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  1. mistermarty

    Couldn't have ended better for the Bucs

    5 years $150 million and 60 guaranteed. The last throw, the Giants game and having 30 int.. cost him 15 million in guaranteed money. If he wins it won’t matter.. They will franchise Shaq, resign Suh, cut Brate and I hope Resign JPP but doubtful. I was 100% wrong about Perriman and completely right about OJ being a bust. They have cut the cancers out, Hargreaves and Desean and have a great nucleus of players bringing it every game. Donovan Smith has taken it his game to another level and the Bucs have the best chance to succeed next year since I can remember. Suh is the key and I am overjoyed that he replaced Gerald. Pay the man the money he has earned and the Defense will hold up there end next year. Keep letting Jameis use his legs and keep going for big plays. If OJ can’t catch get rid of him and find another TE that can go 20 yards down the middle and catch the ball over his head. Hopefully the Saints win the Super Bowl and Brees retires.
  2. mistermarty

    Bucs give up a TD on first drive

    Fitting end, pick six and 3 missed field goals. Only silver lining is the last play saved us a few million of salary cap. 150 million 5 years and 50 guaranteed if the Bucs offer him a long term deal. Does this last throw make the Bucs franchise him ?
  3. 5 year 150 million and they will argue between 50 to 70 million guaranteed, Shaq is franchised, but what do I know except I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.
  4. mistermarty

    OJ Howard

    He needs to spend the off season with Winston instead of clubbing. His best catch of the year came at the Rays game.
  5. mistermarty

    So, Compared to a Year Ago Today

    Donovan Smith played inspired today from what I saw. His main downfall is not playing to the whistle and periodically looks lazy. Not a coach but I thought he played one of his best games today. Both lines played well and part of the downfall falls on Leftwich and OJ Howard. OJ is clueless in the passing game and Leftwich was predictable which is leading to some of the interceptions. Talent wise we are well positioned and Winston’s turnovers will actually help our salary cap position. Hopefully we can retain JPP and Suh, add a RT, veteran running back, and a young safety and this team can compete for at least a wild card slot next year.
  6. mistermarty

    Warning Warning Danger Danger

    Is Raheem coaching the Lions, they quit before the game started.
  7. mistermarty

    Warning Warning Danger Danger

    They should call this game The Buffoon Bowl !
  8. Chris Godwin is unbelievable. Fearless, fast and reliable, what more can you ask for. This team has the best talent since 02. David, Barret, White, Vea, JPP, Suh on defense. Evans, Godwin, Winston, Brate, Jones and Howard on offense. Add in a good kicker, punter and improving secondary and we got a chance. Try to keep as many of them together and add a LT or RT and hopefully as Jim Carey would say we have a chance.
  9. mistermarty

    Prediction thread

    Nailed that prediction. Shaq dominated the Falcons.
  10. Hanging out late Friday night in SOHO before the first Saints game away, know some players that said they would never go out on a weekend of regular season games let alone a away game. Might explain his lack of consistency and playing time. Cut your losses just like Hargreaves. Probably be a pro bowler for the Patriots. I would take a serviceable Right Tackle to replace Santanna Doorstyle.
  11. Hargreaves is only playing hard because he lost his 9 million pay day for clubbing on Friday night with OJ. He will sucker some team for a 5 million guaranteed contract and he will suck again. He learned enough from Brent Grimes that you can turn it on and off just enough to get someone to get you paid.
  12. mistermarty

    Myles Garrett

    Should have used The Catalina Wine Mixer excuse.
  13. mistermarty

    It Wasn't His Fault

    Smith, Dotson,, Perriman, Dotson, and Leftwich all have to go.There lack of desire for the for the first three and the last two for ability will be a step in the right direction. David, White, Evans, Vea, Godwin and maybe Jones are enough to build a team around with or without Winston. Hargreaves jettison was a start. The season is over and you can start this week by cutting Perriman. The long pass from Winston to Miller gave me a little hope in both of them. Arians needs to light a fire in Marpet and make him take control of the line so he demands effort on every play from the OL.
  14. mistermarty

    Kapernick Try Out

    This move should make it a lot easier for him to get back in the league. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/2019/11/16/colin-kaepernick-nfl-workout-location-atlanta-time-change-media-access/4215063002/ Kinda reminds me of the interview from Step brothers.
  15. mistermarty

    Myles Garrett

    The Steelers may lobby for Rudolph’s suspension.