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  1. offensive philosophy change

    His one skill that he is good at is copying and pasting.
  2. Super Bowl Halftime

    Since it was in Minneapolis, they should have just replayed Prince's halftime performance...
  3. They stopped interviewing candidates 23 days ago, and all the good ones have gotten jobs elsewhere. Maybe an opening for Schiano or Lovie?
  4. Super Bowl Halftime

  5. Greg Schiano's reputation

    Lots of rumors out there this morning that Schiano may be replacing Matt Patricia as Patriots DC...
  6. Overall, I thought they sucked llama balls. The only ones that made me laugh were the M&Ms one with Danny DeVito and the skit with Eli Manning and OBJ to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. That won hands down, though I cannot remember what the ad was promoting to be honest. The Tide ads were weird, and they didn't even mention Tide Pods!
  7. Super Bowl

    Would you rather have seen the Patriots win and Brady and Belicheck retire and ride off into the sunset? Or are just glad they lost, knowing that they will be favored to return to the next Super Bowl?
  8. Glennon Bears debut...

    In case Ryan Fitzpatrick gets a backup gig somewhere else, here's another option that will become available http://www.espn.com/blog/chicago/bears/post/_/id/4707678/veteran-qb-chase-daniel-intriguing-option-to-backup-bears-mitchell-trubisky
  9. Probably would go to their spawn as an estate inheritance.
  10. Larry Nassar sentenced

    It's getting worse at MSU, Izzo and Dantonio may end up being casualties as well... https://nypost.com/2018/01/26/michigan-states-sexual-assault-problem-isnt-limited-to-nassar/
  11. The poster I miss the most is Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa. This thread is the all time best ever on this board, or at least the top 3.
  12. I'm friends with Capt Bucarino on FB (so is nnud, I believe). He moved over to the Daytona Beach area but still is a big Bucs fan. This board is like a private club where you have to get past the huge bouncer at the door, take your lumps inside, and then maybe, just maybe, grudgingly, get accepted as one of the group. It takes a strong work ethic, diligence, perseverance, a backbone to stand up to the abuse as a newbie, and a smart ass mouth and a bit of a deviant mind to be able to fit in. Once you have established your niche, you need to post something to stand out within the group, but not be so ridiculous as to be another shabazzy clone. If you succeed, go to the Skyway Bridge and proclaim your success to the world. Or at least any grouper that may be in the area.
  13. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    I thought you were a Vol...