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  1. Dilfer is playing in 99 instead of King we are on 2 SB's right now.
  2. Whoever that person is, any athlete should run from going forward.
  3. Just stating facts buddy. No need to go postal. JW and Hump worked well together and he's that WR you are talking about. No one is arguing the turnovers were too much and that's why we are where we are.
  4. Winston and Hump didn't work well together at all...
  5. Possibility of Corona flushing the Pasco off this board?
  6. It's like you haven't grown up as a Bucs fan since the 70's like the rest of us or something....
  7. Now just get a legit kicker, a RB, a safety, and depth at DL.
  8. https://www.colts.com/news/joe-haeg-pro-football-focus-2019-nfl-all-preseason-team
  9. Hey I hope it works. It's now Super Bowl this year or next or this is a fail. Could of gone after a 27 year old Bridgewater, or low ball Jameis for one year. Come out of it next season with Trevor Lawrence and I'm a happy Buc fan.
  10. After the Lions game he's lost Evans and Godwin. He's coming off his two best performances of the season. He has a broken thumb, a bad knee, and his two best wrs aren't playing in a contract year and playoffs are unattainable. His agent should have demanded he's shut down after that game for his own well being. He's still a Buc if him and his agent are smart enough to sit down. Worst of all fan would owe me $50 ABC liquor dollars.
  11. Not talking about you pal. You want T. wine, ABC, or Luekens? PM me.
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