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  1. tb_buc

    McCoy Released

    An upgrade?
  2. I’ve made it obvious that I’ve been a fan of McCoy, but a trade for Duke Johnson? Too good to be true, so yes, it’s not likely true.
  3. tb_buc

    Kraft is not too crafty

    Leave the old bastard alone. If I had his money, I also would be visiting nasty massage parlors....oh wait...
  4. He will make my Fantasy team.....dammit Tundra! Not that one!
  5. tb_buc

    Rays are 14-4

    Deep breath! It’s a long season, there will be ups and downs. I am encouraged by the depth “we” have. I have said before, if guys just hit their career average, they will win more than they lose, with exceptional pitching, quite a bit more. Right now I am just happy to have a local sports team doing well.
  6. I’ve often wondered, unless you’re talking to your neighbors husband, why do you use that term in a negative fashion?
  7. tb_buc

    Winston Gone

    Try to have a little April Fools fun with you guys has proven to be foolish.
  8. tb_buc

    Evans Goes Both Ways

    "Not that there's anything wrong with that"
  9. tb_buc

    Evans Goes Both Ways

    That would be your Tranny...
  10. tb_buc

    Winston Gone

  11. tb_buc

    Evans Goes Both Ways

    Good God! I take a week off, come back and find this?! The thread topic is “Evans Goes Both Ways” and these are the crap reply’s? You guys are embarrassing. Here is a thought passed on by a noted observer of the human condition...”you either suck dick or you don’t suck dick”...Goes both ways my ass! Well maybe Jesse’s ass.
  12. tb_buc

    Bucs hire TWO female coaches

    First the right to vote, now this!!!
  13. tb_buc

    Bucs Re-Sign QB Ryan Griffin

    We don’t know what Griffin can or can’t do. The argument that he hasn’t been able to unseat a starter is ridiculous, even Fitzpatrick has no merit. He wasn’t going to replace Brees or Winston, the Bucs 1st pick. He will be Winston’s back up this season, book it twinks.
  14. Yes, would make a big splash play, than be out of position for the next 10. I had my eye on him when he burst out of the womb, darted left, missed the nurses hands, but showed amazing reactions in ending up in his mother’s arms.