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  1. they can't be any worse than their current uniforms
  2. I'm thinking they need to get a good back up just in case ..He goes down this team is fucked
  3. Don't forget Barber is a quality back ...
  4. The 0-line is awesome probably the best in the NFL ....All we gotta do is steal Adrian Peterson form The deadskins and this team is Super Bowl bound
  5. Senior citizen discount, he is also getting his social security checks so he didn't need that much dough
  6. The O-line is just fine don't you watch the games
  7. Been working from home all week was told to plan on doing that for 4-6 weeks..I like you am going nuts!! I am bored as hell I have plenty of the essentials and am now stockpiling booze
  8. Why are all these other people signing and still no Brady?? Are they fucking this thing up??
  9. What if he plays the Buccaneers in the S.B....That would be must see TV for sure
  10. New England ....He and Belichick win the Super Bowl in Tampa
  11. How is it going n Chicago? We have 3 cases so far here in Toledo and 1 death.
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