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  1. Jameis could have done that. The rookie OL kid is slow off the ball. I miss Chucky.
  2. Good player who will be out with a concussion by game 2.
  3. So I don't get 72 virgins? Fuckin liars!
  4. So licking bar toilet seats after snorting lines off it is a bad idea?
  5. It is curious that cancer, heart failure, stroke, and most all other form of death has grounded to a halt and now the only way old folks die is Covid19. Wonder why?
  6. aren't we on a 17 game schedule now?
  7. THE BRADY AND GRONK EFFECT: BUCS 2020 SCHEDULE LOADED WITH NATIONAL SPOTLIGHT GAMES – Blabber https://cimdevcenter.com/sports/national-league-champions-1998-2018/ Open MNF Thanksgiving Lions Vegas December
  8. Freeman is concussed by week 3. The JW3 backup in Tampa is Flurio.
  9. Fuck off, I told you PM me. BTW, chatter starting JW3 to be TB12 backup, you could owe me after all. ...
  10. He was on a much better team. FSU'S OL worst in the power 5.
  11. All homerism aside. Cam Akers is the next closest thing to him from a style and skill standpoint.
  12. Andy Reid gets the best player in the draft with the final pick of the 1st round.
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