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  1. This is the most talented group of receivers and tight ends that Winston will ever play with as a Buccaneer. Despite Winston’s suspension and the benching, this team has the most passing yards in the league so far this year. And they are doing it at a record pace. Unfortunately, the running game has been okay at best, outside of a couple of games. And the defense sucks balls. As I see it, this isn’t at all like the Rams situation where Jeff Fisher was replaced with a competent playcaller and a switch suddenly went off and a previously terrible offense became amazing. The Bucs offense has moved the ball just fine this year between the 20’s. But the quarterbacks turn over the ball too much. Not to mention to the Bucs defense doesn’t create any turnovers. So, enjoy it while it lasts. Starting next year, I’m guessing guys will get cut or leave due to free agency. And, when the dreaded injury bug hits, there won’t be the depth at either position to fill the gap.
  2. SundayTicket

    Fucktard back at QB

    Edit - one pick. Nevermind. My overall point being that these two qb’s have largely been interchangeable this year.
  3. SundayTicket

    Winston vs Fitz as our starter|?

    Agree that 2019 isn’t projected to have a great qb class. So, it’s either Winston for one year at $19 to $20 million (I think) or Fitz for one year maybe for half that (if he will sign a one year deal). With Winston it’s a last ditch hope that he will turn the corner under a new regime (like Goff with the Rams) With Fitz, it will likely save the team money. On the field, their production has mostly been the same this year - up and down and a ton of turnovers.
  4. SundayTicket

    Winston vs Fitz as our starter|?

    The new head coach (and hopefully) new GM should decide who is going to be quarterback of the future for the Bucs. With Winston under contract for next year, the new GM/head coach will have one year evaluate Winston for themselves . . . if they want it. Under no circumstances should the Glazers hire a new GM/head coach with the dictate that Winston be the starter either next year, or beyond.
  5. SundayTicket

    Fucktard back at QB

    Winston contributed 2 interceptions and a fumble into the end zone. He’s interchangeable with Fitz. On any given week, one will suck and the other will come off the bench to give a bit of spark. But, it will be too little, too late and the team will lose. No matter the order they enter the game, both are good for multiple turnovers. And, the defense will just flat out suck to ensure the loss.
  6. SundayTicket

    Koetter might not finish the season

    going for a fake punt deep in your own territory was the nail in Koetter's coffin.
  7. SundayTicket

    In other NFL news

    They got rid of offensive coordinator Todd Haley too. That surprises me. Who do Browns expect to coach up Baker Mayfield for the rest of the season, I wonder? Todd Haley might not be head coaching material; but, he would have at least done a decent job of coaching Mayfield.
  8. Koetter was promoted from offensive coordinator to head coach for one reason only: to provide continuity to Jameis Winston. I was on board with that at the time. Because, the last thing I wanted to see was Winston entering his 5th year with a big cloud of uncertainty hovering over his head, and with the Bucs' organization questioning whether Winston was struggling because he had been forced to go through multiple offensive coordinators, offensive schemes, and a roster overhaul. Well, even though we all don't like the results, I think it is safe to say, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED." Winston has been in the same system for 3 and half years now. The fact that he has been outplayed by a 35-year-old journeyman quarterback who lacks all the physical measurables that scouts and coaches crave speaks volumes. By comparison, Fitz has played better this year against better teams, and now even in the same damn game. Whatever Winston has in terms of physical talent, he clearly lacks in football IQ and maturity. Given the circumstances of Winston's contract situation, it seems to me that the best for the Bucs to do is just clean house. Get rid of Licht and Koetter. This time, hire the freaking general manager FIRST, who will then hire a new head coach of his choosing. Then have the general manager and head coach collaborate on whether it would be best to simply let Winston walk, re-sign Fitzpatrick to a two-year deal as a stop gap measure, and look to the draft for the long term answer at quarterback. Or, if the new GM and head coach think that Winston is actually salvageable, then they can keep Winston for the 5th year, and maybe even consider using the franchise tag on Winston for year 6 if it comes to that. In either case, the new GM and new head coach would have 2 years to figure out the Bucs' qb situation FOR THEMSELVES. The LAST thing this organization can afford to do is sign Winston to a long term deal with Licht and Koetter running the show, only to have both of them shown the door not long after . . . and saddling the new GM and new head coach with a quarterback that neither of them want, and who now takes up a massive amount of salary cap space that prevents the team from being rebuilt in the proper manner. But, you know, this is the Bucs we are talking about. So . . . . crap.
  9. The non-completion to a streaking Jackson in the endzone was a difference maker too.
  10. SundayTicket

    Then, There's the Colts

    Hello! You play to LOSE the game.
  11. SundayTicket

    Observations from Titans Game

    No doubt. But more often than not, Winston’s effort makes the blooper reel. Edit - but if Winston saw a flag and figured it was a free play, forget everything I said.
  12. SundayTicket

    Observations from Titans Game

    Winston’s td Pass at the end of the first half reminded me a lot of his of his interception in end zone in the preseason game last year. The NFL Network had the Titans broadcasters, one of which observed “these are the plays Tampa Bay has been trying to coach Winston out of.” Sadly, I agree.
  13. SundayTicket

    Dungy ROH

    It is my understanding that a player is not enshrined in the HOF as a member of a team. Just as an individual. That being said, each team gets a display at the HOF which includes memorabilia from their inductees. I imagine the team and player have some collective input on what gets displayed there. And, Denver probably did do it with their eye on claiming Lynch as one of their own if Lynch ever were inducted. Here are the current individuals listed by the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the Bucs: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Derrick Brooks (1995-2008) Lee Roy Selmon (1976-1984) Randall McDaniel (2000-01) Ron Wolf (1975-77) Steve Young (1985-1986) Tim Brown (2004) Tony Dungy (1996-2001) Warren Sapp (1995-2003) Now that I think of it, given this logic, the Bucs should induct Randal McDaniel into the ROH immediately! After all, he made the pro bowl and won a Super Bowl with the Bucs in 2000. lol.
  14. SundayTicket

    Dungy ROH

    Given this franchise's largely miserable existence, I agree that Dungy belongs in the Bucs' Ring of Honor (despite his well documented stubbornness on the offensive side of the ball that prevented the team from ever winning a title under his leadership, which led to his eventual, justified firing). Dungy doesn't make the HOF based on his time riding Manning's coattails in Indy. He made his name as a defensive minded coach that had good defenses in Minnesota and what ended up being a top tier defense in Tampa for a decade. Since the voters decided put Dungy in the HOF, might as well put him in Tampa Bay's ROH. Unlike elite franchises, just being relevant and competing for a wildcard spot year in and year out is the gold standard for the Bucs. Oh, and by comparison, putting Dungy in the ROH makes much more sense than what the morons did in Denver, by putting John Lynch in the donkey's ROH after just 4 years there. Sure, Lynch made the pro bowl a couple of times for them (mostly on name recognition at that point). But, its not like he was a difference maker in doing anything meaningful for them in his time there. Lynch didn't have an impact like Reggie White did for the Packers . . . or, even like what Aeneas Williams did for the Rams . . . late in their careers.
  15. SundayTicket

    New catch rule

    Some may not have liked the "possess the ball all the way to the ground" requirement, but at least we knew from watching the play what the result would be. After all these years of trying to take subjectivity away from the refs, this rule will put subjectivity back to the forefront. Things like, calling it a catch because even though the receiver didn't try to extend the ball, but he had the ability to do so. I heard an interview with former head official Mike Periera this morning who made a great point. He said that the NFL needs to start making rule changes with the goal of ensuring that the official on the field gets the call right in real time, and stop making rule changes designed to make it easier for a replay official to overturn a call. Ideally, instant replay should be reserved for obvious errors, not reversals which can only occur after a 3 minute delay where the ref has reviewed 8 different angles of a play.