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  1. Been through a few 10-13 year, losing streaks myself. But for fucks sakes! Don't give up!
  2. What a fucking game! Donald was the difference!
  3. Ramsforever

    Todd Monken Bitches

    Dude looks like he was in The Matrix!
  4. Ramsforever

    Kicker is Cut

    Hey dumbass! Worry about the rest of your team. Kicker was a Ram! He's good!
  5. Ramsforever

    Who is The Bucs Next Inept Kicker ?

    He kept the Rams undefeated when he played, so there is that.
  6. Ramsforever

    Kicker is Cut

    Yes. Rams dropped him when GZ came back.
  7. Ramsforever

    OT- Cam having a rough night!

    The kneeler disqualified!
  8. Couldn't happen to a better asshole!
  9. Ramsforever

    OT- Jason Garrett is gone!

    I was hoping. But it's Jeruh !
  10. Ramsforever

    OT- Jason Garrett is gone!

    Purpose? Just a little early on the prediction. But it will happen.
  11. Ramsforever

    Fire Dirk, Hire a Harbaugh

    "On January 14, 2014, McVay was promoted to offensive coordinator by new Redskins head coach, Jay Gruden." "Randy Jordan enters his fifth season as the Redskins’ running back coach in 2018 after initially being named to the position on January 26, 2014." All this info came from Wiki! This guy is young, and he knows some serious shit. Just throwing it out there.
  12. Ramsforever

    OT- Stephen A!

    I hate that prick as much as the next guy, but what he said, is pretty much true.
  13. Ramsforever

    Fire Dirk, Hire a Harbaugh

    Careful what you wish for!
  14. Ramsforever

    OT- Stephen A!

    I love the"pussy" Mike and Mike guy, just standing there, LOL (OK maybe not the Mike guy) Irvin is just dumb founded! LOVE IT