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  1. BFFL

    Jalen Ramsey

    Ramsey is good for one year then if teams want to keep him there going to need cap space. I see now reason to go for a guy with a first rounder if you not going to be able to keep him after one year. I see teams trying to workout deal for the Jags to sign him to an extension then make the trade. Unless the Giants send the Jaqs three guys including Manning plus a 2nd rounder this will be hard for Jags to pull off.
  2. Such a true statement how many time have we made Case Keenum look like a superstar.
  3. This is such a true statement: Winston turnovers Good plays called back for holding A flash of a running game nothing great O-line still needs work This team has to many weapons on offense that we should not be having 400+ yards on offense a game.
  4. BFFL


    I'm not defending Winston at all because he played a lousy game but he also did not have a lot of people to throw to. The receivers were not getting open and when they did a penalty would call the play back just like last year. I like to know why know one here is talking about Howards two turnovers. Yes Winston sucked but ask this question to at least last year anytime a guy got hit in the head like he took they were taken out to be looked at for a concussion that did not happen. This is not an excuse for him I honestly wondered why that did not happen. I will also say I watch a lot of games this weekend and there was a lot of poor QB played for the first game by numerous guys.
  5. If they let him go you could see the XFL going after him. I would bet they would even tell him he could wear his old helmet and act as foolish as he wants.
  6. BFFL

    O-Line looks like shit

    There was a lot of conversation about Winston holding on to the ball to long and not taking the check down. I know on one play he had Perriman clearly open going across the middle.
  7. BFFL

    Suh vs Phins

    I would hope so with the talent he is surrounded with on that team. You notice he went to a team that already had a starting line with big names before he even showed up.
  8. I was curious if anybody has been to a football game over there. I plan on taking the family this year for the game and curious on other people experience that might have gone. I was stationed in Scotland for three years but that was in the 90's so I am sure things has changed.
  9. BFFL

    PI review

    This is still going to make coaches think with only two challenges you waste it on a PI calls and then have non catch or fumble they are going to have to decide if it worth it. I think you will only see the challenge for PI if its way down field or on the other side of the 50 to keep the drive alive.
  10. Arians must be hoping his offense can keep scoring 30+ and Bowles can have his defense keep the opponents in the mid 20's.
  11. LB position is not looking good curious to see which way they decide to go.
  12. The big IF with him is if he can stay healthy. Baltimore was looking for great thing from this guy and never panned out. Hopefully he able to prove something here.
  13. I am curious why the Bucs have not gone after Marcus Golden he proved to be a great player when Arians was at Arizona.
  14. There going to need that stand up speed rusher going to a 3-4 type of defense. I could see the line being McCoy, Vea and JPP be interesting to see if Spence now get more playing time since he played in 3-4.
  15. BFFL

    Hump a Titan

    I am pretty sure Arians thinks he can be replaced just like Jackson is probably going to be replaced with Brown. Also don't forget the Bucs could go after Renfro who basically was Hump replacement at Clemson for a cheaper price.