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  1. The Bucs bring in another Igwebuike

    What's not cool? That's a legendary story of my youth. I wasn't meaning to disrespect anyone.
  2. The Bucs bring in another Igwebuike

    Did Rusty knock him out too?
  3. Draft Thread

    Bravo Jason Licht!
  4. OT- The movement!

    The Hitler Youth are turning most of America off.
  5. The Glazers will save a bundle on hotdogs.
  6. if you don't get the Eagles O Line, D Line, and play caller, bad.
  7. Super Bowl

    I no longer understand what constitutes a catch in the NFL anymore.
  8. John Lynch's HOF Chances

    The only way Lynch should be in the hall is on Barry Sander highlight videos of Sanders breaking his ankles just about every time they played. He's not a HOFer.
  9. From the Book of WTF

    Ridiculous thread. Just delete it already.
  10. NNUD bullied that guy into quitting. Fucker.
  11. Larry Nassar sentenced

    How are you so well informed on prison practices?
  12. OT: Patriots Drama

  13. Gruden to Raiders is Official

    Can't wait for my 2nd favorite team the Vegas Raiders to begin playing....