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  1. Bucaroo Bonzai

    So Fitzpatrick....

    So any chance that a team with a decent OL and a need at QB decides to go it on the cheap, pick up Fitz, and devote their money and early draft picks elsewhere?
  2. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Offseason 2019

    If I had to choose between Humphires and McCoy, I'd let McCoy go.
  3. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Offseason 2019

    I think much of the D. Smith decision is pragmatic. We already have issues on the OL, and if we let him go, what are our options? We're not getting a solid LT in FA, and anyone we draft will be more of a project than he is.
  4. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Offseason 2019

    As GSS has said, our options aren't great, so maybe we need to keep Smith. Still, I'm not happy letting go of a player who has proven his worth.
  5. I agree that many of the knuckleheads would have ended up being good picks if we had kept the veteran leadership around to keep them grounded. Instead Barber and KW2.
  6. So much bad. I doubt there's a team in the league that would hire him at any level. Before he became GM, he had been in charge of scouting and finding talent, and frankly they had been falling short under his tenure there as well. I'm still livid about the Revis move. We needed to keep Bennett and Miller. Then I think FA had a pretty good selection of CBs, so spend the remainder of our money there. Then use the draft for additional talent. Finally, we should have picked up a journeyman QB who could feasibly take over if JF5 didn't get clean. 16 million in cap space was good for 3 players, and then a 1st round pick. Even if he played lights out, the Bucs needed 4 players....not one
  7. Bucaroo Bonzai

    The Dream Draft Scenario

    Yep. We're capable of running, and we can still win games without a strong running game, but we aren't going to win games without a good OL (which will help the run game) and without fixing the mess on defense. Coach was critical about how many passes JW had to throw per game, but the cause was largely poor defense. My guess (not knowing the FA market) is that we address RB in free agency. If not then 3rd or 4th round. DL in round 1 makes a lot of sense, then CB or OL in round 2 (depending on BPA). Also, in the unlikely event that nobody above us trades their pick (or simply drafts a QB), then I'm thinking the Bucs end up trading down.
  8. Bucaroo Bonzai

    The Dream Draft Scenario

    Seems like RBs don't have the value they once did, and it isn't a high need area for the Bucs. We need another RB, but rounds 2-4 or FA should be good enough. Still really early though. Really depends on how FA pans out.
  9. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Arians on Winston...

    It is very unlikely that the NFL will agree to anything that allowed teams to go over the cap to keep star players. The cap controls expenses for all teams. It works to maintain parity and is a large part of why the NFL has been so successful, and finally, the teams not at the top (over half) don't want such a disadvantage. ALSO, the franchise tag will probably expire around the time the CBA does, so good teams will want their star players under contract. IF JW plays well, then we want him under contract long term. You don't screw with a young franchise QB: you pay them.
  10. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Bucs have Signed a new kicker

    Cause that worked so well for us the last time. . They'll give him competition. Frankly our kicker woes have been our own damn fault. Now excuse me while I add Matt Bryant to the Mark Dominik thread.....oh, my bad, he's already there and in all caps, bold, underlined and circled.
  11. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Arians on Winston...

    Well, I suppose there are a few who feel that after all the trouble he had been in previously, he shouldn't have put the team in a position where they would be without their starting QB for the first few games due to him sexually assaulting an Uber driver.
  12. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Bucs have Signed a new kicker

    They signed someone who was playing rec ball at the local jr college. The highest level of American football in Germany has fewer fans than HS Lacrosse. I mean...they aren't selling tickets. These are the most bizarre highlights I have ever seen, and it is only made worse by the music they stole from the Blue Cross/Blue Shield hold line.
  13. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Schiano and Belichick

    Schiano was screwed pretty badly. His GM kept pissing away talent, bringing in damaged goods, and handing him a team with missing links. I've got not regrets with cutting him, but his time with the Bucs wasn't reflective of what he is capable of. He took over one of the least disciplined teams ever, and took a hardline stance that needed some time to rebuild and a purging of the old team. Seriously, our QB was a drug addict who fell apart midway through the season 2012, and instead of getting a serviceable QB for 2013, the only thing Dom was willing to do was pick up a 3rd round project QB. Then he lets go of 2 starting DLmen (one of which was a solid pro bowler) while burning our 1st rounder and 16 (20?) million on a damaged goods CB. So coach has no QB, damaged goods on the DL, is missing a 1st rounder, and didn't have talent from free agency to help assist the team. BTW, I think I saw Dom at his new job...brewing the complimentary coffee at Winn Dixie.
  14. Bucaroo Bonzai

    Arians on Winston...

    It will be interesting to see, but he has yet to play under the new coaching staff. NOBODY said that Winston was a stand alone problem. I think most will admit that he has some very good qualities as a QB, but he has been fairly inaccurate, and frankly, in 4 years I don't think we've seen a single game where he took over and looked like a true franchise QB. I mean there was one, but the team had 200+ yards rushing as I recall. My feeling at this point is that he ends up being a good, but not elite QB.
  15. First of all, let's give the Michael Clayton signing it's due. And throw out some mad (really fucking mad) props to him trading a 2nd for the damaged goods KW2 to be our team leader. My memory isn't great on this for good reason. I think it was Raheem's last year where he fucked us at a few positions. It wasn't so much of a 'bad pick' as it was losing needed talent and not replacing it, or minimally having us way too thin at some positions. We let Ruud go, didn't seem to replace him, and then appointed 3rd round pick Foster as the MLB (moving his position) before camp even started. At RB he let Caddy go, had no depth at RB and had injury prone Graham at HB and RB, or some nonsense. I think the Reevis move is probably why he will never get a front office (as in McDonalds) job again. I think he even said that when he saw Revis tear his ACL, he thought....maybe the Bucs can pick him up. We gave up a 1st and 3rd so we could pay a player to rehab a torn ACL more money than he was worth healthy. Oh and then there were all the damaged goods early round DLmen who never panned out as well as JF5. Seems like he kept grabbing damaged goods players off the scrap heap and they never panned out.