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  1. Winston = Enigma For Bucs?

    Offensive system failuree to adapt and change has not helped him
  2. I think the bucs should switch to a zone blocking scheme like the the denver broncos had with john elway and terrell davis. Under center side to side one cut scheme either in two tight sets to use both howard and brate or with iform to use cross as the fullback. It would allow for jameis to use his mobility on bootlegs and keep defensive ends in a bind allowing cutback lanes for running backs and big playaction post, seams, crosses, comebacks & deep strikes.
  3. XFL is coming back.

    It willl fail
  4. Warren Sapp on the Bucs' defense...

    I agree, to be a great defense you need a dominant front & or coverage talent or scheme
  5. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    case kennum will be giants bridge qb
  6. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    A better oline will help the rb
  7. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Bucs need a pick a running scheme, power or zone get big guards on more athletic marpet types
  8. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    They cheated and were allowed to keep those wins you mean ???
  9. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    id always be running back by committee unless you get a special back even then it would be a 70/30 share load
  10. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Look how the pats have kept being good, they have types of players to fit there schemes... if u keep a scheme coaches get better because you know how to adjust
  11. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Teams are in the top 10 because they dnt commit to system fits.
  12. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    just because their regarded as best player in the draft does not mean they turn out to be the best
  13. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    why chubb isnt this freakish talented player, and nelson is a lg... if he was a rg id see your point
  14. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    I mean kamara for the saints was there in the 3rd he wayyy better then mccafferey soo ???