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  1. None of the Eagles have ever knelt before the national anthem. Try another angle.
  2. Don't you actually have to play for a team before the team announces your "retirement" from it?
  3. Thank You Bolts !!

    Also games 1 and 2
  4. Thank You Bolts !!

    Not good enough. With the talent on this team, to go nearly nine periods without a goal is embarrassing. Some changes will have to be made, whether to the coaching staff, especially on defense, and to some of the lines to get bigger and stronger so they don't get pushed around so easily.
  5. Vasi's incredible save

    Game 7. Let's Do This!
  6. OT F The Royal Wedding....

    You guys do know this is Sir Elton John and his wife, right?
  7. Vasi's incredible save

    I loved the first period, but didn't like how they tried to just hold on for the 2nd and 3rd periods. They need to step on their throats and have a killer instinct. Score the first goal Monday night and get the fans booing this epic collapse once again by their team.
  8. Vasi's incredible save

    If Vegas wins the Cup, it will be the story of the century...
  9. Vasi's incredible save

    Caps have road ice advantage in this series, the way it is going.
  10. Vasi's incredible save

    Yeah, but lose the opening two games at home? And then win 4 of the next 5? Will be very tough, the whole team will need to play better than what they showed last night.
  11. Vasi's incredible save

    Must win tonight, though.
  12. Ok now this seriously made me LOL
  13. QB - Long Term...

    Josh Freeman, another comeback try http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bucs/2018/05/05/whoa-canada-josh-freeman-tries-to-resurrect-once-promising-career-with-the-cfls-alouettes/ This quote is all you need to know in the article: In a parallel universe, Freeman would be in the prime of his NFL career with the Bucs. He would be earning at least the $21 million the Bucs plan to pay Winston if he plays in 2019 under the fifth-year option. But now 30, Freeman breeds snakes back at his home in Kansas City.
  14. Glennon....

    Considering the Cards drafted Josh Rosen in the 1st round, and they already have Sam Bradford to start, Glennon's playing time might be reduced or eliminated like it was in Chicago when the Bears took Trubitsky. No team believes he is a starter, and now he is getting passed over for the backup position too. He will probably be a Card for 2018 until Rosen is ready to start when Bradford gets his annual injury.