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  1. Bucstroll

    Semi-OT - We Lost One of Our Own

    I believe you are correct on this. Lion's fan too I believe.
  2. Bucstroll

    Holy Flurkingschmidt!!!

    Shit my heater motor went out on me new years eve when we were having single digit temps. Bout froze my ass off for three day, then the damn fan quit this summer and another 3 days of sweating.
  3. Bucstroll

    ....annnnnnd.....It's back

    They really do need to come up with hands free porn!
  4. Bucstroll

    Worse Than The One We Have Now

    Now That's funny!!!!!
  5. For some reason I just decided to check into Bucschat today for a lets see who is still around look see after a several year hiatus. I admittedly gave up on the Bucs after Radio and Schiano. Then when they put on the poop brown unis with the digital clock on the chest I gave up completely. My proximity to Nashville now has drawn me to the Titans and have had some really good times at Nissan Stadium. That said I gave up on Bucschat mainly because I didn't like the tapa talk format and most of the old posters that added a lot to the site ventured off as well for various reasons. I personally enjoyed Snooks posts because I found it hard to believe that one person could be that full of crap. I've laced up the gloves a few times with NYC but he was passionate about his beliefs and defended them. Some of the names I've seen mentioned here brought back some pretty cool memories. The best all time ever post was by far the hammerhead/koko a many years ago. That was a freaking classic.
  6. You do realize that using "jizzblast" and "Manziel" is the same sentence will have Java masturbating furiously don't you?
  7. If the Bucs take Manziel I will vomit and change my name to Titanstroll and pull for another team ( and I've been for the Bucs from they day the franchise was announced). I dislike the little bastard that much.
  8. Bucstroll

    Les Miles implicated in Pay to Play Scandal

    I'm sure he is worried. It won't effect anything during his time at LSU and the NCAA has no teeth for it's bite anyway. They might tell him he can't coach the 1st half of their first game next year.