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  1. Arians must be hoping his offense can keep scoring 30+ and Bowles can have his defense keep the opponents in the mid 20's.
  2. LB position is not looking good curious to see which way they decide to go.
  3. The big IF with him is if he can stay healthy. Baltimore was looking for great thing from this guy and never panned out. Hopefully he able to prove something here.
  4. I am curious why the Bucs have not gone after Marcus Golden he proved to be a great player when Arians was at Arizona.
  5. There going to need that stand up speed rusher going to a 3-4 type of defense. I could see the line being McCoy, Vea and JPP be interesting to see if Spence now get more playing time since he played in 3-4.
  6. BFFL

    Hump a Titan

    I am pretty sure Arians thinks he can be replaced just like Jackson is probably going to be replaced with Brown. Also don't forget the Bucs could go after Renfro who basically was Hump replacement at Clemson for a cheaper price.
  7. Yes the call lost them the game but how many other non-calls could have helped the Rams. I watch one PI called against Baron where it was clear as day that Saints WR ran straight into him. You start reviewing PI then roughing the passer has to be included. Just think if they would review the play for us against Steelers where Ben barely gets hit and takes a second then suddenly throws himself to the ground. You might as well only have the Refs start calling holding, false starts and offsides penalties everything comes from the booth.
  8. A lot will depend on the defense they want to run in college Vea played a lot of 3-4 and 2-4-5 type of defenses.
  9. I was looking the other day and became curious about how many FA from Arizona and Jets these guys may go after. I know Tyrann Mathieu Houston is also available. I could see them possible trying to bring in a JJ Nelson or DE Henderson for the Jets.
  10. Koetter is in a good place already knows Ryan again has three great wide receivers and a solid running game. Dan Quinn taking back the defense they are going to be a tough team to play again.
  11. BFFL

    Second chance, fresh start

    I thought VHIII was coming along this year before he go hurt. I would like see how D Smith does if we get a solid running game going so he nothing but a bull rush coming at him all the time If Arians gets Winston to decrease his turnovers he will have a bright future I am interested to see what Arians does do with RoJo because he used the same type of back to spell Johnson a lot in Arizona and it work great. My only concern is JPP depending on the defense we run because he was not a fan of the 3-4 when the Giants switched.
  12. BFFL

    Fixing the Rooney Rule

    You do realize there are only 13 Jewish owners and four of those are with the Vikings which is really against all logic because of all of them except one our team has been known to spend money. Being Jewish I am a loud to make that statement. lol
  13. My only thing I worry about with Richard is a lot of Peter Carroll coaches do not succeed as a HC. I like the guy and would love to see him bring Seattle and Dallas defense to Tampa.
  14. BFFL

    Daniel Jones (QB) Duke

    You don't draft a first round QB if your staying with your QB which has been made clear. Your first rounder is used now to help the team not in the future. And please for god sake stop talking about how Winston is the reason we lost games. If you go back and look at his career Winston has put us in more positions to win games then lose. Why don't you throw how many kicks were missed, the defense blowing the lead or not stopping any one or penalties committed by the offensive line after a lot of big plays. You can hate the guy for making idiotic decisions in his life but his turnovers is because he tries to make to much happen to win. I get just as pissed as anyone when he does that but as I said in another post yesterday if you have not got to watch the Chargers and Rivers like I have his whole career you would know he makes the same exact throws I have seen Winston do. The reason Rivers is considered great is because they still win because he has a team around him that can cover up for those mistakes. When he doesn't the same exact conversation is being said about Rivers.
  15. BFFL

    What To Do With Winston?

    JustaFan I am going to disagree a little bit with your post all of his personal issues aside. I do believe he has the ability to score when the team really needs it and if you review a lot of games he has put us in great positions to win but miss field goal or poor defense has lost those games and you can include penalties in that area to. That's not saying he does not make idiotic mistakes but his last couple of games after being benched were not his fault. I am not sure if you get to watch a lot of Chargers games like I do from being out here but Rivers who is a Hall of Fame QB makes a lot of mistakes the same as Winston he just throws the ball up hoping something will happen. The difference in the two (not including personal issues) is Rivers has been able to cover up is mistakes because he has teams help him out. I am not saying Winston will be a elite QB like Rivers in considered but if you can some of the mistakes Winston has if you have team around that can help cover some faults.