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  1. Top QBs 2019 draft

    This franchise is one big cluster fuck
  2. You forgot the Jets
  3. Winston media from PFT

    Come on man!!! you were young once!!! You wanted to fuck her right in the pussy......He will mature and be the savior we all knew he could be
  4. Winston media from PFT

    No worries OSU has a great heart and vascular program it was one of the reasons he went there to coach!!!! Well that and OSU has the greatest fans and fine winning tradition
  5. Winston media from PFT

    I feel almost as bad as a jets fan
  6. Winston media from PFT

    256 games later and still no playoffs if they go nowhere this year and I will have sat through them all!!!! How much slower can you go???
  7. Winston media from PFT

    that will be what year 12 of the 5 year plan
  8. Winston media from PFT

    The Buc's will be fine 12-4 NFC South champs
  9. Winston media from PFT

    You're just another fair weather fan who jumped on the bandwagon when Raheem took over for that idiot Chucky
  10. Winston media from PFT

    If we only signed J.T. Barrett before Sean Payton scooped him up
  11. ....annnnnnd.....It's back

    Well it gives people something to bitch about on both sides.....If you want to kneel go to a Catholic church sit, stand, Kneel, repeat it is pretty good exercise
  12. ....annnnnnd.....It's back

    They did it in the off season in hopes the rage will die down by the beginning of the season...The way I look at is if my boss says I can't do something at work then I can't do it. He pays me to do my job and if I don't like it I have two choices. 1) quit and work somewhere else 2) do my job and go home
  13. ....annnnnnd.....It's back

    Only for the team not the players from what I saw
  14. ....annnnnnd.....It's back

    What if players on both teams do it would it be off setting penalties?
  15. Mr. Accurate

    Playoffs or bust baby he's gonna win offensive player of the year!!!! Jump aboard the Jameis train!!!!