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  1. BucForce

    Jason Licht has been GM 90 games

    Wish we had owners like this that won't accept mediocrity. The Glazer's put up a new Jumbotron and think the fans will flock to Ray Jay again. Until they are gone, things won't change around here. At this point, I'd be happy with mediocrity, it would be an improvement over 5-11... https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28110486/panthers-owner-david-tepper-frustrated-latest-loss-says-accept-long-term-mediocrity
  2. BucForce

    Saints game today

    Arians blames everyone for their play but Winston. I have a feeling if Winston goes, Arians goes too (resigns). They are joined at the hip now, for better or worse. Even the passes that weren't intercepted were wobbly ducks. Yes he is playing with a porous OL, a running game that sucks dicks, a defense like a sieve yadda yadda yadda. Look on the bright side. He is better that Dilfer and Shaun King.
  3. BucForce

    Anyone else get a PM from this idiot??

    We have an admin that kicks posters off? You learn something new everyday around here.
  4. The Bucs are just good enough to get you hopeful and to buy in that they have turned around a losing culture, only to laugh and spit on your face after conning you once again. So tired of this, year after year.
  5. I think this win in California might turn out to be similar to the Bucs win in 1995 in San Diego in Dungy's first season which turned around the face of the franchise of losing. This was a huge boost to team mentality, that Arians has brought a culture to the Bucs that will overcome the stench of Schiano, Lovie, Raheem et al. We can only hope, but we may want to mark the tape on that win and reflect on it at some point later this year.
  6. Rinse and repeat lol
  7. BucForce

    This could be the Bucs soon

    I wouldn't rule it out. The Hoodie will give anyone a chance after he lays down the ground rules. I just don't see that Winston's flaws can be easily fixed though.
  8. BucForce

    FUCK YOU Jameis Winston

    Yesterday's performance was Dilfer-esque, but even worse than the game Dilfer had in 1999 against the NY Giants. What has he learned in five years about ball protection, throwing it away to avoid sacks or pick 6's, about eating and taking a sack and living to fight another day? NOTHING! He can talk a good game but his actions are what we see as fans. The D made some plays and at least we are not bitching about a kicker for a change. I think Winston will be on a short leash, Arians has no vested interest in keeping him and watching him give games away.
  9. BucForce

    FUCK YOU Jameis Winston

    I've seen enough to know he is not a starting NFL QB, and I am not worried that he will be the next QB from Tampa Bay to leave and win a Super Bowl elsewhere a la Steve Young, Doug Williams and even Dilfer. Winston is a backup QB in this league and is pure trash.
  10. Sorry, I'm in and was at the live draft too.
  11. BucForce

    One fucking win away brothers!

    Congrats Ed, The Blues deserved it and Buck Foston!!
  12. Well, there goes GM Brisebois' mentor and the guy who rebuilt this franchise from the the depths. Thanks for what you did Stevie Y, but damn, this is a blow to the Lightning franchise.
  13. He's thrown away a career, an income, a life, a wife. What a scumbag, enjoy prison. Now we know what he meant by being a stick carrier
  14. They have two forwards in Miller and Erne. It's whether they have the desire to take the abuse for the betterment of the team or not.
  15. Soft as Charmin. Built for the regular season, but fades away and chokes when the playoffs start and the refs put away their whistles and don't call penalties. A complete meltdown and a coaching staff and a team captain that can't or won't adjust. And so many of NTCs that the roster will look pretty much the same, except on defense, as this year's team.