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  1. You too Axe...I'm done with this place as well. Tundra can finally have what he wants..a board where it's one big high school like clique and no one disagrees with him. Not sure what I did to Tundra to deserve the constant name calling and calling me out everytime I post something. I guessing it's because I called things like I saw them, like Jaboo for instance. Speaking with a lot of old (good posters) who have left, most have left some the same reasons. It was a really good run fellas..I enjoyed it. Take care
  2. Watched some really good golf yesterday and looking forward to the weekend conclusion. Saw a great soccer match end in PKs last night. Watched my Rays lose to a very shitty Os team last night. Saw Tom fucking Brady throwing passes in the Bucs uniform at training camp. Exciting stuff Saw the Lightning ramping up for the start of what should be an exciting end of the hockey season. I know I know, the virus will shut it all down and we will all be without sports and everything will suck in life again....well until then I plan to enjoy it. I know, crazy right??
  3. "Political facts"???? Laughing my mother fucking ass off. What an oxymoron It's not about denying or shuffling. It's about an escape from the "news" outlets and the endless bickering. If you want to debate your political views or feel the need to place blame on someone for the world's problems, then there are plenty of places on the interweb to vent and show everyone how you feel..if that's your thing. But this place, what is left of it anyway, should still be a place to talk sports, tits, food, laugh about all the characters that have made this place fun over the past decades. Football is starting up again (i know i know doom and gloom about how it will be shut down), the Rays are playing real games (I know cases have and will pop up), MLS is playing, the Lightning will start playing games soon...I'd rather talk about it now while we can. There are SO many places for political bullshit talk, SO many places to talk about The virus, SO many places voice your opinions on all these wonderful topics...I was just hoping we could leave this place as a place to get away from all that shit.
  4. Please take your political bullshit elsewhere K? Thanks
  5. As if this place wasn't a dump before..now it has turned into a political bullshit board. Lovely ladies.. FUCK political talk..no mods in here and look what happens. This place had a good run.
  6. Might not be fans in the stands week 1, but there will be an NFL season that starts on time. We're still in May and there are 3 months yet to figure out the safest and most logical way to make things work. Healthy, young athletes have very little risk of serious illness or death, even if they do contract Covid. Also, treatments will be more known and available in a couple months as well as rapid testing. Toe meets leather on time opening day. Book it twanks!
  7. Very. And his delivery was awful. Too many of these young athletes lose perspective...sad.
  8. Fuck off...thanks that is all. Used to be a fan of his until his comments today. Millions of people laid off and can't even get unemployment checks. Trade his "woe is me" ass. Fuck you
  9. Can't wait for that. Should be a super fun watch.
  10. Anyway, back on topic, the REAL schedule looks sweet! I can't wait for the season opener. Right away we get to see exactly how good this team will be. Go Bucs!
  11. So does the flu. Cancel everything, everyone live in a bubble. Toe hits the leather this fall and the boys will be playing ball right in the middle of flu season just like they have for a century.
  12. Testing players weekly, if not daily, will be in effect I'm sure. A 20 or 30 year old healthy athlete has a super low risk of any major health issues even if they should contract Covid. Not much different than playing football in flu season. The biggest difference w Covid amd football (or any sport) is the possibility of exposure to elderly staff members. I work in medical sales and I'm in and out of multiple doctors offices daily (not at the moment obviously), but I will be back to work in the next few weeks. As will many other people who will be at risk of catching the virus as well. In fact, in talking with a ton of medical professionals who know much more than me, they believe 150-200 million will have had the virus before it's all said and done. They also believe Pfizer or another big Pharma will have a vaccine sometime this fall. I believe the season will go on as planned. Life will have to go on as well.
  13. The NFL can be flexible if needed. Meaning if for instance weeks 1-4 didnt happen, those games just become weeks 13-17. The fact is we know SO much more today than we did just 7 weeks ago about the Virus. We will know much more in 3-4 months as far as advanced testing, treatments, etc. The season may or may not be played in front of packed stadiums, but there will be a full NFL season IMO.
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