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  1. Thing is, the shit show that is Bucs' drafting was not unique to that particular draft. And to have essentially nothing to show for the top picks gets no excuse from a weak draft year argument. Every other team in the NFL had to deal with it as well.
  2. And what's the over/under that the Pats pick him up and we see him with a Super Bowl ring and an invite to the the Hall of Fame after 2020/2021 season?
  3. I am almost scared to ask, but is there any place to figure out what the bust rate in the last 10 years of high level picks by the NFL as a whole versus the Bucs? Maybe I don't want to know...... Of course, this COULD be why Licht is still around, he drafts players who will fail so they do not become an economic burden for the driblets.
  4. jspaldin

    Wow what a start. Bucs 7-0

    McCnt would pulled up, ignored the the fumble and checked to see is Goff was okay.
  5. jspaldin

    I think this is my new Buc Low Point

    Hate to say this, but when it comes to trigonometry, Bruce Arians does not have a clue.....
  6. jspaldin

    Sign the Petition

    If I say the Glazerturds bad touched me when I was 6 would that work?? 😜
  7. jspaldin

    I think this is my new Buc Low Point

    Stupid question. Why are we playing in the dark red jerseys at hot home games? I suspect the Giants would be hating life late in the game playing in their dark blue jerseys. Seems like this idea of using the reds for home games is just stupid when it comes to managing heat.
  8. jspaldin

    Holy shit...WE WON!

    Way too sexy to be Scam....
  9. jspaldin

    F**k McCoy

    Does he get an assist when he helps Scam with his pedicure????
  10. With Rams beating Aunt's, just need a Fowlclown loss to complete the weekend.
  11. jspaldin

    Holy shit...WE WON!

    Who's crazy grandma is this?
  12. jspaldin

    The oline

    Speaking of which, WTF was that shit from Barber? He didn't just whiff the block, he fell flat on his face and never even touched anyone (or was touched). I would have laughed if it was another team.
  13. jspaldin


    IMHO, the Bucs should flee from picking any 'franchise' QB in the draft. They have been nothing but heartbreak and wasted 5 year plans. When the team reaches the official 'time to move on' zone, they should make noise that they will spend what it takes on the top FA QB's for next season. Hopefully they can find someone that Bruce can work with. What the Bucs need to spend high draft picks on are linemen on both sides. Build from the inside out.
  14. Is that one of those leagues where you want to be the lowest scorer? 😛