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  1. Regulator16

    Bucs are ranked 29th! Woo hoo.

    And when trying trade for McCoy they'll jump to 7
  2. Regulator16

    JPP out for year?

    NFI and use his salary to sign rookies. Then dump McCoy and try to pull a trade off for a decent rotational player!
  3. DEVIN WHITE...2019 DROY!!!
  4. Regulator16

    JPP out for year?

    I'm curious what the plan is? If he has surgery...does this staff really think they have enough talent to replace him? Shaq Barrett has been a rotational player so far...never full time starter. Nassib was phenomenal last year in his role...again, never a starter. Spence can't stay healthy. Gholston is a big body Benz with a quarter tank of gas. We got a rookie 4th rounder, who I think has potential...but hasn't seen NFL action here. So what's the play? We play these guys or do we make a move? Ansah just went to Seattle...Suh and McCoy? Does Lavonte blitz more? I'm sure. White will def be in the backfield plenty. I'm just gonna put my cards on HOPE! HOPE will help us out! As in...I HOPE other teams bring lube...because they are going to ass rape us! Devin White...DROY!!!
  5. Regulator16

    JPP out for year?

    I dont think that the salary counts for off field injuries. Time for all the Josh Allen dick riders to come out the woodwork! Shoulda coulda woulda... ...go sign Ansah and/or Suh and cut JPP and McCoy.
  6. Regulator16

    JPP out for year?

    Awesome sauce! Cut him...make a trade... ...sadly...keep Charmin soft McCoy.
  7. Regulator16

    Geraldini speaks!

    Might just surprise her one day...I'll get back to yall on how that goes. And I obviously wipe it down afterwards...duh!
  8. Regulator16

    Geraldini speaks!

    I had my kids with me too...and not one drop of tequila! Guess I'm All-Pro off the field as well! I'm over this bitch. It's time to move on. Dude is as soft as the Charmin I use when my wife gives me a BJ(I've tried to get her to swallow...won't happen). Fuck McCoy!
  9. Regulator16

    I Just Got Banned From Pud Report!

    Fuckin aye Tundra...ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS ASK! I'm sure I was available!
  10. Regulator16

    Salary Cap

    Im more than sure we'll know McCoy's fate within the next two weeks or so. I am starting to lean on the side that Tampa really is going to keep him one more year. Arians has, undoubtedly, been saying he has a place in the team and scheme. So who's knows? Could have been telling the truth the whole time!
  11. Regulator16

    Draft thread

    I saw that earlier today as well...I completely spaced on him as well!
  12. Regulator16

    My homer pick for the Bucs this year

    Well...your boy just went to Minnesota
  13. HOLY FUCKING SHITBALLS!!! You actually put together a post that wasn't full of cursing, Buc bashing, sexual organ blowing, pissed offness!!! Alcohol must be wearing off!
  14. Regulator16

    Draft thread

    Well...leave it to Tampa to draft a Gay kicker...smh