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  1. fanofdabucs

    Early as hell W-L predictions, 2017

    Last decade ojom has been in full effect on this board and Sucs have lived up to their names. Always kinda felt it was more of a way to say "it was reverse mojo" when they win and "I told you so", when they suck. As for KOD, the only real KOD was the death of papa Malcom. Bucs 10-6 ! KCUF OJOM
  2. fanofdabucs

    Early as hell W-L predictions, 2017

    Fuck all that old school reverse ojom bullshit. Hasn't worked for shit for over a decade.
  3. fanofdabucs

    Early as hell W-L predictions, 2017

    10-6 Surprise of the NFL Winston puts it all together with the QB whisper in his ear. The defense is FINALLY good enough to not give up 30 a game, which is all this offense needs. RoJo turns it around completely after not having to run behind Benecock. OJ and Godwin become stars in Arians offense. White is the runaway DROY.
  4. So after spending high draft picks on VH3, Davis, Stewart, Bunting and Dean...Ryan Smith has a guaranteed roster spot waiting for him despite being suspended? I guess I'm willing to give any DB who played in Mike Smith's awful defense a pass and redo, but that's surprising to hear none the less.
  5. fanofdabucs

    Face it.. The Rays

    One of the best Ray's games of all time. In Yankee stadium, against that team, with those fuctard fans acting like jackasses behind home plate, with a player that had already had 2 home runs, against that pitcher and all while being down to your final strike. BOOM! No matter what happens this season, that game and that moment will be remembered for a long time. 👏
  6. fanofdabucs

    The New York “Football” Giants

    Same Mike Shula who as OC for the Panthers has owned the Bucs for years.
  7. fanofdabucs

    Ryan Smith Suspended

    Doubt Smith was going to make this team anyway.
  8. fanofdabucs

    Ryan Smith Suspended

    Hope he kept his receipts
  9. fanofdabucs

    Face it.. The Rays

    250 mil worth if salary vs 60 mil...and the games all could've gone either way. Wow those mighty Yankees... FUCK the Yanks and all their fake ass fans. Bunch of Valrico fucks that have never even been to NY
  10. Always cool to see these young kids grr their first starts and seeing their parents there. McKay, Glasnow, Baz, Snell, Honeywell (maybe)..pretty good group of young pitchers
  11. fanofdabucs

    Nice 18 Inning win

    Bigtime win that could've been a demoralizing loss. If THAT bullpen can perform like that for the majority of the rest of the season, then this team can get back to winning a bunch of games.
  12. fanofdabucs

    Bring Back Snook!

    Bucs will be in the playoff hunt this year. 10-6 Go Bucs 2019!
  13. fanofdabucs

    Bring Back Snook!

    How about that fat ginger Steeler fan?
  14. fanofdabucs

    OMG- The Tampa Bay-Montreal Expo-Rays

    Stu Sternberg is a complete idiotoc pos. Sell the team and get the fuck out already.
  15. fanofdabucs

    Bring Back Snook!

    I think SF Frank might have scared him off. Think Frank did something involving his wife or where she worked. Snook sure could dish it out, but what made him so easy to hate was he was such a pussy about taking it.