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  1. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    Deep deep down looking at his face gives me a feeling similar to having to take a massive dump at halftime of a Bucs game in the Old Sombrero.
  2. Kwon Alexander.. While the defense has had a few nice players like McCoy and David, they’ve never had that vocal leader who holds everyone accountable. Listening to Kwon’s presser the other day, he seems ready to become the leader of this defense and hold everyone to a high standard. I think it started last year after the Carolina game, when Kwon finally had enough. He approached that fatass POS Baker and called him out for jumping offsides and playing like shit. With the additions on the dline, Evans entering year 2 at safety, McCoy, David and Kwon, I think this team is another CB (should come via the draft) away from being pretty darn good. With the offense being able to score, I think this defense will be good enough to keep us in most game. Im drinking the koolaid this year!
  3. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    This can’t be correct. I was just about to respond that the Bucs played the Cowboys a few years back on Thanksgiving... That was 12 fucking years ago?!?!?!
  4. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    You never struck me as fat
  5. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    I doubt we will see many boring wins with Winston.
  6. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    Can’t bet against the Bucs this year. THIS is the year the break through. Winston will be much better with better health and a running game. And the defense will play just well enough to let the offense win games.
  7. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    Can I get rid of my Rah Rah avatar now? Think that was like 2 years ago.
  8. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    Wanna bet? I will take over 7 wins.
  9. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

  10. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    One of these years you’re gonna be right Nuddy.
  11. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    I can’t wait until we kick the Saints ass on opening day and watch how quickly the bandwagon Yuc fans start trying to hitch a ride.... or when we lose, how quickly fire everyone starts. Trying to pick win totals before the training camp is over, much less before the draft, is kinda ridiculous.
  12. Why is that? There is much more Winston love on here than folks who are critical and skeptical. I've been burned by the Vinny's, Dilfer's, Freeman's in the past. If Winston has a great year in 2018, then he will get a much deserved contract extension in 2019. But, if he continues to make poor decision's with the football that cost this team wins, then we might be better severed to look elsewhere. I know you think I "hate" Winston because I've been critical of his inaccurate passes downfield and his lack of ball security, but it's just not the case. I really think this year he will show us what we really have at QB. I hope like hell it's the guy we all hope he can be and this team becomes a playoff contender.
  13. Would you pass on Nelson for a DB?

    Who the hell is Bradford?
  14. Would you pass on Nelson for a DB?

    Fixed that for ya.
  15. Would you pass on Nelson for a DB?

    I’ve been a Buc fan since I was two years old and Bucs were born. If it wasn’t for FA, draft time and reading mocks, I’d have nothing to look forward to every offseason.