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  1. Saints-Vikings

    Did the Saints have T. J. Ward in on the last play. I saw #43 and it looked just like they way he plays.
  2. OT

    Did anyone see Tyler Johnson’s third goal last night. As the late great Flounder expressed. Oh boy is this great ,
  3. Game Chat

    Godwin scored with 9 seconds left, so if Winston misses there is still time for a quick out or at least a FG attempt. I am sure Winston didn’t want to end the season with Murray and I don’t blame him. I told my family before the snap to go for a TD if they rolled up. Winston saw him and threw a perfect pass. That is not luck my friend but someone who was sick of losing. I just wish Koetter had the balls to call the play. Good for Winston, good for the bucs. They played hard the last 3 games and they deserved the win.
  4. Game Chat

    I love the passion and fight in Winston, McCoy, David, Evans, Barber, Brate, Godwin, Gholston, McDonald, Grimes , Hawley , Robinson, Smith, , Tandy, Evans, and Russel.They fought in three games with no hope for postseason.. The Win today will catapult us to a great start and in 2018: Go Bucs, Love the play call to Godwin, sure didn’t feel confidant with Murray kicking a 5o yarder. Good for Koetter, great play call !!!
  5. Game Chat

    I have seen Clinton McDonald make more plays today than fat lazy Chris Baker make all year. Can we cut him, Jackson, and Ward after the game just to make me feel better. Add our kicker and special teams coach to the list also.
  6. D Jax in the news today lol

    I think McCoy and Winston should have some input in any free agent signings next year. Because Ward, Baker, and Jackson have not helped the team at all. Jackson was crying for the ball during pre-season and Ward and Baker were complaining about playing time on twitter. Let the captains make sure the players fit the team instead of just going for need. It has been a disaster and these guys sure didn't seem to help for all the money they have been paid for.
  7. Game Chat

    No, but about 8 Panthers had a direct shot at Winston without anyone even touching them at the line of scrimmage. Yesterday's loss was 100 per cent on the offensive line. Winston's desire, talent, and leadership was the reason we were in the game.
  8. Game Chat

    If our offensive line had a tenth of Winston's heart we would have won by 20. They should be ashamed.
  9. OT - Might be going to jail...

    I used to rep hernia mesh, people shouldn't die from that surgery. Sounds like the anesthesiologist made a horrible mistake, did they find out what killed your brother in law ?
  10. Game Chat

    Jacskon is done, poor route, gave up the interception I wouldnt play him the rest of the season. Pure 100 per cent punk.
  11. Embarrasment

    Does Chris Baker still play for the Bucs ?
  12. Embarrasment

    It would be nice if someone else on the D-line would make a play.
  13. Embarrasment

    Glad Winston sat down and learned from his mistakes. Unbelievable. Saw McCoy quit on scramble. Just terrible.
  14. We have a chance against the Dolphins

    Took the words right out of my mouth.