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  1. My friends who are not Bucs fans . . . which is a nice way of saying everyone I know . . . all came to the same conclusion: the Bucs' offensive line is so terrible that Brady won't last the season.
  2. Meh. He won't stay healthy. And he cares more about being an entertainer than winning games.
  3. Bucs traded for the current WWE champion. Makes sense. Seriously though, the dude needs to bulk back up in the next few months. Banned substances anyone?
  4. "We are all in this together . . . until we aren't." See counties fighting over masks, state's fighting over ventilators, and people fighting over their place in line to get an unemployment application. It's all bullshit. Just like, "the United States doesn't negotiate with terrorists . . . until it does." But, hey, it sounds good and we're only human.
  5. I don’t know that this signing will have much of an impact. Tennessee actively tried to resign Tannehill before he hit free agency. While it appears the Bucs are either content to let Winston walk or let the free agency market set his value. I think teams know what they think Winston is worth, to them, at the moment.
  6. Welcome to Bucs Chat. From what I've read on the interwebs, the Bucs appear content to franchise Shaq Barrett and let Winston test the market in free agency. If this happens, I don't know if the Bucs are just happy to let Winston walk because they don't want him anymore. Or, whether the Bucs are willing to let the market set his salary. All it takes is one team to overpay the guy. But, from what I've read from so called "insiders," the market for Winston is relatively soft. Time will tell, but the prevailing thought is no team is waiting to break the bank on signing the guy.
  7. It seems like there have been a slew of safeties getting in recently. On the one hand, everyone getting in ahead of Lynch has cleared the deck for him. On the other hand, maybe the voters will have a bit of “safety fatigue” and ignore the position for a few years. Who knows.
  8. I think you pretty much nailed the financials. The Glazers leveraged their ownership of the Bucs to buy Manchester United, but put themselves in a serious financial hole to do it. As for the Bucs, I wouldn't say that they don't have a commitment to winning, but that the sons have managed the team quite poorly over the years after their father got sick and died. Rich McKay was the general manager in place in 2001 when the Glazers traded away a lot of high value picks to hire Jon Gruden to be their head coach. Gruden won a Super Bowl his first year as head coach in 2002. But, McKay
  9. It doesn’t help that Troy Polamalu is a finalist this year. So far, Lynch has been squeezed out (and understandably so) by other safeties and first time finalists when he has made it this far.
  10. Newsflash. Arians says the pick six was Winston’s fault (who knew?): Arians called it a bad decision. "It sure looked like it," Arians said. "He was covered. He was going to his favorite guy, but he was covered."
  11. Fitz was the Dolphins leading rusher this year with less than 300 yards on the ground. What he did in Miami given all the players they traded this year was nothing short of amazing.
  12. True. He is also a former number 1 overall pick that was blessed to throw to an elite #1 receiver, but also cursed to play for a team with shit ownership and a terrible general manager. Hence, Stafford has had a lot of losing seasons and never really seemed to up his game. He is what he is. For all our sakes, things will improve for Winston going forward.
  13. My preferred Winston comparison (for now), Matt Stafford, is tied for 11th with 20 pick sixes. Stafford is also one of only 8 qb’s with a 5000 yard passing season.
  14. Brett Favre leads all time with 32. Peyton Manning is fourth all time with 27.
  15. Since people like to compare Winston to Favre and Manning, here is a nice stat. Most picks in a season since Favre in 2005. And now more pick sixes in a season, breaking Manning’s record. Take the bad with the good, I guess.
  16. A kicker picked up off the street in the middle of the season, no less. We waste covered draft picks on ours.
  17. This is way too easy. Wide open receivers all over the place
  18. I can see the Bucs trying to give Winston a deal similar to what the Dolphins gave Ryan Tannehill when his rookie contract was ending. A 5 year extension with good guaranteed money, where the team can cut him after year 2 with no cap ramifications. Kind of a prove it deal. Didn't work out for the Dolphins too well because Tannehill got hurt in one of the years and missed the season.
  19. I mean it in the sense that non-Buc fans don't get upset and worry about the outcome of the game when Winston throws one of his patented first quarter pick-sixes. Stats-wise he is no doubt the best quarterback this franchise has ever had. A gunslinger that throws for a ton of yards, touchdowns and a ton of picks too. Maybe he will eventually be our Brett Favre. For now, he is our Matt Stafford.
  20. I love the optimism of this board. All the teeth gnashing over the inexplicable Brate drop late in the 4th taking the focus away from two picks within the first 5 minutes of the game that spotted the Texans an easy 10 points. Winston has great entertainment value for non-Bucs fans. He keeps both teams in the game and puts up eye popping fantasy stats.
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