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  1. Worse Than The One We Have Now

    How about this one? Or this ..... Or this ....
  2. free agent Corners

    What... no love for my Ram?
  3. Bucs Just Fired Hayes

    I get it.. sack! my bad!
  4. Bucs Just Fired Hayes

    Really? What the hell is wrong with that? WTF is going on in this country!
  5. Worse Than The One We Have Now

    Want to throw a special thanks out to Tundra, for finding this meme sight! Thank you sir!
  6. Worse Than The One We Have Now

    Geeez thx fellas!
  7. Worse Than The One We Have Now

    I could dig it up.. if you make me.
  8. Cant wait to see this piss weasel fail!
  9. Worse Than The One We Have Now

    That helmet has been posted ... like fucking years ago.
  10. Super Bowl Halftime

    That was a good show. It was a band. Minus the bimbos!
  11. Super Bowl Halftime

    Well I don't think all of Floyd is alive, but I like what you want to hand out!
  12. Foles sucks! Got away with some trick plays. Doesn't mean he is a good QB.