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  1. You mean when the team doesn't fall behind 28-0 early in the 2nd quarter, and when you convert first downs, you are able to call more running plays? Fucking coaches don't know shit about football.
  2. Next time you come in town we should grab a drink.
  3. Cam and the Saints have owned Smith..no doubt about it.
  4. Another game without giving up a sack. Over 500 yards of offense and 46 points. Over 200 yards rushing. The Bucs are 5th best in the NFL in sacks giving up per game at 1.4 Last year the Bucs were 22nd in sacks per game. So it was either all Demar Dotson's fault, or maybe it has to do with the QB and playing from behind in games where the defense knows you're passing every play. The Saints hardly ever give up sacks, yet I watched Jaboo get sacked on back to back plays Sunday. Hmmm.
  5. Wow..just wow. Classic thread. The best part was pulling for the wrong team to win. A Vikings loss would have buried them, but the entertainment value was classic stuff.
  6. So you wanna go double or nothing Gingerbread? You still owe me 100
  7. Wash, rinse and repeat. Every year you old fucks are another year further away from being the NFL's target market.
  8. Still upset about me not knowing Keith Tandy was a coach? Sorry I didn't know that. And looks like I was most likely wrong about Donavon Smith. I'm wrong a lot..my apologies for having an unpopular opinion on a forum designed to give opinions. Hope this helps.
  9. Or defend QB that plays with Snakes or another that eats Ws. I get the feeling that deep down you're hoping the "43 year old" fails.
  10. The score was 14-0 after the first period and 28-0 early in the 2nd. The running game, rightfully so, was abandoned after that. Extend drives and stop the other offense and you will have more running opportunities.
  11. This game was lost like most NFL games..the Saints owned the LOS, like they tend to do everytime they play the Bucs. The Saints dline dominated the Bucs oline and the Saints oline gave Brees plenty of time to throw. This Sunday's game will be telling.
  12. Oh no...I will try harder. This really matters to me..no really it does.
  13. How about you stop telling people what to do and stop acting like the board badass? Hurry along and get all our internet friends to back you. The Bucs got their asses kicked..now stop whining and get on with your life man. You sound kinda pathetic
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