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  1. tb_buc

    So ...RoJo II

    Soft, no vision, can’t catch, all criticisms from last year. He takes defenders on when in his way, sees and exploits holes and creases, catches everything thrown his way (?). He is 5 years away from being the next Peyton Manning, but for now he is doing his part.
  2. tb_buc

    Maddon Done in Chicago

    Wasted their money.
  3. tb_buc

    Sorry about your loss boys.

    Waiting for the the congrats.....
  4. If you can’t trust your QB late in a close game your going to lose.
  5. In case anyone missed me....fuck off....😂
  6. Rook, with a Bonafide closer, they might be sitting at 96 wins right now. To keep my sanity I approach each game with little to no optimism, that approach certainly worked last night. 😂
  7. tb_buc


    Who else is sick of this guy? Where the fuck is Michael Perez?
  8. Overrated. I think Jefft called him the next Manning.
  9. tb_buc


    54.5 to 56..... Those are the numbers most of you ( insert Snook descriptive) are interested in. If McCoy had 90 sacks but all else the same, meaning the team not winning, average run tackle numbers, would you still be celebrating his release? My point, McCoy has never been the problem here, and like any NFL team, no one player singlehandedly wins games. We traded one good DT for another good DT, that’s all. This team has been a pig, but they’ve been my pig, so I welcome Suh with open arms and expect him to deliver his “A” game. I’m capable of doing that without shitting on the guy moving on...of course I do understand shitting on someone is literally in at least part of one posters regular sexual activity.
  10. tb_buc


    Let’s not forget opting to call police instead of getting in the middle of a domestic squabble...pussy.
  11. tb_buc


    No it’s not, killing a goat is not legal in hillbilly land.
  12. tb_buc


    He’s no Sapp....
  13. tb_buc

    McCoy Released

    An upgrade?
  14. I’ve made it obvious that I’ve been a fan of McCoy, but a trade for Duke Johnson? Too good to be true, so yes, it’s not likely true.