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  1. SundayTicket

    Bring Back Snook!

    As a longtime lurker going back to the SPiT days, I was always amused by his "witty" repartee of insults. Moanica, Kook, WhiffT, Dunce, SFincter. And, of course, poodles, twinks and his love for pipes.
  2. SundayTicket

    Draft thread

    So, I take it Arians/Licht are content with Peyton Barber, Ronald Jones and Andre Ellington at the running back position? 29th ranked rushing attack good enough?
  3. SundayTicket

    Draft thread

    Licht is “that guy” who takes the top rated kicker in the 7th round of a 14 round fantasy football draft. There is one guy like that in every league.
  4. Sounds like he's been eating a lot of W's.
  5. SundayTicket

    Kraft is not too crafty

    Agreed. I’m guessing that Kraft had no idea that these women working at this place were allegedly sex slaves. If true, he got caught up in something much more than the harmless “non-crime” that many portray the typical hooker encounter to be.
  6. SundayTicket

    The Pro Bowl Blows

    I haven't watched the game in years. But, I used to like the skills competitions they did during the week leading up to the game. Fastest man. Longest throw. Accuracy at throwing at moving targets. D-linemen running through the gauntlet, etc. Much more entertaining overall.
  7. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001012393/article/nfl-announces-matchups-for-international-games Well, that sucks.
  8. SundayTicket


    Because that dipshit got ahold of a stolen laptop and got himself kicked off the Florida football team, the Gators got left with John Brantley as the starting quarterback . . . and Urban Meyer quit to "spend more time with his family." But for that shithead's antics, Newton stays with Florida and wins a national title, instead of going the JUCO route for a year before going to the highest bidder in Auburn. I hate that fuck with a passion for the cavalcade of events that took place thanks to his idiotic decision. My reaction would have been decidedly negative had he been drafted by the Bucs.
  9. SundayTicket

    Guess who?

    I have nothing against Vea. I'll just always wish the Bucs had taken Derwin James, who was named first team all pro. Especially since most predicted the Bucs secondary was going to suck this year, and it ended up blowing too.
  10. SundayTicket


    Onside kicks have no excitement anymore. Thanks to the new rules, onside kicks have gone from a one in five chance, to under a one in ten chance.
  11. Ed Reed and Tony Gonzalez are first ballot hall of fame locks. Lynch will be among the 15 finalists next year too.
  12. SundayTicket

    Koetter Fired

    Not sure why the Glazers think that Licht can rectify the mess he created. Now, best case scenario, the Bucs end up with a new general manager next year . . . who is saddled with a second year head coach that he didn’t hire . . . and the decision of whether to sign Winston to a long term contract. (And this assumes that the new general manager even has a choice in the matter on Winston. The Glazers could simply demand that Winston stay or go themselves.) Gee what could go wrong in that scenario.
  13. SundayTicket

    Koetter Fired

    It figures that the Bucs would fire Koetter and keep Licht around. More dysfunction on the way. Sheesh
  14. This is the most talented group of receivers and tight ends that Winston will ever play with as a Buccaneer. Despite Winston’s suspension and the benching, this team has the most passing yards in the league so far this year. And they are doing it at a record pace. Unfortunately, the running game has been okay at best, outside of a couple of games. And the defense sucks balls. As I see it, this isn’t at all like the Rams situation where Jeff Fisher was replaced with a competent playcaller and a switch suddenly went off and a previously terrible offense became amazing. The Bucs offense has moved the ball just fine this year between the 20’s. But the quarterbacks turn over the ball too much. Not to mention to the Bucs defense doesn’t create any turnovers. So, enjoy it while it lasts. Starting next year, I’m guessing guys will get cut or leave due to free agency. And, when the dreaded injury bug hits, there won’t be the depth at either position to fill the gap.
  15. SundayTicket

    Fucktard back at QB

    Edit - one pick. Nevermind. My overall point being that these two qb’s have largely been interchangeable this year.