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  1. fanofdabucs

    It Wasn't His Fault

    100.00 If you're not gonna pay me, just give it to a charity. Peace out welcher.
  2. fanofdabucs

    Buccaneers next QB Bowl at 3:30

    Meanwhile, Joe Burrows is 22-24 319 yards and 3 TDs...at halftime. He has 16 straight completions, a school record. He is on pace to break the single season college football completion percentage mark at almost 80%. Go Bengals rest if 2019! And Dolphins.. Blow for Burrows Bucs
  3. fanofdabucs

    Buccaneers next QB Bowl at 3:30

    Jaboo or Dalton. BucsLife Go Bucs 2020!
  4. fanofdabucs

    Buccaneers next QB Bowl at 3:30

    Dolphins, Bungles, Broncos, Jags..all could go QB and all could draft before our Yucs.
  5. fanofdabucs

    Nickname for Bucs secondary

    I actually think Dean, Davis and SMB will all be good players. The ones I'm less sure about are MJ Stewart and Edwards. Stewart looks too slow to be an effective CB in the NFL and I've been really unimpressed with Edwards. Keep in mind CB is probably the hardest position to transition from college to the pros. Even when DBs were allowed to play physical, it took the likes of Barber, Lynch and Kelly a year or two to not suck. So I'll go with "The Young and the Coverless"
  6. fanofdabucs

    What happened to Tundra?

    He's a quitter
  7. fanofdabucs

    Myles Garrett

    Scuffle like that happen. Maybe Rudolph should be fined, but thats about it. If Garrett didn't go ape shit crazy, this never would've been much of an issue.
  8. fanofdabucs

    Myles Garrett

    Man you have serious sensitivity issues when it comes to your boy. Wow
  9. fanofdabucs

    Myles Garrett

    It is. He should be suspended for the reminder of the year IMO. And frankly, if he's not, then this league is completely full of shit about player safety.
  10. fanofdabucs

    It Wasn't His Fault

    When I was in my 20s (20 years ago) and used to fish the KOB, top prize was 10k.
  11. fanofdabucs

    Buccaneers next QB Bowl at 3:30

    It's all I've got left Buck. I'm fully prepared for the Jaboo to play just well enough to be our guy again next year. I'm ready for the GM to sit on the podium after the signing and defend the decision just like some of you Jaboo lovers do. The yards, the talent, his age, the lack of a defense... Looks like I'll be entering more of those wanna be professional fishing tournaments and playing a lot more golf next year.
  12. fanofdabucs

    It Wasn't His Fault

    And my buddy Bingo won it. 100k isnt a bad day of fishing. Especially when he caught it inside the bay. I'll be fishing in "his" spot Saturday.
  13. fanofdabucs

    It Wasn't His Fault

    Replacing a championship winning coach, whom you gave up multiple picks to acquire, with Raheem Radio..was the beginning of the clusterfuck the Terffic Trio has been responsible for.
  14. fanofdabucs

    Buccaneers next QB Bowl at 3:30

    Burrows has been my clear choice for the Bucs since September, when most of the draft "experts" didnt have him on their radar. Unfortunately now he's played himself into being the top pick. So he will be a Bengal at this point. Pffft..matters not. Jaboo will be franchised or signed longterm.