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  1. He is the real deal. Have to give the Rays a "well done" in how they handled him including sending him to the minors last year.
  2. ufofreek

    Kolarek on fire.

    Very impressive and the Rays take 2 of 3 from the Yuks. Sweet!
  3. ufofreek

    Rays Trade Wilson Ramos to Phillies

    Totally expected but sad to see him go. I think we will get very little for headcase Archer.
  4. Agree. Have to give Cash a pat on the back.
  5. ufofreek

    What is going on with the Rays!

    Have to be impressed by Blake. Looks like he is the real deal. Now if we could only get something for Archer....
  6. Have to be impressed with the Rays recent homestand. Hope they can continue to pitch at this high level for a few weeks.
  7. Big corners that can't press and small corners that can't cover
  8. ufofreek

    2018 Win Prediction

    Well there is no way we get 81 wins. So let's go with 75.
  9. ufofreek

    all pro

    For all of you who believe the Bucs have talent, take a look at the all pro selections. See any Bucs listed? Enough said!
  10. ufofreek

    Cya Longo

    Went to San Fran. My only issue is that it was two years late in happening. He is a good player but not up to his hype.
  11. ufofreek


    Let's face it, this OL is awful. Smith is not a NFL LT. He may make it as a RT. Sweezy is not the player he was two years ago but give him one more year after back surgery and he may be a keeper. Same with Marpet at center but he has been hurt too often for my liking. RG is a joke. Clearly needs an upgrade. RT is okay but at 33 and coming off an IR season, I would say replace him.
  12. ufofreek

    Is Winston a Bust?

    I will cut Winston some slack. He has to run for his life on every third play. That is hard to deal with for any QB.
  13. ufofreek


    I will say it again, without an OL and DL no team can expect to consistently win. In the draft Bucs should select with their first pick the top O Tackle. Move Smith to RT. Improves two positions. In the second round best D lineman (T or DE). Third round best OL or DL available. After that a power back, CB and S.
  14. ufofreek

    State of the Franchise

    That is the result of no OL or DL. If we do not draft OL and DL we will continue to suck!