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  1. Jeezus, you guys don't give him enough credit...... ...he's out by the 2nd OTA from advanced anal warts.
  2. Sooo....who is Mel's BPA kicker? 😛
  3. Btw, Terrell=Hargreaves?
  4. Did bucs moving up discombobulate the fowlqueens....?
  5. San Fran must have been getting offers from other teams also interested in Wirfs.
  6. I bet the park would fit inside the grounds of his mansion..... Of course, if he turns the Bucs around the city will probably name the park after him and give him life time access to it.
  7. Also, Booker Reese is who the Bucs use the franchise tag on.
  8. Well, this is Licht and the Bucs. There's a good chance we draft Steve Spurrier as our QB of the future......and Richard Simmons as our kicking solution...
  9. On another note regarding the draft, it's going to be interesting to see how 'soft' the draft rounds' time clock is going to be. I suspect that there will be discretionary extensions of time for any teams having communication issues not only with the League, but within their own organizations. And there is a pretty high likelihood of there being communications issues throughout the draft regardless of how much testing they have done.
  10. https://www.nola.com/sports/saints/article_f4822bdf-7ef3-522e-8634-54ad5805dc21.html Rest in peace 😥
  11. I suspect that Brady will make sure Godwin gets his fair share of looks.
  12. I believe that was covered under: So I am reading that as they have $17.6 million to play with after taking out what they need for the drafted players. Also, I see the Brady move as a 100% 'win now' approach, which means growing through draft is probably off the table. I would not be surprised to see draft picks packaged and traded for more players who can make impact now. In fact, how does the Bucs cap look if they, let's say, traded their 1-3's in various combos to get more help?
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