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  1. You guys probably would the anti-mask wearing attitudes of people in my community. We have mask mandates and compliance is below 50% in stores.
  2. I gotta admit that Kaep should sue the NFL, stand before the judge/jury and say..... "Mike Fucking Glennon!!!! I rest my case." Mike Glennon Lives Matter!
  3. Not even arena league. It's legitimately worse than every single Canadian Football League helmet.
  4. I imagine this has been hard on the skins fans, at least those who ares staying abreast of the situation. Seems like ownership has a handle on it and should be able to shake it off pretty quickly.
  5. I'm still amazed that Mon put up with us for so long.
  6. Maybe their press release about the name change was an attempt to soften the blow from this scandal?
  7. Jesus this is the first time I've been mistaken for Snook. Apparently, he's the reason everyone is out of nickels. Meat processing is problematic, probably the perfect conditions to spread it, but then once they leave probably nobody wears masks. It's pretty bad where I'm at, but rural GA was downright scary. Nobody remotely cared.
  8. The thing about Kemp is that the mandate probably only impacts Atlanta and more urban areas. I think he's okay with those people dying.
  9. It's really hard to tell what the Glazers financials are or ever were. My guess is that their other financial interests/revenue crashed with the crash, so they ended up in a very tight situation for 5 years or so. They milked the Bucs to help pay down the Man U debt, but might have done the same to the Bucs anyway. And they aren't exactly pouring money into the Bucs right now. They brought in a good coach and paid for Brady, but teams have to spend the salary camp money in the NFL regardless.
  10. What the HELL, I thought all of you were a bunch of ignorant assed rednecks and I go away for a few months and find this. Well said everyone. Well said. I made the trek Sunday to a Drive In theater in Georgia, and wouldn't stop in a couple of gas stations because not a single person had a mask on. I'm returning back to school as a teacher, and I don't mind the risk except for one thing: the reason why I'm going to be at risk is because of the reckless anti-mask attitudes of my community. It's insane.
  11. Looks like this is starting to turn into another Snook thread, but the decimal point needs to be moved over.
  12. It was a 1 year 18.5 million dollar deal, but they didn't have another starting QB to pay, so they could afford it. I forgot just how much crazy money they threw his way though. Still, they were looking for a legit franchise QB and while Kaepernick is a solid QB, they were going for the gamble. So they took an unknown that they thought had potential and drafted a rookie at #2. Kaep is good enough that he'd keep a rookie off the field and create a QB controversy while still not being the franchise QB they wanted. I agree that the league was racist/discriminatory as hell with Kaep, but given that the Bears were planning to draft a QB, he just might not have been a good fit.
  13. In defense of their decision... They might have intentionally brought Glennon in to lose the starting job to the rookie without creating a QB controversy.
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