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  1. You sick fucks sure like to talk about dicks a lot. YKHIKYG? Not that there's anything wrong with that!
  2. I think that the pewter jersey with the white pants would be the dog's bollocks. I doubt they break the color rush theme though. I'm happily not disappointed with the new/old unis.
  3. I wonder how much it cost the Glazers for Nike's "New" jersey design that looks just like the Super Bowl era ones? That's one expensive pooter colored jersey. Dumbasses shouldn't have changed them to begin with. No one was clamoring for a change.
  4. When they can find a doc that isn't taking care of sick people and that both parties agree on to squeeze Tom Terrific's nutz and poke their finger up his azz. AKA, not until a physical.
  5. I hope they go with white helmets. It's fucking Florida! I don't have high hopes.
  6. I can't wait to see what shit show Nike rolls out this time. 🙄
  7. ManUre. All I have to say is Phil fuckin' Jones. LOL
  8. Karma meet Judas Taggart. LOL
  9. So, we've lost at home to a rookie QB making his first start, and two BU QBs. Season is Bucfuckened™ again. Might as well see what Griffin can do. It's a MF'n Bucs' Life!
  10. As much as we have been Bucfuckened™ in this game, there is still a chance to win. Unless they let trick plays beat them and Arians doesn't drop dead on the sideline from his head exploding.
  11. Must be nice to be able to throw $30 mil away just to get people to pay attention to you.
  12. None of these scrubs being cut matter. WGAF?
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