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  1. ....annnnnnd.....It's back

    They cant be seen in the locker room. So my guess, is they will come out and kneel anyway.
  2. Jameis Winston engaged

    Maybe that will settle him down a bit. Who is the kid?
  3. Vasi's incredible save

    They are in it.
  4. OT F The Royal Wedding....

    I agree.. Bunch of spoon fed pricks!
  5. Vasi's incredible save

    Vegas coming boys. Take care of your shit!
  6. Vasi's incredible save

    Who has home field advantage?
  7. Vasi's incredible save

    And... there you go!
  8. Vasi's incredible save

    Pluck another one at their house, and it's all even. Good luck!
  9. LINK Sounds like this is make it or break it, for some of your coaches.
  10. Dungy in the ring of honor

    Let it go people!
  11. Reality Check: Bucs 2018 Schedule

    You are wavering son. Pick a hole!
  12. Vasi's incredible save

    Ouch! Just two games!