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  1. NNUD28


    Doesn't look like anyone cares about them either
  2. NNUD28


    Who are the Bulls?
  3. NNUD28


  4. NNUD28

    Teams Needs

    Team needs.......... new owners until then more of the same
  5. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed former Green Bay Packers safety Kentrell Brice to a one-year deal on Monday as they continued to add pieces to what will be a new-look defense in 2019. https://www.buccaneers.com/news/bucs-sign-safety-kentrell-brice
  6. 3rd or 4th he's tough, I watch lots of Buckeye football, if he is around in the 3rd I would go for it...Someone said they want the QB, he is a product of the system. Name me the last QB from OSU that was worth a shit at the next level...Trust me, I don't just toss names out because they play on the Buckeyes.
  7. Haters gonna hate they need some Buckeyes on this team it would class the place up a little
  8. NNUD28

    Hunt Gets Eight Games

    Well since you live there I figured you would know this but maybe this will help St. Patrick's Day Parade 2019 The parade will begin at noon Saturday at Balbo and Columbus drives, and end at Monroe Drive. There are viewing stands at the Buckingham Fountain, but they fill up quickly so dress warmly and try to arrive early to get a seat. As always, the parade will include countless groups of bagpipers, Irish dancers, musicians, leprechauns, flag-bearers and green necklace-throwing Chicagoans rallying the spectators.
  9. NNUD28

    Hunt Gets Eight Games

    He will be coming back at the perfect time! lots of defensive players will be banged up and he will be fresh for the dare I say it........ Browns playoff run
  10. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed former Denver outside linebacker Shaq Barrett to a one-year deal worth $4 million with incentives that can add an additional $1 million. https://www.pewterreport.com/bucs-sign-olb-barrett/
  11. Knock off the Running back talk we got this guy i don't have the same enthusiasm Fan does for Barber but maybe it was because of the line... But if we do draft a Running back it should be Mike Weber
  12. NNUD28

    OBJ to the Browns

  13. NNUD28

    Breshad Perriman to the Bucs

    Whoops my bad
  14. NNUD28

    Breshad Perriman to the Bucs

    He wen't back to Cleveland .... https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/Article/Breshad-Perriman-signs-Tampa-Bay-Buccaneers-Cleveland-Browns-contract-130012593/