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  1. So are UF, UCF and FL State. Those who dis it have never played nor seen it. It combines the best of basketball, football and hockey. A blast to play and watch. :)

  2. UT is getting a mens lax team soon

  3. Happy birthday wenchy!



  4. You were where, Xandy?

  5. I was there, January 8th or 9th, 2008.


    It was a partly cloudy day, the sun was shining and out of one cloud, came this waterspout. It stuck around about 20 minutes less than half a mile offshore, then faded away.


    It was awesome.


    The student who took this picture had a slightly better angle than I did but its the same spout.

  6. Wow! That pic is amazing, Xandy.

  7. Me too then...waiting for the right time that is.:P

  8. Thanks for the info! Now, I'm waiting for just...the...right...time.

  9. Well I am glad you don't know how then...


    You do know that you just click the scale jpeg and go from there right? :>)

  10. I would negrep you, acaton, but I don't know how! ;)

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