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  1. nvbucs

    Monken Rocks....

    It's not the exact same group of players really... last year had two rooks and Jackson was new to the team. The line has been changed up a bit and there was a much cleaner pocket yesterday in which to make throws as a result. And arguably Dougie being out of here made a difference... but the play calling certainly helped and seemed to be much less predictable. The players are overall much more familiar with each other and much improved.
  2. 10-6: defense starts a bit slow but begins to gel by mid-season.
  3. nvbucs

    OT - Reverse Mortgages

    Under 62 and you can't get one of these... you can't trust anything from a telemarketer... they could be some fraudster trying to collect your social security number. Here's the government FAQ's on a reverse mortgage. #2 states the age qualification. https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/housing/sfh/hecm/rmtopten
  4. nvbucs

    OT - Reverse Mortgages

    Only the elderly can get it, and on a primary residence only. You have to be 62 and up. It really is intended to provide more finances for the elderly. My mother used it to replace a 25 year old car and do some remodeling. So my brother and I may not get her home as an inheritance... (depending on how much interest accumulates and home values)... but really, her home was never ours to begin with... it's her equity, let her get some benefit from it. Tundra's comment applies exactly to my mother... fully paid for home living only on social security. She needed a newer car. And yes, many folks will need help with the terms and understanding what's really going on. It took a full couple of years for her to understand that she did not have to worry about it as long as she paid her taxes and insurance. The thing we've had to help her with is that now that home values have gone up, people want to refinance her even though she does not need it. They confuse and mislead, which can lead to bad decisions.
  5. nvbucs

    OT - Reverse Mortgages

    The bank doesn't want the equity. They want the accumulated interest after you die. This is a good program to help those in the retirement years get extra funds. It's your equity... who says you have to give it to your kids!
  6. nvbucs

    OT - Reverse Mortgages

    Yeah, credit is not nearly as picky with these, but you do have to show that you reasonably pay your bills.
  7. nvbucs

    OT - Reverse Mortgages

    I know a little bit about these. My mother has one and the lovely wife is in the mortgage business. These can be really good for the elderly that need additional funds in retirement. I'm sure you have to have no liens or judgements, though those can probably be resolved at closing. Credit probably has to be reasonable because they will be relying on you to continue to pay your homeowner's insurance and property taxes. As far as money you can take, that depends on your age and the value of your property. The older you are, the higher the percentage you can take.
  8. I've been watching this forum for about 18 years now... I finally started posting a few years back, but then a password change got me locked out and no one could fix it. I wonder how many others had the same issue. The recent board change did correct that, so you'll have to put up with an occasional contribution from me. As far as snook goes, the battles he always drew in drove many folks away... most everyone else I would love to see back.