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  1. fanofdabucs

    Koetter called this shit show

    Stop with the logical thinking. Let everyone have a good cry. It’s Dirk’s fault that they put up 500 yards only to have the QB throw a pick in the red zone, the TE drop a pass in the red zone, the RB to fumble in the red zone, the QB decided to turn left at the first down marker in the red zone, the WR drop a TD pass, the center decide to slide a snap back 15 yards in the red zone, and the idiot kicker shank kicks. Truth is that with simple execution in the red zone, the Buc put up 30 instead of 3.
  2. fanofdabucs

    Does Gruden have an assistant head coach?

    Brilliant. And what’s the purpose of bringing in the WR coach from Atlanta to be the DC ? There must have been some underlying joke in that suggestion.
  3. fanofdabucs

    Who is The Bucs Next Inept Kicker ?

    Guess I can put my cleats away. I was all ready to head over to One Buc tomorrow.
  4. So if I’m following correctly, and I can be a bit slow so forgive me, the kicker should start kicking more to the middle of the uprights? This place isn’t the home of the most informed for no reason.
  5. fanofdabucs

    Who is The Bucs Next Inept Kicker ?

    Please don’t get Rook started on Connor Barth.
  6. fanofdabucs

    Does Gruden have an assistant head coach?

    Same guy who thinks Rah Radio fuctard would be a great choice as the new DC here.
  7. So both Fitzpatrick and Winston have proven this year they can be good at times, mediocre at times and really suck at times. Great I think we can all agree on that. Problem is one was supposed to be good and getting better, the other was supposed to be a backup to our franchise guy.
  8. Folks in here still comparing our franchise, number overall pick to an old, journeyman career backup just goes to show how bad it has become for Jabooski
  9. fanofdabucs

    Koetter called this shit show

    See the Saints game...the Steelers...the Bengals...the Oh fuck it...Cut Barber and watch him go to a real team and light it up.
  10. fanofdabucs

    The Giants are in big trouble

    Has the kicker been shit canned yet? I want to head over for a tryout when it happens.
  11. I'm done with Rah Rah... I'm done with Schiano.. I'm done with Lovie... I'm done with Dirk... All these guys must be the worst coaches and biggest failures ever! Even the entirely different coaching staffs and position coaches we've had most be all the worst coaches in NFL history..ALL OF THEM. OR.... Maybe, just maybe it's the ONE constant in this entire fuck up organization???
  12. agreed...I said it when he got benched in the Bengals game that he probably just threw his last pass a Buc.
  13. Dirk was probably the reason Winston threw so many stupid fucking picks and fumbles so much. Meanie.. Fire everyone and keep Winston.. thats probably just what this stupid fucking organization will do.