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  1. This was a stupid trade. We literally just traded a fourth round pick for a retired, malnourished Ethiopian, often injured 31 year old tight end. Where was the sense in this trade?
  2. Shiiiiittt...her? Try him!!! I'd be all over that!
  3. Hmm...my sister does meth! And I dabble in Armadillos.... ...wait a sec...
  4. Can't wait to see all the bullshit uniforms tomorrow! Probably be a few that will be better than the real ones!
  5. Would you like to shorten that to "Suh Suh Suh Suh" now?
  6. Bucs apparently think Winston was the problem. We've solved that with TB12. But have done shit else. Yes we locked up key Buc FAs. So their other lack of moves, to me, must indicate that Jameis was the only problem?! Guess they're looking at the draft to solve the rest?
  7. Chandler Jones... Just that 19 sacks last season
  8. We signed Brady?!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! SB...here we come!!! ...it was sarcasm!
  9. They need to learn: If it fits... ...deal with it!
  10. I'm still waiting for the WOW signing of the off-season! Where it be yo?
  11. My wife tells me I'm a good golfer! I get plenty of hole in ones 🤑!
  12. You don't release someone like that, with the dead money hit they are taking for the next 4yrs...without justified cause. Maybe he has a solid year or two left in those knees. But that's a huge risk. And where this country is at right now, not sure he'd even get a proper physical. I'm ok with a 1yr prove it deal, but it has to be a team friendly deal. And we'd still have to take a RB on day 2. NOUGH SAID
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