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  1. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    Cutting Ruud (not the end of the world), and then deciding before camp even began than our starting MLB would be replaced with a 3rd round draft pick in Foster who wasn't even a MLB in college. Its not a reflection on foster, but rather how they operated. If I ever meet Gruden, the first thing I'm going to ask is whether Mark Dominik made a good cup of coffee. The second question is whether it was better than RaMo's.
  2. Giants Hire Mike Shula

    It's okay.... Shurmur will call the plays, and Mikey will play an important role working with quarterbacks. What frightens me about Shula is some team might be stupid enough to hire him as a head coach, and we're on the short (bus) list.
  3. OT - Tiger Woods

    I was at a bar with a girlfriend, and I remember like it was yesterday that fucker had on a Burger King hat with a lolly pop in his mouth, and he started hitting on her and buying her beers. After the 2nd one, I had all I could stand and I demanded that he buy me beers too.
  4. I wouldn't be against a trade....either that or DL. Seems like we need a bunch of late 1st or 2nd round quality players. I wouldn't go RB early in the 1st. Seems like the way to go is runningback by committee these days.
  5. Borgonzi to Indy

    Like hell I am....oh my bad.
  6. Winston = Enigma For Bucs?

    Okay, I'll buy that they weren't horrible in pass blocking (but not in the same league as what I saw in the Super Bowl....oh my bad they are), BUT we also had the 27th ranked running game so even if pass blocking was good, they were a good part of why the team was one dimensional. I'm not going to argue that he's an elite QB or that I'm confident that he will be, but I think he's a good QB and the team has much bigger problems that they need to address.
  7. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    We could have shown more loyalty to a good kicker who had a minor injury, and our troubles at the position are why we drafted a kicker in the 2nd round. SF, they aren't in order, and yes, I would flip 1 and 2. But I would argue that the most damaging moves to the franchise were 5 and 6. The team still had a good culture and cutting all of our veteran leadership really killed it. Then KW2 set the tone for the next decade, and I don't think we've recovered from that laid back don't give a shit attitude.
  8. Winston = Enigma For Bucs?

    And yet his stats keep improving every year. His numbers improved this year even though he played 3 games injured, his OL kind of sucked, and he had no running game to speak of. He left college 1-2 years early, so he's still really young and his progress is similar to many pocket QBs who ended up being great. Yeah, he might not be elite, but he's good, and we've got actual problems to worry about elsewhere.
  9. So I was thinking about how we're still suffering from him not making a legitimate play for Bennett, and it got me thinking that there should be a list of reasons why he will never be employed as a GM/scout again...... 1. Michael Bennett 2. Revis Trade 3. Matt Bryant sent packing 4. Clayton 5. Cutting all of our veteran leadership when he started 6. Trading for Winslow 7. Garbage picks. A few of these not only had long term consequences due to the loss of talent, but we also burned picks in the process trying to replace them. What's odd is that he's both Typhoid Mary in terms of being hired by NFL teams while at the same time, he's the silicon GM who never really got the credit he deserved in the media.
  10. Winston = Enigma For Bucs?

    Can't fully judge a QB without good OL play or a running game. He's a competent starter. He's very young, and his stats have improved each year, so we need to focus our energies on other positions.
  11. free agent Corners

    What are the grades of the ones willing to sign with the Bucs?
  12. offensive philosophy change

    It's like he found the most annoying clip of all time. Anyway, I believe we tried a zone blocking scheme a few years ago, and then switched back. What our OLmen need is stability, so they can gel together in a system
  13. offensive philosophy change

    Yeah, that is offensive.
  14. Super Bowl Halftime

    Fuck it....they should just play the prince halftime show every year and pretend it is live.
  15. Josh McDaniels pulls a Parcells on the Colts

    You know it's bad when Dungy is openly calling you out for being a scumbag.