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  1. Bucs/Titans joint practice

    But, does he know a good Waffle House in Nashville.......wait, there is no such thing as a good Waffle House.
  2. Miami

    If the Bucs had drafted him he would have lost the leg......
  3. Training Camp

    I heard its MRSA that he got from a tiger cub scratch while driving his ice cream truck. Good news is that he is getting treatment from his Uber driver by soaking it in cider............ Yep, it's a Bucs' fan's life!!!
  4. Semi-OT - We Lost One of Our Own

    I seem to remember a connection he had with a Bucs player, possibly a tight end. It was something like that, his connection was second hand and then he got sucked in for awhile.
  5. $cam Newton...

    Don't want Scam anywhere near the goats, llamas, dogs and any other farm or household animals. He has the Michael Vick look in his anger filled eyes....
  6. Damn.....apparently during practice he chop blocked McCoy and Gerald is going to miss the first 6 games.....
  7. Well I have been touting him since pre-K.
  8. OTA's

    Closest think I got is a Dali Llama.....
  9. OTA's

    If you are going to use that answer, at least do it right!!! , I just injured myself....
  10. OTA's

    Don't worry, we all know who you reserve your "weird way" love for.....
  11. OTA's

    He seems to have forgotten to bring an ice cream truck and cotton candy machine to the OTA's. How can he be a driving force on the DL if he does not have these necessary tools???
  12. OT: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Hmmm....the concept of TEAM. As in it doesn't work unless ALL the parts work as well.
  13. OT: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  14. What's funny is that the NFL and networks and sponsors can react how ever they want in response to the knee taking as 1st amend relates to government free speech restrictions. However, the President, as head of government, might actually be acting in a manner against the constitution if his un-invite was a strike at speech.
  15. Damn, time to clean the monitor and keyboard.....