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  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct .... 400 hundred yard penalty, loss of life!
  2. How does the draft work?
  3. Florio is a bag of shit.
  4. ******Breaking news*******

    I like Fitz. He is long in the tooth, but if has help. you could win.
  5. Not that it's an excuse, but didn't Raplesburger only have one black mark?
  6. Sorry Bro. Can't help it if your Qb is a retard!
  7. Pacman is no boxer

    How did he keep his pants up during that squirmish?
  8. Dont worry, they will keep enabling this ****** retard. Cuz, you know, it isn't that bad yet. SIgned Tundra.
  9. Winston media from PFT

    Nobody here seems to give Fitz an ounce of respect. Decent journeyman for sure. If you have upgraded players on both sides of the ball, he will be productive. Just needs a OL and someone to throw too. If your defense can get some rush, you guys may be surprised. Just sayin!
  10. Winston media from PFT

    The guy is mental. If you can't see that after all this time, then you are Tundra!
  11. Brady!

    WTF? He cant even catch a pass.
  12. Winston media from PFT

    In summary ...... • In November 2012, while playing around with B.B. guns on two different occasions, Winston caused $4,200 in damages to a Tallahassee, Fla., complex. • The following month, a fellow Florida State student, Erica Kinsman, accused Winston of sexual assault. Winston, a freshman at the time, called it consensual and a year later, the State Attorney’s office opted against charging Winston, citing “problematic” testimony by his accuser. • In July 2013, Winston was accused of stealing soda from a Tallahassee Burger King. The manager decided not to press charges. • In April 2014, Winston was suspended from Florida State’s baseball team after shoplifting crab legs from a Publix. • In September of the same year, Winston served a one-game suspension for jumping on a table and yelling vulgar remarks on campus. • In April 2015 — the same month that the Bucs drafted Winston first overall — Kinsman filed a civil suit against Winston for the 2012 incident. They reached a settlement in December of 2016. • In March 2016, came the incident for which Winston is facing the suspension: Allegations that he grabbed the crotch of the Uber driver in the drive-through of a restaurant in Scottsdale, Ariz. • In February 2017, while talking to elementary school students in St. Petersburg, Winston drew criticism for saying boys can do anything and should be strong, but ladies are "supposed to be silent, polite, gentle." • In November 2017, Winston instigated a brawl between Bucs and Saints players after he came onto the field to taunt an opponent.
  13. Who is gonna fucking want him? I mean really!
  14. Press Conference...the fans deserve it

    I agree. He has at least one more push, and who knows?
  15. Press Conference...the fans deserve it

    ....forget it, he's rolling!