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  1. Hey man did you steal that from my facebook page
  2. Its official https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29109761/qb-jameis-winston-reaches-one-year-deal-saints
  3. Can't be any worse than Gabbert
  4. You Gaytor fans sure are testy
  5. Get a running back and draft all the defense you want ....We need a running back!!! Kinda cool to see three Buckeyes go 1,2,3, in last night drafts
  6. I hope so!! We have't had a good RB in years..For this Brady thing to work we need a running game..He's too old to be throwing the ball 50 times a game...That is not a knock just saying
  7. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about this guy hopefully he kicks ass but can we please draft a running back please
  8. That's a bit too much...Although it would be nice to see some Buckeyes class this roster up.. This sounds like a Ditka for Ricky Williams move and we all know how that worked out!!
  9. Bruce didn't use the tight ends last year it was fuck it lets chuck it style offense.It is what it is.Gronk is now the best tight end in the NFL because we traded for him I get it ...Lets go get Edleman as well, maybe we can pull Randy Moss out of retirement.. If Brady is so great why do we need to add pieces to the offense that Winston was supposed to win with? New R.T. (Possibly) Hall of Fame Tight End Draft a running back(maybe) lets see what else we do.
  10. When Gronk could actually play he was better over the past 4 years I would go with Brate .....I said Brate is better now
  11. I will say he was .....We don't know at this point who is better
  12. No it's all for attention!! If this fails this franchise will look even dumber than they have the last decade.
  13. Brady is running the show now!! Wonder who he is going to draft on Thursday???
  14. Save him till the middle of the season when we Have Baline Gabbert at the Helm ....
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