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  1. Pirate

    BA wants DJax back

    Don't forget about misogyny, sexual assault, aberrant behavior and social dysfunction. #JameisLove
  2. Pirate

    What To Do With Winston?

    Exactly. The Great Purge that ushered in the age of Youngry is the reason I gave up my season tickets and have not attended a Bucs game since. But the decision to draft a misogynistic piece of shit poseur is the reason I stopped rooting for the team altogether. If he was merely a boor I could deal with it. If he was merely an axe murderer I could probably rationalize it. But as you said, every single aspect of his character repels me, and his play on the field has been strictly mediocre at best. Although I do understand he played pretty well yesterday, which is great. Awesome to see the guy rise to the occasion against another team playing out the string. Too bad he didn't get to eat the W. Fucking fake-ass twatwaffle.
  3. Pirate

    Captain Fumble is Back

    And this is Winston's career in a nutshell. Whether it's his arm, his decision-making, forced fumbles, Etc, he's just not a winner. I think he used up all his winning karma his freshman year in college. Since then, he's been remarkably ordinary. Honestly, if FSU loses that championship game to Auburn, Jameis is a third-string QB for the Detroit Lions right now. He really had no business being drafted on the first day, much less first overall.
  4. Pirate

    What To Do With Winston?

    I wish there had been more of this type of thinking when the Bucs drafted Winston in the first place. Neither he nor Mariota were anything close to a sure thing, but at that time, there was this girlish angst to use that pick on a QB no matter what.
  5. I'm okay with a division winner hosting a wild-card team with a better record. Winning your division should mean something. I've always felt the same about the college playoffs. If you can't win your conference, you don't belong in the championship game. You had your chance, and blew it.
  6. Pirate

    The Buc's Defense SUCKS

    Actually, I thought the defense did as well as they're capable. Baltimore's offensive line is a beast. The Bucs aren't the only team they've pushed around over the last few weeks. The offense couldn't sustain much of anything in the second half, and eventually the Ravens offensive line just wore down the D. That's football.
  7. Pirate

    What To Do With Winston?

    Winston is a career mediocrity. He has been living off his freshman year at FSU for way too long now.
  8. No because they just suck. They don't tell you something great happened and then two seconds later take it away from you. That's the worst.
  9. Pirate

    What To Do With Winston?

    They are already losing with him, so..... maybe they should spend some of what they'd have to pay him on a better defense.
  10. I wish I was rooting for the Ravens. I really love that pound the rock running game.
  11. I haven't been able to listen to Bucs football on the radio for 10 or 15 years now. Deckerhoff is trying to drive everyone insane.
  12. Pirate

    Thanks NFL ya bunch of dicks

    Or, to put it in terms the semi-illiterate can understand: "Glazers suk, but this ain't they fault, kantcha reed??????"
  13. Pirate

    Thanks NFL ya bunch of dicks

    I believe there is an NFL rule that requires teams to host an international game if their home stadium is selected to host a future superbowl. Last year Tampa was awarded the superbowl for 2021 - I think this part of the required payback. That said, let's please continue hating on the fucking Glazers, because they suck big fat donkey whang.