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  1. Boatrunner

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    The Knock on Perriman is he simply can't catch a ball; It's kind of important as a WR in the NFL to catch a a fucking ball . Offering anything more than league minimum until he proves himself is pissing money away.
  2. Boatrunner

    Dear Jason Licht -- Time to Pull

    Having a consistently losing team while simultaneously being in the red of a salary cap takes a special kind of talent to overpay the worst possible players in the league. Even more impressive is the ability to keep one's job after racking up this kind of record.
  3. The Ravens are making their team better with players the Bucs could use. Ravens land two top free agents Pro Bowl safety Earl Thomas and running back Mark Ingram are heading to Baltimore to join the Ravens. Although the Ravens didnt sign a kicker/punter so.......... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001022405/article/mark-ingram-expected-to-sign-with-baltimore-ravens
  4. That will show them.
  5. Hell ya man, we are talking about Punters, Im getting really hard right now.
  6. Boatrunner

    2019 Bucs RBs

    Anbody? Bueller ?
  7. Boatrunner

    OBJ to the Browns

    Who leaves NYC to play for Cleveland?
  8. Dude's eyes are about to pop out of his skull
  9. Boatrunner

    Jameis Deserves The Rams Scheme

    And why was that?
  10. Boatrunner

    Offense wins Championships

    Having a top 5 offense didn't help because they had a bottom 5 defense-So they were always playing catch up. If you can't run the ball you can't eat the clock, so the other team has possession then scores- We saw it throughout the season
  11. Boatrunner

    Offense wins Championships

    The reason the 4 above mentioned teams did so well in turnovers is the opposing team is always playing catch up which means they are throwing the ball over over the field. The Bucs Defense sucked so bad that no matter how many points Fitz or Jaimis put up they were always playing from behind, combined with a lack of a running game and you have a receipt for turnovers.
  12. Boatrunner

    Jameis Deserves The Rams Scheme

    THey pounded Todd Gurley and CJ Anderson down the throat of the vaulted Dallas D - It all starts with a run blocking O line followed by a badass RB- Something the Bucs have lacked for many a year. Its time to draft a stud RB- maybe somebody else besides Jason Licht makes the call
  13. Boatrunner

    Fixing the Rooney Rule

    Great video on the current state of the NFL
  14. Boatrunner

    Leftwich to Call Plays Next Year

    UUUGGGGH This guy coaches like he played- Slow and Shitty- The Fucking Cardinals had the 32nd ranked offense in all of the NFL in 2018. For Fuck Sake...........................
  15. Boatrunner

    Will Arians solve our kicking woes

    Yes, you for it on 4th down and 2 point conversions on every TD