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  1. I always saw Winston as very consistent...just not good. He almost never had great games, and he generally wasn't singlehandedly throwing games away either. He also showed almost no progress as a Buccaneer, and frankly the same could be said about his last year at FSU. He simply wasn't #1 overall pick material, especially with all that baggage. Seemed to me that he lacked discipline, and I don't see him pulling his head out of his ass after nearly a decade. Kind of interesting that Gruden didn't make a move to get him even though he was selling him before the draft.
  2. LOL, THIS thread is actually devoted to the current QB. After 5 years of defending Winston, I have no doubts that you would want to "move on". But we're just celebrating the fact that we've got an adult behind the pocket and no longer have to make excuses for all of Winston's antics. So sorry, not sorry for celebrating a bit on this one. Hell, this one is akin to celebrating beating the Eagles in the 2002 playoffs. So fuck Winston, fuck him "right in the pussy" using a turkey baster filled with cola stolen out of a Burger King fountain while enjoying some crab legs and tossing yet anoth
  3. I've been around a bit late. Life is a bit busy I guess. Oh we've moved on. Threads like this are simply a victory lap. No more of that garbage on and off the field. Our current QB scandal is having a QB showing up to practice when he shouldn't. Seriously, it was hard to root for him. I mean how does one continue to defend him over the FSU scandal(s) after he grabs an Uber driver right in the pussy, and then has his friends fabricate a alibi for him.
  4. Jaboo misses everybody too. Well, maybe not opposing DBs.
  5. 7 games with a new system, and Brady has had more good/great performances with us than Jaboo had in 5 seasons as a Buccaneer.
  6. Yeah, the NFL's #1 objective these days is to protect the QB. By allowing them to get up and keep going, it means that defenders can take a good shot while they are on the ground.
  7. Let me preface this by saying I don't like Raheem Morris and am about as glad that he and his shit show are no longer with the Bucs as I am that Jamiss Winston is gone. HOWEVER, Morris was paid a couple million to be the fall guy for the Bucs and not many HCs would have succeeded under those conditions. The team was running things on the cheap, and had a garbage GM who failed to give him the tools necessary to be competitive in any meaningful way. So I'm glad he is finally getting his fair chance to legitimately prove how worthless he is as a head coach.
  8. Been there at most twice in the past decade. So that's the McCoy analogy. With Winston it would be McDonalds.
  9. I don't mind donating some, but it seems like we also need to pull in more people somehow. Not to undercut, but maybe another online format could serve both purposes?
  10. It's the smart way to go....get a skilled veteran on their way out, bring in a bunch of prospects and see if any of them have what it takes.
  11. So can someone finish this sentence for me: "The Glazer boys are furious over this one because...." they paid him all that money, and they didn't even get a hand job. he apparently was double dipping when they hired him (getting paid by them and taking a cut of the money they gave Lovie for screwing them).
  12. IF I'm paying for Ruth's Chris, I don't want Outback. Just sayin'
  13. You guys probably would the anti-mask wearing attitudes of people in my community. We have mask mandates and compliance is below 50% in stores.
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