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  1. It seems to me that the guys with all the natural talent in the world seem to give less effort thatn the ones that have to work harder to improve their craft. Watching Myers, I see someone with all the God given talent, that takes it for granted. Not just admiring his hits, then really running, but his fielding as well. Every flyball or hit to him he has a lazy throw to second, as if he won't be challenged, he has been and has lost. In Myers defense, he's still a kid. The Rays need to work with him to raise his talent to the next level. He is naturally fast and has beaten out grounders to the infield, but is rarely able to push his single into a double due to his molina factor to first. I look to guys like shelton(cough, belch) to help with his AB's, and being more aggressive after he hits the ball, and Dave Martinez, can work with him in the outfield.
  2. I'll agree with you there, he a smart baserunner, but hardly a fast one.
  3. Faster than what, he's no myers or jennings, but on the other hand, he's no Lard Ass Molina.
  4. CornCob

    Rays fall, Redsox advance to ALCS

    These Rays can take their game elswhere: Joyce Molina Rodney Hellickson Fuld Rodriguez and any other Ray you despise.
  5. CornCob

    Rays Drop second game to Boston.

    The Rays have come though with their collective backs to the wall, no reason we can't stave off elimination a few more times. Take it back to Bahston and win game 5 also. GO RAYS
  6. CornCob

    Can the Rays Hold On?

    Four to go, let's take them all so there is no doubt who is hosting that WC game. Note to BucForce.....It's Terry Francona, not Tito. And.....nice game by Price last night.
  7. CornCob

    Can the Rays Hold On?

    Glad to see we won the game, I fell asleep after the ninth. Over 14,000 at the game last night. I bet the crowd tonight will eclispe that.
  8. CornCob

    Can the Rays Hold On?

    Maybe Archer can get a win in spite of the monkey shines that Maddon pulls. Maddon basically gave up after he pulled Helli. All his buddies were pinch hitting and playing somewhere from the 4th inning on.....7 pitchers Joe, in a 5-1 game? Let's give everyone a little playing time since we're not gonna come back and win this one. They might have had you let the starters play the whole game you moron.....This probably belongs in the I hate Maddon thread. Oh well.
  9. CornCob

    Can the Rays Hold On?

    We still hafta face Darvish in this 4 game set. Last night was a well pitched game by Cobb and enough offense to get the W. If Helly can keep it together tonight, it should be another W, if we can generate some offense.
  10. CornCob

    Can the Rays Hold On?

    True, and then some. Joe is gonna tinker this team right out of the playoffs. I cringed when I saw Scott as DH and Myers no where to be found in the line up, Grrrrrrrr.
  11. CornCob

    Can the Rays Hold On?

    Come on you guys, we are at least 1.5 up in the wc race. We can take one of the wild card spots, the division does look out of reach right now, unless we have one heck of a winning streak. Coming back to the trop for some home cooking then on to the twinkies, they are horrible, sweep time there. Keep the faith, we'll get in the playoffs.
  12. C'mon guys, leave Warner alone. He was working at the local Hy-Vee grocery store. The grocery store of choice in Iowa.