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  1. I saw quite s few dropped passes yesterday...Godwin had his worst day as a Buc
  2. Winston played well yesterday that loss was on the special teams as a matter of fact he's played well the last 4 games ....
  3. NNUD28

    Koetter is done.

    I thought it was Winston
  4. Well that sucked ....looks like they are toast
  5. 2 stops in a row its gotta be a record
  6. I'm so sick of this fucking puss .....Cut his ass https://www.buccaneers.com/news/buccaneers-saints-injury-report-dec-7-desean-jackson-justin-evans-isaiah-johnson?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral
  7. NNUD28

    Bahaha...Final Jeopardy

    Obviously you have never had this fine Irish treat!!!!
  8. NNUD28

    Bahaha...Final Jeopardy

    Everything is a drinking game
  9. NNUD28

    Bahaha...Final Jeopardy

    I didn't say I got any of the answers correct I simply stated I watched Jepordy
  10. NNUD28

    Hey, NNUD....