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  1. In defense of their decision... They might have intentionally brought Glennon in to lose the starting job to the rookie without creating a QB controversy.
  2. I think they'll figure out a way to make it work, even though a few people will get it. But how the hell will they have any fans in the stadium? Fortunately, most of the stadiums are already set up to pump fan noise in. . Of course this all assumes that the corona virus doesn't stay in the body and continue to slowly do damage. Maybe, they'll just play it through Madden and call it a day.
  3. He was reaching for his bifold. problem should be solved with Lasik, except there is that issue with night vision. Still, I think that if he has the problem again, he can just get married again (get himself a second wife).
  4. It all makes sense....he couldn't see and was reaching for his wallet.
  5. What I'm reading is 16 million guaranteed and about 10 million a year.
  6. And Hill would have to get hurt too. Meanwhile, there are all these talking heads claiming that the Bucs were foolish not keep this 1.1 million dollar 3rd string QB when their price tag would have been about 25 million a year.
  7. As for scapegoating, the Bucs picked up the GOAT and had Gronk come out of retirement, so the decision wasn't simply about blaming Winston, but also that we had a very good option. Second, he was asking for elite starter money, dismissing his interceptions and pick 6s, and apparently opposed to a 1 year contract (even if it was a franchise tag). So it isn't scapegoating when a QB is demanding money as if he has proven himself when he hadn't. He had 5 years of starts to correct a problem he had in college, and this doesn't even go into his off the field garbage which probably limited his options to about 5 teams. And sure the Bucs passed on all that raw starter talent, but so did every other team? Meanwhile the Saints just signed Taysom Hill for 10 million a year, so I'm guessing Winston is making 2-4. And am I wrong is saying that if the Saints saw Winston as a legit future starter and not a project, they probably wouldn't have signed Taysom Hill to a 2 year contract with 16 million guaranteed?
  8. They act like he had his pick of teams from around the league, and then mock people who have claimed he made bad decisions. This is pretty much everyone since the guy fell just short of running a circus showcasing Pitbulls fighting Elephants. Or should I be nervous about him sharing his knowledge of where our WRs will be during passing plays?
  9. Here's my caption..... Why would he want to spend his weekends watching Cam Newton fucking his team?
  10. Sorry for the late response. I was kind of under the weather for a few days (allergies or something else). I can see your point. Still, it seems like they were asking for the high end of starter money especially when they added on "won't be happy with a franchise tag", so they might have pissed off the owners as well. So maybe had Winston's camp started off by asking for 25, and been okay with a franchise tag OR 2 years and say 22 per year, they would have locked him in earlier and he'd still be here. Ignoring that we now have Brady, I would have been happy if they had kept Winston with a 2 year contract, but even 25 per year seems high to me. He hadn't earned good starter money, especially if it was multi-year with money up front. Admittedly, it might also that the Bucs hyped up the initial demands because they knew they were looking elsewhere.
  11. The story was that he was asking for 30 million per year, and also said he would not be happy if they used a franchise tag on him. So maybe a multiyear contract at 25 million was what his agent was fighting for.
  12. Would it be safe to say that even if (or though) he isn't still playing at GOAT level, we're still going to get a very smart QB who can manage the offense and make accurate passes. Seems like at a minimum, we'll get performance similar to that of Brad Johnson those first 2 years.
  13. Why do you feel they didn't have the time? Or did you mean spend the time? Seemed like Winston's apparent financial demands made this an easy call. He was demanding about 30 million a year, and he probably wasn't going to take a 2 year contract at 25 mil per year. Then the report was that he would be extremely unhappy with a franchise tag. Given that we have Brady under contract, it'd be hard to think of a scenario where we'd be better off with Winston, but maybe if he was requesting a reasonable contract (heck a 1 year extension for 22 million), they wouldn't have pursued Brady. Winston might prove us wrong, but given the lack of interest in him around the league, they made the right choice.
  14. Yeah, I already admitted I was fucking wrong. I didn't realize those were 6 year contacts. Seems like we might have taken a gamble with Winston for 15 million, but 25 (they were asking 30 I believe) just felt like extortion money.
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