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  1. fanofdabucs

    Three straight 400 yrd passing games!

    Hard to argue with that...that and Fitz is older, wiser and has now been in the same offense for 2 years. I’m not sure the decision is 100% Dirk’s.
  2. fanofdabucs

    Three straight 400 yrd passing games!

    Damn blast from the past! So I’m assuming you’re on the “keep Fitz as starter” side?
  3. fanofdabucs

    Jameis Starts Against the Bears

    It is pretty ironic that the game in which Fitz “struggled”, was so Winston like. Throw for a bunch of yards, throw a few nice TDs and throw a couple bone headed picks and take a couple bad sacks. But Jaboo will be under center after the bye. And I hope this is the year he has it all figured out.
  4. fanofdabucs

    Three straight 400 yrd passing games!

    Fitz got this team to 2-1.. Fitz has thrown for 1,200 yards and 11 TDs and 4 picks and a QB rating of 125...not sure how that’s “losing football”, unless of course the defense sucks... Fitz seems to have good chemistry with the receivers right now.. Fitz has been known to suddenly shit the bed.. Winston needs to come in, get comfortable with playing again and earn his job back.. Winston should probably start after the bye week.
  5. fanofdabucs

    Running attack is awesome

    Too much money for a RB..not enough cap space..too many draft picks to give up..does he even want to play here?? As far as the running game goes, I don’t think they called enough runs last night. Obviously the 2nd half was pass mode. There’s nothing wrong with Barber. They do need to run the ball better, and I think they will.
  6. fanofdabucs

    Impressive job by the young secondary

    Ok thanks.. And I’m being very snarky when I say, maybe you shouldn’t comment from the box score stat sheet. 75 yards of the 350 came on a play where Conte got abused by the TE. About half the yards that Ju Ju Smith and AB had came against Grimes. So yes the young guys in the secondary played very well. Maybe you should watch them play next week.
  7. fanofdabucs

    Running attack is awesome

    And you’re too fucking stupid to realize why that’s fucking stupid.
  8. fanofdabucs

    Buccaneers vs Steelers

    Very true. The only way the Bears get to 23 is with help from the Bucs offense and ST.
  9. I agree with most of this. Give Fitz one more week and give JW a week to watch from the sidelines and get back into a groove with the offense. Then give JW all the reps during the bye week with the first team and get ready to take over. Thanks Fitz for a 2-1 start.. give us one more solid week and then it’s time to let Jaboo take over.
  10. I thought Davis was very good last night. He was on AB a good portion of the game and didn’t give him much if anything. ABs only big play game on a short hitch (Grimes) and AB made a play. The PI call on Davis was bullshit. AB was pushing off and Davis stuck with him and made a great driving pass breakup. MJ had a solid night in the slot as well. Again both big plays for JuJu came against Grimes. Evans was flying around making tackles and his INT was a beauty. Whitehead was thrown into duty for Chrissy Conte and held up ok.
  11. fanofdabucs

    Buccaneers vs Steelers

    If that happens, Mike Smith should left in Chi town. The Bucs defense has the talent to be a good unit. The Steelers offense put up only 23..no way the Bears offense should be able to put up more than that.
  12. fanofdabucs

    Three straight 400 yrd passing games!

    Conte plays defense..errr resides on the defensive side of the ball I mean.
  13. fanofdabucs

    Three straight 400 yrd passing games!

    The Fitz INTs The Conte bitch slap play Godwin dropping 2 TDs and a fumble The holding on the DJax punt return And finally the holding on the last Big Ben throw Ball game
  14. fanofdabucs

    Buccaneers vs Steelers

    Ok..disagree. They call the holding as they should have and Bucs get the ball back. Big Ben made a play with some help from the refs.