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  1. if you don't get the Eagles O Line, D Line, and play caller, bad.
  2. Super Bowl

    I no longer understand what constitutes a catch in the NFL anymore.
  3. John Lynch's HOF Chances

    The only way Lynch should be in the hall is on Barry Sander highlight videos of Sanders breaking his ankles just about every time they played. He's not a HOFer.
  4. From the Book of WTF

    Ridiculous thread. Just delete it already.
  5. NNUD bullied that guy into quitting. Fucker.
  6. Larry Nassar sentenced

    How are you so well informed on prison practices?
  7. OT: Patriots Drama

  8. Gruden to Raiders is Official

    Can't wait for my 2nd favorite team the Vegas Raiders to begin playing....
  9. Baker Mayfield

    Mayfield is a pompous asshole. The dickhead attitude reminds me a bit of Cutler at Vandy way back win. But Cutler was actually more talented.
  10. 1-Find a new legit kicker. Janikowski is likely available. 2-Cut Bake 3-Find a way out of the Desean deal. 4-Draft defense DL and DB's 5- Add depth on the OL
  11. I like the Wisconsin kicker. His gut is bigger than mine. Lets draft him, wait for the 2nd round though.....
  12. Koetter Staying!!!!

    Dallas, but he's probably waiting for Jerry to have them leave the NFL for the TFL.
  13. Koetter Staying!!!!

    You all realize the tea tots very well may blow everyone out on Monday.