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  1. Now that's hitting every nail on the head....
  2. jspaldin

    Roster moves

    Yep, it's in the job description.
  3. jspaldin

    Roster moves

    Ricky Bell
  4. Has to be said, we finally get around the Curse of Dougie only to have Glazerturds give us the Curse of Chucky...
  5. jspaldin

    Time to See Reality

    Just a thought experiment here. Could one Human Centipede together, ass to mouth, all the Glazers siblings in a big circle that infinitely feeds itself? Or would that be redundant...?
  6. jspaldin

    Time to See Reality

    Don't forget this...
  7. jspaldin

    Roster moves

  8. jspaldin

    JPP out for year?

    Soooo.....first he blows some of his fingers off with extreme fireworks, now this. Dude needs to find himself a guardian angel.
  9. jspaldin

    Geraldini speaks!

    You know, this discussion just gave me a great idea. Women have bidets for cleaning their 'bits' after any activity that might 'dirty' them. My idea is the dudet (the -et pronounced same as in bidet). It would be like a mega fleshlight but with something similar to a car wash inside. It would have reservoirs for cleansing fluid, rinse water and the associated waste fluid collection. The system would first spray the johnson down with water (pre-rinse). Then cleansing fluid would wash off any stubborn materiel (suds). Another spray down with water would remove the cleansing fluid (rinse). During these cycles a super soft rotary bush would gently scrub the johnson. To prevent drying and/or chafing, lotion would be applied by a soft chamois sock like system (waxing). Finally, a body temperature gentle air blower would dry off the johnson (air dryer). Only a Geraldini thread would inspire something like this.
  10. Quick question, can the young black activist, Tennessee Speaker, Chief of Staff, and/or court order issuing judge play LT, man cover corner or edge rush? I'm fairly certain at least one of the above can kick.....
  11. jspaldin

    Salary Cap

    Well, OBP is the MRSA capital of the known universe.... Not only is there MRSA at OBP, but it is a mutated variety that not only causes flesh to rot off, it causes talent and desire to win to rot off as well. It's also antibiotic and motivation resistant as all hell.
  12. jspaldin

    Interesting Take on Our Drafts

    Let's face it, other than the brief window when Malcolm Glazer was alive and in control of his own faculties, the Bucs have had the second most shittiest ownership (second only to the reincarnation of Cleveland) in the history of the NFL. And that shitty ownership has led to shitty front offices and coaching staffs. Just to repair the complete the complete fuster cluck that was the Culverhouse era, it took new ownership and three head coaches to build up a decent team and get that Super Bowl win. Then it took the greedy incompetent spawn of a decent owner and the cooperation of some really crappy GM's and coaches to tear it all down quicker than it was built. Plain and simple, the only thing that will fix the Bucs is competent ownership. No tweaking of the coaching staff and front office is going to do any good if ownership does not have a clue how to stay out of the way. No series of top 10 draft picks, splash free agency signings, retaining of homegrown stars, etc. mean a hill of beans if the entire team culture is dictated by a triumvirate of dipshit scumbags more interested in milking the team of wealth in the time dishonored ways of Culverhouse then putting forth a quality product for the fans.
  13. Nope, the 1895 one.