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  1. NNUD28

    Bucs Release...

    Any good Nebraska players to be had.....LOL what was I thinking the 90's are way over!!!!!
  2. NNUD28

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Congrats enjoy the diaper changing thingee
  3. NNUD28

    OT: Football Game Today?

    I'm an old school Bucs fan so I hate the Rams they have fucked us twice out of going to the SB....I hate Michigan and that is where Brady went to college but since OSU owns Michigan I chose to root for the Pats...Everyone says the game was boring I though it was good not great just good but I like watching defense...The halftime show sucked Llama balls
  4. NNUD28

    Being Old Sucks

    I consider 80's bands as new rock
  5. NNUD28

    Holy fuck?!? Really?

    This and the Black eyed peas were the two worst AC/DC 2020
  6. NNUD28

    My homer pick for the Bucs this year

    I meant if available
  7. NNUD28

    My homer pick for the Bucs this year

    Take Bosa this team needs some Buckeyes to straighten it
  8. Reports have stated there's a real chance the Bucs release the defensive lineman since he has no guaranteed money left on the remaining three years of his contract. Tampa would save $13 million in cap space if they decide to move on from McCoy https://www.12up.com/posts/6272822-report-bucs-could-release-gerald-mccoy/partners/44511?fbclid=IwAR3OCGnzJMFDL399b2pJmriv94ZcsAQIsbeYrdcLctKvSXrGKDuZlSlPs-8
  9. They got fucked!! Hating them doesn't change that fact or make it right the NFL totally screwed the pooch on this
  10. NNUD28

    Adam Gase Coked up presser

    I think they may be worse
  11. NNUD28

    Alan Cross retires...

  12. NNUD28

    Best Patriot Fan

    no biggie just wanted to see her sacks
  13. NNUD28

    Jameis Deserves The Rams Scheme

    That tie goes great with your shirt Samurai I didn't picture you bald
  14. NNUD28

    Jameis Deserves The Rams Scheme

    Don't forget this guy
  15. NNUD28

    Best Patriot Fan

    That pic is tiny
  16. NNUD28

    BA wants DJax back

    I believe you did buddy!!! Who is Harvey???
  17. NNUD28

    Second chance, fresh start

    So you're saying Snook is TFREE? this place is getting really confusing!!!! And I am one person that say Jones sucks and was a wasted pick!!!
  18. Ok well this clears things up thanks fella's
  19. OK, I'm confused here! I thought Tundra was calling you Jesse now you are calling Tundra Jesse ...Who the fuck is the real Jesse?