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  1. fanofdabucs

    Full Staffs

    I like it..Fix em or whack em!
  2. fanofdabucs

    Offense wins Championships

    Still need to have somewhat of a defense..or a defense that can make a couple splash plays more so than a great statistical defense.
  3. fanofdabucs

    BA wants DJax back

    There are things people should get 2nd chances for, beating on women shouldn’t be one of them. Fuck that POS.
  4. fanofdabucs

    Offense wins Championships

    Jesus dude your obsession and paranoia with Winston is off the charts. This thread has nothing to do with Winston, just pointing out that the four teams left standing all have very good offenses and I’m glad the Bucs have an offensive HC on board. Relax little buddy. We’re all pulling for Winston to blossom under BA.
  5. The four highest scoring teams make the championship games. They also have four of the best play callers in football in McVay, Reid, McDaniels and Payton. Should be two really good games next weekend.
  6. fanofdabucs

    BA wants DJax back

    It would be so Buclike for us to finally get a well respected HC and then he goes out and gets that POS.
  7. fanofdabucs

    Monken Off To The Browns

    Hopefully he can turn that “too short, Manziel clone” into a decent QB.
  8. fanofdabucs

    Dilemma..who to pull for

    Ha. Funny I ended going chicken wings since I haven’t tried those on the Traeger yet. Unreal good! My previous caught grouper can wait until we do some fried grouper nuggets. If anyone is in the market for a new grille, do yourself a favor a get a Traeger. I’ve always used a gas Weber Grille and will never go back. Everything I’ve cooked, since I got it from the wife for Xmas, has been outstanding. Oh and the football has been pretty shitty this weekend. The Chargers defense was awful today against the Pats. I still think it’s KC vs Rams in the bowl. Two best teams all year.
  9. I love divisional playoff weekend. I’m ready to put a rack of ribs or a nice grouper filet on my new Traeger and watch some football. Hers the deal, as a Buc fan I hate the Eagles, but may hate the Saints and Sean Payton’s smug ass even more. Go Chargers!
  10. fanofdabucs

    BA wants DJax back

    Arians isn’t an idiot. He’s not going to say anything negative about anyone on the Bucs roster. But you better believe he ain’t keeping anyone around who he doesn’t believe can be a team player and help the team win games. PR reporting this as “news” is typical click bait.
  11. fanofdabucs

    Free Agents to Watch...

    You’re wrong as usual. I was one of the few that DID NOT want to draft VHIII. I don’t ever give a shit where some played college ball. D Brooks is my favorite Buc of all time. Dunn a close second. Walker among my most hated. Carry on and continue to spew complete bullshit, all while trying so hard to sound like you have any clue what you’re yapping on about.
  12. fanofdabucs

    Second chance, fresh start

    Nah Snook would have been on board with drafting VHIII, or any Gator for that matter. He also would be more in line with Tfree’s takes on Jaboo.
  13. Despite the fact that some of the most informed want to label some players “bust”, even some after only a couple games or only playing a handful of plays and/or being completely misused. Funny because the same posters who like to constantly make excuses for the first overall pick, are so quick to write off other players. The hypocrisy is off the charts laughable. Here is a list of players who could blossom under better coaching and a better scheme: VHIII- being a Gator fan, I was skeptical about using a top ten pick on Hargreaves. However, the guy has talent and has been completely misused since day 1. I can’t wait to see what Todd Bowles can do with him. He could blossom in an aggressive scheme with better coaching. D Smith- the most informed love to hate him. But the truth is all the guy has done is never miss a single snap since he was drafted and played solid LT, despite the fact the Bucs have thrown the ball more than any other team in the ENTIRE league since he was drafted and in most games the have been playing from behind with No threat of running the ball, which allows pass rushers to tee off. Couple that with poor coaching and the hate for this guy is misguided. Winston- I’ve been one of his biggest critics . But the guy was the top pick in the draft and has 88 TDs and 76 turnovers. I think some of that can be directly related to forcing things due to playing from behind so often, as well as knowing his defense has sucked and he needs to score in ever possession. I hope with a QB whisperer in Arians, knowing his coach has his back, that he turns the corner and plays the type of ball we all hope for. RoJo- I didn’t know anything about this guy coming out last year other than what the most informed told me and the highlight vids. I was really hoping for Michele, Chubb or Guice. Truth is he didn’t get much of a chance to play and when he did, he was put in some horrible situations. He may be a bust, but it’s still way too early and not nearly enough tape to tell. He’s the type of cut back RB that would be much better in a ZBS. Curious to see what he can do this year. He just looked too talented on tape at USC to suck this bad. Justin Evans- athletic, fast and can bring some pop. Bowles can really coach up DBs and knows how to use safeties.
  14. fanofdabucs

    Fixing the Rooney Rule

    So Dungy won with Sam’s team?
  15. fanofdabucs

    Free Agents to Watch...

    As I mentioned before that draft, Hargreaves struggled when he got passed 20 yards down field and was best when playing near the LOS. I was told I was wrong by the most informed, despite the fact I watched the kid play his entire career at UF. But he’s not the same player as Stewart. VHIII has length and is very athletic. He still has way more talent than Stewart as a cover corner. Stewart doesn’t have the quickness to cover slot receivers and might be best used as a in the box safety. Hargreaves was greatly misused by Mike Smith. In a more aggressive defense VHIII should be able to reach his full potential and I think he has a big year.