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  1. @HikerBuc watches ¿Highly Questionable?
  2. So, we've lost at home to a rookie QB making his first start, and two BU QBs. Season is Bucfuckened™ again. Might as well see what Griffin can do. It's a MF'n Bucs' Life!
  3. El Bucanero

    That was a fumble

    As much as we have been Bucfuckened™ in this game, there is still a chance to win. Unless they let trick plays beat them and Arians doesn't drop dead on the sideline from his head exploding.
  4. Bigmouth Strikes Again.
  5. Must be nice to be able to throw $30 mil away just to get people to pay attention to you.
  6. El Bucanero

    Roster cuts

    None of these scrubs being cut matter. WGAF?
  7. El Bucanero

    Hey NNUDster

    Make sure you two at least give each other a reach-a-round to truly make a Happy Birthday to you.
  8. El Bucanero

    Bring Back Snook!

    He was a bullshit spouting prick, but he was our BSP. He definitely could light a fire in this place and watch it burn. It often got monotonous, but occasionally there was some epic shit talking with grudges that go way back.
  9. El Bucanero

    Bring Back Snook!

    Where's Nickelob Light? That dude cracked me up with his tales from the nuthouse.
  10. El Bucanero

    A Bucs Life

    I believe the word you are looking for is, Bucfuckened™.
  11. El Bucanero


    I just hope he wears #93 so all the McCoy jersey owners are fucked. Other than that, yawn. Like for like with more drama.
  12. Bucfuckened® again. Oh, and Hargreaves sounds like Woody Woodpecker when he giggles.
  13. El Bucanero

    JPP out for year?

    I believe the word everyone is looking for is Bucfuckened®.
  14. El Bucanero

    2019 ROH

    Do we really have to add someone EVERY year? This is ridiculous. Surely #20 should be in the ROH, but let's give it a minute.