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  1. He shouldn't even be allowed in the locker room. Just go to his locker and take his stuff and toss it outside the locker room door. i wouldn't worry about him being despondent and doing harm to himself. He could put a gun to his head and pull the trigger but he'd likely miss. Damn!
  2. I wish that I could afford doing likewise but I took an alternative route to see my teams. I opted to spend $20 a year to buy the MLB At Bat app for my lap top and iPad . its great to follow a live game in VR with the amenities that an official MLB app has with current stats of each player. If a team hits a homer or a fantastic defensive play, within 5 to 10 minutes you'll see that relay n your screen. You'll also see every pitch location and speed of the pitch. The bonus that I love is that there is a live radio feed to that game. I'll hook it up to speakers and listen to the radio feed from that teams radio broadcast . I can keep up with my beloved Cubbies along with the Braves and Rays. ive used this app since 2016 and at $20 a season it's worth it. I have until May 7th to renew for 2019, which I will do. I just hope it stays at $20 a year.
  3. Congratulations fanof!! Hoping for the best for you and your young family and for your sanity for when your little girl turns teenager
  4. Sad news indeed. yeah I believe that he was associated with Dave Moore as his reason for coming to this and the old forum.
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  7. Agreed. She had one of the most angelic singing voices I ever heard. "New World Coming" was a favorite of mine. What was that old joke? She died from choking on a sandwich Karen Carpenter died from anorexia. If Cass just shared that sandwich, they'd both be alive today......
  8. Todd Gurley but I admit I'm biased If the Bucs go with the trend of rotating their backs his addition with Martin would no doubt strengthen the running game. Other than that biased pick I would go with the best O lineman out there.
  9. My tastes in music isnt usually what a guy my age admits to. It goes from the Doo *** years preceding the Beatles, thru the Beatles the 60's 70's ( even Disco, I am....was a damn good dancer ) and the 80's but I stopped listening to Top 40 at the onset of the 90's. Went to a Golden Oldies station guy to Smooth Jazz also. But there was one person I thoroughly enjoyed listening and watching her videos. Janet Jackson From her early videos thru the 90's, I admired the effort she put in each one. My all ime fave is " Alright" which ofcourse had the cameos of Cab Calloway and Cyd Charisse ( with a very young Sammy Davis Jr tribute )in it and it mixed old time dance routines with modern moves. I have the Janet Video " Design of a Decade" that came with the CD back in '96 and love the entire video/CD. Why am I sharing this info with you? Its humbling to share ones stupidity and ignorance. I purchased my current Flat Panel TV / DVD player only a few years ago but didnt see the need to invest in a high priced speaker system so I went low ball. Now this past XMAS my cousin as a gift, gave me high priced headphones that I only used for my iPad. It wasnt until tonight that I finally plugged it into my TV directly. It was like a GODSEND in sound with the videos. I heard instruments I didnt hear before. I listened to the entire video with all the songs and I feel ashamed that I could be so stupid not to really listen to it. OK humbler old fart rant over
  10. Oh well, now in 2 weeks the Dawgs and Gators will be playing for a Chik Fil A Bowl slot. Maybe they can call the matchup in Jacksonville to the " Obamacare Bowl " considering the injuries to both teams and mess that it is.
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