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  1. Dungy in the ring of honor

    I did! Still have my original Buc polo, a little thread bare, but still hanging in the closet. The mother of an old girl friend got me the McKay tshirt as a joke, wish I still had it.
  2. Dungy in the ring of honor

    Be hard to find a season ticket holder as semi-anti Dungy as myself, that said, you are correct. My, as well as many other “long time” season ticket holders thoughts, just aren’t as grand as our local media likes to pontificate. Throw him in there, it really doesn’t matter.
  3. Dungy in the ring of honor

    Dick, head to the archives and remember that he also inherited 3 potential HOF players in Sapp, Brooks and Lynch. see what I did there....
  4. I agree with everyone's predictions.
  5. Dungy in the ring of honor

    I think its great that they are going to do this at the September 24th Monday Night game against the Steelers, I had already planned to sell my tickets for that game, so it's a win-win.
  6. Back to Roots?

    They were 5 games into their winning streak before I made an effort to watch.
  7. Dungy in the ring of honor

    Thread winner so far.
  8. Back to Roots?

    Good defense, good pitching, average hitting, that is the formula they need to win more than they lose. While there is is still a lot of baseball to be played this season, right now they appear to fit the formula. I am cautiously optimistic that they can continue to chip away at this season and win more games than they will lose.
  9. The good news about the 1pm games is the time and other games you have afterward to recover from a disappointing loss.
  10. Glennon....

    Gruden liked him coming into the draft, it’s not his physical skills that’s lacking, it’s his mental game. Still though, he is the next Peyton Manning, you just watch, he’ll be pimping Papa Johns shortly.
  11. BSPN Worried About Our Draft Choices

    Only an ass would do that, you, being a dick, are in the clear.
  12. The Bucs bring in another Igwebuike

    How would I know? Why ask me? Oh, never mind.
  13. Draft Thread

  14. Draft Thread

    What the fuck takes the Browns so long to make the first pick?