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  1. OT - Tiger Woods

    Golf is 1000 Times more entertaining than the Bucs have been the last decade plus. As for Tiger, doesn’t matter that he’s healthy if he keeps missing the cut.
  2. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    Ok let’s go with your memory is much better than mine, even tho your probably much older;).. The pont remains, getting rid of Bryant was a mistake. My brother and I took my nephew to training camp the year the Bryant situation was going on. We met Matt and shot the shit with him for about 5 minutes about kids, golf, soccer..we are about the same age so it was like chatting with a friend. So I just flat out asked him what was going on and if he planned to be there? He just shook his head and said “if it was up to me I’d retire here, but you need to ask that question to him” and he nodded toward Dominick. Brilliant
  3. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    I was at that game and it wasn't really all that windy that day. Bryant was accurate and could kick 50 plus yarders. The 63 was just hammered correctly and while he did have a bit of wind still... Don't forget the Brian Price pick, the Benn pick, Freeman, Myron Lewis...
  4. This team needs to focus on the trenches. DE, DT, OG. If Chubb is there, he’s the pick, without question. Best player at the biggest area of need. If Chubb is gone (likely) then Nelson makes a ton of sense. Again, best player at a position of great need. I have a hard time seeing both these guys gone. This draft has a lot of interesting QB prospects and some QB needy teams like the Browns, Giants and Broncos picking ahead of us. But let’s say both Chubb and Nelson are gone (Bucslife), then we need to figure out who the best player at a position of need is. I'm totally against drafting a RB this high. Give me a guy like Sony Michele later in the draft. So that leaves Davenport, Fitzpatrick and Vita Vea. Fitzpatrick is about as talented a football player as there is in this draft, but is he a S or CB? If the Bucs think they’re drafting a safety, I’d pass. If they aren’t sure if he’s a safety or CB, I’d pass. But if they are 100% confident the kid can play outside CB, then I’d take a hard look. Vita Vea is intriguing as hell. Huge, powerful guys that can move are hard to find. Baker should be a goner, McDonald is old and McCoy is getting up there. Davenport is the wildcard. So he played at a small school, so have a lot of really good players. I watched him play in the senior bowl and the guy was a force and disprutive. So give my a Chubby or Full Nelson. After that, I’d stick with someone in the trenches like Vea or Davenport (hopefully after trading down).
  5. Super Bowl Halftime

    Thanks Steve!
  6. Super Bowl commercials

    I found the Eli and OBJ dirty dancing commercial to be a bit disturbing. Might have played better had it been a snickers commercial.
  7. From the Book of WTF

    Ha..you know it Nudd. Justin is the man!
  8. Smith to the Skins...

    The trade makes no sense for the the Skins IMO. As for the KC, I think they got exactly what they wanted. They got a solid CB while getting rid of an aging vet QB that was being pushed by a very talented young player that they wanted to move on to. I think Mahomes will be a good one.
  9. Marcus Davenport

    Oh the irony of a dumb hillbilly questioning someone’s intelligence and then sounding like...well, a dumb hillbilly.
  10. From the Book of WTF

    Winston needs to eliminate the boneheaded plays and continue to improve his play. But WTF does this image of him having a good time have to do with anything? Seems like the same old farts that get bent out of shape every year because AC/DC isn’t playing in the super bowl.
  11. LeGarrette Blount

    Annnnd there is a solid old school poster..
  12. Marcus Davenport

    If Chubb is gone and they aren’t sold on Davenport, then I hope they don’t reach for a guy like Key, just to take a DE. Id rather see them go Nelson, or even Fitzpatrick, then maybe load up on DT and DE in the later rounds.
  13. Marcus Davenport

    Take your own advice fucktard. If you think my post are stupid most of time, then ignore them and don’t read them. You’re a jackass who just whines anytime a player from the mighty Vols isn’t drafted. “Justin Evans was a wasted draft pick” Pffft. “Beckwith sucks”..
  14. LeGarrette Blount

    Blount has rushed for over 1,000 yards only twice in his career..Once for the Bucs and once for the Pats. He rushed for 766 yards this year for the Eagles. Peyton Barber rushes for 670 yards and only started 5 games.
  15. Marcus Davenport

    Exactly. It’s the draft, know one knows for sure. Hell, the people who get paid millions (coaches, GMs, the Mel Kipers) get it wrong constantly. I don’t think Licht and the Bucs staff is shortsighted enough to take a player based off the senior bowl alone. Davenport has played for four years. The impressive thing is the kid steadily improved each year and looks the part with his size, length and speed. As of right now, I’ll take Chubb or Nelson at 7. Nelson is a plug and play guy from day one and helps fix the interior of the oline, which imo is the issue. Chubb is a monster and has been dominate against top tier competition. But since both guys may be gone, why not look at a guy who fits a need and is an intriguing prospect?