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  1. He's on the guys team I'm playing... ...Bucs fucking me more ways than 1
  2. Jesus Christ! Get rid of the ball!!! HOLY SHIT
  3. DBs are gawd awful and Jameis is running into sacks... NOUGH SAID
  4. Cellular service? They have apps for everything...couldn't use it?
  5. OJ Howard catching foul balls tonight
  6. Easily one of the dirtiest plays I've seen. Full on tackling a player who isn't even on offense or close to ball!
  7. That team looks like an NFC championship team?! Hahahahaha. Goff is shit...Donald is overpaid...your RB is going to be crippled for life in a year or two... We beat the shit out of you after we were +10 in Vegas... Y'all are garbage!
  8. Wonder what RamsFuckFace said on the Seattle forums to cause the bad juju for Legatron aka Greg The Leg!?
  9. Well...he got fined...OH FUCKING WELL! SHIT HAPPENS!
  10. Yeah...whoever started this thread can go suck a Donovan Smith size cock! Enjoy the back to back losses!
  11. It's ok...Media will acknowledge how good Seattle is though because they beat the Rams!
  12. Lol...he may be a piece of shit...but he knocked the fuck out of that other piece of shit Peters! It's football...man up buttercup! Hits like these happen all the time! If the NFL wants to fine him...then they'll do it. Oh well...happens. #RamsForeverSuckingDick
  13. GMFB is the only show to highlight Tampa doing well and not just the Rams performance...and I don't think 3/4 of those guys on there have ever sniffed a football field! It really is fucking ridiculous. It's like the Rams just let us walk into the endzone and handed us the 4 turnovers. We did nothing to earn the scores or those turnovers! RIDICULOUS!
  14. Couldn't find the BOOBIES page...so this is going here!
  15. You know...I get it, we're the Sucks...,I mean Bucs. But it still pissed me off when I watch these sports shows with all these analysts talking about the game yesterday...and not ONE...NOT ONE MOTHER FUCKING ANALYST talks about how good the Bucs played...but instead how bad the Rams played and What's wrong with Jared Goff? The Rams were fucking 3-0! There is nothing wrong with that team! THEY JUST GOT BEAT! They went up against a team that held Run CMC to peanuts, and Saquan Barkley to nothing and put him out the game! And held Gurley to under 20yds. Making
  16. I believe it's only like a 1yr $5mil kind of contract. They need to lock him up somehow!
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