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    : Joe Maddon said "he hate me"

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  2. tb_buc

    Same old Same Old

    Funny show....
  3. tb_buc

    Fuck Cam Newton

    In case no one said it earlier, fuck off! 😎
  4. tb_buc

    Fuck Cam Newton

    That should be a TD
  5. tb_buc

    Fuck Cam Newton

    Carlton Davis
  6. tb_buc

    Fuck Cam Newton

    Love the comment about how much Newton has matured...I thought he looked very mature when after a fake handoff that all 11 Bucs bit on, he slowly pranced towards the goal line. I’m an old white guy that his fans would typically think is a racist, well it’s that sort of play that could certainly prompt some verbage.
  7. It’s always refreshing to read opinions from a bunch of wannabe dicks, and of course one true dick, opinions which are completely contrary to the Coaches and players from across the NFL.
  8. Defensive calls softened up in the 2nd half, I wouldn’t think that was enough to claim a “big drop off”, but then again I’m not as Dickish as you are.
  9. I have mixed thoughts on losing Alexander, he really hasn't been the full time good player on defense that some seem to think he has. He was playing better in the first half against the Browns, but so were most of the other guys. Frankly, I am not expecting a big drop-off in the position.
  10. No offense Samurai, but unless you’re Bill Parcells in disguise, I’ll believe Gruden has a plan.
  11. tb_buc

    Dumbass Play Calling

    Can’t remember the last time I had a heart to break at kickoff, they broke it up and flushed it 10 years ago.
  12. tb_buc

    Calling out Kwon and David!!

    They certainly were...
  13. tb_buc

    Dumbass Play Calling

    One Safety away!
  14. tb_buc

    Dumbass Play Calling

    Lots of trust in your “franchise” QB.