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  1. Morgan & Morgan are on their way over to sue your for defamation of pudendum........
  2. However, even the NFL acknowledged how badly screwed up the rules were for the Bucs/Seahawks veteran expansion draft and they drastically changed the rules to prevent existing teams from fuckening future franchises in later expansion drafts. Which meant the Bucs were then fuckened again because they could not protect as many of their decent players in future expansion drafts. Basically the Bucs got a spit roast fuckening from both ends of expansion drafts.....
  3. I can honestly say that the First Fuckening of the Bucs and Tampa fans was their expansion draft. Other teams in the NFL basically put their Soonks for players in that veterans draft....
  4. I think I have a plan.....anyone know where Soonk bathes??
  5. jspaldin

    Geraldine the Machine

    Never realized it but Geraldine the Machine already comes in Panther colors...
  6. jspaldin

    Early as hell W-L predictions, 2017

    That just gave me a
  7. jspaldin

    Early as hell W-L predictions, 2017

    See, the question you are not contemplating is, do the Glazerturds collect the TV money if they have a team with no players? Knowing the NFL owners, it is probably in the NFL bylaws to still payout just in case of a Marshall incident.
  8. jspaldin

    Early as hell W-L predictions, 2017

    Well, after that news I am going to predict 0-0 because the whole team goes Jonestown, drinks the Kool-Aid and dies before the pre-season even starts. Game, set, match......
  9. jspaldin

    Hehe...Cam can suck a fat one!

    I'm glad you pointed that out. Also, it's my understanding that once you board and process your ticket you are not allowed to switch seats with another passenger. For all the flight crew knew, Scam might have been a terrorist with an explosive man-gina bomb....
  10. jspaldin

    Hehe...Cam can suck a fat one!

    ps. I'm pretty sure most gay men can take more pain than Scam ever could
  11. jspaldin

    Hehe...Cam can suck a fat one!

    Really, do you have to disparage the gays by comparing them to Scam? Especially with Scam's fashion faux pas, he is an affront to sharp dressed gay men.
  12. jspaldin

    Hehe...Cam can suck a fat one!

    wuss /wo͝os/ Learn to pronounce INFORMAL noun noun: wuss; plural noun: wusses 1. a weak or ineffectual person (often used as a general term of abuse). verb verb: wuss; 3rd person present: wusses; past tense: wussed; past participle: wussed; gerund or present participle: wussing 1. fail to do or complete something as a result of fear or lack of confidence. "she'll probably wuss out because she fears my mighty bowling prowess" Origin 1970s: of unknown origin. See:
  13. jspaldin

    A Bucs Life

    That should be submitted to the National Spelling Bee as a competition word. Only contestants from the Bay area would get it....
  14. jspaldin

    Full Staffs

    It can't become engorged until they add a coach named Woody.........
  15. Now that's hitting every nail on the head....