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  1. Still a little skeptical that they will actually get through a 60 game schedule and playoffs without the virus causing a shutdown.
  2. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2020/04/10/mlb-realignment-league-considers-radical-move-for-2020-season/5128935002/ Of course the Yankees get the cake division in this scenario, the Rays get placed with 2 division winners from 2019 in theirs. If it even happens...
  3. Cora and Beltran gone too. Biggest scandal since the Steroid Era? I don't think it's over either. Rumors now are that Altuve and Reddick, among others, were wired up in the ALCS with the Yankees.
  4. Hoping they don't overpay for Perriman. He will go back to being the 3rd WR, no reason to sign him to a large contract.
  5. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS Home: Falcons, Panthers, Saints, Packers, Vikings, Chiefs, Chargers and Rams Away: Falcons, Panthers, Saints, Bears, Lions, Broncos, Raiders and Giants Not the toughest of schedules, but with the Buc's, every team is usually the favorite.
  6. The pick 6 to end the game was horrible to be there and watch. But what has irked me even a bit more, if possible, was his post game comments about "Look at my numbers, I'm ballin'". Seriously?? Are you all about YOUR numbers? The only number that matters in the NFL is WINS, and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. That comment leads me to think he is more about himself than the team, any team, if the Bucs let him walk. GMs will take notice of that. I usually feel apathetic after the end of a Bucs season, but I am more angry than usual this year. If even Bruce Arians can't fix him, what hope does this franchise have?
  7. I was there for both, and those might be the last 2 Bucs games that I attended. I was in a state of semi-shock both times, but by now, I should know that he is what he is. He can spew whatever cliches he wants about knowing what he did wrong, working on getting better, that he and his teammates have confidence in him, yada yada BS. The only way the Bucs improve their record with him is to improve the defense, so that his constant turnovers can maybe be overcome by holding an opponent off when they are actually put in decent field position. No defense can stop 7 pick sixes in a season, but if they can hold an opponent to a FG when Winston puts them in a position trying to stop a red zone drive right off the bat, we would stand a fighting chance. I just don't think Arians will wait long to decide on Winston. He saw this year what we've seen for five years, and even he is frustrated that he can't seem to fix what is wrong.
  8. I heard Arians coached Heath Miller at PIT when he was OC there, so he knows how to use TEs. For whatever reason here, he won't scheme them into the offense.
  9. https://sportsnaut.com/2018/08/power-ranking-all-32-nfl-owners-heading-into-2018-season/ Bottom third, higher than they deserve
  10. Wish we had owners like this that won't accept mediocrity. The Glazer's put up a new Jumbotron and think the fans will flock to Ray Jay again. Until they are gone, things won't change around here. At this point, I'd be happy with mediocrity, it would be an improvement over 5-11... https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28110486/panthers-owner-david-tepper-frustrated-latest-loss-says-accept-long-term-mediocrity
  11. Arians blames everyone for their play but Winston. I have a feeling if Winston goes, Arians goes too (resigns). They are joined at the hip now, for better or worse. Even the passes that weren't intercepted were wobbly ducks. Yes he is playing with a porous OL, a running game that sucks dicks, a defense like a sieve yadda yadda yadda. Look on the bright side. He is better that Dilfer and Shaun King.
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