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  1. I do a lot better when I expect the Bucs to lose and they surprise me by winning- It's like under-promise over-deliver.  I've learned that every year the Bucs will go on a mini winning streak 2-3 games just as we start to believe this may be the year then they shit the bed.  I'm just going to sit back and wait and see for a few weeks, if they lose this Sunday nothing lost, if they win that will be better. 

  2. Winston is certainly more interesting, you literally never know what you will get from him week to week.  He could be Dan Marino like we saw yesterday or Jonny Manzel like we saw in week 1.  

    I've watched Marriotta in a few games and I find him to be boring not willing to risk a lot to win a game. Given that I believe he is a bit more consistent than Winston, however, he has been injured several times in his career, something that big Galopgis Jaimis hasn't suffered.

  3. I went there week 2 in 2016 to witness their first win of the season, I personally love New Orleans, it's awesome in every aspect for the senses.  The food is phenomenal, music coming from the streets and back allies or any club or restaurant. Great bars and pubs everywhere, plenty to see outside of Bourbon St.  Ride a trolly down to the Garden District, check out Frenchman St at night. 

    If you like oysters on the shell go see Loyde @ Remoulade on Bourbon- he will hook you up.


    The Super Dome is an awesome venue, they even serve Jumbilia and red beans and rice.


    I'm going back in February for Mardi Gras week.