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  1. I don't know man...so far this is a hard ass troll. We'll see.
  2. I'll believe when I see it. Haven't found shit yet!
  3. That was a DESIGNED FUCKING PLAY! Who the fuck designed that shit?!!! Why?
  4. That was a designed play.... Who the fuck runs that play?
  5. Hope he snagged a new fucking def coordinator! Atlanta is going to fuck us so hard Sunday.
  6. Looks like it was a trip to Mexico judging by the flag in back
  7. Koetter's loyalty to Smith will cost him
  8. Secondary is pathetic...glad we made an effort to get better back there... resigning an over the hill CB and drafting rookies to start. While Panthers get Reid this week and we're here holding our dicks on our hands
  9. Fuck him...change the caller please!
  10. Not even going to attempt to put that shit in my search engine. Last thing I need today is to see tundra on some kind of blog site talking about all the dick he sucked this last weekend.
  11. There is blame to be thrown at every direction here. Fitz shit the bed on the pick 6. The other two, a blocked pass knocked in air and Evans not completing his route we're what they were... unfortunate. Godwin dropped two TDs and fumbled an eventual score the other way. And Mike Smith needs to learn to call a proper defense! This team showed resilience though. They played to the end. Shut the Steelers out the second half, and had a shot to win(still think Koetter punting it back to Pittsburgh was stupid). I liked what I saw the second half. As long as we ca
  12. Fitz gets the Bears game to prove if he's 1st half Fitz or 2nd half Fitz. It's not even a question. End this did now.
  13. It's Fitz one more week minimum. No reason to rush Jameis back on a short week. As bad as he looked in the first half, Fitz played well in the second! Godwin cost Tampa greatly as well. Two dropped TDs and the fumble. So can't put all on Fitz. FITZ STARTS NEXT WEEK!
  14. Two dropped TDs by Godwin...and Godwin fumble...that is a 15pt swing. We get those and this is a game. Doubt Fitz is done as starter
  15. Agreed...world famous Blowjobs that relax the mind and spirit for Fitz every game! I'm jelly!
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