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  1. Boatrunner

    Bucs are ranked 29th! Woo hoo.

    What have the Raiders done to be propelled to 19? Ill put the Bucs at 31 one step above Arizona- The team Leftwich was the O Coordinator for in 2018
  2. Boatrunner

    JPP out for year?

    Should have stuck with the black guy, they would be closing in on 7-9 by this year
  3. Boatrunner

    JPP out for year?

    My previous 5-11 prediction has now been updated to 4-12 Its a Bucs Life
  4. Boatrunner

    XFL Reboot

    Jonny Manzel cant wait.
  5. Boatrunner

    Time to See Reality

    Lovey should have never been fired.
  6. Boatrunner

    Geraldini speaks!

    McCoy is all hat no cattle= Talks a lot of shit, gets a lot of media attention because he was slightly above average player on a shitty team. A guy like McCoy sets the tone for the Defense with his play and attitude, let's be honest they have sucked pretty much during his entire career in TB
  7. Is going to be in camp this year- Great story http://www.fox13news.com/sports/buccaneers/vincent-testaverde-jr-hopes-to-score-his-own-buccaneers-jersey
  8. Boatrunner

    Salary Cap

    There is no point in keeping McCoy around if he is not in the 2019 plans- Maybe we can trade him for Cleveland's kicker
  9. Boatrunner

    Time to See Reality

    back 10 years ago when my kids were young, their friends would come over on Sundays and watch me watch a Buccaneers game- They laughed endlessly at my profanity-laced tirade play by play narration of what was being witnessed. Once one of the Mother's came over to witness the spectacle known as football Sunday at Boatrunner's house. The child was never allowed to step foot in my house again.
  10. Boatrunner

    Joe Dirt

  11. Boatrunner

    Interesting Take on Our Drafts

    Looking at the list of players drafted by the Bucs then subsequently cut ended up in Super Bowls later in their careers. Perhaps the drafting is not the problem as much as the coaching and legacy of losing of the Bucs. I think Veta Vea will do better now that McCoy is gone.
  12. Boatrunner

    Joe Dirt

    in how many seasons?
  13. Boatrunner

    Joe Dirt

  14. Boatrunner

    Joe Dirt

  15. Boatrunner

    Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt will be back around week 10 when the Bucs are 2-7 and the players start taking themselves out to not destroy their NFL careers.