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  1. bucsgrrl

    Super Bowl

    The same old story? Not that I want the eagles to win either, but YAWWWN
  2. bucsgrrl

    Gruden to Raiders is Official

    Just fuck the Glazers.
  3. bucsgrrl

    Game Chat

    Anything to screw over the Saints is good in my book. And it was nice to see a couple pretty passes there at the end.
  4. bucsgrrl

    Game Chat

    Oh well heaven forbid we have a lead.
  5. I can't believe you guys are saying 'Fuck him' to the only coach who ever brought the Lombardi to Tampa. I haven't thought that Gruden would return because he was treated like shit by the Glazers. Until I saw his speech at the halftime ceremony, that is. He looked like a man who wants to coach again. Come on back, Jon.
  6. bucsgrrl

    Forced Changes

    Thanks for letting us know, tmservo. Will Tapatalk be supported?
  7. bucsgrrl

    Game Chat

  8. bucsgrrl

    Game Chat

    I also wish that Gruden had said "I thank Tony Dungy for letting me win with his team" No I don't think that
  9. bucsgrrl

    Game Chat

    I wish they had shown that whole thing!
  10. bucsgrrl

    Game Chat

    Gruden talking about Bryant Those were the days
  11. bucsgrrl

    Mass Groping at NFL Network

    I do criticize the 'I Dated Matt Lauer' chick and her ilk. That is not where the problem lies