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  1. I've actually heard of middendorfs. I might have to check it out. Only gonna be there Saturday morning through Sunday night so maybe lunch or dinner Saturday. Hey Samurai. Thanks man. Good to hear from you too. Damn man, I read about Frank. Sucks. Where's nnud? Does he post anymore? Tundra? And dare I say snook?
  2. Man, imagine if we had Barret on one side and JPP on the other.
  3. I feel like Marriotta has regressed since coming in the league. Like maybe he was more dynamic coming out of college. Could be there's just so much film on him now though. That being said, I think Jameis is about the same QB we drafted. No huge changes in the right direction just same old same old. Winston is infuriating to me because of his inconsistencies. He can make the big time throws and he does, then he shits the bed on some routine stuff.
  4. Man, he was a great pickup. What kind of a contract does he have? Did we secure him or does he have like a one year deal and he's gonna want big money after this season?
  5. Hey fellas, long time since I've posted, though I have read the forums from time to time. I just wanted to to say what's up to everyone. My wife is a new Orleans fan 🤮 and we went to the game last year when Fitzmagic tore them apart and we decided to make it a ritual (I guess she's a glutton for punishment). Anyhow, I feel like we got a chance to take the lead in the division and walk away with another road win (our schedule is absolutely brutal for the next like 5 weeks with no home games, probably deserves another topic). Anyone been to NO? Is there anything I should do while there?
  6. Wow. Gruden 0-2. Maybe should've stayed in the booth. Lmao.
  7. I don't see how you can pull fitzmagic for Winston at this point. I think sitting on the bench will do Winston some good.
  8. I'll join. Haven't been active for a while but will participate in your league.
  9. Thank you. I'm tired of seeing "fans" complain about the best player on our team. It's a team. He can't do it all and it was in no way his fault we lost. I can understand the frustration of losing and wanting to take it out on someone but just because he is the highest paid doesn't mean it's his fault. I like McCoy. He kept it real at his presser. He's frustrated, and instead of giving y'all that same old crap about being 3 games out, and we are improving every week, he's said you know what we suck, and we are undisciplined. And to me that falls squarely on the head coach. Over everything I'm most disappointed with this season the number one thing has got to be the coaching.
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