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  1. TouchDownTampaBay

    Sundays Game

    Franchise Winston next year and draft a QB in the first round. Seems like the safest route to me.
  2. TouchDownTampaBay

    Cam done for the year

    Oh hell no! Winston is better than Scam at this point...
  3. TouchDownTampaBay

    Where will Winston land?

    You could probably throw Denver in there as well.
  4. TouchDownTampaBay

    Forget McCoy,, FUCK Asshat Winston !!

    Wishful thinking??? Ian Rapoport @RapSheet I remember Carson Palmer struggling through the first half of his first season under Bruce Arians, then turning the corner and rejuvenating his career. We’ll see if that happens to #Bucs QB Jameis Winston, but history shows it could. Look at Palmer’s 1st season, via @NFLResearch : 2:37 PM · Oct 14, 2019·Twitter for iPhone 100 Retweets 592 Likes
  5. TouchDownTampaBay

    Ali Marpet

    The Panthers signed him yesterday
  6. TouchDownTampaBay

    Every single national talk show is the same

    I agree 100%! The more W's the more bandwagon jumpers we will see weekly.
  7. TouchDownTampaBay

    Every single national talk show is the same

    He actually didnt. He referred to Jameis being Jameis as always being a negative thing. Saying maybe Jameis being Jameis should be viewed as a positive the way hes playing the last 3 games.
  8. TouchDownTampaBay

    Every single national talk show is the same

    Here ya go! https://www.buccaneers.com/video/nate-burleson-jameis-winston-playing-better-than-any-qb-the-nfl-right-now
  9. TouchDownTampaBay

    Wow what a start. Bucs 7-0

    Actually this morning they said it was a dislocated elbow and he wont be put on IR and will be back in a few weeks. I bet that hurt like a mutha-fucker...
  10. TouchDownTampaBay


    Our D blitzed 28 times last night! Pretty sure we didnt blitz that many times all last year combined!
  11. TouchDownTampaBay


    Well, there's this....
  12. Chris Godwin did as well! https://www.12up.com/posts/video-bucs-chris-godwin-burning-highest-paid-cb-in-football-xavien-howard-to-a-crisp-in-joint-camp-01dj8cjz2rg3
  13. Nah, its on my Xmas list though! Soccer players in Europe have been wearing these for years. Wasnt sure if bucs63 knew what they were or just fucking around. Or both lol
  14. TouchDownTampaBay

    Sapp: McCoy Not Even Close to a Legend

    I guess because McCoy claimed to be a legend?