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  1. Regulator16

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    His ass is hopefully on the phone with Cleveland and trying to trade for Duke...or should at least be seeing what it would take.
  2. One year prove it deal. The fact that he refuses to have the surgery is concerning for his availability on Sundays! Not sure this would be a quality signing. Would love it to be...but almost feels like signing a new Captain of the floppy hat, bench warming, stationary bike brigade!
  3. Regulator16

    Unrein cut; Barber and Minter signed officially.

    White! He's a LB and he'll be BPA!
  4. Hey, hey, hey! CALM YOUR TITS.... ...AND CHARGE ON! GO KNIGHTS!!!
  5. Regulator16

    OBJ to the Browns

    Giants fans... Sideways for attention, long way for results!
  6. Regulator16

    Breshad Perriman to the Bucs

    Got one of my KNIGHTS! As long as he can be healthy, he'll be a quality addition!
  7. Regulator16

    OBJ to the Browns

    Cleveland is fucking scary now! All the moves they have made this offseason...FUCKING SCARY! It's all on Baker. If he can take the next step or not. Sophomore slump?
  8. Regulator16

    OBJ to the Browns

    49ers are about to pull a trade for Dee Ford
  9. Regulator16

    OBJ to the Browns

    He and Landry now have an easier opportunity to keep their love life going strong!
  10. Regulator16

    Bucs have a new Holder

    wait...we're not paying $3mil for a punter anymore?!!!
  11. signed...good sign
  12. Regulator16

    Looking Over Ass Sets

    Found some "assets" we should look at in FA!
  13. Regulator16

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    That picture is horrible for your sarcastic text! You need work Steve! Stick to the analysis aspect of the game!
  14. Regulator16

    Bucs Re-Sign QB Ryan Griffin

    Collecting that check! Easy $!
  15. Would be a solid addition. In box safety or WILL to Lavontes SAM? But in a 3-4 I'd guess Safety
  16. Regulator16

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    By my calculations so far... ...pretty much still corked up there! Might have a few things shoved up there. Jason appears to like it more than I thought.
  17. Regulator16

    Hump a Titan

    Like I said...there is always a Humphries. They aren't worth $10mil
  18. Regulator16

    Honey Badger to KC

    It went over his head 63...I got you!
  19. Regulator16

    Honey Badger to KC

    still some good quality guys out there...we better get someone
  20. Regulator16

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    mathieu to KC
  21. agreed that it should be BPA...but like I said, that's White to me. I think he is a much more NFL ready player than majority of these edge players. He's 3rd on my board
  22. Regulator16

    Hump a Titan

    there is always an Adam Humphries out there...I'm ok with this
  23. Regulator16

    DJax traded to Eagles

  24. Regulator16

    D and some personnel fits

    Lions signed Jesse James. Leaves a hole for Pittsburgh. And seeing as they just lost AB...they got some cash and a need for another weapon. Brate could be a trade piece.