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  1. Will you be setting the draft date and time once you finalize the teams?
  2. Rays Trade Wilson Ramos to Phillies

    Rumors are the PTBNL is also not a scrub, but someone who has had at least a cup of coffee with the big club. Someone Pirates fans know as a name, not someone in low A ball.
  3. I'm in. My team was Just Winston Baby last year, deciding whether to change the name to something else.
  4. Losing Ramos for 4-8 weeks with a hamstring strain is a huge blow. They could have gotten a large return for him in a deal by July 31. Now they have to hope he comes back on the low end of that range in mid August and shows enough to where he may still be able to be dealt at the waiver trade deadline of August 31st. Otherwise he will leave for nothing. The only other remote possibility is that maybe he is out even longer, then signs a one year prove it deal again with the Rays and we trade him next July. But he's 31 with 2 major knee surgeries and now a hamstring, so teams won't be backing up the Brinks truck to sign him anyways.
  5. Winslow

    His dad was a great player in his own right. I remember that OT playoff game back in '82 between the Chargers and Dolphins. He left everything he had on the field, and was so dehydrated and cramped up at the end in the Miami heat and humidity, he had to be supported by two trainers at the end of the game. He was the true soldier in that family; his son is a POS serial rapist. I feel sorry for KW Senior, KWII can be castrated and his balls hung from the jailhouse door as door knockers for all I care.
  6. Semi-OT - We Lost One of Our Own

    Wow, he was younger than me. Sad news indeed, I remember him well. RIP BDK
  7. Offseason Blows

    For your offseason video pleasure, enjoy some goats..#GoatLife4Ever
  8. Press Conference...the fans deserve it

    No, it's not the media's fault that Winston (allegedly) can't keep his hands to himself or his dick out of places it doesn't belong unless she says yes.
  9. None of the Eagles have ever knelt before the national anthem. Try another angle.
  10. Don't you actually have to play for a team before the team announces your "retirement" from it?
  11. Thank You Bolts !!

    Also games 1 and 2
  12. Thank You Bolts !!

    Not good enough. With the talent on this team, to go nearly nine periods without a goal is embarrassing. Some changes will have to be made, whether to the coaching staff, especially on defense, and to some of the lines to get bigger and stronger so they don't get pushed around so easily.
  13. Vasi's incredible save

    Game 7. Let's Do This!
  14. OT F The Royal Wedding....

    You guys do know this is Sir Elton John and his wife, right?