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  1. Bobo Wilson...

    Can they dismiss him because of that incident? If so I would tend to agree with you that he wont be back it would be a great way to free up money.
  2. Bobo Wilson...

    One of these two are going to be correct maybe someone should start a poll
  3. Chris Simms went on the DanLeBatardShow and said Bortles was the 70th best QB in NFL. Boselli called in and said the only cool thing he's ever done is almost die on the field and be related to better players
  4. NCAA Title game

    They guy is a genius what's so funny? He's like the next big thing! I dug the band as well, great musicians, very classy.
  5. lets go get him back!!!!! https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/panthers-fire-offensive-coordinator-mike-shula-days-after-ron-rivera-extension/
  6. Cam Shit his pants....

    I believe he is saying its the kickers fault that the receivers dropped two touchdowns. Hopefully that clarifies things
  7. Gruden to Raiders is Official

    We can always trade a couple of first rounders and give the Raiders 8 million cash and snatch him back once we are playoff ready again
  8. Gruden to Raiders is Official

    I agree with everthing you said I am just asking do you think that his contract is spot on? I was thinking more along them lines of 8 mill 5 years. The Raiders went all in and I am interested to see how it works out for them
  9. Gruden to Raiders is Official

    Gruden is a good coach but for fucks sake he isn't worth that Postseason: 5–4 (.556) Career: 100–85 (.541) You really think this is worth 100 million dollars
  10. Gruden to Raiders is Official

    A 10 year guaranteed contract is going way out there if things don't work out.
  11. Gruden to Raiders is Official

    Raiders are giving new head coach Jon Gruden a 10-year contract, the longest coaching deal in NFL history, sources tell ESPN. The deal is likely to be worth about $100 million.
  12. Gruden to Raiders is Official

    Glad to see you agree!