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    Fuck Cam Newton

    Sorry I haven't been around. I am on a self-enforced ban from my team and the NFL until they either cut the kneeling POS or are not playing (eliminated). Yeah, it doesn't mean shit to anyone else, but it keeps my conscience clear. Reid is a POS that makes Newton a tolerable saint by comparison. I see the scores on the news or on an ESPN crawl and that is all. Hope you fine people have been well. Take care.
  2. PantherFan

    Offseason Blows

    Gotta try and get this thread refocused....
  3. PantherFan

    You guys killed the forum didn't you?

    Frankly over the past three years, I haven't had the time I used to.....
  4. PantherFan

    GameDay: Bucs V Ravens

  5. PantherFan

    GameDay: Bucs V Ravens

    1983 at Green Bay, a 55-14 loss that TB trailed at half 49-7. If not for Hugh Green running a pick six in during the 2nd and James Owens running in a meaningless TD with under three minutes left, it would have been uglier, if that was possible that day. Good old 1983....2-14 season, capped by a George Yarno XP in the Silverdome.
  6. Murray (UGA, Tampa Plant) will be the QB steal of the draft since he'll drop down due to the ACL injury.
  7. The only all-star game with any merit or relevance anymore is MLB, and only due to the HFA tie-in. If the league were smart, shit can the Pro Bowl and put some more focus on the Senior Bowl and begin to promote your new product instead.
  8. PantherFan

    College Bowl Game Contest: Winner - rook

    Total points of each bowl game and post the picks right here correct?
  9. Glennon is doing damned good for a rookie. The more shocking thing about that list is where SB winners Flacco and Eli are located.
  10. TB will beat Miami and Buffalo and finish 2-14. Jax has the win today, and will beat Buffalo as well. Jax has three straight at home in December, Houston, Buffalo, and Tennessee. They are more apt to luck out and beat a second team along with Buffalo on that homestand and finish 3-13.
  11. PantherFan

    Can the Rays Hold On?

    They'll hang on just enough to get to fly from Toronto to either Oakland or Texas on wild-card Monday and get the shit beat out of them in the one game playoff.
  12. PantherFan

    Florida Catches the Injury Bug

    They go 6-6 and Muschamp is done.
  13. PantherFan

    Offseason Blows

  14. PantherFan

    Looking Over Ass Sets

    This thread must stay active.....
  15. PantherFan

    Looking Over Ass Sets

    Play action would be most effective.
  16. PantherFan

    Looking Over Ass Sets

    This thread is full of wood, er, I mean, WIN!
  17. PantherFan

    Looking Over Ass Sets

    Back on topic, quickly after that blasphemy by Snook.....
  18. PantherFan

    Looking Over Ass Sets

    Thread of the year candidate right here. Rep-a-plenty.
  19. Maybe he speaks in tongues instead?