOR 55PTS!
  4. 4 games 1 sack for the fucktard 99 back there Rams! Show me his highlights from this game! Keep that weak ass shit out of here! SUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!
  5. Just saying gentlemen...I called it! Fuck you Ramsforever!
  6. In Winston's pursuit of not wanting to turn the ball over... ...he has developed a knack for holding the ball way too fucking long!
  7. Congratulations...you know how to find the highlight reel! Pretty sure I can find one for Suh too... CONGRATULATIONS...YOU PLAYED YOURSELF!
  8. We're going to win 24-17...I'm calling it boys! It could be the herpes I picked up last night from that bitch off Dale Mabry...but I'm feeling it boys! I've got an itch we winning this weekend!
  9. How's that defensive MVP doin? With all those 6 tackles and 1 sack total in 3 games! Who's stealing $?
  10. With the recent history of our kickers...you'd think every 5 yards would count! All you had to do after the spike...was set up for the kicker. You didn't even have to fucking run a play! Why the fuck did you take 5yds away from the man! THAT EXACT SAME KICK HE DID...GOES IN 5YDS CLOSER!
  11. He makes that 5yds closer ..awesome job taking a pointless delay of game!
  12. Pointless delay of game ...fucking 5yd penalty and a foot wide
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