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  1. Don't know why Bowles does this shit. Send the fucking blitz!
  2. Ima Rip Van Winkle they ass!!! Go Night Night Hoes!!
  3. Bullshit penalties at the end also fucked Tampa!
  4. Look...do we need him? No. BUT FUCK! We will be unFUCKINGstoppable with him!
  5. Bowles needs to quit dicking around and needs to blitz! Carr is just taking his sweet ass time!
  6. Dirty hit. Bostic needs to be suspended!
  7. Supposedly both sides are HIGHLY MOTIVATED to get a deal done. I'm a fan of the player on the field, hate the fucker off the field. I won't be mad if he signs or goes. But he'll need to know this isn't his fucking team!
  8. they are playing for the future. want to see what Tua has in him. Don't think they think too much for this season
  9. I wondered the same thing. The only thing I could guess, is it was a "gave himself up" moment. But it didn't look like he was giving himself up as much as he was diving for endzone. So I'm lost too.
  10. Nobody tell Tundra next weeks game is SNF! He might get angry...again!
  11. Zero "accepted"(Suh 👀) penalties... Zero turnovers... And what's that lead to? A FUCKING WIN...over a team many thought was headed to the Super Bowl as of this morning! Who woulda thunk it? Turnovers and penalties?! Game changers!
  12. And Devin White is in Jones' head...after Jones had a lot to say leading up to game!
  13. Rodgers is shook. Lavonte showing the Nation to put some respek on his name Suh has mind fucked Aaron! DBs are playing some good ass coverage! I'm loving this defense right now!
  14. Suicide watch check in... Sound off people.... who's still with me?!
  15. Well, Brady and Tampa will be the punching bag of the day tomorrow. I'm avoiding all sports media outlets tomorrow. But hopefully this knocks us down a few pegs back the the underdog status (which I'm sure was inevitable vs GB)...but I prefer that...less disappointing when we lose.
  16. I'm part of the whole "one play doesn't define a game" crowd... But holy shit! Those were bad calls at big points of the game! These refs were straight trash! Even Aikman was questioning the calls...fuck Mike Per(what's his face) disagreed with a lot of calls. Like...C'mon man!
  17. Yeah we didn't do ourselves any favors that game with stupid penalties... ...but fuck if the refs didn't screw us during critical parts of that game. The offsides that was a false start that puts Chicago 3rd and 17! The pussy call on Jensen that he barely rubbed masks with the defender! The non existing roughing the passer call?!!!
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