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  1. BucForce


    Did you even look at my post 4 posts above yours that revived this thread?
  2. BucForce


    I can only think of one HC (Dick Vermeil) who succeeded after a 10 year absence from the NFL. Gruden will fail but he knew that going in and fuckened the Raiders to pad his bank account at their expense, living off of past glories. I can just imagine the outcry if he had come here and had similar results.
  3. BucForce


    Raider fans already not feeling the Gru love. Only 9 1/2 more years to pay him, welcome to Las Vegas... http://isgrudengoneyet.com/
  4. Mike Smith had 5 months to prepare for them after the schedule was announced. And still needed Fitzpatrick to play at a historic level to overcome his incompetence.
  5. BucForce


    JennaLaineESPN‏Verified account @JennaLaineESPN 2h2 hours ago Today was the 19th time in 36 games that the Bucs' defense gave up over 400 yards under Mike Smith.
  6. Sounds like this was a good one to miss watching today. I have a feeling my Sundays will become more open over the next few months.
  7. Bad loss, killer to their slim hopes.
  8. I don't think we had Live Chat last season either, did we?
  9. BucForce

    Bucs Chat Fantasy Football - 2018 Edition

    There's more people in that league than actually post here...
  10. 6-10, Koetter and Licht get fired, new 5 year plan begins.
  11. Buddy Harrelson is not doing so good these days, sorry to say. I blame Pete Rose, 1973. https://www.newsday.com/sports/baseball/mets/bud-harrelson-alzheimers-mets-ducks-1.16665040
  12. BucForce

    Bucs Chat Fantasy Football - 2018 Edition

    Will you be setting the draft date and time once you finalize the teams?
  13. BucForce

    Rays Trade Wilson Ramos to Phillies

    Rumors are the PTBNL is also not a scrub, but someone who has had at least a cup of coffee with the big club. Someone Pirates fans know as a name, not someone in low A ball.
  14. BucForce

    Bucs Chat Fantasy Football - 2018 Edition

    I'm in. My team was Just Winston Baby last year, deciding whether to change the name to something else.