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  1. Brady is highly competitive, is healthy, still wants to compete and came to a team with more weapons than he had. Bradshaw is funny, but not too bright. Saying Josh McDaniels is somehow a better offensive mind than BA, Tom Moore, Cylde Christensen, Leftwich and Tom Brady, is laughable. I'm pretty sure there is just enough NFL experience there to throw together some decent game plans. Waaay excited to watch the Bucs play next season.
  2. They seem to like them.. https://www.buccaneers.com/video/chris-godwin-lavonte-david-devin-white-react-bucs-new-uniforms-2020
  3. The Bucs could use a vet Safety, but other than that, I believe they're done signing FAs until after the draft. The pass catching RB will come in the draft. More oline depth/competition will come via the draft. If Suh's replacement doesn't come via the draft, they will try to bring him back after the draft. This draft is very deep at WR, RB, OL. Hopefully one of the big 4 OTs fall to 14 and we have a new young RT. A RB like Edwards, Dobbins, or Akers can be had in round 2. The later rounds for interior oline depth and DL. The Bucs will go into camp with the most talented roster they've had since the superbowl year...then the season will be cancelled due to the virus and Brady will retire.
  4. They can compete and whichever one comes out on top..
  5. I know we already have a Gay kicker, but Zuerlein would be a nice addition to compete with Gay in camp. He had an off year last year, but the guy is an 82% FG kicker and doesn't miss extra points.
  6. Jensen for sure and I also think they draft his eventual replacement in the 2nd or 3rd round. There will be lots of value to be had in rounds 2-4 for interior olineman IMO.
  7. Waaah I quit Bucschat..waaah im back to bitch and complain about everything, insult people with different views and then say this place is nothing without humor. Get a grip my friend. Relax..you're all over the place. This is the part when you talk about ignoring someone then call them names. Awesome
  8. I would be shocked if the Bucs don't draft a RB in the first two rounds. If all 4 top OTs are off the board and there isnt a DT that fits the scheme, then I could even see them taking a RB in the first round. Jones showed a lot more power and ability than I thought he had last year. But he wasn't good in pass pro and he's not a great receiver. Dobbins, Akers or Edwards would be huge for this team. I really like Swift as well. In the later rounds, a back that can really catch like Dee Jay Dallas wouldn't suck either.
  9. Same can be said for just about any NFL team. But a decent back up is never a bad idea.
  10. Yeah he wasn't half bad for an undrafted back. Jones and a draft pick like Edwards, Dobbins or Akers and they're stacked on offense. That swiss cheese oline might look a even better than they were last year with Brady. Cant wait..stoked for the playoff drought to finally end. Unfortunately we will lose some of the most informed once Jaboo signs with another team, starts ballin out and eating Ws. But there's plenty of room on the bandwagon for newbies.
  11. So Smith replaced Mankins? Huh..you learn so much good info on this here site. Smith fucking sucks, yet he's still here and Jaboo has left the building. Ali Muppet is terrible and is still here, from Jaboo's draft class. Clayton 2.0, Mike Evans who fucking sucks and can't catch is on pace for the Hall of Fame, yet Josh Freeman has been last seen doing Michael Jackson impersonations. VH3 was a solid pick and has great ball skills. The most informed are just missing Snookie to tell us how we should draft all Gators and that Tebow is still a better QB than Brady. Can't wait for that swiss cheese oline to start blocking for that washed up QB so he has time to throw to Clayton 2.0. Gonna be fun watching the bandwagon fill back up and all the yahoos back in the stands at Ray Jay.
  12. Ok here we go with the insults. Welcome back..you make this place suck. Guess once your Texans started making moves dumber than Dom you jumped off that wagon. The only one constantly menstruating all over this board is you. Dong Smith..wrong Freeman..wrong Jaboo..wrong You've taken on the Snook role, but with more whinning.
  13. The amount of dumb in this thread is epic. Then once Brady has the Bucs in the post season it'll all be some reverse ojom bullshit. We replaced a QB in Jaboo, that no other NFL seems interested in bringing in to start, with a QB who has plenty left in the tank to get us where we havent been in over a decade..and it's doom and gloom.
  14. Yeah but some got so emotionally evolved with Dilfer, Freeman and Jaboo, that they couldn't see just how awful (Dilfer) fucked up (Freeman) and inconsistent (Jaboo) those guys were.
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