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  1. Cam will go 0-4 and be banished to the bench by Belichick
  2. Looks like a Crap version of a Falcons Jersey
  3. While other teams are waiting around for the green light to start practicing per the NFL Players Association when camp starts in late July. Brady is getting his offense ready in the event we have a season. Tom-brady-bucs-players-hold-workout-despite-nflpa-warning https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2020/06/23/tom-brady-bucs-still-working-out-despite-teams-positive-covid-19-cases/
  4. I'm hoping we have a season to start with- With the current roster and Brady at QB 10-6 is a very realistic goal.
  5. Mark Alstott will always be one of the all time favorites of Buc fans everywhere.
  6. Herd immunity is the only way we can go.
  7. Any Bullshit London games this year?
  8. Just think of the kicker we could have drafted with that pick
  9. Oh good God, That dude sucks more than a Meth head fresh out of county jail.
  10. The Bucs will get 6 games out of Gronk if they are lucky
  11. I relized that after I read the details.
  12. Where does the Juice go now?
  13. The Bucs will be on National TV in 2020 more times than the last 10 years combined
  14. Can't wait to see what kicker we pick up with the OJ Howard trade.
  15. How many games does Howard miss per year on average?
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