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  1. Fanofda Wins 33-30 over Axe ! One hell of a season guys, well played ! WTG Fanny, better luck next year Axe man !
  2. From what I've read, the Tards will have about 85-90 mil to play with this year. Re-signing Barrett, a no-brainer, and Lazy Eye, for lack of better options available at the moment, will burn about half that. JPP, could burn another 10-11. Scherff, has already turned down 13 mil a yr , so he's not realistically in our budget with all else we need to do. Nice call though. That leaves roughly 35 mil for draft picks, and other FA's. Then all we can hope for, is they focus on OL/DL in rounds 1 & 2. If they stuff Licht in a closet for the 3rd round, maybe we'll have someone besides a kicker to show for that pick. Rounds 4-7 are all voodoo.
  3. Not quite as great as an open, sucking chest wound, but it's close.
  4. Indeed he did. And only a few short years after we won our last one. 53, 54, is it now ?
  5. I'd ride her like Seattle Slew..... Alrighty then. What about her ?
  6. And this post is why, the site is something you can read. Most don't think before you post a comment. It's not a matter of the so called 'most informed'. Do you guys enjoy being the 'laughingstock' of the entire NFL message boards ? I guess so, seeing as how you all actually think anything Rotundra has to say is funny. You guys piss and moan about no one posting on this board ? Yet you chase off anyone who wants to start an actual conversation about football related topics. Unless it's about beastiality, child/family molesting, rape, or drug & alcohol abuse, etc, no one really cares to comment on it. Sad, truly sad. Even more pathetic, is some of you clowns actually claim to have wives and/or children. Now, that is as fucking scary as it gets, no way some scumbag punk like Tundra should have EVER had the chance to breed. Too bad Harvey didn't get them. Oh well, maybe this year one will. Cheers to that !
  7. As nauseating as that comment is, unfortunately, it is very accurate.
  8. With a new coaching staff in place already (for the most part) , what would you, the 'most informed' do, with the 5th, and 39th picks in the upcoming draft ?
  9. Fuck it, why not go all in, and give them our 2nd, since we seem to waste that pick year in, and year out anyway.
  10. On crack ? fentanyl ? So many options, so little time...
  11. Yep, let's extend him on a weak bungee cord from the Skyway Bridge. Now we have a real coaching staff in order, for the first time in years. So, where in the hell do we get a QB, a couple of O Linemen, another pass rusher to compliment JPP, aaand, an entire secondary ? It's a great new start, but it's still a Bucs Life. #realitywhataconcept.
  12. Let us not forget the 3 tards still running this shitshow. Is this gonna be another 'Promote from Within' Party ?
  13. Interesting call. Herbert will be there at #6.
  14. Dotson for 20 on 1 drive, he's in the hunt too.
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