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  1. Fuck that guy I'd rather stick with Winston
  2. I thought going for it on 4th down was kinda stupid when you're kicking their ass why let them back in the game
  3. No, it used to be someone would come on here and bitch about certain plays or a player fuck up and others would argue with them..It was kinda fun
  4. Dude, I am beginning to think that people on this site just want to bitch about this team...When they lose they will all be out crying like babies with the i told you so's, kinda fucking sad...The D looked great today the secondary that I bitch about was fantastic ...Gooooo Bucs
  5. but you always come back for more............ Jaboo will be they psycho stripper again next year and you will be making it rain
  6. NNUD28

    Booger is turble

    They both suck ...It's hard to watch the game
  7. I agree with this post...we have blown this team up how many times since 08?
  8. The whole game was refreshing to watch they actually looked good yesterday
  9. They are also the only NFL team that has 2 1000 yard receivers
  10. Which was a shock usually we get killed by stuff like that
  11. NNUD28

    100 Congrats Jaboo

    I root for him..Want him to do well he is the QB of my favorite team.I am sick of losing it's been a decade