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  1. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Bring Back Snook!

    Axe if you can ask her to post an update or just give one for you to pass along. Perhaps, we should start a Bucs group via FB and simply all go there if traffic doesn't pick up.
  2. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Bring Back Snook!

    Ditto about Monica. The rest mostly just got tired and left. Also, anyone remember Old Salt?
  3. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Bring Back Snook!

    It has been fun tossing insults and talking trash, but the problem with the anonymity is that when people drop out, they disappear. Also it didn't help when the boards shut down with zero notice. I guess the plus side is that most of you are assholes. :)
  4. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Bring Back Snook!

    The nice thing about Snook was you could spend an hour insulting the shit out of him, and feel no remorse because he truly deserved it. . Any chance he was Big Dog fucking with us by making shit up to upset us? Didn't Snook call Dominik a genius at one point late in his tenure?
  5. Bucaroo Bonzai

    So Winslow admitted to .....

    And off the field, wasn't Michael Clayton hosting parties? Didn't they have another WR get into drugs. Didn't coach Raheem Morris have his own room (box seats) at a bar or something? And then the owners....
  6. Bucaroo Bonzai

    So Winslow admitted to .....

    And the worst of the masterbating shit is that Dom traded a 2nd and 5th to bring in this damaged goods (motorcycle accident and MRSA) POS to be a TEAM LEADER. There wasn't a damaged goods or defective player that Dom didn't get a hard on over. I late to say this, but Raheem probably wasn't as bad as everyone claims he was given the shitfest of talent Dom handed him.
  7. Bucaroo Bonzai

    McCoy Released

    The thing is that we never would have gotten the angry McCoy with something to prove. We would have gotten the guy showing up to camp in his Stormtrooper costume with Mickey Mouse ears on. I also feel that because of his salary and maybe timing, he was put in a leadership role, and he isn't a team leader IMHO. Am I the only one who thinks of him as being Spongebob singing the "goofy goober" song (I had kids when spongebob came out)?
  8. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Another Bruce Arians Quote of Beauty

    Fuck me. I hate to say this but I'm starting to get excited about this season. Dare I say it....I have hope.
  9. Bucaroo Bonzai


    He described the friendliness as midwest, but when I was there I couldn't get a remotely good NYC Pizza and Chicago pizza was all over the place. Tampa has a lot of transplants from Chicago and the Midwest possibly related to the Bucs back in the day. Florida has a heavy infiltration of transplants (often older), and different parts of Florida tend to get filled by different parts of the country. Miami used to be from the NE. Tampa used to be Midwest. My area gets a lot of people from Atlanta and DC moving in.
  10. Bucaroo Bonzai


    He's all business. And wow, he really called it on the "midwestern feel" of Tampa, which generally gets their transplants from the midwest.
  11. I guess he didn't like it when Kraft nicknamed him handjob.
  12. Have fans even been calling Brady that? And googling the name, it was a TV show and comic before Seaver got the nickname.
  13. Bucaroo Bonzai

    McCoy Released

    I have a hard time believing that a contender offered him anything more, and frankly he probably could have stayed with the Bucs if he was willing to take the pay cut for them. As for revenge, he'll probably be a more motivated player for them than he was for us this past year, but had we paid him, we'd wouldn't be getting that boost in performance and willingness to play through the hangnail.
  14. Bucaroo Bonzai


    Even though he gets a bit violent, one of the big positives about Suh is that he plays with emotion. I guess he's a temporary solution though. McCoy wasn't worth his salary and wasn't flexible, so we grabbed Suh for less, and will likely get better productivity. Still, it's a 1 year deal, and I would have rather kept young talent than burn 10 million on someone who is a short term fix.
  15. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Our Triplet Assholes, A New Low

    Have we ever had a discussion about which Stooges they are? Moe is easy, but what about the others?