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  1. UncleBuc

    Second chance, fresh start

    Winston has performed better and is the best QB during all of the franchises past Buc tenures. It's just a shame they haven't had enough pieces to the puzzle in the early portion of his career. Hopeful with the new regime the kicker, defense, and running game can be at least average to give him the adequate help he needs.
  2. UncleBuc

    Free Agents to Watch...

    And I'm the homer ...
  3. UncleBuc

    It's going to be Arians

    Or he comes out on fire, and decides to test the market and see what someone will pay for a 26 year old top caliber NFL QB with years of experience. Cousins just got 3 years $83 million and he's 30.
  4. UncleBuc

    It's going to be Arians

    Unless you're getting Lawrence, a better QB isn't magically falling out of the sky.
  5. UncleBuc

    It's going to be Arians

    And there you see once again your uncle hits the nail on the head. You're all welcome. Next order of business. Extension for Jaboo.
  6. UncleBuc

    It's going to be Arians

    Relax T, the triplets got this.
  7. UncleBuc


  8. UncleBuc


    Kick was tipped at the line. There's video floating around of it.
  9. UncleBuc

    It's going to be Arians

    He should be sent packing for several reasons.
  10. http://www.joebucsfan.com/2019/01/buccaneers-announce-new-head-coach-no-later-tuesday/
  11. UncleBuc

    Fixing the Rooney Rule

    It's completely pointless. We've truly moved on as a society when rules like this aren't in place and qualified candidates for any job are granted interviews and hired based on their resume, and nothing more. Giving someone an interview merely because someone is black is indeed veiled racism. Token interview now I can interview the coach I really want......
  12. UncleBuc

    Kris Richard

    Jim Schwartz?
  13. UncleBuc

    Kris Richard

  14. UncleBuc

    What To Do With Winston?

    No you aren't misremembering at all.