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    Blow me

  2. Regulator16


    Baller... Trade Brate for OL help!
  3. Regulator16

    O-Line looks like shit

    Dear Gawd! Get Jameis out of there before he dies!
  4. Baker on his ass! I'm not worried about offense. I want to defensive pressure, and man press...that's it!
  5. Regulator16

    A bit outside the Patriot way

    Murderers, Happy Endings, Cocaine...oh my!
  6. Regulator16

    OT - Tundra snuck into town

    Back in the day Tundra...when you "tagged" something, this isn't usually how you did it! I applaud your millennial mindset of trying to leave your mark on your local businesses though!
  7. Regulator16

    Sapp: McCoy Not Even Close to a Legend

    Was a lateral $ move. McCoy was stupid to think he belonged in talks with those early 2000 players. But I'm more than sure he would have got the defensive scheme. Suh brings more nasty, and I'm good with him replacing McCoy...but it was a $ move. FUCK MCCOY!
  8. Regulator16

    Catazarno whatever the fuck still blows!

    Sticks and stones may break his bones...but words, well MADE HIM RETIRE! Lol
  9. Regulator16

    Now Vita Vea is Injured

    Sprained LCL...6-8 weeks out. Bucs hopeful for 4-5 weeks
  10. Where is Tundra with his "God hates Tampa" response to this lol
  11. Regulator16

    Now Vita Vea is Injured

    preliminary MRI shows good sign that it's not as bad as Tundra expects. Should be ok
  12. Regulator16

    Unidentified Buc Fungus

    So basically Simms had frostbite and is making up bullshit diseases. Got it. He's and idiot!
  13. Regulator16

    Now Vita Vea is Injured

    He's set to have MRI on Friday. Don't know why so late?
  14. Regulator16

    Melvin Gordon

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ He's holding out for it!!! WE DON'T FUCKING HAVE IT!!!!
  15. Regulator16

    Early as hell W-L predictions, 2017

    too lazy to change it...
  16. Regulator16

    Early as hell W-L predictions, 2017

    "Tanking for Tua"!!!!!!!
  17. On his plane ride back from Men's Fashion week in France...Mr. Newton offered a man $1500 for his seat, for a little extra leg room. The man calmly said NO! It's the little things in life that make me smile! https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/24/cam-newton-tries-to-pay-man-to-change-seats-on-plane/
  18. Regulator16

    McCoy Released

    can this fucker just go be a fucking Panther... Holy Shit...he just won't let shit go. It's obvious why he chose the Panthers. Best revenge would be for him to play well for his new team. Now just fuck off and be part of that new team...damn!
  19. Regulator16


    You had me at 2019
  20. Regulator16

    Evans Restructures

    More room will be made with cuts. I'd like White under contract sooner rather than later too.
  21. Regulator16

    McCoy Released

    He's a fucking idiot. He definitely prioritized revenge over winning lol! He's such a tool. Good luck to him, but he can go suck Luke's pencil dick while riding on Cam's shaft! Fuckem!
  22. Regulator16


    Would love for there to be a trade for Willaims and then dump JPP for the salary space for the rooks.
  23. Regulator16


    and not necessarily in the not right way.