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  1. UncleBuc

    Antonio Brown trolled by PITT!!!

    He rethinks that when the phone rings and it's Darth Belicheat.
  2. UncleBuc

    Antonio Brown trolled by PITT!!!

    Tough spot for the Lers. If they cut him he's a Patriot in no time. No willing trade partners. They're fucked.
  3. UncleBuc

    Kraft is not too crafty

    The dude's wife is dead. If this is how we chooses to enjoy himself who fucking cares? Could he have probably been smarter about it? Sure. But maybe this is more thrilling.
  4. UncleBuc

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    That's what your Mother In Law was thinking when she put those punks up to ripping off your clubs.... You have hours of Baby Einstein in your future pal.
  5. UncleBuc

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Claim it, but there maybe a Max amount they will pay for the clubs based on the policy language.
  6. UncleBuc

    Bucs have Signed a new kicker

    He dominated the Michael Husted kicking camp. He's kicking a ball, you guys are making it seem more difficult than it is. Most average club soccer players will consistently be good from 40 and in.
  7. Here is the only video I can find of the euro, and it's from 6 years ago when he was playing euro youth athletic american football. Per PR, https://www.pewterreport.com/bucs-sign-a-new-kicker/ Hopefully he's the new Janikowski. Had a big leg as a youth player....
  8. UncleBuc


    You forgot the 50 year old part.
  9. UncleBuc


    I believe it's more than likely you're a 50 year old virgin.
  10. UncleBuc


    Hey douche nozzle, please do tell and offer proof of Winston sexually assaulting anyone. You're Spartacus and he's Brett Cavanaugh. Congrats.
  11. UncleBuc

    Second chance, fresh start

    Winston has performed better and is the best QB during all of the franchises past Buc tenures. It's just a shame they haven't had enough pieces to the puzzle in the early portion of his career. Hopeful with the new regime the kicker, defense, and running game can be at least average to give him the adequate help he needs.
  12. UncleBuc

    Free Agents to Watch...

    And I'm the homer ...