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  1. jspaldin

    Got the Bucs Solution

    Hire this team. Their defense definitely tackles better than our current D...
  2. jspaldin

    shits getting real in TB

    I do believe that any splash through the uprights counts as a PAT (Pee After Turd-down)
  3. jspaldin

    Koetter might not finish the season

    Actually, I'm thinking the suggestion is to just buy The Ohio State football team and put them in pewter and red. Hell, they are almost ther already...
  4. jspaldin


    Actually, minimizing INT's is a tactically sound idea. Think how many players in our defensive backfield would get season ending injuries trying to run back INT's. It would be devastating. By foregoing INT's, the Bucs are keeping more guys in the game who might otherwise get injured. It actually makes the defense better not INT'ing the ball.........
  5. jspaldin

    Koetter might not finish the season

    That has been a big problem. Wyche and Dungy benefited immensely from having Hardy Nickerson in the locker room during the formative seasons for a number of future Bucs defensive leaders. Unfortunately, we have not seen another 'Hardy Nickerson'-type in any player the Bucs have developed internally or brought in. And frankly, that is a coaching and front office issue. This team is in desperate need of leadership characteristics and it seems no one from the owners down is interested in that, they just look at a stat sheet and grab someone.
  6. jspaldin


    Wow, that is typically Bucs-type situation. Bummed for the player, glad it happened to some one else's team.
  7. jspaldin

    So moving forward....

    A new GM and/or coach is going to want their own staff. And they definitely are not going to want a former head coach on their staff who the might have to worry about. Frankly, a new GM means a new team personnel wise.
  8. NOOOoooooo..., It's about a backdoor way to justify hot llama sex in the middle of the football season!!!!! Man, get your priorities straight. It's always about the llamas. When you accept llama love, the Bucs sucking ceases to matter.
  9. ....thanks to our significant 'others'!! https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/11/llama-nanobodies-might-grant-universal-flu-protection/
  10. I guess we can take solace in the fact that the first round of the 2015 Draft is looking like a shit show overall: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/nfl-trade-deadline-reveals-ugly-truth-2015-draft-class-061639654.html
  11. I also think the culture problem with the Bucs (and fans) is that any QB drafted even reasonably high is seen as a 'savior' right out of the box because of every proceeding failure. It's literally self fulfilling prophecy of failure. However, look at teams that seem to develop QB's and it is almost always because they A) don't put the new kid into the spotlight out of the box, B ) have the current good QB in place to mentor and/or C ) have a team/fan base culture of letting QB's develop slowly.
  12. To bucs63, the point of the article is that NO/NONE/NADA QBs drafted by the Bucs, regardless of draft position, have ever been resigned. In retrospect, the Bucs would probably be better off either trading out of the picks that were high for more lower picks and/or players, or drafting less sexy positions and build from the inside out. The problem with drafting 1st round QB's, at least for the Bucs, is then the whole O revolves around them and if they don't work out, there goes the O.
  13. Which is also my point. The Bucs (and us fans), since day one, have never, EVER developed the team culture to develop QB's from scratch. We can develop high draft defensive picks into HoF'ers, but when it comes to QB's, we should pass drafting anymore as saviors and go with some journey man being integrated into a system as a puzzle piece, not one that has to carry the whole puzzle box.