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  1. I wish that I could afford doing likewise but I took an alternative route to see my teams. I opted to spend $20 a year to buy the MLB At Bat app for my lap top and iPad . its great to follow a live game in VR with the amenities that an official MLB app has with current stats of each player. If a team hits a homer or a fantastic defensive play, within 5 to 10 minutes you'll see that relay n your screen. You'll also see every pitch location and speed of the pitch. The bonus that I love is that there is a live radio feed to that game. I'll hook it up to speakers and listen to the radio feed from that teams radio broadcast . I can keep up with my beloved Cubbies along with the Braves and Rays. ive used this app since 2016 and at $20 a season it's worth it. I have until May 7th to renew for 2019, which I will do. I just hope it stays at $20 a year.
  2. BuccinA

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Congratulations fanof!! Hoping for the best for you and your young family and for your sanity for when your little girl turns teenager
  3. BuccinA

    Semi-OT - We Lost One of Our Own

    Sad news indeed. yeah I believe that he was associated with Dave Moore as his reason for coming to this and the old forum.
  4. That was the Official Unofficial Buccaneer message board. lance went over and mocked Raheem and I went there too. Mod 4 said to him what size dress he wore and I replied " Why? You wanna borrow it? And I got immediately banned for life which tickled me since I didn't give a rats ass. It was actually a fun night
  5. Tho I don't post that much, I do read it a lot . The long duration that it was down, I thought that it was put down for good. Glad to see it back. I read the other Buc sites and still had no desire to sign up on those sites.
  6. BuccinA

    OT- The movement!

    So many people are saying that these school kids should be feared for their newly found political voices but to me fearing them, especially since they have no absolutely idea on the political process that they are trying to engage in is not much to be scared about. I've watched interviews of these newly firearm experts to see that they have no idea, like many older adults on what constitutes an ( misnamed ) semi auto " military grade " firearm. An AR-15 is not an " assault rifle " . They are not what I was issued to me when I was in the Army. They are not full auto and do not have a grenade launcher attachment nor a specialized treated barrel on those to withstand the use of that full automatic capability with a melt down to that barrel. I'm amused by those former military who also label the AR-15's as " weapons of war " because I know that if those very same ex soldiers were offered a civilian AR-15 over a real military M-4 or even a Vietnam era M-16 to fight a enemy equipped with a like full auto rifle, they would not opt for a civilian AR-15. Not one of them. If one wants to see what a actual assault rifle would do in close quarters combat, watch the movie " We Were Soldiers " and see how these full auto firearms would butcher the soldiers equipped with a semi auto rifle. It don't take much imagination to see the damage that could be done to these civilian " weapons of war " armed soldiers with true assault rifles. Now back to these school kids who are now going to be schooled in politics and how it works in this country and who are sucked up into the demonization of the NRA as a shadowy evil entity that throws money at politicians to get their way. They like many adults who believe this are going to find out the true power of the NRA is not in the money but in the power of 5,000,000 voters and their families and friends who are not members. The money from the NRA is a campaign reward for their votes in congress. And the NRA is not the only pro gun rights group. There are many more, like Gun Owners of America ( GOA ) , who consider the NRA wusses in gun rights. The Anti-gun rights lobby wants to make the elections a " single issue " matter. So be it! Let it happen. It was tried before after the failed gun control attempt of 2013 after Sandy Hook where sadly, 20 children were murdered by a lunatic who killed his own mother to gain access to her firearms that she had locked up. That single issue attempt resulted in more pro gun rights Senators and Congressmen being elected n the 2014 mid terms. I could go into the Native stance on these issues but I best leave that to another day. With memories of our forced disarmament after the Sioux Wars, which we were lied to about being able to keep our firearms, we take a different view of " Never Again " than do the Anti-gun rights nuttery.
  7. I've been part of this group since the SPiT days 20 years ago. I read a lot of the posts here tho I don't join in especially if one echoes my point of view. I do miss a lot of former posters opinions who decided to go off to other sites because of one reason or another. Some I miss because they passed on. Snooks dad BucNGator ( I believe he spelled it as such, BucsPE and the poster who passed away a few years ago that was in his 30's and wheelchair bound. I am so sorry that I can't recall his handle here. BucNorth from Canada was another poster that I met at the games that no longer comes around. CaptRino or Bucarino is another along with Monica that I miss posting here. Hammerhead and PewterSkull were fun as all get out during the Dilfer Wars. Oh well that's my 2cents
  8. BuccinA

    Ronde not a hof

    Jesse hasn't convinced anyone that RB doesn't belong n the HOF. He just further convinced everyone that he doesn't know much about football and is a complete idiot.
  9. BuccinA

    Baker Mayfield

    Granted he had a great first half against the Dawg D but 2nd half adjustments pretty much shut his air show down. He had one td pass in the second half added to a few 3 and outs with 3 sacks. He reminds me of Johnny Foosball in college and we know how he payed in the NFL after D Coordinators got film about him as his playing time increased. In the 2 over times he managed only 2fg attempts with one blocked. Draft him at your own risk. Him and Cleveland seem perfect for each other.
  10. BuccinA

    Adrian Clayborn

    Yeah I saw the game. I couldn't understanfpd why the replacement LT was left alone all game long . I would think that a TE might be lined up against Clayborn or at least an extra back in the backfield to chip block on Ckayborn and then give a release value reciever out of that back field. But Garrett did none of those things. They left the LT alone out there so the Clayborn could feast on him.
  11. BuccinA

    Adrian Clayborn

    Causing fumbles and stripping the ball right out of Prescotts hands right before th half.Prescott was even looking under the bench for him............
  12. True but we know that Jesse isn't pretending to be stupid no matter what shade.
  13. I loved how he ran out the clock. With those freakish long arms, he'd hold the ball out of bounds while opponents would frustrate themselves trying to swipe at it.
  14. BuccinA

    Bucs Cut Nick Folk

    That stupid move still grates on me. After his release and his pick up by the Falcons, he has proven to be one of the most reliable kickers in the NFL during that time.It ranks right up there with the stupid move of letting John Lynch go and where he had more Pro Bowl seasons with Denver.
  15. BuccinA

    Tundra is a Dick

    Well, if anyone wants a Sioux translation It can be said that he is a chech ( dick ) Or a nah tah chech ( dick head ) Or more flattering a loo tah chech ( hard dick ) Or it can be combined loo tah nah tah ah chech ( hard headed dick ) I'm sure an elder could correct my translation, which wouldn't be a first, but there it is