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  1. PantherFan

    Fuck Cam Newton

    Sorry I haven't been around. I am on a self-enforced ban from my team and the NFL until they either cut the kneeling POS or are not playing (eliminated). Yeah, it doesn't mean shit to anyone else, but it keeps my conscience clear. Reid is a POS that makes Newton a tolerable saint by comparison. I see the scores on the news or on an ESPN crawl and that is all. Hope you fine people have been well. Take care.
  2. Panthers PSL holders are already bitching at the possibility of a new stadium being built and not having their benefit carry over to it. Of course, I think a new stadium is unnecessary. B of A has character, and Charlotte will never host a Super Bowl anyway, not enough hotel rooms.
  3. PantherFan

    Panthers fire Shula

    To top it off, Rivera wants Norv Turner as OC possibly..... As for me about Shula being fired.....
  4. PantherFan


    Mike Shula magic strikes again in the postseason. Now to see who our old juicy-jawed pervert sells the team to....definitely not going to be P Diddy and his band of thugs, which will of course cause a wassist media uproar. Fuck Sean Payton in the ass too. No way in hell I will ever root for the team with that FEMA teat-sucking fanbase in that overblown shithole.
  5. PantherFan


    Shula Magic about to take hold. How bout those Rams? Couldn't sell out their stadium given the prime time Saturday night slot as gravy. Fuck them. They'll be 6-10 again next year per normal.
  6. Love > Barkley That being said if James is still there at 5, grab him. Gamechanger on D.
  7. PantherFan

    Game Chat

    In his defense, the middle strip of the field had just been resodded, both teams were slipping all over the place. ACC title game then two home games, along with cold weather, not a good combo for a grass field this time of year.
  8. PantherFan

    Game Chat

    We had no business winning that game. Your favorite bum, Mike Shula, didn't decide to open up the offense whatsoever until the final drive. Shula will shit the bed here shortly and we'll go one and done in the playoffs having to go to NO in round one, unless somehow you beat them and we beat Atlanta at the same time.
  9. PantherFan

    Cant say how much ....

    Almost impossible to meet until the title game since y'all have the tiebreaker on the Saints, we are stuck at 5 as a wild card, and 3 if we somehow back into the division title. You guys are 3 if Saints win division, meaning we go there and go one and done.
  10. PantherFan


    Merry Christmas y'all.
  11. PantherFan

    Mass Groping at NFL Network

    Diddy buys the Panthers, I am officially done with the NFL. They want a minority owner, there is a billionaire named MJ right down the street.
  12. PantherFan

    This will about do it . . .

    The anthem used to be played before team introductions back pre-9/11. If the league does it as a whole, so be it, but you know these pussies will cry "oppression".....
  13. PantherFan

    OT- I agree

    Do what 99% of colleges do before their events, play the anthem, alma mater, etc. while the team is in the locker room.
  14. PantherFan

    BSPN - Wow

    If a team I want to see play is on ESPN, I'll watch it, that's it, not their shit political commentary, not their thug Sportscenter at 6, nada. They lost me when they chose a chick with a dick over this guy as a 'hero'.....
  15. PantherFan

    Irma vs Week 1

    Could have played it Friday night or Saturday afternoon in Charlotte with no problem. I would have gone over for it.
  16. I despise Vick, but if he replaced that douchebag Strahan I wouldn't mind.
  17. Veterans boycotting the NFL due to the anthem bullshit will be much more effective.
  18. PantherFan

    Real Rays showed up last night.

    Cash is beyond useless.
  19. PantherFan

    NFL Schedule Idea

    My .02: Two preseason games. 18 game regular season with 2 bye weeks planted between weeks 5 and 14. Start regular season the Sunday before Labor Day, and end it the day before the college football title game on the Monday night in January. Eliminate the bye week between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl, the SB doesn't need the extra week of hype anymore.
  20. PantherFan

    Offseason Blows

    Gotta try and get this thread refocused....
  21. PantherFan

    Panthers fire their GM...

    A clusterfuck led by a senile juicy jawed Culverhouse 2.0, where his pocketbook and the league come first.....
  22. PantherFan

    OT: Super Bowl LII Halftime Show rumor

    Wasn't Bob Dylan born in Minnesota?