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  1. Sgballer55


    Winston made a good throw to Brate.
  2. Sgballer55


    Stewart and Davis have looked good thusfar when thrown their way.
  3. Sgballer55

    Gruden to Raiders is Official

    If Gruden is worth 100 then Bill is worth 1 Bill. Raiders going to regret it real fast.
  4. Lol Winston needs a roster full of pro bowlers to succeed, what a joke
  5. Sgballer55


    Cut em all!
  6. Sgballer55

    Is Winston a Bust?

    Yup he got away with at least 2 or 3 throws that should have been picked. Winston isn’t the only problem it’s our team as a unit starting with game planning.
  7. Defense is doo doo ????, Alexander isn’t so great after all, our d line still unable to create pressure... Were a bad team all around, from coaching all the way around, it’s disgusting.
  8. Sgballer55

    Is Winston a Bust?

    3 years into it I still wouldn’t call him a bust, two more years and we will know. If we have Freeman 5 years, Winston gets 5. (Or close to 5 Freeman got)
  9. Sgballer55

    How violent is the NFL going to get?

    Lynch made a living delivering ilegal hits.
  10. Sgballer55

    Jim Harbaugh needs to be nxt coach!!!

    Harbaugh would be nice here, like the big tuna use to say, if you’re going to let me cook, let me also do the shopping. Give Harbaugh complete control or personnel.
  11. This yahoo writer is already calling Winston guilty https://www.yahoo.com/sports/bucs-gambled-lost-believing-jameis-winston-grow-225004641.html
  12. I would believe that if Winston was having a MVP season. Right now it’s the domino effect, everyone is “brave” once one takes the first hit. Wether it’s true or not? We will see.
  13. Sgballer55


    I been told by our fans that Jameis still needs more weapons, all pro o line, a stud RB and 2 more starting WR. Give or take another 3 years?