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  1. tb_buc

    Bucs Re-Sign QB Ryan Griffin

    We don’t know what Griffin can or can’t do. The argument that he hasn’t been able to unseat a starter is ridiculous, even Fitzpatrick has no merit. He wasn’t going to replace Brees or Winston, the Bucs 1st pick. He will be Winston’s back up this season, book it twinks.
  2. Yes, would make a big splash play, than be out of position for the next 10. I had my eye on him when he burst out of the womb, darted left, missed the nurses hands, but showed amazing reactions in ending up in his mother’s arms.
  3. tb_buc

    Hump a Titan

    True, but usually on the other team. Smart routes, good hands, good field of vision, toughness.
  4. tb_buc


    I thought I had already established that Mike Glennon was the next Manning...fucking Dungy.
  5. tb_buc

    The Soldier Likes Them GILFs

    Raquel? All day.
  6. tb_buc

    3-2-2019 mock draft

    Are you a Proctologist?
  7. tb_buc

    Bucs will keep Gerald McCoy

    Well, if he is still here when the regular season starts, we will see who might be eating crow. You can officially count me as thinking that McCoy will show his worth.
  8. tb_buc

    Kraft is not too crafty

    He was likely not about to have prostitutes of any rank come to his home. This place was likely known as a safe, confidential place in Palm Beach to get a little satisfaction. Any thought that Kraft might be involved in “sex trafficking”, is in my opinion ridiculous, perhaps if he showed up in a wig and driving an old Plymouth Duster, maybe then. Married for almost 50 years. If at 77, I find myself alone, there are only two places to find a happy ending, a massage parlor or Tundra’s house, which would you pick?
  9. tb_buc

    Bucs will keep Gerald McCoy

    Frankly I don’t see how his salary affects the teams efforts to acquire more talent. The Salary Cap has increased for 2019, any replacement for McCoy will likely be in a relevant range of salary. Hey, it’s not coming out of my bank account, keep the talent you know.
  10. tb_buc

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    I blame the in-laws.
  11. tb_buc

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Played many a round at Pasadena back in the CGA (County Golf Association) days. Count me in for a round, if you can put up with me 😎
  12. tb_buc

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Fabulous news, congrats! How much did Geraldini weigh?
  13. tb_buc

    OT: Football Game Today?

    What dickish move, but enjoy nonetheless. Too bad you will miss Suh ending Brady’s career with a late, body on top, shoulder separating hit, which will draw a penalty, perhaps an ejection, but will be the Rams only shot.
  14. Who Dat? Fuck the Saints and their lack of intelligible language.