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  1. They didn't fuck up anything. It was all calculated.
  2. caner

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Congrats but let her pick her own team. Just because you ruined your life with the Buc's doesn't mean she has to suffer also.
  3. caner

    Fucktard back at QB

    #3 will be the Buc's starting QB next year. Bank it twinks.
  4. caner

    Fuck Cam Newton

    Calm down. You're going to bust a gasket. It's just a silly game.
  5. OK then how do you suggest he is handled going forward? Let's say Fitz plays well enough to make the job his for the rest of the year, then what?
  6. So you're saying you want to keep Jaboo?
  7. caner

    Turnover machine Winston

    To expand upon this, I'm told Winston is 11-3 in games he throws the ball less than 30 times. If true? Hmmmmmm.
  8. caner


    They either win Sunday or start playing for another top 10 1st round draft pick.
  9. caner

    Please don’t draft a safety at 7

    Ask him, he lurks. Me personally I was happy with how the 1st round went down but mainly because now you won't have to trade in your lifelong Bucdom. You, like UB and myself, were born into this crap and didn't get to choose. It's in your blood. Let the Bucdom flow through you. Now and forever, Amen.
  10. caner

    Please don’t draft a safety at 7

    He won't be turning in his Buc gear.
  11. Sorry I should have been more clear, the message boards I'm thinking of aren't Buc related. It was more a reference to message boards in general than Buc related boards.
  12. Both these things are very true but there are still other message boards that are older than this one that I participate in and still draw a helluva lot of traffic. The main reason for the decline of this board is at least 80% self-inflicted.
  13. LOL, nice reference but no, I'm not a trucker.
  14. For a short period of time I had mod powers so I saw what went on in the back channels here. I'll answer any specific questions anyone has to the best of my ability/recollection but I'm not going to spend a bunch of time here to do it seeing as I haven't posted or spent much time here in years. I just lurk from time to time anymore and when I saw this thread I did want to correct some misinformation/assumptions.