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  1. Bucs are 7-3 with two very losable games coming up against the Rams and the Chiefs. Vikings are 4-5 with three very winnable games against the Cowboys, Panthers and Jaguars. So, there is a very real possibility that when the Bucs play the Vikings on December 13th, both teams 7-5 and fighting for the last wildcard spot.
  2. The strangest play I remember was a game against the Bears back in 1986. Steve Young threw an interception. The Bears defenders lateral the ball a couple of times, during which a Bucs' wide receiver catches the lateral and runs it in for a touchdown. I guess it constitutes a fumble recovery for a td?
  3. Roots for the Bucs to win every other NFC team with a .500 over better record to lose. This is the way.
  4. There's a method to the madness that the uninitiated might overlook.
  5. Now Carolina knows they need two scores and will play with an upbeat tempo the res of the way. Barring a 4th and forever, they won’t punt again.
  6. The element of surprise on the fake punt wasn’t there this time.
  7. Don’t know why the double post from an hour ago. Oh well.
  8. Bowles is predictable with the blitz. And the defense is caught out of position. It would be nice if Shaq Barrett stepped up at some point.
  9. I think the pundits can settle down with the “Todd Bowles deserves another shot at being a head coach talk.”
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