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  1. bucsgrrl

    Super Bowl

    The same old story? Not that I want the eagles to win either, but YAWWWN
  2. bucsgrrl

    Forced Changes

    Thanks for letting us know, tmservo. Will Tapatalk be supported?
  3. bucsgrrl

    Baker Mayfield

    It's the Buccaneer Way™.
  4. I agree with that much ^ of your post. I have no ties to rival schools of FSU, in fact I like it when the bucs draft players from any of the Florida schools. I don't want Winston to be guilty, though. I still think he can be our quarterback, if he's not touching uber drivers or committing other off the field crimes. That mystery third guy in the uber's front seat is going to take the blame for this one, I guess.
  5. bucsgrrl

    QB - Long Term...

    You're killing it with the gifs lately nnud
  6. bucsgrrl

    Kyle Brindza Released by the Bucs.

    620 says Barth and 2 other vets are coming for tryouts
  7. bucsgrrl

    Alstott Impressed with Winston

    Look how cute Alstott is coaching his kid (high school qb ) http://www.tampabay.com/sports/footballpreps/for-mike-alstott-football-and-family-bring-new-rewards/2206237 And on topic, I heard discussed on sports radio today how polite and funny Winston was at Alstott's charity golf match last weekend. He called everyone Sir and impresse them all.. I'm pumped he eore the shirt to Tenessee lol.
  8. I know that the opposing team is putting all the pressure on McCoy, but ONE tackle?
  9. bucsgrrl

    Bucs V Rams Post Mortem

    No, he didn't didappoint. He won the only Superbowl the franchise has ever had.
  10. bucsgrrl

    NCAA March Madness Bracket

    What is the ID of the pool?
  11. bucsgrrl

    Offseason Blows

    No! I watched the entire bucs game today, which was horrifying enough. I do not want to see that guy↑ doing any kind of dance whatsoever lol! I did drink a really delicious double IPA which was barely strong enough to get me through the game at 9% but too sober for that.