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  1. Boatrunner

    Desean Jackson...

    Dude wanted to be traded a few weeks ago- If that's not a sign of an attitude problem I dont know what is
  2. Boatrunner

    This Board Needs Unity

    Bill Belichick Does that crap every chance he gets- Are you hating on him like Payton?
  3. Boatrunner

    Does anyone else feel bad for Ryan Griffin?

    I say give the kid a shot, what's the worst thing that could happen?
  4. Boatrunner

    Fire Koetter Tonight

    It wouldn't matter, the 2018 Buccaneers are contaminated with losing. It's going to take a coach with a very strong personality and a strategic mindset to turn this attitude around. Also, get rid of McCoy- He leads the NFL in the reputation as a great player with zero accomplishments in 8 seasons. Its like he subconsciously puts out the vibe that pretending put in effort while not actually doing everything it takes to win is acceptable in Tampa Bay.
  5. Boatrunner

    Spooky Shit

    33 years to the day Joe Thiesmann's leg snapped like a toothpick on national TV on MNF Today Alex Smith's leg also broke The final score on Nov 18th, 1985 was 23-21 today's final score was 21-23
  6. Boatrunner

    Fucktard back at QB

    Come On Tom, Bridgewater was let go by the Vikes and "Jets" and Tyrod Talyor is good for 5 yard passes to the RB and Kaep is out of football. The Bucs have the number one offense in the NFL, QB turnovers are a problem but they can be fixed. The Shitbag Defense is what is killing this team
  7. Boatrunner

    Winston vs Fitz as our starter|?

    Fuck both of those guys. Bring in Ryan Griffin
  8. Boatrunner

    At Least the Kicker Didn't Fuck it Up

    I like finding a silver lining in the eye of a hurricane
  9. Boatrunner

    Fucktard back at QB

    Its hard to be a good NFL QB when you're CONSTANTLY playing catch up because the Defense can stop a fucking cold. BTW Momma McCoy got himself a nice statistical sack when Eli tripped and fell.
  10. Boatrunner

    Game seems to be over

    The Season ended in Cincy
  11. Boatrunner

    Fucktard back at QB

    After 3 Pics from Ftiz, Winston will see how many he can get.
  12. Boatrunner

    Giants 45 Succaneers 18

    Buccaneers new helmet logo
  13. Boatrunner

    Giants 45 Succaneers 18

    3 TDs, 2 FGs = 27, I didn't say the Giants kicker would miss an XP
  14. Boatrunner

    Giants 45 Succaneers 18

    Giants 27, Fucs 16 kicker misses an extra point
  15. Boatrunner

    OT- Jason Garrett is gone!

    50/50 that he does