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  1. NNUD28


    Said it before will say it again they dont throw to the tight ends get rid of both of them....Gay fucking sucks cut his ass
  2. I may be in the minority but who cares we weren't going anywhere
  3. fuck it cut him lets go with a Lilly white guy that doesn't like crab-legs
  4. NNUD28

    OJ Howard

    They don't seem to use the tight ends in this offensive scheme
  5. NNUD28

    Let's talk about "it"

    Had to look both these dudes up I don't watch Utah State or Stanford ...Don't know anything about either
  6. NNUD28

    Let's talk about "it"

    I'm down with that
  7. NNUD28

    Let's talk about "it"

    I don't know if there is enough info on Bridgewater but if the Bucs dump Winston they better have a fucking plan!! He seems like the only choice
  8. NNUD28

    The defense was spectacular

    You didn't watch, it was a good game! The defense played lights out!! Winston could go 500 for 500 with 250 touchdowns on the year and you would still hate him....Better get used to him cause they are keeping him....I don't get why you just don't move on to another team if you hate this one so much...I get bitching about losing but you bitch about everything I can't remember the last positive post you've made.....
  9. Give that man a cigar
  10. did you see the graphic they put up during the game how only Manning has more yards passing than him in his first 5 years....And about the same amount of pick offs
  11. Winston is better than broke back Stafford .....Las Vegas Raiders boy
  12. I am not making excuses, he does throw too many int's...But today he had three back up Wideouts, a guy returning punts that was awful, another blocked field goal and no running game ....I didn't expect them to win today... I thought it was going to be far worse but the defense played lights out best performance of the year IMHO...Plus the refs sucked balls