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  1. Does he have any Linebackers available???
  2. NNUD28

    Peterson wants out of AZ

    I think everyone wants out of AZ
  3. well this sucks http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000977409/article/kwon-alexander-suffers-torn-acl-in-week-7?campaign=Twitter_atn
  4. NNUD28

    Turnover machine Winston

    You sir are correct!!
  5. NNUD28

    Turnover machine Winston

    When your leading rusher is your QB you have a problem running the ball....This team has no running game so all you're are going to see is Winston tossing the ball all over the place 40-50 times a game....
  6. NNUD28

    Team Captains Named

    That dude is too flaky to be a captain....I can't understand the Jameis thing this weekend we're gonna
  7. NNUD28

    Browns Game Predictions

    BUC'S 54 Browns 29 In a defensive struggle
  8. NNUD28


    I don't think he's off his meds maybe his doctor switched them up and he is readjusting I don't think he is being a whiny bitch. Just tossing out idea's in this morgue...This dump has gotten worse and worse as the years have gone by...its down to like 10 of us no need to be dicks to each other!!! We haven't seen anything from JEFFT who used to be readable on football stuff no matter what a wack job he was politically or my favorite grumpy poster SF
  9. NNUD28


    That and calling plays
  10. NNUD28


    Tell them to give us 18 million dollars and 4 first round picks and we will take him back along with his contract
  11. NNUD28


    That's what Bazz is for!!!!
  12. NNUD28


    They haven't done well using those picks as of late...So win now!!!
  13. NNUD28


    Stop being positive you're ruining this places reputation....They are going on a winning streak starting Sunday
  14. NNUD28


    I thought you were thinking he may get fired because of his inability to beat OSU....