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  1. I didn't even remember he was ever a Buc. Had to look it up. Not to bring up an old subject, but how's that fire Gruden and clean house thing worked out again now 10 1/2 years later?
  2. UncleBuc

    Bring Back Snook!

    Speaking of longtimers. SF been gone a while. Hope he's ok.
  3. UncleBuc

    Bring Back Snook!

    This board has been dying for years. The great purge by BL and Lance years ago assured it.
  4. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/27/bucs-have-no-comment-on-failed-effort-to-get-deepwater-horizon-compensation/ Are you fucking kidding me? Whores. Unbelievable. Will never win anything with those assholes.
  5. UncleBuc


    It's an act of desperation for sure. But Licht has built a defense in need of desperate moves to survive. We're drafting kickers instead of building quality depth in the trenches. That's winning management!
  6. UncleBuc


    McCoy = vagine Suh = opposite of vagine to a fault I'm inclined to agree with your sentiment, but if it's one or the other I'll take the guy who isn't a pu$$y, and costs less.
  7. UncleBuc


    I'm sort of with fan on this, but I could watch anymore geraldine not playing when his pinky hurts. I was in the gym this AM and a Browns fan was giddy about trying to sign Geraldine. I started laughing and just said enjoy.
  8. UncleBuc

    RIP, Big Dog

    I was at Countryside before being with the HB express.
  9. UncleBuc

    RIP, Big Dog

    no, unless it was that last year state cup final four in Jacksonville, I went back after semifinal for prom, then came back for 3rd/4th place the next day. I only did 1 season, actually half a season.
  10. UncleBuc

    RIP, Big Dog

    It's easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat. The man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his pants are too tight in the seat!
  11. UncleBuc

    RIP, Big Dog

    Never liked him, but used to listen. Between him and Chris Thomas, sports radio in this town is dead
  12. UncleBuc

    Draft thread

    Does this mean we aren't going to to play 20 yards off Julio Jones this season?
  13. UncleBuc

    Draft thread

    Secondary will continue to be shit if they can't get after the QB
  14. UncleBuc

    Draft thread

    3 fucking major knee surgeries!!!!!!!
  15. UncleBuc

    Draft thread

    3 major knee surgeries..... 🤣