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  1. 2018 Win Prediction

    It is amazing what 180 mil of salary and a loaded minor league roster can do for an average Manager.
  2. Saints owner Benson dead

    I have a friend of a friend of a guy who used to know a guy, that knew a guy. Anyway Benson and his wife stayed at their house for a weekend when the Saints were in town, long story short, they made a bunch of porn movies, some with hamsters and then used my friend of a friend of a guy who used to know a guy, that knew a guys email address to send them to a family in Houston, seems they frequently had PGA players stay with them....
  3. 2018 Win Prediction

    You’ve graduated to bastard.
  4. 2018 Win Prediction

    Come on Axe take a hundred deep breaths and hack up a prediction.
  5. 2018 Win Prediction

    Well, 2017 was pretty much a toss up, for 2018 I’m looking at 74-88, and that is me being optimistic.
  6. OT - Tiger Woods

    You meant “in the woods”
  7. OT - Tiger Woods

    I do, I can’t shake those old fake photos of his first wife.
  8. OT - Tiger Woods

    Bucschat.com ”The most uninformed golf fans on the internet”
  9. OT - Tiger Woods

    ...mumbling something about you haters can go fuck yourselves, or even worse, Buc yourselves.....
  10. Winston, crab legs....
  11. Never hear these kind of issues with Glennon....
  12. First of all DICK, he was traded, at least around the Bear locker room. Secondly GSS, name names dammit! I, unabashedly was in the Glennon camp. Thirdly, once again it is proven that we can bat around any topic no matter how old or how immaterial to today’s team.