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  1. Regulator16

    For Those That Can Stomach It

    Must have been intercepted
  2. Regulator16

    New Uniforms!!!

    Hmmm...switching to Analog from Digital?
  3. I could see it now. New club on Dale Mabry...TB12. And Kraft can be the talent scout!
  4. Miami Dolphins...nough said
  5. Regulator16

    OJ Howard

    Howard is a talent that can net us a solid pick in a trade. I have spoken
  6. Regulator16

    Are you Fucking Kidding Me?

    Winston is a fucking joke...and we are in line for a few more years of laughs...smh
  7. I'm 100% a Gator...and I led the charge for WINSTON 2015! FUCK MARIOTA!.... Fuck FSU!
  8. Back to the topic... ...the one about to get a second contract with the team that drafted him. Sadly...I don't think getting rid of Winston at this point is in the cards, nor the right play. Keeping him is the right move now.
  9. Your FSU fuck Boyz got fucking owned! Suck a dick!
  10. Regulator16

    Refs are a 12th man today

    He's on the guys team I'm playing... ...Bucs fucking me more ways than 1
  11. Regulator16

    Refs are a 12th man today

    Jameis is a joke
  12. Regulator16

    Refs are a 12th man today

    This is fucking pathetic