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  1. Glennon is the next Peyton Manning, not the next Tom Brady....silly people.
  2. Should everyone be in this forum, on this thread at the same time?
  3. The Manning reference was sarcasm, the commentators today put up the 5 year interception comparison stat like it was supposed to make Buc fans feel better. Of course it was myself that made the mistake of mentioning Manning and Glennon in the same sentence, being reminded of that makes me want to repeat to those that couldn’t let go of that...you can still fuck off. Wasn’t Winston compared to Big Ben?
  4. Well, as Tundra would say, fuck me. Someone please point out that Manning had more picks in his first five years, because surely Winston compares favorably.....I am so fucking over Winston, he couldn’t hold 5 year Manning’s jock strap, he still struggles to recognize what the defense is showing him, still makes stupid decisions, fuck’em. Someone riddle me this, when his plant foot is obviously hobbled, are you telling me that he is still a better option than Griffin? And if they do think that, then what the fuck is he there for? Every other team in the NFL strives to have a backup that can step in. Sure they picked up Gabbert, why? Because he had so much success as a starter he was a no brainer as a back up....really? Jason Licht bears as much if not more responsibility for this current team. Let one go, fire the other.
  5. Soft, no vision, can’t catch, all criticisms from last year. He takes defenders on when in his way, sees and exploits holes and creases, catches everything thrown his way (?). He is 5 years away from being the next Peyton Manning, but for now he is doing his part.
  6. If you can’t trust your QB late in a close game your going to lose.
  7. Rook, with a Bonafide closer, they might be sitting at 96 wins right now. To keep my sanity I approach each game with little to no optimism, that approach certainly worked last night. 😂
  8. Who else is sick of this guy? Where the fuck is Michael Perez?
  9. Overrated. I think Jefft called him the next Manning.
  10. 54.5 to 56..... Those are the numbers most of you ( insert Snook descriptive) are interested in. If McCoy had 90 sacks but all else the same, meaning the team not winning, average run tackle numbers, would you still be celebrating his release? My point, McCoy has never been the problem here, and like any NFL team, no one player singlehandedly wins games. We traded one good DT for another good DT, that’s all. This team has been a pig, but they’ve been my pig, so I welcome Suh with open arms and expect him to deliver his “A” game. I’m capable of doing that without shitting on the guy moving on...of course I do understand shitting on someone is literally in at least part of one posters regular sexual activity.
  11. Let’s not forget opting to call police instead of getting in the middle of a domestic squabble...pussy.
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