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  1. Regulator16

    Patriots Release Brown

    Some fucking retarded team will be desperate enough to pick up this dumb fuck
  2. Regulator16

    The penalties need to stop

    Tennessee got screwed on about 5-6 of the calls last night. These phantom hold calls are ridiculous!
  3. Regulator16

    Jalen Ramsey

    Nah...when it comes to being fucked up the ass... It seems to always work out for the Bucs. In fact...its basically a guarantee!
  4. Regulator16

    Daniel Jones to make his debut Sunday

    Mind fuck the rook!
  5. Regulator16

    Jalen Ramsey

    The $ could be found. It's only like $4mil this year...then it jumps next year. So for this year it can be done...but $ would have to be found for the future(which I'm sure it can be done). But...what the Jags would want in compensation is just not gonna happen. They're probably going to price him out compensation wise. Sooooo...no go
  6. Regulator16

    Brees out 6 weeks

    Thumb injury he got yesterday on Aaron Donald. Supposed to have surgery...so he'll be out till around week 9-10. So he'll miss our game vs them week 5. There's a chance!
  7. Regulator16

    Holy shit...WE WON!

    You have one of those too?
  8. Regulator16

    Holy shit...WE WON!

    If you're bored at any point in time today...head on over to the Panthers forum. A lot of fun reads over there! They hate Cam as much as Tampa fans hate Jameis. And they seem to agree... McCoy was/has been trash through two weeks! Fun times!
  9. Regulator16

    Holy shit...WE WON!

    Someone please tell me they saw what Can was wearing post game! WTF?! This hoe looked like a 1940s Dutch woman!
  10. Regulator16

    Winston earns new contract

    Let it fly!
  11. FUCK THAT BITCH! I hope he doesn't get the chance to retire a BUC! Fuck that HOE!
  12. Regulator16

    Shaq Barrett is a beast

    Barrett easily MVP that game
  13. Regulator16

    Holy shit...WE WON!

    Y'all can find fault in what you'd like this week... But... We won! Vs a tough team...a division rival...on a short week...on the road! So happy thoughts fuckers! This is a great turnaround from week 1!
  14. Regulator16

    Ass kickin Thread

    That was a tough win...vs a tough division team...on a SHORT WEEK!
  15. Regulator16

    Holy shit...WE WON!

    Wait...one thing.... FUCK YOU GERALD!