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  1. ******Breaking news*******

    About as popular as a Harvey Weinstein photo right about now
  2. Word on the street is Mcdaniels was offered the HC job when Beledick retires
  3. I keep hoping my wife turns into a young Pamela Anderson too. What will happen is Jameis will play one more year as a Buc, his contract will expire and he will sign with another team as a free agent and the Bucs will be left holding nothing but their hairy ball sack. Its what the Bucs do, they NEVER resign their drafted first round QBs-EVER. Face facts, last year was Winston's 3rd year and he showed who he is, an inconstant fumbler that cant win games when it counts-23 or 33 he's as good as he's going to get with Tampa Bay.
  4. Ill go out on a limb and say Foles is slightly better than Jameis, he did take the Eagles to the playoffs under Chip Kelly, there is a lot to be said about that. Also having another 1st round pick to spend on a Defensive lineman or stud RB would be an upgrade.
  5. Odd behavior considering the stadium is rarely ever close to full on game days. Stupid
  6. Same has its been for the last 8 years.
  7. Good Grief man, don't you think you already suck Trump's bone enough on Fakebook.
  8. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    So the Bucs are going to spend 3 draft pics on CBs and wait till the 4th round to address the RB need?
  9. Today's playoff games.

    THis is why the NFL is and will continue to be the most popular sport in America.
  10. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    If you dont like the thread don't comment on it. In fact you can start a thread on Winston's incredible play during the Bucs playoff run.
  11. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    Got to love this team. On the road against the Steelers, In the 1st quarter 4th and goal on the 2, they go for it and score a rushing TD on their first possession.
  12. Tony Boselli lights up Simms

    I believe the correct name was Piss Simms, at the time of the injury the Bucs just lost to the Panthers and the headline on the sports page of the StPete Times was O and Spleen.
  13. LOL- Chargers lost their first 2 games this year as a direct result of a shit Kicker, Just like the Bucs
  14. Bobo Wilson...

    I think you should- IMO Jackson did very little to justify being one of the highest paid players on the team. In fact I cant think of one of the five wins that was attributed to DJax- Then you have the incident with the crashed truck and drugs.