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  1. Now in year 5.... Before game 1: He's the man! After game 1: (applicable if no new HC or OC hired in offseason). He sucked but that's only because the coaching sucks. OR After game 1: (if new HC or OC) He sucks but he'll get better as he learns the system. After game 4: Bench his ass! (Name of backup) can't do any worse. After game 8: Might as well put him back in there and see if he gets any better. After all, he was the overall #1. After game 12: Seriously, this misogynist rapey piece of shit sucks.  After game 14: Blow this fucking place all to hell. After game 16: yes, he played for shit but I thought I saw glimpses of something late in the season. I think I'm willing to give the misogynist rapey piece of shit thief another chance, Monday post-draft: maybe this will be his year. Game 1: see above.
  2. Pirate


    Maybe the QB Whisperer only whispers to quarterbacks who were going to be fucking great anyway.
  3. Absolutely. But they started it.
  4. Warms my heart to see how a few of you still drink the Kool-Aid, year after year... I'm a Bucs atheist as long as Winston is quarterback, but keep the faith Brothers. I may not root for the Bucs anymore, but I'm rooting for you!
  5. Pirate

    I miss Ricky Bell

    Watch the little bit of that and skipped around. I'm not only nostalgic for the creamsicle right now, but announcers like Stockton and Madden, well, at least before Madden became a parody of himself.
  6. If you're old enough to have been around during the birth of the Bucs, there's a difference between how horrible they were back in the day and how snake bitten they are now. I am convinced that their struggles over the past decade plus are due to bad karma from the way the Glazers gutted the team. But as we know, the Bucs have been worse.... far worse. The 1976 team put on the worst performance of any NFL team in history. In the second season they weren't much better. But they came by their ineptitude honestly, and even in those ugly creamsicle uniforms, they were easy to love, like a three-legged puppy. So I was a big fan of Ricky Bell, and if you're too young to have known what the Bucs were about back then, it's worth looking up some highlights. He was a big, steady, old school running back but he had some moves. And apparently he was just a sweetheart off the field. Unfortunately he ended up dying in 1984 from a weird disease with an unpronounceable name. I don't know why God seems to take so many of the good ones before their time. Anyway, this morning I was in the car and an old novelty dance song came on from 1967 called "Tighten Up". (I'm really not an old fogey. I listen to Volbeat and Khalid too... ) anyway, anyway, for some reason I was interested enough to Google the artist, Archie Bell and the Drells. Turns out Archie was the brother of Ricky, and those who were the brothers of Jerry Bell, who was the lead vocalist with the Dazz Band and a world karate champion. Don't know exactly why I took the time to post this, except I'm just amazed at how some families have such prolific talent, and because as hard as it was to be a Bucs fan back in the day and hear all the derision from the fans of pretty much every other team, I kind of miss those days. I cared about the Bucs then. ... RIP Ricky--
  7. Pirate

    A Bucs Life

    The call was indeed fuckened. But I will disagree that it was the biggest fuckening, because in the grand scheme of things, the Bucs could have had unlimited downs to reach the end zone on that drive, and the way their offense was playing they would still be on the field today trying to get in.
  8. Pirate

    Bring Back Snook!

    Awwww, it's like a class reunion. I gained some weight since the last one, but some things haven't changed. I still hate the Bucs quarterback with the intensity of a thousand red hot suns.
  9. Pirate

    Bring Back Snook!

    I'll say this for Snook, as I know he was accused of welching on a bet or two. I bet him a case of beer that Suh would have more sacks than Geraldine one year, and when I won, he promptly delivered. Love him or hate him, he was the straw that stirred the drink around here for a long time, and you know you miss him.
  10. Pirate


    From what I understand McCoy was due to make $13 mil this year. None of that was guaranteed, so if the Bucs sign Suh for anything significantly less, they save money for pretty much the same production. McCoy is maybe a little more consistent. Suh is unpredictable and has a mean streak. I'd be okay with that if I was the Bucs. The defense has been about as bland as it gets. McCoy's like Haagen-Dazs vanilla. It's high quality. But it's still fucking vanilla.
  11. Pirate

    RIP, Big Dog

    Condolences to his family. Beyond that, now is not the time for me to share my memories of listening to him on the air.....
  12. I have to say, it warms my heart to have a board reputation as a committed Dilfer-hater. And that is the perfect pic. A duck interception that didn't count because he'd already stepped out of bounds. Only Dilfer could snatch incompetence out of the jaws of ineptitude.
  13. Pirate

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Congrats. brother! I didn't really understand the profound joy of being a parent until I became one in my late 30s. I have two daughters, and they have changed the meaning of life for me. Enjoy!
  14. This was the one that first came to mind for me as well, because it was such an obvious amateurish panic move. Clayton threatened to get on a plane to Seattle to go talk to them and Dominik immediately wrote the check. I can't blame him entirely though, because it's not like he had any experience negotiating contracts. He was purely a personnel evaluator. It would be like a megacorporation hiring a jobs headhunter to be CEO.
  15. Pirate

    Holy fuck?!? Really?

    As for the Halftime show, props to Levine for singing live, but maybe he should be one who lipsynchs for this kind of thing, because it was pretty clear that without studio sound-production magic, he sounds tinny and whiny. The gospel singer kicked ass. And I liked Big Boi's fur coat, not just because it was total ghetto badass, but because he annoyed the shit out of PETA for wearing it. And the drones spelling out the words was pretty cool, except you really couldn't tell if that was actually happening or some sort of TV trick. Other than that, no bueno. I hate unspontaneous spontaneity, so Levine can just keep his shirt on from now on, and spare us the sight of all that randomly-placed ink. He looks like a bridge abutment in South Central. And if you're going to bleep out the curse words in rap lyrics, why bring in the rapper in the first place? Funny, my daughter (who is in high school) was outraged. Not at the cursing. At the bleeping.