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  1. Call Washington and get Williams now!
  2. Can we discuss the big issue here!!! If TB12 does sign with Tampa(I say it's LA Chargers...makes too much sense), what will Godwin do?!!!! Does he hand Brady #12 or make him buy it?!
  3. Brady is fucking Tampa right now. Watching other players go elsewhere while he is locked up circle jerking it with Giselle
  4. My top pick... ...I think we fucked this one up!
  5. Colin Cowherd just said he got a text from a source...says Tom picking Tampa
  6. I'm mixed in this. Realistically I'd like either TB(Tommy or Teddy). I feel like Teddy is the better option in terms of age and mobility(especially with this line). I'll just wait to bitch when Tampa ends up with neither..
  7. Bill O'Brien... ...idiot of the fucking year! Young QB with potential...so let's get rid of his best weapon!!!
  8. I believe it's either or. No more franchise and transition tags. You get one or the other... ...I believe.
  9. About a pound of crab legs! *sigh* FEELS SO GOOD TO BE ABLE TO FINALLY SAY THAT!
  10. 4th round...33rd pick in 4th(139 overall) That is all
  11. Hmmm...switching to Analog from Digital?
  12. I could see it now. New club on Dale Mabry...TB12. And Kraft can be the talent scout!
  13. Howard is a talent that can net us a solid pick in a trade. I have spoken
  14. Winston is a fucking joke...and we are in line for a few more years of laughs...smh
  15. I'm 100% a Gator...and I led the charge for WINSTON 2015! FUCK MARIOTA!.... Fuck FSU!
  16. Back to the topic... ...the one about to get a second contract with the team that drafted him. Sadly...I don't think getting rid of Winston at this point is in the cards, nor the right play. Keeping him is the right move now.
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