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  1. Was there nobody in the NFL willing to trade? #28 is 2.5 seasons removed from a 1st round draft pick. Look what the Rams and Steelers traded for CBs The Texans just picked up Vernon Hargreaves for free.
  2. Boatrunner

    Nickname for Bucs secondary

    Toast of the Town
  3. Boatrunner

    Hargreaves is "Harnomore" with Bucs

    # 28 was not playing well enough to earn his salary, despite the fact he single-handedly won the Thursday Night Carolina game. At Least Litchshit will be around another 4+ years.
  4. Boatrunner

    Nickname for Bucs secondary

    The Red Lobsters
  5. Boatrunner


    Pure Garbage, useless slug, an actual determent to the team potentially cost the Bucs the game.
  6. Boatrunner

    Bench The Retard

    😡 Not one more snap from this imbecile, Moron has ruined the season- after 5 years of this garbage, we have seen enough. Bring in Ryan Griffen
  7. Boatrunner

    Where will Winston land?

    True, they bring in a new QB every year now.
  8. Boatrunner

    Where will Winston land?

    possible starter in1- Oakland, 2- Tennessee, 3 backup in Miami, NYJ, Pitt, Washington or Atl
  9. Boatrunner

    Gabbert QB

    I agree, since this season is already down the annual drain why not give Griffen a shot, he could be the next Kyle Allen or Uncle Rico in Jville- Gabbard is a has-been and retread that has never won anything. Fuck that, put in Ryan
  10. Boatrunner

    MSN Article states the obvious

    Once again keeping with tradition the Buccaneers will not re-sign a first-round QB they drafted. At least they are consistent. Expect to see Winston playing backup in Oakland, Miami or Atlanta on 2020
  11. Boatrunner

    Anyone else get a PM from this idiot??

    Maybe there is a strike-shortened season we don't know about yet.
  12. Boatrunner

    That was a fumble

    Ugggh fucking Idiot......................
  13. Boatrunner

    That was a fumble

    Based on the 1st half Jaimis is in full retard mode today.
  14. Boatrunner

    That was a fumble

    Offensive Pass interference shouldn't be a call, its a BS penalty to start with.
  15. early indications are the Bucs are going to blow goats today, on the first Offensive drive Winston almost threw 2 pics and had a delay of game penalty.