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  1. UncleBuc

    RIP, Big Dog

    I was at Countryside before being with the HB express.
  2. UncleBuc

    RIP, Big Dog

    no, unless it was that last year state cup final four in Jacksonville, I went back after semifinal for prom, then came back for 3rd/4th place the next day. I only did 1 season, actually half a season.
  3. UncleBuc

    RIP, Big Dog

    It's easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat. The man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his pants are too tight in the seat!
  4. UncleBuc

    RIP, Big Dog

    Never liked him, but used to listen. Between him and Chris Thomas, sports radio in this town is dead
  5. UncleBuc

    Draft thread

    Does this mean we aren't going to to play 20 yards off Julio Jones this season?
  6. UncleBuc

    Draft thread

    Secondary will continue to be shit if they can't get after the QB
  7. UncleBuc

    Draft thread

    3 fucking major knee surgeries!!!!!!!
  8. UncleBuc

    Draft thread

    3 major knee surgeries..... 🤣
  9. UncleBuc

    Draft thread

    One of those better be a RG
  10. UncleBuc


    Waiting for draft dust to settle for judgement. I don't think anyone knows a god damn thing until we see what the defense looks like.
  11. They need to sign a forward who will stand in front of the net and not get pushed off the spot, and some defensemen who will actually hit. What an epic collapse.
  12. https://tenor.com/view/stiff-arm-get-off-push-shove-throw-gif-12576602
  13. UncleBuc

    Optimistic 6-10 in 2019

    What I know about the NFL is aside from the Pats are going to contend is no one really knows a fucking thing. At this point my gut says this team will struggle, but maybe the team has underperformed the past two seasons because Dirk was a eunuch who had no control. So until they prove my suspicions, I'm playing the wait and see game. Just please God almighty get a pass rush and running game. Please.
  14. UncleBuc

    PI review

    In fairness, after all the bourbon and chicken wings from Saturday night, I need that extra dump time.
  15. UncleBuc

    PI review

    Too much coin riding on all this to not get it right. Still think they're better off putting a full time ref in a booth watching video, and calling these quickly. College better....