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  1. Bow down to your FAU Masters

    But don't you feel a bit dirty with that asshole as your team's leader (Kiffin, not Jameis)?
  2. Dungy ROH

    Might also be that they saw Lynch as a potential HOF candidate who was bitter with the Bucs, and would be inducted as a Bronco with a little push.
  3. Bow down to your FAU Masters

    Sorry, I guess we all should be giving them mad props for their win over the Akron Zips. Must have been crushing to football legend Terry Bowden, and their portion of the 25,900 fans who attended.
  4. Bow down to your FAU Masters

    Admittedly, the mere mention of Lane Kiffin makes me want to get drunk too.
  5. Dungy ROH

    "Unlike elite franchises, just being relevant and competing for a wildcard spot year in and year out is the gold standard for the Bucs." Well put. And why the fuck was a lacky like John McKay in there? He had some great coaches, and then allowed the owners to unload a future HOF QB because he was asking get paid like a white QB. In regards to Lynch, they must have felt that he made significant contributions to the culture on defense, and that carried over to following seasons, or they wanted to give the Bucs the middle finger.
  6. Dungy ROH

    We've just had the 'is Dungy worthy argument too many times. As I said, he's in the HOF, so the Bucs probably should be promoting him. I don't see the Bucs Ring of Honor as all that sacred. The Glazer boys are in charge, so I'm just thankful they aren't inducting Michael Clayton and Raheem Morris.
  7. Bow down to your FAU Masters

    I'll have 'when Rook gets drunk' for 500.
  8. Dungy ROH

    This is worse than the Mariotta thread. Any time your former HC or player gets into the HOF, you want to toss him into the ROH. Hometown fans should be promoting former players and coaches. Better for the Bucs to claim him than the Colts. Also, they need the distraction from Winston.
  9. Damn if we had only drafted Manziel

    Frightening thought....what if Shaun King is displaced from the All (Pro) Shaun King team? Manziel is a lock to be the starter throwing to Green and Anthony? Or is having been a Buc a requirement? Seems like he really should be an honorary former Buc player.
  10. Damn if we had only drafted Manziel

    Haters gotta hate. When it comes to removing the lines from the football field, he has no equal. Guess, I'm a hater.
  11. Offseason Blows

    Every time I read the title to this thread...."Still only 10 cents at Snook's truck stop.
  12. Actually, basketball seems to have taken the stance that America is a free country and people should be allowed to make such a protest. It's not a look at me stunt. The players are concerned with how blacks are treated in America and by law enforcement. You may disagree with what they are doing, and you have the right to boycott, but for me, their ability to make such a statement serves as an example of what has made our country special (freedom). Also, I think if the NFL just shut up about it, and said something one time like 'we disagree with their behavior (and possibly will fine), but it is a free country and there is only so much we can reasonably do', this would probably have blown over long ago.
  13. The flag stands for liberty/freedom. I disagree with what some players are doing, but it's a free country, and I don't share their experience with law enforcement and treatment in the US in general. Personally, I don't think it is the right venue. Still if you are going to say that boycotting is getting out of hand, why make the exception for the NFL? As for the broader issue, the problem is probably with the corporations becoming political and using their revenue to support political agendas. Publix as a company is donating money to pro gun Republicans, and customers should have a right to decide whether they want their money going to such activities. Chick Fil A's owners work hard to fight against LGBTQIA rights, and supporting the business will ultimately hurt them.
  14. https://www.si.com/nfl/2016/06/30/brad-johnson-buccaneers-vikings-where-are-they-now Seemed like he had been in a funk shortly after retirement, but got out of it. I'll take a player with good survival skills and decision making over one with talent most any day.
  15. Winslow

    Yes, but you guys know what I mean. KW2 isn't going to be at retirement age for a few years, but he'll need to go to a nursing home in some place like Rikers Island, Jouliet, or maybe the Chrome Center.