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  1. Bucaroo Bonzai

    4-20 Mock draft....

    This is the exact opposite of what it feels like to be a Patriots fan. Every time he posts it is a new low. Figures that Shabazz would celebrate 420 day by smoking crack.
  2. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Trent Dilfer to Announce Bucs Draft Pick

    Barry Sanders since he made some legendary plays when he was on the field against the Bucs.
  3. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Trent Dilfer to Announce Bucs Draft Pick

    Good for Trent! Finally, he has a job he is qualified to do. Granted, he doesn't hold a feather to last year's announcer, but after a few years, I think he can settle in to the job.
  4. Bucaroo Bonzai


    Things are not looking well for McCoy right now....
  5. Bucaroo Bonzai


    Because they don't spend 16 million on an older player who isn't worth more than 10.
  6. Bucaroo Bonzai


    Cause the rest of the league hadn't figured that out.
  7. Bucaroo Bonzai


    I have a hard time believing someone trades for McCoy....maybe a trade and re-sign, giving up a very very late pick. For 16 million, a team could practically have picked up both Alexander and Humphries for that much cap space. But frankly, I'd rather have either of them on my team.
  8. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Teams Needs

    I think they filled many of their needs, and now they mostly have to fill gaps. DLman in round 1, RB in 2-3, LB in round 2-3, DB round 4, QB and WR later rounds.
  9. Bucaroo Bonzai


    1. How the hell do we only have 2 million in cap space after the talent we let go? 2. Coach isn't in rebuild mode, but we're a 5 win team that let go of 2 very talented WRs, 1 very talented LB, and probably McCoy. 3. I've got no issues letting McCoy go, but would have liked to see us keep one of the FAs we lost. 4. I don't think the Patriots would touch McCoy unless he was cheap.
  10. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Good Read on Winston

    Fitz is a journeyman backup at best, and each of the past 2 seasons, he has 1 less win than Winston with half the games played. Once Fitz had his meltdown, his weaknesses were exposed, but shouldn't 'franchise QB' Winston have looked like Fitz without the meltdowns?
  11. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Good Read on Winston

    Hell, I can understand some of the turnovers, but with those targets when he wasn't turning it over, he should have fucking owned nearly every defense he came across. Fitz came out of the gate looking incredible before his meltdown and most of that had to do with his targets. Then Winston takes over and we see none of it. I'm not a hater. He doesn't suck, but has he had a single game where his passes were so sharp that he couldn't be stopped...with THOSE targets?
  12. Most of us don't give a crap about what school he went to. Winston missed the first 3 games because he grabbed an Uber driver by the pussy. He has a decent OL and had a fantastic group of WRs, and yet in each of the past 2 seasons he has won us 3 games. DeSean Jackson and Humphries are both making 9 million a year. Mike Evans is one of the best in the league, and Godwin would probably be making 10 million/yr if he was a free agent. They were the best group of WRs the Bucs have ever had, and while 2002 had a great trio, I'm not sure they are even close. Think about it, we lost 2 WRs who will be starting for other teams, and there is almost no talk about the Bucs drafting a WR or the need to pick one up. 4 years into his career and most of the league sees him as a middle of the road QB.
  13. If Winston shows up to camp out of shape, all of you FSU homers need to come clean. I mean if you are calling out an early draft pick for boasting that he is going to EARN a huge contract, how should you respond to a QB who isn't? I have a hard time believing the Bucs will go QB early. I think our FA moves would have been different if that was a possibility. Also, a QB draft pick would leave us pretty short in other areas.
  14. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Blaine Gabbert SUCKS

    Maybe it wasn't a coincidence that Winston stated he was going to play at 250, and 2 days later we are signing Gabbart.
  15. Will he borrow McCoy's Kimono when he shows up to camp?