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  1. Well let’s not say “because the Giants got rid of him...”. That franchise is creeping towards Buc suckage status and head shaking moves but their GM and coaches. I understand that Bowles defense calls for guys that play JPP’s spot to drop into space and take on areas of the flat that he wasn’t asked to do in a tradition 4-3 scheme. It’s not just the sacks, it’s his ability to diagnosis plays, play the run, play with heart and hustle. He’s plenty athletic enough do be effective in Bowles defense IMO. Give me the proven vet that might not be an ideal fit even if he’s being paid a lot, over some halfway decent player who is the perfect fit for what Bowles wants to do. If Bowles can’t figure out a way to utilize JPP, then maybe there’s a bigger issue than perfect fits. IMO opinion Bowles will figure out, if he hasn’t already, how to use JPP and he will be worth every penny. And if these guys who are the expert coaches don’t think so, then I assume he will be cut and replaced by a “better, cheaper fit”.
  2. Looking back at Bowles defenses in Arizona and NY, he played a lot of different fronts and brought pressure from different spots. He also utilized the defensive lineman he had and seemed move them around a bit. I don’t think because JPP can’t run down the seem with a TE or cover backs on wheel routes that it will limit him i this defense. I think he can drop into space when asked and is athletic enough to play more than one spot in Bowles defense. We shall see..
  3. Yep..he might not be the perfect fit for Bowles scheme but he can beat an OT and get to the QB.
  4. I disagree regarding JPP. I think he’s more versatile then you’re giving him credit for and if what Bowles and Arians have been saying is true, then they should find a way to get their best defensive player involved in the scheme. Even at his age, he’s still an athletic freak. See QB...go get QB on the ground.
  5. Never heard of the guy, but before I clicked I had a pretty good idea what school he attended.
  6. You aren’t going to replace McCoy “with someone better” at this point. If they draft Williams at 5, then I could see them moving on from McCoy. But Williams most likely goes in the top 4, and the Bucs will end up with an edge rusher or LBer at 5, or after a trade down.
  7. fanofdabucs

    Problem for Montez Sweat???

    This draft is loaded with good defensive lineman..no reason to draft the one with a questionable ticker. Now if this caused him to fall to the 2nd round then Licht should pounce..I mean considering most of his 2nd round picks had questionable hearts. ASJ, Roberta, Jones...
  8. fanofdabucs

    Bucs Sign OLB Barrett

    Gholston won’t be an OLBer in Bowles scheme.
  9. Don’t forget he went to Theeee Ohio St which means a thorough background check is in order. He’s probably 28 years old.
  10. I’m a big believer in Peyton Barber. When Dirk wasn’t forced to bail on the running game, or didn’t just decided to for no good reason, Barber was good. Go back and watch the tape from last year and it was the same thing almost every game. First few drives Barber was churning out yards and looking like he would have a big game, then the Buc would fall behind and abandon the run. While I do think Barber can be a very effective back in BA offense, they still need another back. Jones is on a “prove it you’re not a bust” year. He didn’t do dick last year, but wasn’t put in too many good situations. He was often getting hit as soon as he touched the ball and never had more than a handful of carries in a game. So we’ll see how year two goes. Ellington was a very good third back a few years ago, but has had injuries and may not have much left in the tank. While I highly doubt they draft a RB in the first two rounds and maybe not even round 3, I think there will be some serious talent available in rounds 3-5. Here are some guys worth considering in that range: Miles Sanders- this guy was buried behind Barkley until this season. I think he’s very underrated (maybe only by the draft sites), but if he’s there in round 3 or 4, he’s way too good to pass up. My personal opinion is teams have him rated much higher than the mocks and he doesn’t make it out if the second round. David Montgomery-my favorite back in the draft. I think he’s be a perfect fit in BA offense as a third down back and change of pace runner. He’s low 40 time may push him into an area the Bucs would consider. Great hands and just makes plays. Benny Snell- watching this guy rip the Gators and the entire SEC for that matter the last couple years, I figured he’d be a sure fire first round pick. But he’s slow for NFL standards and everyone is enamored by how fast some can run in a straight line 40 yards with no pads. This is the type of guy you can hand the ball to 25 times a game and he will wear a defense out. Bryce Love- he was a torn ACL in his last game in 2017 away from being a first round pick. Still has the talent to be a good RB and would be another great fit in BAs offense. Devin Singletary-A Rook special and I’d love to hear his thoughts. Of the RBs mentioned this is the only one I haven’t seen anything other than highlight videos of. He’s small, not very fast in the 40 and played at a small school. So he might be a late round guy worth the gamble.
  11. fanofdabucs

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    I remember when they signed Lovie Smith. All the goobers were excited about the new HC for starters. Then Lovie and his staff went after the big FA class of Michael Johnson, Anthony Collins, Alteran Verner..and then all the fans (except a few) were excited about how the Bucs finally had a HC and cap room to sign all these stars. I recall writing a thread about “one year wonders and retreads” and the most informed told me I was wrong about Lovie and that the Bucs were headed in the right direction that year. Then Johnson and Collins were dumped a year later and Verner never panned our either. Lovie was so far behind the NFL curve it wasn’t even funny. I’m much more excited about this off-season to this point than I was back then. They now have an excellent coaching staff and the right approach to FA. But the fans all like the shiny new toys, I get it.
  12. fanofdabucs

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    Meant to type sitting alone in his office deciding who to sign. BA, Bowles and staff are giving their input on who they want...point being, if you think they signed a player who sucks, then you’re really questioning the HC and his staff at this point.
  13. fanofdabucs

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    Well I think we can all agree that BA is a pretty good NFL head coach and more than likely knows more about offensive football and players than even some of the most informed. So, I’m going to give BA and Bowles the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise when it comes to building a team. Licht isn’t sitting in his office and deciding which players to sign, cut and trade.
  14. fanofdabucs

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    They lost two pretty good WRs, and even though they still have their staters in Evans and Godwin plus a couple promising young guys in Watson, Wilson and Bailey, they needed to sign a WR with speed for Arian’s offense. Perriman was hurt for much of his time in Baltimore, plus Baltimore seems to be the place WRs go to die. If they can get Perriman to run go routes and make the defense respect his deep speed and if he can make a few big plays, then he’s a good snag.
  15. fanofdabucs

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    Not cutting Allen doesn’t mean they can’t sign someone T.