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  1. or draft a QB with a rap sheet a mile long. The only reason they counted on the journeyman is because the talent couldn't show up for the first 3 games.
  2. So send them to Publix (with crab legs) or Burger King (with a prepaid soda) then?
  3. PS If I'm San Fransisco, I'm sending a bunch of transvestites to meet him at the airport with a "Free Uber Rides" signs.
  4. One could make the same business decision argument for benching him (to avoid the injury penalty). I just have to ask...does anyone actually give a shit who starts as our QB next week? For me, Winston, Fitz, Our 3rd String QB, Kaepernick, Millanovick, or even our kicker. I no longer give a fuck who they start this year.
  5. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Desean Jackson...

    But it is hard for a coach to fully set the tone when the players have learned that the coach gets replaced when they quit. I'm not saying the coach shouldn't be blamed, but I think we've got some deeper institutional problems here.
  6. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Does anyone else feel bad for Ryan Griffin?

    Honestly, this is a horrible analogy because it really is more of a description of the situation we are in.
  7. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Does anyone else feel bad for Ryan Griffin?

    It's like being in a relationship with someone who isn't 'the one' and with whom you know it isn't going anywhere.
  8. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Does anyone else feel bad for Ryan Griffin?

    Cause Dilfer was such a great QB Back then. Nobody was excited about Milonovich or Zeier, they just hated Dilfer that much.
  9. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Desean Jackson...

    Begs the question...how many Jackson's do we have on this team? I'm tired of blaming the coaches when week in and week out, the coaches put them in a position to win. Shitty play and choking for the loss.
  10. Yeah, I have no idea how fucking bad he is, and no this is not a glowing endorsement of him, but apparently the coaches don't feel he is capable of keeping it to 4 turnovers or less a game.
  11. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Game seems to be over

    I don't think the scores would all be so close if they didn't have talent, BUT they're a bunch of fucking quitters. There is no heart on this team. We need a Warren Sapp type to get in player's faces, and the coaches can't take on that role when the owners fire them every time the player's quit.
  12. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Winston vs Fitz as our starter|?

    DD, if they don't pick up the option on Winston, I really doubt he'd re-sign with the Bucs. I'd say take the 20 million, spit it up between 2-3 'talented' QBs who failed elsewhere, and see if either steps up. Hell, I like the Kaepernick idea as well (as #3). I'm tired as hell of the Bucs drafting the QB of the future and pissing away 4-5 years in hopes that they save the franchise. If Winston was the man, we wouldn't be in this situation.
  13. So do we start Winston to see if he has anything in the tank, OR do we start Fitz to avoid paying the 20 million injury penalty before cutting both of them.
  14. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Got the Bucs Solution

    Not yet maybe....give him time.
  15. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Does Gruden have an assistant head coach?

    As for QB, unless there is a steal, I'm not drafting any until late in the draft. I'm okay going with Fitz and finding a 'talented' 8 million dollar QB or two who didn't make it elsewhere. Then just load up on defensive talent. I'm good cutting McCoy and Winston lose, and spending the cap savings on defense.