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  1. Dungy ROH

    Sticking with King after that NFC Champ debacle, then the next season having the chance for the division and a bye, and taking a knee in subfreezing temps and laying it all on the midget kicker when they could have run forward for another few yards to take away some pressure. Dungy deserved the firing he got, but it should have been right after that Green Bay game on Christmas Eve 2000.
  2. Training Camp

    Rook can tell us the game, down distance, time mark, wind speed, score of game at the time, and any other implications of the miss. He just needs to see the thread.
  3. Training Camp

    so if Dominic and Radio didn't fuck up and walk Matt Bryant, how many more wins the last two season?
  4. Urban Meyer

    http://smokeroom.com/2018/08/08/ohio-state-football-zach-smith-contract-details/ Stinks!
  5. Training Camp

    fan, if we had just an average nfl kicker the last two seasons, how many more wins is that?
  6. Training Camp

    Didn't I read this AM that Godwin is now starting over DJax? That's probably best for the team, and both players.
  7. Urban Meyer

    The Little 10 has won 2 NC's in the last 20 years, and both came from one school. ACC 4 Pac 10 won 2 Little 12 won 2 SEC 10 Congrats, your Little 10 is on par with the Pac 10 and Big 12.
  8. Urban Meyer

    Isn't that sort of like being proud of being the only boy winning a game of dodge ball with a bunch of girls?
  9. Urban Meyer

    I'm Tebowing while I pray for Meyer, his family, the victim, and the state of Ohio during this tumultuous time.
  10. ******Breaking news*******

    Because they haven't been able to run it, stop anyone, or make a kick.
  11. ******Breaking news*******

    Top 3 QB all time for passing yards in their first 3 seasons. Get him an average D, a running game, and a legit NFL kicker and the W's will follow.
  12. ******Breaking news*******

    and he'll be back up there and this will all be forgotten this time next year with a brand new contract.
  13. He's white so in Free's mind his crimes aren't on the same scale as JW's.
  14. Winston media from PFT

    I'm enjoying the Lynch mob already writing off his career. Stay tuned we've got a long way to go. In the meantime enjoy this.
  15. Winston media from PFT

    Well with the US and Italy not qualifying it's been a bit of a strange one for me. I'm hopeful for Croatia, I just can't stomach the pompous English fans and press. I think France likely won the whole thing today. Really Brazil should have been up 2 nil the first 12 minutes or so in the Belgium loss. But they choked and Belgium hurt them bad. I had Brazil winning it. My head says France, my heart says Croatia, and I pray it's not England.