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  1. Winston to KC for a first and a third round pick ...lets tank!!!
  2. Take a wild stab at the team that has scored the most points in the NFC. Go ahead. Think about it. What team in the NFC has scored the most points? Drumroll… It’s the Bucs! Yes it is! No sh!t, it’s the Bucs! Looks like we should franchise Jaboo https://www.joebucsfan.com/2019/10/jarring-statistic/#more-228969
  3. Look at all the money you are saving on playoff tickets
  4. So what you are saying is we messed up and should have taken Mariota #1
  5. He does hold the ball too long I agree..Yesterday he didn't have time to hold the ball too long the line sucked!!! So what is your solution toss in the back-up?
  6. While it is certainly becoming obvious that Winston is looking like he is not going to be the answer...That fucking line was a motherfucking joke as is the secondary...So besides needing a QB an Offensive line and a secondary this team is really starting to take shape.
  7. Looks like you have a secret admirer....So cute
  8. NNUD28

    You're Welcome Nebraska!

    I know you did ...He didn't bother me I could take him or leave him.
  9. NNUD28

    You're Welcome Nebraska!

    LOL....Glad to see you jump on the bandwagon
  10. Is it just me, or is the Dan Patrick show and the Rich Eisen show the exact same show?
  11. It didn't look that bad on TV...Were you at the game?
  12. You mean the Buckeyes!!! How is FSU doing these days??? You should come up to the horseshoe and try your luck it would be fun to watch
  13. after he missed the first two extra points I told my buddies that were over this will come back to haunt us....They said you guys got this (Which is the kiss of death) then we take the stupid delay of game penalty I knew he was gonna miss its the way the bucs roll .Cut that fuckstick and move on!!!
  14. Why does this surprise any of you? Next week they will roll the Rams at home and you all will be happy again!!!!