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  1. That just plain sick...in a really good way!!
  2. Super Bowl

    I was pulling for the asteroid strike myself....
  3. The Pats Super Bowl ring has 283 diamonds, as in the Falcon's pre collapse 28-3 score.... Blank is not happy. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2018/02/02/arthur-blank-patriots-jab-falcons-super-bowl-rings-robert-kraft/300169002/
  4. Adios Chief Wahoo

    So true. Let us not forget they are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters, all just trying to get by. And sometimes they are even farm animals......
  5. Adios Chief Wahoo

    Farm pimpin aint easy...
  6. Adios Chief Wahoo

    We have the T & A covered with their own threads, maybe there needs to be a hot LL thread...
  7. Adios Chief Wahoo

    And here is a little lady if you want something a bit more conventional...
  8. Adios Chief Wahoo

    She's all hot and ready for ya......and she brought her sister for a threesome!!
  9. From the Book of WTF

    I'd be more concerned with Gerald McCoy starting to enter a Steve Urkel phase....
  10. XFL is coming back.

    The XFL would work if the the 2-point conversion was a folding chair match....
  11. Which is why you never use poison ivy as your spunk rag....
  12. Larry Nassar sentenced

    US Olympic Committee has told USA Gymnastics that if the entire USAG board does not resign, it will begin proceedings to revoke its status as the US gymnastics national team... https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2018/01/25/usoc-gives-usa-gymnastics-board-six-days-resign-federation-decertified/1068099001/ That suggests to me that the USOC has info that points to cover-up by powers that be at USAG. That would go along with payments and non-disclosures that member athletes were 'encouraged' to agree to by USAG so as to not rock the boat. If that's the case, the whole thing should be turned over to some mad dog Federal attorney to go after USAG board for witness tampering and conspiracy, maybe even a RICO action.
  13. I don't miss the 200 iterations of Shippy or Soonk. Everyone else I would like to see back. Of course if someone would hurry up and develop a llama friendly keyboard this place would be rocking!!!
  14. Today's playoff games.

    I've heard of air guitar, but never knew there was 'air deepthroat'....but is Payton a spitter or a swallower?