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  1. UncleBuc

    What a stupid article

    Is John Robinson related to who Jim Rome referred to as Robofat way back when?
  2. Pretty sure he said the same thing about drops.
  3. Fan, Get one of those 5 guys on the Bucs and no one will have an issue. Until then, he's your guy like it or not. Actually 4, I have no interest in Wentz. Can't stay healthy and not a gamer. Sikema's article isn't one side or the other, it's just the facts, you should read it.
  4. Clemson dropped a pick 6 last night. Burrow is good. Anyone thinking he's walking on an NFL field and it's going to continue to be easy for him is dreaming.
  5. UncleBuc

    Todays winners - NFL

    Tanehill is Trent Dilfer circa 2000 with the Ravens. Superbowl in Miami. I think they beat either Houston or KC too.
  6. I will ponder the list with this which I will buy with your gift card.
  7. I guess Bubba Frank's didn't ass trap one up in the air for someone to pick to earn him the 30th...
  8. Favre threw 29 in 2005 on far lower attempts.....
  9. Demar Dotson sat down for a podcast interview with Pewter Report this week. Jameis a 5-10 minute segment. I would encourage the most informed fans on the interwebz to take the time to listen, it's free.
  10. I'm suggesting Warren Sapp was on to something years ago when he said fans in Tampa are the dumbest in the NFL.
  11. Listened to it last night. Makes sense what he says.
  12. His house in Boston is for sale, and the price reportedly has been slashed.
  13. Arians has said on multiple occasions the Bucs are a run first team, yet they will go an entire half and the only rushes will be QB scrambles. Run the effing ball.