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  1. Ramsforever

    One fucking win away brothers!

    Thank you BucForce. Was a long time coming for this team. Have a Margarita on me...
  2. Ramsforever

    One fucking win away brothers!

    This about sums things up.
  3. Ramsforever

    One fucking win away brothers!

    Thank you! Big night for St louis! Much better road team than a home team.
  4. Ramsforever

    One fucking win away brothers!

    One period away!
  5. Fudk the Bruins, and their ilk!
  6. Ramsforever

    What the hell is wrong with the Lightning?

    Crazy, never would of thought they wouldn't win at least one game. WOW!
  7. Going down 0-2 in the series is not cool. Was hoping the Blues would hook up for the finals.
  8. Ramsforever

    Blues kicking some ass early!

    Very good game.
  9. Ramsforever

    Bucs offering free tickets!

    Yea.. probably right. Been a good run with you pricks! Twenty plus years? Good luck with your team. Hang in there. Peace out!
  10. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25404832/tampa-bay-buccaneers-offering-season-ticket-holders-free-tickets-vs-carolina-panthers Nice move!
  11. Plenty of parking there.
  12. Ramsforever

    Happy Thanksgiving Fuckers

    Happy Thanksgiving you whiny pricks! Have to love this Detroit Chicago game, real football at last. 0-0 after one quarter.
  13. Been through a few 10-13 year, losing streaks myself. But for fucks sakes! Don't give up!
  14. What a fucking game! Donald was the difference!