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  1. Cam is going down the same path as Bruce err Kaitlin Jenner-
  2. I was literally have this conversation with my wife- Buclife dictates the season will be cancelled and Brady will pop his Achilles while rollerblading with his daughter in October thus ending his NFL career.
  3. Terry Bradshaw thinks ‘ego’ led Tom Brady away from Patriots. As a multiple-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback who only played for one team in his career, Terry Bradshaw can’t understand why Tom Brady didn’t choose to do the same. The former Steeler and Hall of Famer believes it must have been an “ego” issue for Brady, who left the Patriots after 20 years last week and signed with the Buccaneers. “Why in the world does he want to keep on playing at 43 other than to prove to New England he’s more important than Bill Belichick?” Bradshaw told The Athletic. “That’s the way I would look at it. Why the hell do you want to go to Tampa? The only thing I can think of is ego gets involved and you decide, ‘I’ll show ’em who’s more important.’ “I would never have done that, and I was shocked he was leaving. Shocked. I’ve never known a great quarterback — a great quarterback — at the end of his career, go to another team and do anything. Now, Brady’s different — nine Super Bowls, six victories. He’s a different cat. But the offense they ran in New England was perfect for him.” https://nypost.com/2020/03/24/terry-bradshaw-thinks-ego-led-tom-brady-away-from-patriots/
  4. Perfect, he's a nasty ass playmaker with a chip on his shoulder.
  5. The Bucs addressed the running game by signing Tom Brady. Maybe sign a 7th round draft pick they can mold in a couple years
  6. GeeZuz Christ, how many fucking threads do we have about GD Uniforms?
  7. The Bucs need a winner @ QB, the first two choices meet that criteria.
  8. As a franchise the Bucs are just not concerned with the RB position.
  9. my wife keeps telling me wrong hole, I told her no it's not.
  10. Word is Dilfer is a good golfer
  11. How many hits will Brady be able to take? Will the officials put a protective 6-foot zone around him as they did in New England?
  12. 🤢You know it's just a matter of time before it gets us all. 🤮
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