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  1. TouchDownTampaBay

    Salary Cap

    I saw this and thought I would share. I am by no means a cap expert. Can anyone confirm this is true? Due to the NFLs rule for the offseason, only the top 51 salaries count against the cap. We currently have $1.7M in cap space. Only the top 5 rookies will count against that top 51 cap. They will cost $8.74M in cap space. However, they will force the #47 through #51 salaries off the cap with a savings of $3.23M for an adjusted cap hit of $5.54M. This will put us just $3.84M over the cap. I no longer think we need to toss GMC. I would like him to take a pay cut though. And looking through the list we can easily get under the cap, without the pay cut, just by tossing a couple or so of lower dollar but top 51 contracts. Will Gholston's $3.75M would almost turn the trick on it's own. Also cutting Ryan Smith's $2M and Castro's $800k would give us $2.7M in cap space. Interestingly, we have 94 players(counting the draftees, so only 86 under contract) currently and will need to get that down to 91(90 max plus 1 international exemption). These 3 moves would kill 2 birds with one stone.
  2. TouchDownTampaBay

    Draft thread

    CBS Sports draft writer Chris Trapasso lists Iowa DE Anthony Nelson as a "Plan B" for teams that miss out on Ohio State EDGE Nick Bosa. Bosa is likely going in the first five picks -- it'd be an upset if he falls out of the top three right now -- but Nelson (6'7/271) could be a nice fallback option, as Trapasso mentions. "[Nelson] has the most advanced repertoire of pass-rushing moves at the edge rusher spot in this class after Bosa and demonstrated high caliber athleticism at the combine with a three-cone drill time in the 92nd percentile at his position as well as a broad and vertical in the 82nd and 87th percentiles respectively," he writes. Right now, it looks like Nelson will be a Day 2 pick, and he could be a steal in that range.
  3. TouchDownTampaBay

    Last Call..who’s it gonna be?

    I didnt think Comp picks were tradeable?
  4. TouchDownTampaBay

    Oops.......more Problems for Local TB Hacks

    http://www.tampabay.com/news/sports-broadcaster-justin-pawlowski-accused-of-soliciting-14-year-old-police-say-20190417/ Pawlowski first contacted the 14-year-old — it was actually an undercover Tampa police officer — in a chatroom on Feb. 15, according to the arrest report. The chatroom was entitled “Tampa Teens 14-18.” The 37-year-old repeatedly texted who be believed to be a 14-year-old through March 1, police said, and sent an explicit photo of himself.“The defendant also expressed interest in meeting with the child on several occasions,” police said, to engage in sexual acts. Pawlowski was told several times that he was communicating with a 14-year-old, the report said. Once, Pawlowski asked the child to leave his home and walk down the street so that they could meet.When officers talked to Pawlowski, they said he admitted to messaging and chatting with who he believed to be a 14-year-old. Police obtained a search warrant for his phone and said they found the explicit photo he had sent of himself and stored in his contacts was the name and number of the fictitious 14-year-old police had created.
  5. TouchDownTampaBay

    Oops.......more Problems for Local TB Hacks

    Disgusting... What a scumbag he turned out to be.
  6. TouchDownTampaBay

    Oops.......more Problems for Local TB Hacks

    http://www.pcsoweb.com/InmateBooking/SubjectResults.aspx?id=1797458 https://www.tampabay.com/news/sports-broadcaster-justin-pawlowski-accused-of-soliciting-14-year-old-police-say-20190417/
  7. TouchDownTampaBay

    Bucs football content

    Just a distraction from hand jobs, cream pies and Llamas. Oh and the Bucs will have a male cheerleader this year, all Snooks hard work has finally paid off...Carry on..... GO BOLTS! https://www.buccaneers.com/video/offseason-workouts-with-the-bucs-in-the-current
  8. TouchDownTampaBay

    Bucs bringing in Testaverde for workout

    I wonder if he is color blind...
  9. TouchDownTampaBay

    Evans Goes Both Ways

    Every now and then....
  10. TouchDownTampaBay

    Evans Goes Both Ways

    Hehe, good points!
  11. TouchDownTampaBay

    Evans Goes Both Ways

    Or its April fools day...
  12. TouchDownTampaBay

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers signing Bradley Pinion

    From another site. Bucs have signed 6-6, 240 lb. former 49ers Punter Bradley Pinion to a 4-year deal.The team also released Bryan Anger after three seasons.His net punting average of 39.1 last year was only 24th best in the league, but it was better than Anger's 26th best mark of 38.9.The bigger difference is in punts downed inside the 20.Pinion had 22 of his 68 punts downed inside the 20 (32%), compared to 15 of 64 for Anger (23%).Over the past two seasons, Pinion has had 53 of 123 punts downed inside the 20 (43%) as opposed to 39 of 108 (36%) for Anger.Pinion is also a kickoff specialist.His 64.5 yards per kickoff were tied for 6th best in the league.His 52 touchbacks were tied for 12th most. His touchback percentage of 67.5% was 11th best in the league.This is compared to Cairo Santos, who is re-signing with the team today. Santos' 36 kickoffs for a 59.9 average was 43rd(!) in the league.Tampa Bay's opponents started at their own 29 yard-line last season, which was 11th worst in the league.
  13. TouchDownTampaBay

    Right Guard

    Read a couple rumors Ted Larsen might be coming back. Played his first 4 years with the Bucs and 1 year under Arians.
  14. TouchDownTampaBay

    Hump a Titan

    Bills signing John Brown 3 yrs $27M and Cole Beasley 4 yrs $29M Seems like redundant signings to me
  15. Smith's contract breakdown. 3yr - $41.5M ($27M guaranteed) deal. 2019 - $12.5M ($7M salary $5.5 roster bonus) (guaranteed)2020 - $14.5M (guaranteed)2021 - $14.5M (not-guaranteed) $5M of 2019 salary deferred until 6/15/20 $3M of 2020 salary deferred until 3/5/21