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  1. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28554352/saints-seek-prevent-release-emails-related-work-catholic-abuse-crisis
  2. jspaldin

    81 million in cap space and..

    IMHO, the thing the Bucs need most (aside from most the re-signings referenced above) is the Hardy Nickerson of DB's from FA. The defensive backfield has desperately needed a strong leadership type for near on a decade, someone who can manage and teach up the unit on and off the field as a player.
  3. jspaldin

    Manchester United vs Bucaneers

    As others have said, there are two flavors of Glazers that Bucs' fans have seen. The first is Malcom Glazer, who originally bought the Bucs from the Culverhouse estate. He made his money primarily through commercial real estate (shopping malls, office complexes, etc., keep this in mind for further down the line). Malcolm Glazer was a great owner, pure and simple. He let 'American football' people (managers, coaches and executives) make the big decisions and gradually built a strong team based on defense (one of the best defenses in NFL history) that won the NFL Championship, the Super Bowl (to put in perspective, it was similar to Leicester winning the Premiership, no one ever expected it to happen). Then Malcolm Glazer got sick and feeble and passed away, so his children (affectionately referred to by Bucs' fans as the Glazerturds) took over operating the team. At about the same time, the Glazer family was in talks to buy United and heavily leveraged both the income from the Bucs (primarily television rights that pay each team in the NFL huge amounts of guaranteed money) and their commercial real estate empire to float the loans necessary to make the purchase. Shortly thereafter, the great worldwide recession struck, including a huge collapse of commercial real estate income. As best we can tell, the only positive business income the Glazerturds had at this point was income from their sports holdings (United and the Bucs) as the commercial real estate market was in a tailspin (and to some degree still is as the US shopping mall market is dying). Again, as best we can tell, the Glazerturds diverted as much income as possible from United and the Bucs to cover the huge costs of the loans they incurred to buy United. And as they say, the rest is history, both teams started having to be run 'on the cheap' often making desperate decisions based on making loan payments. To summarize, Bucs' fans HATE the Glazerturds (the kids) and adore Malcolm (the father), for what has happened with the teams under each's stewardship. However, nothing the Glazerturds could ever do will incur the level of hatred Bucs' fans have for Hugh Culverhouse, the teams first owner. Only after his death did the Tampa community discover all the horrible things he did in regard to the Bucs. He used profits from the team to pay for his mistresses and make huge donations to the University of Alabama (his alma mater) all the while running the Bucs as cheaply as possible, especially when it came to team salary and expenses. He was incredibly racist and the Bucs' first star quarterback, Doug Williams (an African American) who nearly took the Bucs to the Super Bowl was pushed out of Tampa by Culverhouse. In fact, Bucs' fans often speculate that this incident lead to a 'curse' being placed on the Bucs because of years of futility followed Williams' departure. Additionally, after his death his widow started finding out all kinds of other terrible things associated with her dead spouse during the process of probating the estate. I would also point out that Bucs' fans have had a bit of 'negative' view towards United. Not because of the team itself or its fans, but because of the above situation of leveraging so much to buy United. If that never happens (as well as the Great Recession), it's likely the Bucs have more money to run the team and Jon Gruden, the coach that won the Super Bowl, has more money to maintain and rebuild the team. Instead, after he spent several years being forced to run the team on the cheap after the Super Bowl (when money dried up due to the United loans), he was let go and the Bucs have sucked ever since. The best thing that could ever happen to the Bucs and United is that the Glazerturds all go down in a horribly slow burning crash (plane, limo, molten sulfur tanker, etc.) and the teams get taken over by separate 'real' sports ownership.
  4. I believe that would prove the existence of a divine being.....or become the dictionary entry for schadenfreude.
  5. I wish someone would do one of these type analysis on NFL ownership. Love to see where the Glazerturds come out in that...
  6. jspaldin

    Nickname for Bucs secondary

    The Dud, the Bad and the Ugly...
  7. Well, this sucks. My office is in open enrollment for insurance this month. Decided to push up my life insurance coverage. After doing all the paperwork, getting health check, etc., the agent was ready to close the deal. Then I made a comment about the Bucs' season and being a fan..... He looked at me, tore the contract up and said they couldn't cover me because I was a suicide risk........
  8. Thing is, the shit show that is Bucs' drafting was not unique to that particular draft. And to have essentially nothing to show for the top picks gets no excuse from a weak draft year argument. Every other team in the NFL had to deal with it as well.
  9. And what's the over/under that the Pats pick him up and we see him with a Super Bowl ring and an invite to the the Hall of Fame after 2020/2021 season?
  10. I am almost scared to ask, but is there any place to figure out what the bust rate in the last 10 years of high level picks by the NFL as a whole versus the Bucs? Maybe I don't want to know...... Of course, this COULD be why Licht is still around, he drafts players who will fail so they do not become an economic burden for the driblets.
  11. jspaldin

    Wow what a start. Bucs 7-0

    McCnt would pulled up, ignored the the fumble and checked to see is Goff was okay.
  12. jspaldin

    I think this is my new Buc Low Point

    Hate to say this, but when it comes to trigonometry, Bruce Arians does not have a clue.....
  13. jspaldin

    Sign the Petition

    If I say the Glazerturds bad touched me when I was 6 would that work?? 😜
  14. jspaldin

    I think this is my new Buc Low Point

    Stupid question. Why are we playing in the dark red jerseys at hot home games? I suspect the Giants would be hating life late in the game playing in their dark blue jerseys. Seems like this idea of using the reds for home games is just stupid when it comes to managing heat.