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  1. UncleBuc

    Fucktard back at QB

    I don't know and neither do you. I know it's curious as hell that the same attorney who had Kinsman settle with him represents Uber driver. I know Kinsman's story was full of holes. For you to call him a sexual predator is wrong. He's not been charged with a sexual crime ever. You don't like him, fine. You want him off the Bucs fine. You think he sucks as a QB fine. The sexual predator thing is akin to calling Obama a Muslim from Kenya with a forged birth certificate. Enough with that already.
  2. UncleBuc

    Fucktard back at QB

    Dear Baby Jesus and all things holy. Please please please multi year contract for Winston from the Bucs. All of bucschat will be forever grateful. Also, thank you for blessing our country with founders who established due process and the presumption of innocence. Fine gentleman like Brett Cavanaugh and Jameis Winston could be rotting in prison if not for that vital right our founders bestowed upon us.
  3. UncleBuc

    This Board Needs Unity

    Remember when Gruden was lobbying to sign Brees? Yeah that guy might have been right about that.
  4. UncleBuc

    Fucktard back at QB

    Free has no interest in Kap joining the Bucs. As a matter of fact if they signed him he'd be the 1st one in here calling him a POS. And I'd agree with him for it. If the Glazer turds want to see attendance drop even lower, sign Kap.
  5. Neither team could stop neither team and both defenses knew it, so they attacked the QB and tried to create turnovers, and both defenses created big splash plays as a result. On the same token they were burned big too. But they weren't stopping them so may as well play feast or famine. Our morons still haven't figured this out.
  6. UncleBuc

    Desean Jackson...

    The biggest one being that Koetter is a negative pessimistic douche.
  7. UncleBuc

    draft results

    Those Uni's are youngry
  8. UncleBuc

    draft results

    no we'll take Grier because we need to draft another QB just ask the resident experts who think Milonovich, I mean Griffin is the answer.
  9. UncleBuc

    draft results

    I was called a homer when I lobbied to draft Derwin.
  10. UncleBuc

    Does anyone else feel bad for Ryan Griffin?

    Probably the same idiots who were begging for Scott Milonovich 20 years ago.
  11. UncleBuc

    Game seems to be over

    The season ended when the Steelers TE bitch slapped Chris Conte on MNF.
  12. UncleBuc

    Fucktard back at QB

    Free wants Kap so he can bitch about him.
  13. UncleBuc

    Winston vs Fitz as our starter|?

    You JW haters are best served finding a new team. He's gonna be here next year and beyond.
  14. UncleBuc

    Winston vs Fitz as our starter|?

    Doesn't matter. The morons making the call won't be in a few weeks.