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  1. Sweezy will be released.

    Carl Nicks would argue that he still holds that title. But yes, Sweezy was a pretty big swing and miss.
  2. So just so I’m clear, you spend time in the offseason writing and reading on a Buc forum, and during the season you go on the internet to check scores, read about what happened, etc., yet you don’t care enough to watch the games?
  3. Winston media from PFT

    Such bullshit. Just admit don’t like McCoy because your boy Suh went to Detroit and McCoy was a Buc. Somehow I think if McCoy was a Cornhusker and Suh went to Oklahoma, and Suh ended up here and Mcoy to Detroit and was still there playing, you would tell us all how McCoy has been with the same team and put up good numbers while surrounded by shitty talent. And you would bash Suh because he would be on his third team now. All this “leadership” “rallying the troops” “getting in peoples face” is all such bullshit.
  4. Winston media from PFT

    I’m sure you’re a swell guy and I’m not trying to be a dick, but are you ducking serious with some of the shit you post??? Ask anyone who played for that defense and Brooks was THE leader of that defense no questions about it. He was plenty “in your face” and constantly “rallied the troops” or whatever stupid fucking leadership cliche you want to use.
  5. Winston media from PFT

    Yeah if McCoy would’ve just been a vocal rah rah leader like Jameis, he probably could’ve gotten good production out of the likes of Michael Johnson, George Johnson, Daniel Teo-Neisham, Henry Melton, Jaq Smith, Daquan Bowers, Brian Price... The shit I read in here is priceless.
  6. But you don’t watch the games so why do you give a shit?
  7. Semi-OT - We Lost One of Our Own

    Rest In Peace. Dave Moore’s brother in law and a good poster for a while here. Funny and kinda sad how he get all caught up in these over paid athletes and our opinions on this frustrating franchise. But at the end of the day, I’d probably enjoy having a beer with any of you fuckers. Go Bucs 2019!
  8. Winston media from PFT

    I don’t see his role being more than a very productive football player, which he is. I don’t give two fucks what the guy wears, how goofy he acts, how nice he seems, or where he attended or didn’t attend school. Cant wait to see him FINALLY, play with some semblance of talent around him this year.
  9. Winston media from PFT

    I’m with you on England. Can’t stand anything about the team or the limey fuctard fans. I think Croatia takes them down today, but if not, has another team in the history of the Cup had an easier road to the finals?!?
  10. Winston media from PFT

    Ha! Lots of blame to go around for the defense sucking, but McCoy doesn’t deserve any of it. Wonder how good McCoy will be now that the entire online isn’t worried about only one guy. I imagine pretty damn good considering that he’s been really good surrounded by trash his entire career. I think the big softy has a stellar season.
  11. Winston media from PFT

    Yo..Who you got winning the Cup? I picked Belgium to win it all and still think they’re the best team, despite losing today. Hard to imagine England or Croatia being able to beat France.
  12. Maybe these owners do care. Maybe trading away aging, over priced vets is a smart idea. I’d dangle Archer out there for sure. Head case, still immature and can’t seem to pitch more than 3-4 innings.
  13. Winston media from PFT

    Sounds to me, and correct me if I’m wrong, that you’re not very high on the starting QB, the owners, the GM or the HC? What are your thoughts on the perennial pro bowler McCoy?
  14. Winston media from PFT

    Because we’ve draft so many in 40 plus years?? And no matter how many times you say it, you’re still wrong. This team needed a franchise QB and they rolled the dice and was something they had to do. And there is no one saying it’s a crisis. Just off season chatter. Things that used to go on around here.
  15. Winston media from PFT

    Good one