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  1. Have JPP and McCoy both restructure. Offer them long term contracts with guaranteed up front. The cap goes up every year neutralizing a portion of the dead money through inflation and increased league revenues if or when they have to be released. Both players have a possibility to continue there careers and both have connections to Tampa. As much as I have cringed at McCoy’s play sometimes the dude keeps getting bigger every year, has some quickness, and I believe if the team has a chance at success he will raise his intermittent effort when needed. We have endured this long let the man at least try to finish his job. I am still trying to digest that Koetter let Keysean Jackson decide when he would return a punt. I know he would kick my ass but I want to punch him in his pussy If I ever saw him in public. God help the NFL.
  2. mistermarty

    Schiano and Belichick

    Pretty hard to win when your quarterback and running back are Molly Queens.
  3. mistermarty

    Matt Bryant

    There are a few moments that I will never forget being a bucs fan. I had Club seats for years and threw my hard earned money to the Triptards hoping for more great football. As we all know it has been embarrassing since 02 but I will always remember being harassed in my season tickets by some Filthy fans. Everybody was leaving but I saw Bryant’s previous kickoff go into the stands which I had never seen him do before and figured he had a chance. The feeling of running inside and berating, chasing, and humiliating the Filthy fans off the bar in the Club level is ingrained forever in my mind. Fuck it, sign him, I am sure he will start missing easy shit but I can reminiscence every time he kicks. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MPLbpEUgst4
  4. mistermarty

    Top Ten

    Since Tundra confessed his hatred to the Scam Scum Newton and I followed with a Top 5 Want to punch list. I am going to spread the love and give my Top Ten favorite Bucs since I got infected in 1985. 10. Vernon Turner- First TD returned for Bucs only took 18 years. 9. Michael Spurlock- Run Michael Run “Santa Maria”. 8. Joe Jurvesicous- For redeeming our curse and sticking it to the Filthy Fans. 7. Hardy Nickerson- For kicking Broderick Thomas’s ass and ending our losing culture. 6. Ronde Barber- Reurning McNab’s pass for a TD and ruining Filthy fans for 15 years. 5. John Lynch- Turned superstar receivers into alligator armed wimps. 4. Mike Alstott- Allowed us to watch grit and determination weekly. 3. Tony Dungy- Gave us respectability and hope 2. Derrick Brooks- consistency and greatness 1. John Gruden- Gave us the God Damn Super Bowl “Thank you Jesus”
  5. mistermarty


    Unfortunately due to my mental illness I think I have seen or listened to just about every bucs game for the last 30+ years and I can’t recall one player I wanted to see get punched in the mouth more than Scam. But just for fun ley’s Play your favorte Top 5 and I will start. 1. Cam Newton 2. The fat fuck coach from the Packers “Mike Holmgren”. 3. Jimmy Johnson 4. Tie- I always wanted tp punch Testaverde and Dilfer Equally 5. Tie- Peyton Manning for the Monday Night comeback and every ref involved on the Bert Emmanuel debacle. I know technically it’s more than 5 but it was still worth it.
  6. mistermarty

    It’s Been 10 Years Since Raheehaw

    I couldn’t tell if he was talking about training camp or becoming a Altar boy. Either way I would stay away from him.
  7. mistermarty

    BA wants DJax back

    If you were going to try to trade him wouldn’t you want everybody to think you wanted him. Just saying.
  8. mistermarty

    Fixing the Rooney Rule

    Oh by the way Mike Freeman is a race baiting punk who told us Josh Freeman was railroaded because he was a black. Assclown with a capital A.
  9. mistermarty

    Fixing the Rooney Rule

    I think we need a Rooney Rule for kickers and punters. The racial bias is so evident in the league. All teams should have to audition a black kicker and punter every preseason until the same percentage is met as the average minority for all other positions. If you don’t agree your a racist.
  10. mistermarty

    DeSean Jackson requests trade

    Can we add Wil Gholston to the list. The dude has been on the team for 6 years. I have watched pretty much every game and seen him on the TV about 6 times in about 5000 snaps. Even if he was in 20 per cent of the defensive plays It defies logic how he couldn’t stumble into the screen once in awhile. One year he was a starter and I couldn’t even remember seeing him once. And just for good measure you forgot the number offensive offensive player Caleb Beenacock.
  11. mistermarty

    DeSean Jackson requests trade

    Two words to describe Mesean. Pussy Cancer
  12. mistermarty

    Dononvan Smith

    Don’t forget Jensen. He literally missed his guy completely and then pushed him into Winston.
  13. mistermarty

    Dononvan Smith

    He is trying to single handedly lose this game for the bucks. It’s hard to watch.
  14. I knew I recognized his company.