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  1. Well, there goes GM Brisebois' mentor and the guy who rebuilt this franchise from the the depths. Thanks for what you did Stevie Y, but damn, this is a blow to the Lightning franchise.
  2. He's thrown away a career, an income, a life, a wife. What a scumbag, enjoy prison. Now we know what he meant by being a stick carrier
  3. They have two forwards in Miller and Erne. It's whether they have the desire to take the abuse for the betterment of the team or not.
  4. Soft as Charmin. Built for the regular season, but fades away and chokes when the playoffs start and the refs put away their whistles and don't call penalties. A complete meltdown and a coaching staff and a team captain that can't or won't adjust. And so many of NTCs that the roster will look pretty much the same, except on defense, as this year's team.
  5. Regular season champions, in the playoffs, then tend to choke. Star players disappear or make boneheaded decisions, like Hedman who's been terrible, or Kucherov with a suspendable boarding penalty last night. Vasi looks scared in net, Stamkos is on a milk carton again. Why Cooper has Coburn in the press box over Rutta is beyond me. If we go down in flames in round 1, this team will have to have the roster shaken up. They sat tight at the deadline and did nothing.
  6. I was there too, with my late brother, a big Giants fan. And it was like 120 degrees in the September heat, I remember that. I also remember Trently throwing a pick 6 if I recall from like his 20 yard line to ice the game for the Giants. Isn't this the game that Sapp went off in the locker room about the "offense"?
  7. BucForce

    Holy fuck?!? Really?

    Anyone seen RamsForever?
  8. BucForce

    Monken Off To The Browns

    If he succeeds there in 2019, he'll be a HC somewhere in 2020.
  9. "Will Arians solve our kicking woes?" I don't know Jesse, I haven't seen him try one from inside the 50 yard line yet but I'm willing to give him a shot. He won't even need a helmet, just trot out there with his motherfu@%ing beret tilted a little to the side and boom one inside the uprights, then spit on the ground and walk away.
  10. Merry Christmas all you long suffering capons of this franchise...
  11. BucForce

    The Jags Quit.

    I had Derrick Henry on my bench in a fantasy football league playoff game
  12. BucForce

    The road to 9&7....LOL....

    Why would you want to be 9 & 7? The Glazers would keep Koetter and Licht and sign Jaboo to a $100M deal and the fans misery would continue ad nauseum.
  13. Since when did every football game in prime time require a musical guest halftime show?
  14. Donaldson signs with the Braves for $23M for a one year deal. Cross that bat off the list.
  15. BucForce

    Blake Snell wins the Cy Young

    He was claimed by the Twins. Rocco Baldelli is his new manager.
  16. Koetter won't be here in 2019. Might as well see if Winston will be here as well, or play himself off the roster for the new GM and HC.
  17. BucForce

    Blake Snell wins the Cy Young

    Snell is only getting paid about 600K in 2019, and is under team control for 3 seasons after that. Anyone think the Rays will attempt to tear up his rookie deal and sign him long term? Nah, me neither.
  18. BucForce

    shits getting real in TB

    We need a kicker who can aim between those uprights.
  19. BucForce

    Blake Snell wins the Cy Young

    I was able to access the BucsChat itself but not any of the forums within. Glad it's back up and running.
  20. I think it's Apple Roofing Company. Apple was the Captain Obvious of BucsChat.com
  21. BucForce

    It's Gotten to the Point

    I'm one of them. I've found other things to do on Sunday now, and I never thought I would get to that point. I guess I'm not a true fan but enough is enough. Some owners just care about making a profit and not winning at the same time. Our owners are in that cabal.
  22. I guess this also rules out Winston Ramos making a return to the Rays in free agency.
  23. I think it was done was to make room for Austin Meadows, because they can't unload Kiermeier's contract. I think Zunino will be in a platoon with Perez. Plus they got another "opener" type pitcher thrown into the deal too. I've stopped criticizing the FO as last year amazed me after where I predicted them to finish. If they can pick up a RH DH power hitter like Donaldson or Nelson Cruz to add to that lineup, they have a decent shot to make the playoffs.
  24. BucForce

    So moving forward....

    When Licht and Koetter get fired, the new GM will want his own draft pick first round QB to fuck up over the next 3-5 years. Rinse and repeat Buccaneers. This team more than disgusts me, it made me apathetic to where I find better things to do on a Sunday that get my hopes up just to have them crushed every week.
  25. I request a trade from watching this shitfest of a team. I'm headed to Licht's office at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning with my agent.