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  1. Only 130,000 in dead money. By comparison, the Dolphins have 12 mil in dead money. Or worse yet, the Jags are 2 mil over the cao with 5 mil in dead money. Bucs will use a good chunk on Shaq and maybe JPP. Then maybe Jaboo and Godwin needs a new deal sometime soon. I expect them to either redo Brate's deal or trade him. He makes way too much for a TE who doesn't block and isn't used much in the passing game. Jensen is another player they could sign to a new deal to free up some space. I wasn't very impressed with Pinion this year. 2.7 mil for a very average punter is too much. Bucs are in good shape regarding the cap and will focus on resigning their own and maybe adding some affordable pieces in FA (vet S, OL depth).
  2. fanofdabucs

    "Nuts" he says. "NUTS!!!!" Ahh....what does he know.

    I really hope if he's back he can cut his TOs down to 20ish (ints/fumbles). But then again we always hope. My guess, if he's back, he throws 19-25 ints (most of which are his fault) and loses about 4-5 fumbles. I thunk with a better defense, a little better running game, we can win with that. I hope...
  3. fanofdabucs

    Credit to Licht, BA and Bowles

    Gee thanks Debbie Downer. So that list includes the next Peyton Manning, a turnover machine who is our best hope, a dead guy, a guy who went whacky, a guy who went gansta, a guy we cut this year.. Greeaaat!
  4. I read it. I get it. I'm just busting balls..sorta Point is every QB has INTs that aren't entirely their fault. This isn't somehow exclusive to Jaboo. But I guess when you throw 30, then you will have an unusual amount that are caused from a variety of reasons. Maybe he can look at how many he had that were dropped as well. Jaboo has a major turnover problem...always has.
  5. I wonder how many of Rodgers 4 INTs were his fault? Or Mahomes 5? Or Jackson's 8? Or Wilson's 5? Or Wentz's 7? Or Brees's 5?
  6. White and SMB named to All Rookie team. Dean also came on strong in the last few weeks of the season. With Davis, SMB, Dean, Whitehead, White, Vita, they have some nice pieces to build a strong defense. I expect Nelson and Edwards to play a bigger role next year as well. If there isn't an olineman they like at 14, I expect them to add another good young defensive player.
  7. They lose their HOF MLBer, but sign a hell of a coach and OC in Brady. Wonder if they draft a QB. Some **** Hebert. Although I'm sure Brady wants to trade evey every draft pick for the next 2 years to move up and get his boy.
  8. fanofdabucs


    Not surprising really. I thought he was done 2 years ago when he was taken off field with a crazy, scared, and lost look on his face. I told my wife he was done. I cringed (not because I'm a Bucs fan and he's damn good) because I thought it wasn't a smart move to come back. One hell of a football player. The board bozo really whiffed on that one.
  9. He'll probably be better than Jaboo.
  10. Joe Burrow is good at football.
  11. fanofdabucs

    Todays winners - NFL

    It's not?
  12. So the last QB, in this long list of greats to throw 30 picks, was the Bucs Vinny in 1988. Over 30 years ago. Bahahaha.
  13. fanofdabucs

    Todays winners - NFL

    Most of his damage was done in garbage time. Jackson had 27 yards rushing and 169 yards passing in the first half.
  14. fanofdabucs

    Todays winners - NFL

    49ers win it all
  15. Blanda and 47% completion rate. Don't forget the great Frank Tripucka. All these "great" ones also played in eras where the other team was allowed to play defense. Stabler was pretty good. Tark good run around and make plays. Still looking for the list of "great ones" with 30 picks in a season. Or does this list of great ones begin and end with Stabler and Tarkenton in 1978?