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  1. noteable stat: The Denver Broncos are the only team Tom Brady has a losing record against 8-9 which includes his 1-3 postseason mark.
  2. Does this mean Grayson is going back to the bench?
  3. agreed, there were several perfectly placed balls that a high school kid would have been able to catch.
  4. Gruden is without a doubt the most animated and entertaining coach in the NFL, still hasn't won jack squat since the 2002 Super Bowl Season.
  5. Can you imagine a higher stress job than being a Buccaneers HC? The fact he survived a season with # 3 as his QB was impressive. Byron should have started running the ball early in the third quarter vs waiting till midway in the 4th
  6. 2nd game with Brady at QB and the offense looked significantly better vs week 1, I'm glad to see the offense still produced despite Godwin being absent and Gronk showing he is old and slow and unable to catch.
  7. I firmly believe if Godwin was active yesterday the Bucs would have scored 41+
  8. Trashcan football- Looking forward to seeing a rookie QB pick apart the shitbag Browns
  9. Everybody needs to calm down. After 20 years with the same offense this is Brady's first game on a new team- for all intents and purposes it was a pre-season game. Im willing to give the 6 time SB winning QB a little slack before I call him a bust
  10. Taysom Hill named No. 2 QB on New Orleans Saints depth chart. The race for the New Orleans Saints backup quarterback role has been decided. During training camp, the Saints featured NFL veterans Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston in the competition to back up incumbent starter Drew Brees. Prior to Sunday’s season opener, Hill has emerged as the No. 2 quarterback behind Brees. He will serve in a variety of roles including potential sub-packages that will get him on the field this season. In his NFL career, Hill has lined up at quarterback, running back and as a tight end at times. He has 13 career pass attempts but has proven effective as a runner. Hill had 27 carries for 156 yards and seven touchdowns last season. The Saints rewarded Hill with a two-year contract worth $21 million in total value. Hill is slated to be the second-highest paid backup behind Indianapolis Colts signal-caller Jacoby Brissett in the league. Hill is in a prime spot to potentially replace Brees once the future Hall of Famer decides to retire from the league. The Saints believe in Hill and love his competitiveness to lead the team into the future. Saints head coach Sean Payton confirmed as much with Aditi Kinkhabwala on CBS Sports Network’s “We Need To Talk” earlier this year. “When that time comes -- and that'll be probably at some point sooner than later -- and Drew (Brees) decides to retire, I see Taysom (Hill) being a guy that has a great chance to come in there and become that quarterback,” Payton said. The presence of Winston will help the Saints be innovative in deploying Hill this season. Having a former No. 1 overall pick in the fold can allow Payton to utilize Hill in prime matchups against opposing defenses. “It gives us a Hall of Fame quarterback playing still at an elite level and then two young prospects we're excited about, starting with Taysom Hill,” Payton said. “We got a ton of confidence in him and there's a big reason why he was tendered with a first-round pick and then paid accordingly.” Hill has focused on his expanding quarterback role in training camp. He has implemented more strength and conditioning to prepare for the backup opportunity. This includes picking up on tricks of the trade from Brees in film meetings and on the field. Without preseason games, Hill believes that making sure each repetition counts is the best way to be ready for the regular season.
  11. Looks like Glennon just got signed to the active roster for the Jaggoffs
  12. Worth taking a chance on a guy who was draft # 10 overall in the 2018 draft.
  13. I say we just go for it on 4th down and 2 points on TD conversions Fuck the Gay Kicker
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